Mungo sent Gulu back to Pado's group then hid outside Pado's group to secretly observe whether Gulu played particularly well with any other Triceratops cubs besides his younger siblings.

Mungo used to wander outside Pado's group. It's all aboveboard. Gulu could see Mungo at any time. He never sneaked around. But now Mungo liked to sneak around and hide from Gulu. Only then could he see which Triceratops Gulu liked to play with the most.

Gulu heard that Galle naively accepted a female Tyrannosaurus rex into the territory to eat and live with him on the second day, but Galle drove the female Tyrannosaurus rex away on the third day and never looked for a female Tyrannosaurus rex again.

Mungo also no longer placed his anger on Galle because he felt that Galle wasn't a Triceratops. So, he didn't need to be angry with Galle.

At the same time, Gulu had been trying to figure out how to lure the Camptosaurus out.

On this day Gulu and his siblings had a good nap lying beside Babana. They had not slept yet and were playing with their feet and lightly rubbing against each other with their heads.

Suddenly, one didn't know where a Triceratops cub came from. This Triceratops cub was also very small. It may be less than three months since it broke its shell. It gasped for air in a big gulp, apparently after sprinting then cried hurriedly, "Brother Gulu, please, help my brother. My brother is going to die…"

There're too many Triceratops cubs in the group. Gulu certainly didn't know this cub, but the only help it could find was Gulu.

Gulu didn't know this cub, but he knew that it's still too young. The parents might have died. The cub couldn't find Pado. Pado was too "high above" for the cub to reach. The cub could only think of coming to him. Of course, he had to help the cub.

Gulu hurriedly replied, "Don't worry. I'll go with you."

The little cub looked at Gulu with tears in his eyes, "Thank you, Brother Gulu."

As these words fell, Gulu was already running with the cub. Of course, Gulu's younger siblings and Babana also followed.

The cub ran hard. Although the four little short legs were already tired and trembling, it was still trying to speed up and fell down a few times due to exhaustion or running too fast. The cub immediately stood up after falling down, fearing to delay a little time.

Pado's group was too large. To the young cub, it took too long before they could reach its big brother. It's a long, hard journey.

Gulu was taken to the outermost part of the group by the cubs, which further convinced Gulu that the parents of this cub must have died, because cubs without parents were generally excluded from the innermost part of the group to the outermost part of the group where it's the most dangerous.

Pado's group was already very good. In other groups, Triceratops cubs with no parents lived a more miserable life.

At the edge of the group, Gulu saw a Triceratops cub about a year old lying motionless on the ground, looking as if it was dead.

The three-month-old cub rubbed against the Triceratops cub lying on the ground and cried, "Brother, wake up, Xiao Jiu can't live without brother. Brother, please, don't sleep again, brother…"

Then the Triceratops cub named Xiao Jiu looked at Gulu with tears in his eyes and begged: "Brother Gulu, please save my brother, please, Brother Gulu…"

Gulu gently rubbed the Triceratops cub named Xiao Jiu to comfort him: "Xiao Jiu, don't worry. Your brother is still alive, but you have to tell Brother Gulu first, what was your brother doing before and why is he asleep?"

According to Gulu's observation, the unconscious Triceratops cub had no trauma and was definitely not attacked by carnivorous dinosaurs at the edge of the group, so there're only two possibilities: illness or bad food.

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In order to make his brother wake up, Xiao Jiu calmed down and didn't cry again. He said the events of the past few days in detail and didn't let go of even a little thing: "Brother Gulu, my brother suddenly fell to the ground just now. No matter how I rubbed him, he wouldn't move. Before my brother fell to the ground, my brother and I were eating fern plants here…"

According to Xiao Jiu's description, his brother suddenly fell asleep. Before that, he didn't feel any discomfort in the previous few days and there was no sign of illness.

Now there's only the possibility of "eating something bad".

Gulu: "Xiao Jiu, were you and your brother eating the same fern these days?"

Xiao Jiu reflected carefully and said with great certainty: "Brother Gulu, we all ate the same food. My brother would take me wherever he went. He would never leave me alone."

Then Gulu carefully inspected all ferns in the vicinity. The inspection was very serious, but nothing was found.

The fern plants chosen by Pado couldn't be inedible and there was basically no inedible ferns in Cretaceous period. Triceratops had existed for hundreds of millions of years and it's absolutely impossible not to know which plants were poisonous and inedible, so few herbivorous dinosaurs were poisoned by food.

Xiao Jiu ran circles around his brother and kept rubbing on him, "Brother, what's wrong with you, brother, wake up, brother…"

Gulu carefully checked the state of Xiao Jiu's brother again. He's not dead yet. He should be in a deep coma. He didn't know when he would wake up. If he couldn't wake up within one day, he would die of hunger even if he wasn't poisoned to death.

Gulu even asked Xiao Jiu to take him to see the excrement of this little Triceratops. He looked very carefully at the excrement for something that might make a Triceratops fall into a deep coma for a long time, but he never found it.

Gulu wanted to go to Pado at this moment, but Pado was on the high ground. It's too dangerous for Triceratops cubs to go there. Even if he was Pado's son, he couldn't break the rules.

Therefore, this Triceratops cub named Xiao Jiu couldn't find the leader directly unless Pado was touring the group.

At this time, Pado and a dozen of the strongest male Triceratopses in the group were "watching" on the high ground while keeping an eye on the movement of carnivorous dinosaurs near the group.

Tutan hesitated whether to tell Pado or not and finally said, "Pado, I feel a little strange. Some dinosaurs had died inexplicably in the group recently."

In fact, Pado also discovered this. He had been closely observing why the dinosaurs in the group died suddenly.

In the original group, old Triceratopses died every day and Triceratops cubs broke through their shells and continued to grow.

Therefore, the death of the dinosaurs didn't attract Pado's attention at the beginning. It's normal that old Triceratopses die every day in the group.

But these two days not only did old Triceratopses die, but also several young ones, which was very strange.

Pado saw from a distance that his four cubs and Babana were all on the edge of the group. Gulu seemed to be searching around a cub lying on the ground.

Pado said to Tutan and Paton, "Look at those carnivorous dinosaurs carefully. I'll come back later."

Tutan and Paton nodded and said yes.

Pado had already stood up and ran towards Gulu.

Gulu, of course, saw Pado came running. He's very happy. Pado came. Maybe this little Triceratops brother could be saved. Pado knew a lot.

Although Gulu used to be a human and knew more than many dinosaurs, as a Triceratops, he's only three years old and still a young cub. Many adult dinosaurs may not know as much as him but Pado knew more than many adults.

Pado quickly reached them. Gulu told Pado in detail about the situation of the little Triceratops lying on the ground. Pado was also carefully checking the situation of the little Triceratops.

The Triceratops cub named Xiao Jiu was very sensible. Although he was very sad and anxious, he didn't disturb Gulu and Pado, but looked at the scene tearfully.

Pado rubbed against this shivering cub and said, "Don't be scared, Xiao Jiu. We'll find a way to save your brother."

Xiao Jiu looked up at Pado and nodded incessantly.

Pado: "Xiao Jiu, I'm taking your brother to the center of the group now. You can come with me."

As he spoke, Pado picked up the small cub on the ground. Xiao Jiu's brother was only about one year old. Pado could still carry him.

Xiao Jiu followed Pado closely. He's glad that he and his brother lived in Pado's group. If it was in other Triceratops groups, the leaders would never care about the life or death of a small cub. Every day dinosaurs died in the group. Leaders didn't care about these small things.

Pado was the best leader. He's always the greatest.

After returning to the center of the group, Pado said that he would visit other places and let Babana look after Xiao Jiu and his brother.

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Gulu quickly followed behind Pado's steps and said, "Dad, I have an idea. I want to tell you."

Nowadays, Pachi, Dudu and Mila were Gulu's followers. They would follow Gulu wherever he went. Pado shouted them back: "Today your brother and I have very important things to do. Go back to your mom's side! If you dare to mess around, wait to be beaten!"

The three cubs could only obediently return to Babana's side.

After the siblings left, Gulu spoke, "Pado, I think this may have something to do with the Camptosaurus."

Pado also detailed the situation of the group in the past few days to Gulu: "Old Triceratopses died first. Normally, old Triceratopses died every day in the group, but several Triceratops cubs have died in recent days."

Gulu: "Pado, are these dead Triceratops cubs all little Triceratopses without parents?"

There're too many Triceratopses in Pado's group. Of course, he couldn't know every Triceratops cub. Only when a patrol Triceratops told him that a cub was dead would he ask the cause of death and whether the cub had parents or siblings.

Pado could definitely answered Gulu, "They were all little Triceratopses without parents."

Gulu: "Dad, did you notice that all of the dead Triceratopses, whether old or young without parents, often lived on the extreme edge of the group?"

Pado nodded. He also thought of this.

Gulu continued, "Dad, were there any injuries to those Triceratopses that died before? Had they ever been attacked by a carnivorous dinosaur?"

On this point, Pado could firmly tell Gulu without thinking: "No, they had not been attacked by any carnivorous dinosaur."

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