When they arrived at the kindergarten, other children had already been taken home. The large campus was left with only Juan Juan and his teacher.

Juan Juan stood next to his teacher. His little face wrinkled, looking very wronged. He squeezed his little hands while silently waiting for little Dad to pick him up.

Seeing Su Fu and Tang Sibo coming, Juan Juan immediately pounced on Su Fu.

"Little Dad! Juan Juan was abandoned!" Juan Juan ran towards Su Fu while crying.

Su Fu's heart was broken. He also ran over and quickly picked up the little guy, put him in his arms and coaxed him softly.

"It's Dad's fault. Dad would never make such a mistake again. Don't be scared Juan Juan. Juan Juan will always be Dad's baby and won't be abandoned. Darling, don't cry."

Su Fu coaxed and kissed Juan Juan's forehead. On the side, the teacher was stunned! Wasn't Tang Sujuan the adopted son of Tang Sihuan, the oldest master of the Tang family? Why did he call this man Dad? Could it be? Could it be! The oldest master of the Tang family was bent! Was this the same-S*x partner of the oldest master of the Tang family?!

The teacher felt that she learned something great and secretly covered her mouth with her hand to hide her surprise.

Seeing Su Fu and Juan Juan embracing each other and telling how they missed the other, Tang Sibo went to the teacher and thanked her for taking care of Juan Juan for so long.

The teacher was flattered and shook her head to say that it was her job.

The teacher was still in shocked even after Su Fu and Tang Sibo took Juan Juan away.

Just now, there was no one to pick up Juan Juan. She's wondering if she should call the Tang mansion. Juan Huan took out a small notebook in his small backpack with several phone numbers written on it.

The first thing the little fellow pointed to was the number of little Dad. Now, it seemed to the teacher that this little Dad must be deeply loved by oldest master Tang. He even won his adopted son's heart and was accompanied by his younger brother. His status must be high!

While the teacher was still imagining here, Su Fu, who was sitting in the car, was still coaxing the frightened Juan Juan.

Su Fu was somewhat glad that he gave the small notebook with his telephone number to Juan Juan just in case. Juan Juan was still small. He's always afraid that he couldn't remember the numbers. Tang Luoke's cell phone number, which he knew by heart before, was now somewhat fuzzy in his head.

Tang Sibo watched the father and son stick together through the rearview mirror. His face couldn't help but soften. Indeed, this was the feeling of home, making people feel at ease physically and mentally.

Back at the apartment, there were only half-made dumplings on the table. What a mistake!

The two had to continue making dumplings. After being coaxed, Juan Juan became happy again. He sat on the table and made dumplings with them. Although what he made was ugly and the stuffing was leaking out, Su Fu still kept praising him in order to make him happy. The little guy was really happy.

It didn't take long to make dumplings for three people. It was finished in a short while. Su Fu went to the kitchen to cook the plate of dumplings. Tang Sibo watched TV in the living room with Juan Juan and continued to soothe his injured heart.

Juan Juan laid in Tang Sibo's arms and asked, "When will older brother Tang be able to play with Juan Juan?"

Tang Sibo rubbed his curly hair and replied, "Older brother Tang will come in a few days. Does Juan Juan miss him?"

"Yes, Juan Juan really misses older brother Tang."

At this time, Tang Luoke, who was having dinner at the Tang mansion, suddenly sneezed because of being missed.

Several members of the Tang family turned to look at him. Mother Tang hurriedly said: "The weather has changed. Has Xiao Ke caught a cold? Old Wei, the air conditioner in the house should be turned off these days."

Uncle Wei, the butler who stood on the side, nodded, "Yes, madam." Then immediately went to execute the order.  

Tang Sining, who was a doctor, said, "It's not a cold, Mom. Don't be nervous."

While speaking, she scooped a bowl of hot chicken soup for Tang Luoke. She smiled and said, "Xiao Ke, have some chicken soup to warm you up."

Tang Luoke glanced at the chicken soup and ignored it with a face full of displeasure.

The scratches on his face had scabbed. Originally, the scratches were not deep since they were caused by children playing around, so it healed within a few days after being taken good care of. But at this moment, these few small scratches could add a lot of dissatisfaction to his unhappiness.

"Is Dad coming back tonight?" Tang Luoke asked in a cold voice.

Father Tang glanced at the butler who had just returned. The butler got the message and went to call Tang Sibo.

Not long after, the butler came over and said, "The second young master said he won't come back tonight."  

 "Pa!" Tang Luoke instantly slapped his chopsticks on the table and stopped eating! Glancing at the chicken soup, he jumped out of the chair with great displeasure.

What's the point of drinking chicken soup! There's no Teacher Su's talk before going to bed to warm him up.

Everyone got a fright when the little fellow suddenly lost his temper. Father Tang hated his little grandson's displeasure the most, and immediately became dissatisfied with his son. He even ignored his son just after falling in love. What would happen in the future!

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 "Call him back! What a scandal!" Father Tang also put down his chopsticks and discontentedly ordered the butler.

The butler nodded and was about to make a phone call when Tang Luoke said angrily, "No one is allowed to disturb my father's love with Teacher Su!"  

With that said, he left the dining room angrily and went to the living room to watch TV.

The butler looked at Father Tang. Father Tang motioned with his hand.

"Xiao Ke is still leaning towards that Su Fu," Father Tang asked chubby aunt to make something his grandson liked, then looked at mother Tang and asked, "Did you see him today? How was it?"

Mother Tang smiled gently: "He's sincere and polite, with a gentle and refine temperament. He's a pretty good child and made a good match with our Sibo."

Tang Sining also replied, "He's pretty good. Even after meeting such a scumbag before, he still has such a good character and hasn't been let astray by that wonderful family. It can be seen that he's really good."

"He has an ex-boyfriend?" Father Tang frowned.

With a puff, Tang Sining almost spit out the chicken soup, and said dissatisfiedly: "Dad, what year is it? You still look down on people who have been in love before?"

Father Tang naturally didn't mean that. He just casually asked.

However, Tang Luoke who was coming heard it.

Tang Luoke stood not far away with a calm face and said, "Don't speak ill of Teacher Su! Teacher Su will be my mother in the future!"

Tang Sining chuckled, and raised an eyebrow at father Tang, "Xiao Ke has already taken a fancy to him. Dad, don't struggle anymore."

Father Tang originally wanted to ask more about Su Fu and think about this more carefully, but he finally made a compromise. The entire family felt the man was good. Naturally, he had no right to oppose it. He might as well accept it and get to know him slowly after contact.

At this point, the Tang family passed a unanimous vote. As for little brother Tang, who was still studying in university, he's too young and didn't often go home, thus depriving him of his right to speak.

In the small apartment, Su Fu and Tang Sibo went to sleep together after they coaxed Juan Juan to sleep.

Tang Sibo held Su Fu in his arms and said some irrelevant words while kissing Su Fu's lips from time to time.

Su Fu began to laugh and asked, "Aren't your mouth numb?"

Tang Sibo licked it and pondered for a moment, "It seems to be a bit. Did we kiss too much today?"

Su Fu's face suddenly turned red when he recalled that they both reacted this afternoon. He didn't want to do it yet. He didn't expect much from it, but he wouldn't refuse Tang Sibo if he wanted to.

Looking at his blushes, Tang Sibo naturally didn't want to frighten him. He kissed him on the forehead and quipped: "What are you thinking? Don't be dirty. Be elegant. Our kiss is still pure."

Su Fu chucked, but felt relieved. He looked up and kissed his chin while saying, "Good night."

"Good night." Tang Sibo kissed his forehead back. He hugged him in his arms and let out a sigh of happiness. They fell asleep hugging each other.

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