Gulu immediately stepped back and exclaimed, "Galle, what are you talking about?! Are you crazy? I'm a Triceratops. You're a Tyrannosaurus rex. What do you mean by liking me? What do you want to do once I grow up?!"

Galle answered excitedly: "Gulu, I've thought it over for a long time. I like you. I can't live without you. Who stipulates that a Tyrannosaurus rex can't live with a Triceratops? When you grow up, we can live together. We will never separate!"

Gulu: I seem to have heard the funniest joke in my life…

Galle bowed his head a little shyly and said, "Gulu, although we're all male dinosaurs, I've seen two male dinosaurs together. I saw that one of the two male dinosaurs can be a female dinosaur. I can be your female dinosaur. I'm willing to be a female dinosaur. As long as it's with you, I'm willing to do anything…"

Gulu felt his three views burst: Galle, don't you know a little too much?! Moreover, you're a Tyrannosaurus rex, the most powerful carnivorous dinosaur, aren't you ashamed?! You want to be my female dinosaur, but we're not even of the same race!

Mungo let out a loud roar, instantly protecting Gulu behind him, "Galle! Let's have a fight. If you can bite me to death, you can wait for Gulu to grow up! If I bite you to death, I'll eat you! Let's see how you can wait for Gulu to grow up then!"  

Galle regarded Mungo as his best brother and even a little like a "father figure teacher". Of course, he couldn't fight with Mungo. He didn't even understand why Mungo was so angry.

Gulu knew why Mungo was so angry. For him, Mungo was just like Pado. If Pado heard that a Tyrannosaurus rex liked him and was just waiting for him to grow up, Pado would surely kill the Tyrannosaurus rex immediately.

Galle immediately threw himself in front of Mungo and said: "Mungo, don't be angry. I'll be very good to Gulu. I'll take him to eat the best fern plant. I'll protect him and won't let any carnivorous dinosaur hurt him. I'll…"

Mungo didn't wait for Galle to finish. He jumped on Galle and bit him frenziedly. In an instant, Galle's back was bloodily bitten.

This happened in Galle's territory. Seeing their leader attacked, the six male Tyrannosaurus rex in Galle's group rushed up immediately. Although Mungo was the strongest Tyrannosaurus rex leader in the entire continent of Yukan, they would still resolutely protect their leader.

Seeing that the six male Tyrannosaurus rex were about to bite Mungo, Galle shouted, "Don't bite Mungo! Don't come here! Leave me alone!"

Gulu looked stunned. It all happened so fast that he didn't react.

Just as Gulu was trying to stop the fight, Mungo didn't care and roared, "Galle! If you're still a male Tyrannosaurus rex, stand up and fight with me! Your brothers can join together!"

Mungo didn't want to kill a male Tyrannosaurus rex that surrendered to him. He wanted to fight. He wanted Galle to fight with him as hard as he could. It didn't matter if Galle's brothers joined together. He knew he could win.

Galle looked up at Mungo with a sharp pain on his back: "Mungo, don't be angry. You and Gulu are equally important to me. If you don't want Gulu to be with me, I won't be with Gulu. I know a Triceratops can't be with a Tyrannosaurus rex, but I won't like any other dinosaurs."

Gulu was almost moved by Galle's deep feelings, but he really couldn't understand Galle.

Before the flood, when Galle came to Mungo. Gulu thought that Galle was "very gay" because he would compete with Moluo for Mungo's favor. Gulu really thought that Galle's love for Mungo was extremely deep at that time. Why was it like this now?!

Mungo: "I don't care! Galle! If you can say such a thing, I'll bite you to death!"

Galle stretched out his neck in front of Mungo as if he was a "sacrificial martyr" and replied, "Mungo, bite me to death. Mungo. I'm sorry. I didn't know you'll be so angry. If I know, I won't make you angry. Even if I like Gulu, I won't say it."

Mungo shouted angrily, "Fight with me!"

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Galle: "Mungo, you know I can't beat you. Even if I can beat you, I won't fight with you. Mungo, if it wasn't for you, I don't know how many times I've already died. I won't fight with you. If you want to kill me, just bite me. If you hadn't saved me before, I would have died long ago."

Gulu's face was full of stupidity. He didn't know what to do now. He reflected on what just happened. A particularly powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex said that he would wait for him to grow up and be his female dinosaur. His Mungo Dad became angry at once. As an old Dad, he certainly couldn't accept that his young cub was with a dinosaur of different race.

Mungo was very angry. He shouted, "Let your brothers come fight with you!"

Galle shook his head, "I'll never fight with you, Mungo. You can bite me to death."

Gulu believed that he must enlighten the silly Galle: "Galle, even if you like a male dinosaur and want to be with one, it still has to be a male Tyrannosaurus rex. The male dinosaurs that you saw were of the same race, right? Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex can't be together."

Galle seriously thought about it. All the male dinosaurs that he saw together were indeed of the same kind. There're no different kinds of dinosaur being together.

After listening to Gulu's words, Mungo didn't know why he felt very uncomfortable. Compared to being angry with Galle, it seemed that he felt even more uncomfortable: Why can't Triceratops be with Tyrannosaurus rex? Why?!

Galle: "But I really like you, Gulu. Even if I get killed by Mungo, I still like you. I also tried to be with a female Tyrannosaurus rex, but when I was with her, all I thought about was you."

Mungo couldn't help biting Galle again.

Gulu hurriedly stopped him, "Mungo, don't be angry. I don't like Galle. It's no use for him to like me."

Galle: "Gulu, why don't you like me? I can change whatever's wrong with me."

Gulu solemnly replied: "Galle, there's nothing wrong with you. You're good everywhere, but you're not a Triceratops. If you can become a Triceratops, I may like you."

Galle and Mungo lowered their heads at the same time, reaching extreme depression.

Mungo realized at this time that he had no need to be angry with Galle. Galle wasn't a Triceratops at all, neither was he.

Galle: "Gulu, why do you have to like a Triceratops?"

Gulu: "Because I'm a Triceratops."

Galle: "Gulu, I'm so sad. I can't become a Triceratops. Why am I not a Triceratops?"

Mungo took the initiative to rub Galle's neck and said: "Galle, don't say such things again in the future. You say it once and I'll bite you once!"

Galle also rubbed Mungo back: "Mungo, I'm so sad. Mungo, I'm so sad. I really want to be with Gulu, I just…"

Gulu's expression looked dazed: You two brothers changed face so fast. Just a moment ago, you were fighting over me, now you made up again?!

Mungo gave Galle a hard blow on the back with his tail and roared, "Don't even think about it!"

Gulu: Oh, this plastic brotherhood. Mungo is too fierce. It hurts too much. Galle looks so pitiful.

Galle was slapped down to the ground and said: "I know, Mungo, please don't be angry. I'll never say these words again. I'll be with a female Tyrannosaurus rex tomorrow."

Mungo wanted to beat Galle again. Only when he heard this promise did he put down his tail.

Galle: "Mungo, I really know I'm wrong. Don't be angry. Will you and Gulu come back to see me later? You will, won't you?!"

Mungo didn't answer Galle's words, but said to Gulu, "Gulu, we should go back."

Gulu: "Mungo, I still want to…"

Before Gulu could finish, Mungo had already interrupted him: "What else do you want? Follow me back immediately!"

Mungo had already pushed Gulu back.

Looking at Mungo and Gulu leaving, Galle regretted very much. Had he known the result, he wouldn't have said those words even if he was killed, but he really liked Gulu.

After walking some distance, Gulu spoke, "Mungo, I want Galle to help us find the Camptosaurus. There's a very hidden cliff in Galle's territory. Doesn't that Camptosaurus always likes trap? Pado and I can pretend to enter his trap and be led to the cliff, then we can catch him!"

Mungo: "I'll find the Camptosaurus and kill him myself."

Gulu: "You and Pado have been looking for so long. He's too smart. We have to use some tricks to lure him out."

Mungo: "I'll think of something."

Gulu knew that Mungo couldn't be persuaded now. He could only find another way to draw out the Camptosaurus.

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In fact, Gulu knew that the success rate of drawing the Camptosaurus to Galle's territory was very low. This Camptosaurus was too smart and the trick he used once couldn't be used a second time on him.

Gulu believed that with his intelligence quotient as a human, he could definitely catch the Camptosaurus!

As he was walking, Mungo suddenly said, "Gulu, no matter which Triceratops you're with, you must show it to me. If I don't agree, you aren't allowed to be together!"

Gulu's face was helpless: "Mungo, you're too old-fashioned. Everyone has grown up. Pado isn't as strict as you. Now he advocates freedom of love!"

Mungo: "I don't care! Don't you always call me Dad? A Dad should know this! Because you're in Pado's group, whichever Triceratops you like, Pado can already see it every day! If Pado doesn't like that Triceratops, he won't let you be with it!"

At this time, Mungo was righteous: I'm exercising my rights as a "Dad".

Gulu: My mouth made me unable to fall in love freely. I can only cry.

Gulu had to admit, however, that Mungo was absolutely right. Pado had been the leader for so many years. Pado and Mungo had strong desire for control. If he's with a male Triceratops in the future, Pado and Mungo would most likely break his leg. It's very sad to think about it.

Mungo continued, "Gulu, if you have a favorite Triceratops, show it to me immediately, or I'll be very angry!"

Gulu lowered his head, "I know, Daddy Mungo."

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