The two of them didn't stay in the box for long. Li Chao had a mission tomorrow. Liu An specially freed up today to accompany him. The two of them naturally didn't want to spend time with others. They left together a little after three o'clock.

Kindergarten ended at 4:30. It's still early. After discussing with Su Fu, Tang Sibo went to the supermarket first to buy ingredients for making dumplings tonight. Unfortunately, there's no Tang Luoke.

The two chatted all the way to the supermarket then returned to Shenyuan apartment to make dumplings together.

Last time in City A, Su Fu had the honor of eating Tang Sibo's and the two small ones' dumplings. The two small ones' dumplings looked funny, but the ones made by Mr. Tang looked very nice. Today, Su Fu saw Mr. Tang wrapped dumplings with his own eyes.

The dumpling stuffing was made by Su Fu. Tang Sibo praised Su Fu for his virtuousness and made dumplings with him. Su Fu saw that his movements were elegant, as if he was making flowers instead of dumplings. The dumplings made were delicate and full, making people have an appetite at first sight.

When associated with the fact that Tang Sibo also made paper roses, Su Fu couldn't help sighing in his heart that Mr. Tang was really good. He seemed to know everything and did everything very well.

"My mother suddenly called you over today, which I didn't expect. I was going to find a time to take you home and introduce you to my family formally."

Hearing Tang Sibo suddenly said this, Su Fu who was making dumplings was stunned. But in his mind, he felt very warm. He slightly smiled and replied that it didn't matter.

Tang Sibo put one of the dumplings on the plate and added: "I don't like my mother's behavior."

Su Fu felt that just having this thought was enough. He didn't want him to be unhappy with his mother because of such a small matter. He hurriedly replied, "It's okay. Aunt didn't embarrass me."

Of course, Tang Sibo wasn't angry. He put down the piece of dumpling wrapper in his hand, picked up the wet towel on the edge, wiped his hand then leaned over to Su Fu's side. "Although I don't agree with it, now that you've met, there's no need to feel uneasy all the time."

This sentence poked into Su Fu's heart. Before meeting Tang Sibo's parent, he always felt uneasy. Now that he met mother Tang and obtained her consent, he could be in love with peace of mind.

"Where was your father?" Su Fu asked.

"They must had colluded. It's okay. My mom can represent my dad."

Su Fu nodded and felt completely relieved. As for his parents, his father seemed to be optimistic about Mr. Tang for a long time…

While making dumplings, Su Fu was secretly pleased and felt that the road ahead was bright. Suddenly, he was kissed on the mouth and looked up. He didn't know when Tang Sibo got so close that his entire handsome face filled his gaze.

It's always so sudden that Su Fu was a little startled but recalling that he told him to "feel free" at Tang mansion today, he couldn't say anything at this time. He just looked at him then also leaned in to kiss him back to prove that he's naturally not embarrassed.

Tang Sibo laughed and hinted softly: "Since I have passed the clear road in front of my family, I don't have to go back tonight."

"Then Mr. Tang can stay." Su Fu followed his words and answered generously.

Tang Sibo was happier and more satisfied. He threw the dumplings that Su Fu had just made into the plate, then his slender hands pulled the person into his arms and kissed him.

Su Fu's hands were covered with white flour on the dumpling wrappers. He's afraid of touching Tang Sibo's clothes and didn't dare to hold him back, so his hands stiffly hung in the air. He could only lean on Tang Sibo and let him hug him tightly.

Tang Sibo was afraid that his hands would become sore from being so stiff and let him go without kissing too deeply. He wiped Su Fu's hands with a wet towel.

Su Fu wait for a while watching him wipe his hands before asking, "Don't you want to do it?"

"You want to continue?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

Su Fu was silent then gave a light smile.

As a result, Tang Sibo put his arm around Su Fu and lowered him to the sofa while kissing him directly under his body. Su Fu no long felt ashamed. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Tang Sibo's neck then took the initiative to kiss back deeply.

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Although being with the children was lovely, the two-person world made the two hot-blooded men realize their fiery passion.

The two kissed so hard till they were out of breath, then they changed to small kissing. Once recovered, they continued to kiss deeply. Su Fu felt that he had probably never received such a long kiss. Even the simple kiss seemed liked he would never get tired of it. He could kiss till the sea ran dry and the rocks crumbled. The excitement inside him was beyond words.

It wasn't until he reacted to the repeated slight friction that Su Fu was scared. He recovered from his indulgent deep kiss and gaspingly pushed Tang Sibo away.

Tang Sibo was also intoxicated in this wonderful kiss. When pushed by Su Fu, he didn't react much.

"What's the matter?" Tang Sibo moved slightly. He changed his hand to support Su Fu then bowed his head to kiss his forehead carefully.

With such an action, the indescribable part was rubbed once again. Su Fu was caught off guard and couldn't resist the voice that escaped his throat. He issued a low moan.

Tang Sibo froze in an instant. Only then did he realize that Su Fu seemed to have a reaction where the two bodies were touching.  

The two looked at each other. The momentary ambiguous atmosphere was mixed with a trace of embarrassment..

Su Fu felt that he had no self-control and deeply loathed himself. He uncomfortably turned his head away without daring to look at Tang Sibo.

"Don't move." Su Fu slightly trembled.

Tang Sibo had never been with a man like this before. He hadn't reacted, but now that the person below him reacted and hearing his slightly trembling voice, he felt a momentary shudder all over his body. His heart felt slightly itchy, and his body actually responded.

Su Fu was so close to him that he felt Tang Sibo's reaction almost instantly. He turned his head to look at him with wide eyes.

So, the two stared at each other again. The awkward atmosphere couldn't be dispelled. The two had just been together not long ago. They were purely kissing just now, suddenly the style of painting changed to this, which made both of them a little helpless.

Just then, Su Fu's cell phone rang, breaking the embarrassment of this moment.  

He took out his mobile phone from his pocket. It was an unfamiliar number. He slightly hesitated, then answered it.

Originally, he didn't know who the other person was. But as soon as the phone was connected, Juan Juan's crying voice came from the other side, "Dad, don't you want to Juan Juan? Juan Juan was left in the kindergarten wu wu…"

Su Fu was surprised and turned to look at the clock hanging on the wall. It was already five o'clock…

At this time, all embarrassment fled. Pushing Tang Sibo aside, he suddenly sat up and comforted: "Sorry, I'm sorry. Little Dad and Uncle Tang forgot the time while making dumplings. I'll pick you up now. Don't be scared. Follow Teacher and don't run around, okay?"

"Ok, Dad. Hurry up. Juan Juan's scared." Juan Juan over there hugged the teacher's mobile phone, crying.

"Good, good, Dad will be there right away. Don't be scared. Don't be scared."

After hanging up the phone, the two looked at each other feeling even more embarrassed!

They actually kissed till they forgot the time and even forgot about Juan Juan. The poor little guy was abandoned alone in kindergarten…

"Go and pick up Juan Juan. He must be frightened." Tang Sibo now longer needed to worry about his reaction. Juan Juan's phone call directly scared it away.

Su Fu nodded. The two packed up and hurriedly went out to pick up Juan Juan who was abandoned in kindergarten.

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