After going to the Tang family and getting the consent of the elders, Su Fu finally settled a major event in his heart.

In the next few days, Tang Sibo stayed in Su Fu's small apartment almost all night. They did everything together except for work. Even Juan Juan were happy because little Dad and uncle Tang coaxed him to sleep every night. Only Tang Luoke was unhappy at home every day, silently waiting for the wound on his face to heal.

On the weekend, Su Fu returned to City A to accompany his parents as usual.

Originally, he had been wondering whether to invite Tang Sibo to go with him and meet his parents, but he heard that the other would go to City S on the weekend, so he didn't mention it.

Tang Sibo also thought about this problem, but he also knew that his progress with Su Fu was really too fast. He's afraid that father Su and mother Su couldn't accept their relationship from friends to lovers, so he decided to postpone the meeting for a while. Besides, he needed to go to City S first. Their wedding clothes were also a relatively important matter. Custom-made clothes took a lot of time to make. The sooner they were ordered, the better.

Although he didn't go with Su Fu, Tang Sibo painstakingly prepared a lot of special products and gifts from City B for Su Fu to take back. Su Fu used to be embarrassed about taking them, but now they already confirmed relationship. He knew that Tang Sibo wanted to brush his presence in front of his parents and accepted them with a smile to convey his thoughts for him.

When father Fu and mother Su received the gift, they were indeed very happy. Especially father Fu who always felt that he guessed the relationship between his son and Mr. Tang early. Now his son acquiesced, he's very happy.

Knowing his son, father Su realized that his son would only be with men in his life. So, a careful, responsible, restrained and composed man like Tang Sibo was very suitable for his son who was too gentle.

Su Fu also didn't hide anything about him and Tang Sibo. He thought that perhaps Mr. Tang would feel uneasy about meeting his parents, so he planned to talk to his parents about the situation first then take Mr. Tang home after getting their approval.

Even father Fu could guess. Mother Su naturally had a faint feeling. Regarding their son and Tang Sibo being together, they weren't very surprised. Su Fu told them how wonderful Tang Sibo was and how well he took care of him. He also said that he had met Mr. Tang's family and had been recognized.

This was what father Su and mother Su cared about most. The other person's family background wasn't simple. If they didn't agree with the two children being together, their relationship was bound to go through many hardships. And if they couldn't get the blessing from their families, they would have regrets.  

Now knowing that both families agree with them being together, father Su and mother Su felt very relived. One could see Mr. Tang's sincerity and the Tang family's tolerance. What a great combination. Their son had wasted too many years. His happiness was what father Su and mother Su cared about most.

After passing the test of his parents, Su Fu felt relaxed all over. He never thought that his relationship could be so happy and relaxed. He also obtained approval from parents on both side.

Looking back on those years with He Shaoqi, Su Fu couldn't help sighing. It's really terrible to think about his repressed feelings back then. It wasn't love. More like working hard on a task to get love. But all his hardships ended with nothing.

In the evening, when Su Fu and Juan Juan held a little talk before going to bed, Su Fu called Tang Sibo to chat together. Su Fu also told him that his parents had agreed. Tang Sibo laughed heartily and praised Su Fu for his kindness in clearing up difficulties for him.

Hearing this, Su Fu couldn't help but look soft and thought to himself: Mr. Tang, aren't you the same? You have been sweeping away all difficulties for me.

The two made an appointment to go home next week to formally meet father Su and mother Su.

After that, they chatted for a long time and didn't hang up the phone till Juan Juan fell asleep.

Tang Sibo went to City S today and met with Bernard's close disciple Zhuo Jian to talk about the clothes. Zhuo Jian agreed but said that he needed to meet with the actual person to design the most suitable cloth.

It just so happened that Mrs. Li's birthday was coming up a few days later. Zhuo Jian had designed a formal dress for Mrs. Li to wear at the birthday party and was invited. Meeting at the birthday party should look natural wouldn't arouse Su Fu's suspicion.

After talking about the clothes, Tang Sibo returned to City B.

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At this time, he's dealing with some official business in his study. His mood improved when he received a phone call from Su Fu.

As soon as the phone call ended, Tang Sibo cheered up and was ready to dispose of the remaining tasks. Tomorrow, he wanted to explore the film about those indescribable things.

At this moment, Tang Luoke, who was supposed to be sleeping, knocked on the door that was left unlocked and came in. He stood at the door in his pajamas and frowned. "Dad, were you calling Teacher Su?"

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows, shook his mobile phone in his hand, and replied with a bad smile: "I just finished talking. You missed it."

Tang Luoke's little face sank in an instant. He was about to leave angrily.

Tang Sibo laughed softly. He hurried to hold him over, put him on his lap and hugged him. Because of the injury on his face, this little guy hadn't seen Su Fu for almost a week and was in a bad mood. If he continued to provoke him like this, he would explode.

Hugging his angry and writhing son tightly, Tang Sibo smiled: "Okay, Xiao Ke, Dad will call again. Do you want to talk to Teacher Su?"

Tang Luoke immediately quieted down. He looked up at his father and asked, "Is this okay?"

"Of course, you can tell Teacher Su that we'll have dinner together on the weekends." Tang Sibo pinched his son's face then dialed Su Fu's phone for him.

Su Fu hadn't slept yet. He's surprised to hear Tang Luoke's voice. He hadn't seen him for several days and he missed this little guy a lot. Tang Luoke finally became happy and started chatting with Su Fu.

Tang Sibo listened on the side and secretly smiled. This little fellow was too honest. It's just that he couldn't meet the other with an injury on his face. It's not like he couldn't make a phone call. He could endure it for so long. The minor wound on his face finally healed. He could see his Teacher Su on the weekend.

That night, Tang Luoke was in a very good mood. After making the phone call, he accompanied his father to work but fell asleep on his father's leg in a short time. Tang Sibo also finished his work quickly then took his son to sleep together.

Early the next morning, several architects and gardeners arrived at the Tang residence. Tang Sibo got up early and took them to a small courtyard west of the mansion.

Tang Sining didn't know what happened at home. She's curious. Tang Luoke told her that his father would repair the courtyard and build a rose garden for Teacher Su. Tang Sining widened her eyes and looked at her parents.

Father Tang and mother Tang ate their breakfast gracefully and leisurely. The second son told them about it yesterday. It was just to repair a courtyard. It wasn't a big deal and should be considered a gift for the new daughter-in-law.

Tang Sining held her face in her hands and called out the injustice to heaven. All the good men were born in her own home. Where could she find a partner in the future?!

In the afternoon, the construction of the courtyard began.

Tang Sibo supervised for a while, exchanged some opinions with the architects, then went back to the study alone to explore the film.

Once he returned from City S yesterday, Liu An sent him the films that Li Chao kept. Tang Sibo specially set aside an afternoon to look at them.

After making a cup of coffee, preparing the laptop, plugging in his headphones, and playing the film, Tang Sibo began to watch the "tutorial" very carefully.

Li Chao had quite heavy taste. Most of the films were muscular men. When they did it, they acted like murderers, and their voices could be heard all the time. Tang Sibo felt that this wasn't suitable for him and Su Fu. He changed to something a little tamer and began to record it seriously, as if it were an extremely difficult subject.

One didn't know whether the shou actor wasn't good-looking, or whether the gong actor was too disgusting, or perhaps Mr. Tang was too focused on acquiring knowledge, but after watching two films, he's still very calm. He kept taking notes with his pen and took a sip of coffee from time to time. His spirit of serious exploration wasn't comparable to that of ordinary people.

With headphones on, Mr. Tang, who listened to the noise inside and took notes intently, didn't notice that the door of the study was opened.

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