Big brother Tang came in with his briefcase and stood behind his second brother. He watched his second brother carefully acquire knowledge from this film. His facial paralysis face seemed to twitch a few times.

The laptop screen could vaguely reflect images. Tang Sibo wrote a note. When he looked at the laptop again, he saw a shadow on the screen. Turning around, he saw that his oldest brother was back.

Mr. Tang took off the headphone and pressed the pause button, while remaining calm and elegant.

"Big brother came back. City A cooperation is done?"

"Mmm." Big brother Tang replied. He took the contract out of his briefcase and put it on Tang Sibo's desk.

Tang Sibo looked at it then secretly nodded. "It's different when big brother went out. Mine is also pretty much ready. I'll hand over the work to you tonight."

Big brother Tang nodded. He turned to go, then hesitated and walked back again to stare at the indescribable picture on the laptop screen while slightly frowning.

"I'm with Su Fu," Tang Sibo laughed.

Big brother Tang hummed. He took out a notebook from his briefcase, threw it at the table, then turned to leave.

Tang Sibo felt a bit strange. He opened it and saw, heh, it turned out to be a very detailed S*x data. There were several pages front and back with densely written texts. From how to enter the foreplay to mobilize the feeling of the lower body, to what position and depth, and how the lower body accepted it, everything was very clear.

More serious than mine, thought Tang Sibo.

He flipped through it back and forth, surprised that big brother would take such notes? Then he realized, no, this was not his brother's handwriting! So, whose notebook was this? And why was it with big brother?

Tang Sibo touched his chin and shook his head slightly. This matter remained elusive.

In the evening, it was rare for the family to get together. Only the youngest son didn't come back. Mother Tang was very happy and asked chubby aunt to cook a good table for the entire family.

Tang Sibo was originally going to Su Fu's place. Seeing that big brother just came back, he couldn't just leave like this, so he asked the butler Uncle Wei to go to Shenyuan to wait for Su Fu and his son to come back, then directly bring them here.

Father Tang and mother Tang naturally had no opinion. Mother Tang told chubby aunt to make more dishes that Su Fu loved. Last time Su Fu stayed at Tang mansion for lunch, mother Tang had already learned a little about his preferences. Father Tang took his two sons to his study and listened to their work reports.

Father and sons discussed their work. Father Tang was very satisfied with his two sons' ability to handle affairs. He praised them well and spoke a few more words before going downstairs.

There're only two brothers left in the study. Tang Sibo handed over the work to his big brother then asked, "What happened in City A?"

Big brother Tang looked at him puzzled, "It's very peaceful."

Tang Sibo felt helpless. He put his arms around his big brother's shoulder, changed his method of questioning, and asked bluntly, "Whose notebook was that?"

When asked, big brother Tang frowned slightly. He snorted coldly and answered: "Duan Qiqian is gay." So, this notebook was Duan Qiqian. Tang Sibo came to this conclusion, surprised.

"Maybe it was written by his younger brother. His younger brother had a little boyfriend. I've seen them."

Brother Tang glanced at his second brother. He patted his hand away and straightened his clothes, "According to his work, he wants to F*** me."

With that said, big brother Tang went out without blushing.

Tang Sibo stood alone in the study. His slender fingers tapped on the notebook a few times. Duan Qiqian was daring enough. He incredibly dared to have a crush on his big brother? What had they experienced in these two weeks?

Tang Sibo didn't stay long in the study either. Looking at the time, Su Fu and Juan Juan were almost here, so he stopped thinking and adjusted his clothes then went downstairs.

When he came down, he happened to see Su Fu holding Juan Juan and being brought into the living room by the butler Uncle Wei.

At this time, everyone was in the living room. Su Fu walked over with Juan Juan. Although he had been here once, he's still very nervous. After all, he wasn't very familiar with them, and he hadn't seen Father Tang before.

"Juan Juan, Teacher Su." Tang Luoke, who was sitting on the sofa next to mother Tang, saw them coming, stood up happily and ran to meet them.

Father Tang sat on the side and looked at Su Fu quietly. There're really few people who could make his lovely grandson rush over to meet them.

"Older brother Tang, Juan Juan misses you so much ~" Juan Juan struggled down from Su Fu arms. He ran over and took Tang Luoke's hand.

Tang Luoke took him by the hand, then walked up to Su Fu. He looked up at him. His little face was smiling.

Su Fu was glad to have the two children, otherwise he would feel too nervous!

While stretching out his hand to rub Tang Luoke's head, Su Fu glanced at several people sitting on the sofa and greeted them politely.

Father Tang narrowed his gaze slightly. He noticed that the man touched his lovely grandson's little head. His lovely grandson didn't lose his temper and even enjoyed it?

"Young man, don't be nervous. Our second child has always been calm." Father Tang said lightly. His face looked neither happy nor angry.

Su Fu's heart tightened. He didn't understand what Father Tang meant. Did he feel that he wasn't performing well? And not good enough for Tang Sibo?

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Father Tang actually wanted to give Su Fu a try and see how eloquently he could respond to his own words.

Unfortunately, Father Tang was disappointed. Su Fu just slightly smiled and nodded.

Father Tang was taken aback for a moment. He thought that this person must be a powerful person to be admired by his second son, but it turned out that he was really as gentle as Madam said, and unexpectedly so quiet.

The scene was a bit awkward for a while. Father Tang still looked at Su Fu but stopped talking. Su Fu's entire heart was hanging in his throat. Never before had he felt so restless as if he was a prisoner awaiting trial.

Mother Tang knew that Father Tang wanted to try Su Fu, but he didn't speak after trying and made the child uneasy. She felt that it wasn't good. If Sibo saw this, he might be angry again.

With this in mind, mother Tang was ready to open her mouth and clear the way. However, Tang Luoke was dissatisfied, "Didn't you invite Teacher Su to dinner? Why is Grandpa showing this attitude?"

Father Tang was wronged. He didn't do anything, right? He just wanted to hang him dry for a while to see his reaction! This is what his lovely grandson said!

"Xiao Ke, how do you talk to Grandpa?" Tang Sibo, who had been standing upstairs watching, finally came down at the moment.

His mouth was blaming the child for his bad attitude, but his expression toward father Tang didn't look good.

Father Tang's heart thumped. What's the matter? What did he do? One and two were so dissatisfied with him?

Tang Sibo went downstairs and walked directly to Su Fu's side. He rubbed Juan Juan's hair, then took Su Fu's hand. He smiled and leaned over to say, "Don't be scared. It's all our own people."

The voice was lowered, but it was still deliberately heard by everyone.

The few people in the Tang family knew that second brother Tang was protecting people. What he said was that they were their own people, but in fact he was telling them that Su Fu was also his own. Their attitude needed to be correct.

As soon as Tang Sibo came to his side, Su Fu wasn't so nervous. He squeezed his hand secretly and smiled, "It's okay, uncle hasn't seen me. He's just curious. It's because I'm too nervous and have stage fright."

If Su Fu didn't say anything at this time, it would be true that father Tang was bullying the younger generation as an elder. Both his second son and his lovely grandson would be dissatisfied with him. With Su Fu saying this, father Tang felt very relieved.

A large family needed powerful people, but at the same time, they didn't need too many powerful people. Su Fu, who was gentle and courteous, who respected and cherished elders and knew how to maintain family relations, was quite good. Tang Sibo was already powerful. A strong partner may not be suitable for him who wanted to live a quiet life.

"Xiao Fu is always too nervous. Don't be scared. Sibo is right. We're all one family. Come and eat." Mother Tang answered Su Fu's words in a timely manner. She got up with a smile and went to lead him to the dining room.

Everyone gave a step down. Father Tang naturally also needed to take a step back. He couldn't let his son and grandson feel that he bullied someone they valued.

"It's getting late. Let's have dinner. Since we've met each other, come here more and don't be nervous."

Su Fu was flattered and looked at Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo smiled and nodded. He held him in one hand and Juan Juan in the other, then took them to their seats. Tang Luoke also happily walked over and sat next to Teacher Su. Juan Juan was quickly held by Tang Sining, who put him by her side and rubbed him curiously.

Father Tang was a little jealous when he saw that his lovely grandson was so attached to Su Fu, but he also felt it was a good thing. This way, the four of them could live in harmony.

They all sat down to eat together. Tang family didn't have the old habit of eating and sleeping without talking and chatted happily. In order to restore his image in the hearts of his second son and lovely grandson, father Tang would talk to Su Fu from time to time. Su Fu was a little frightened at first, but gradually also adapted to it and answered his questions in gentle and polite manner.

Tang Sibo sat beside him to help him with the dishes to ease his tension.

The meal was enjoyed by both sides. Father Tang was satisfied with Su Fu. Su Fu also had some good feelings and expectations for this family.

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