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Ulam's three cubs stood beside her. Each cub looked very strong. Tata had grown into the strongest of the three cubs.

In truth, Gulu had always admired Ulam. Despite being bloodthirsty, cruel, ruthless, and definitely not good to every little cub of hers, she was indeed the most successful female Tyrannosaurus rex.

Ulam alone fed three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and each one of them had grown so strong. Most Tyrannosaurus rex couples could only feed two cubs at most while it's considered great if a female Tyrannosaurus rex could feed one cub alone.

Therefore, Ulam could be said to be the greatest Tyrannosaurus rex mother in this regard.

Gulu knew that the male Tyrannosaurus rex on the other side of Mungo territory was very fierce, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to possess such a good territory alone. It's really incredible that Ulam could defeat such a large and strong male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Ulam roared around the male Tyrannosaurus rex. Although she was covered in blood, she didn't feel any pain and even wanted to fight again. The Tyrannosaurus rex's genes engraved in her the absolute love for blood and killing.

Then Ulam roared at the huge setting sun. From Gulu's perspective, Ulam's fangs, full of blood and minced meat, appeared like she's devouring the fiery setting sun.

Finally, amidst the aftermath of Ulam's roar, she and the three young Tyrannosaurus rex pounced on the male Tyrannosaurus rex to eat together. Ulam bit off a thick hind leg.

The three young Tyrannosaurus rex ate the flesh on the back and belly of the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Tata was very domineering. He roared at his siblings to eat the meat on the butt. His siblings didn't dare to refuse. Who let them unable to beat Tata now?

Gulu was happy for Tata. Although Tata had become like his siblings from before, Gulu was still happy for him. Tyrannosaurus rex could only survive better if it's cruel and bloodthirsty. This was their survival principle.

Tyrannosaurus rex ate very fast. Soon, the male Tyrannosaurus rex was left with no residue left.

Now the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs had grown very big and strong. They had to eat a lot before they could eat enough. Ulam would drive them away in another year at most. She really couldn't afford to feed them.

The saying "a young child can eat the parents poor" was also applicable to Tyrannosaurus rex. Now the three cubs ate about the same amount of food as Ulam. Ulam must hunt every day, otherwise she couldn't feed these cubs.

Tata was obviously full, but he saw that his brother still had a mouthful of meat in his mouth. He ran over and grabbed the part of the meat hanging from his brother's mouth. His brother looked aggrieved, but he still gave up the meat to Tata.

Now Tata was really too strong and domineering. It's normal to rob the meat from his siblings' mouth.

After eating, Tata went to sleep on his stomach alone in the fern bush nearby. Although he was now Ulam's strongest cub, he still didn't like to stay with his siblings, much less with Ulam.

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Tata's sister seemed to be trying to woo this fierce younger brother. She walked up to Tata and tried to rub Tata's neck.

Tyrannosaurus rex cub liked to unite with the powerful cub to reject the weakest. Tata was now the strongest and it's normal for his sister to try to woo him.

Tata, on the other hand, growled fiercely at his sister, not allowing her to rub him, not even allowing her to approach him and angrily driving her away.

Gulu could feel that although Tata had become Ulam's best cub and would certainly become a Tyrannosaurus rex leader like Mungo in the future, Tata was still as lonely as before. Tata rejected his siblings and his mom by closing himself up.

Tata's eyes were ferocious when facing his siblings, which made them very afraid of him. When facing Ulam, Tata's eyes were freezing cold. Only when he was alone by himself would his eyes have a little bit of warmth.

After expelling his older sister, Tata said to an Alsophila tree: "Brother Gulu, when Tata grows up, Tata will come to you. Tata will become a Tyrannosaurus rex leader as powerful as Mungo. Tata will always follow Brother Gulu and be happy with you."

At some point, Tata laid down. He gently rubbed the Alsophila tree and regarded it as Gulu. He rubbed it and said, "Brother Gulu, Tata misses you so much. You haven't come to see Tata for a long time. Brother Gulu is a bad brother…Brother Gulu, quickly coax Tata
Tata wants you to coax him…"

At this time, Tata, who was talking to an Alsophila tree, had a twinkle in his eyes and his tone was lively, brisk and even cubbish, just like when he was that innocent and weakest cub.

Tata's position made him unable to see Gulu on the other side, nor could Gulu see his eyes when he spoke to the Alsophila tree. All Gulu knew was that Tata had changed into a Tyrannosaurus rex as ferocious as his siblings.

Gulu felt that Tata was crueler and more bloodthirsty than his siblings. Tata didn't have the naive and ignorant eyes of a young cub. Gulu believed that if necessary, he wouldn't hesitate to kill his siblings, even Ulam.

Even so, Gulu still felt very happy for him. He admitted that he had double standards. Whoever made him know Tata and liked him. Regardless of what Tata became, he would be happy as long as Tata was doing well.

In the following days, Mungo and Pado didn't train Gulu anymore. They gave him a few days off. Gulu was extremely happy. Mungo took him out to play crazily every day.

Mungo often played with Gulu in his own territory, Pado's or Galle's.

Gulu found that not only were there many female Tyrannosaurus rex near Mungo's group, but there's also many of them near Galle's territory.

Mungo was the most powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire continent of Yukan. Galle could also enter the front row. They were all about to reach adulthood and would undoubtedly become the match that female Tyrannosaurus rex were vying for.

What's more, Mungo and Galle had good territories.

The region where the Mungo's, Galle's and Pado's groups were located could be said to be the "central business district" of the dinosaur era. It had the most fertile land. Only the most powerful groups could own territories here.

Of course, the number of female Tyrannosaurus rex outside Galle territory was still far from that of Mungo's. Mungo had at least twice the number of females than him.

However, Gulu could understand because the territory occupied by Mungo's group was indeed the top territory of the carnivorous dinosaur, enjoying the absolute center of "eight directions come to worship".

If placed in the human world, Mungo wasn't simply "living on a block", Mungo's territory belongs to the type of "my family owns the entire block". And Mungo wasn't just "one of the overlords", he's the "supreme overlord of Yukan continent, of the entire world".

Gulu felt that a perfect male dinosaur like Mungo, let alone female Tyrannosaurus rex from the entire continent of Yukan felt tempted. If he were a Tyrannosaurus rex, he would also be tempted!

However, Mungo was too cruel to these females. They dared not enter Mungo's territory, but they had been wandering outside his territory and were unwilling to give up.

On this day, Mungo brought Gulu to Galle's group to play, mainly because Gulu himself wanted to play there.

Gulu was very afraid of mainland division here, so he wanted to go to more places to "investigate". The combined territory of Mungo, Pado and Galle were extremely large. He believed that as long as there's no sign of division in these places, the continent where they lived right now shouldn't be divided.

And Gulu also wanted Galle to do him a little favor.

The Camptosaurus that caused Gulu and Mungo to fall into the big pit and nearly starve to death last time hadn't been found. It was really too smart.

This Camptosaurus was called "Ghost" and was the leader of the Camptosaurus who enjoyed the same reputation as Tudor. It's really fierce. Of course, Gulu only learned about it later.

Ghost's Camptosaurus group was so powerful that it could survive alone without depending on any Stegosaurus group.

Pado, in order to keep his own group alive, drove Ghost's group out of the cave, which caused his group to be hunted by the Cryolophosaurus outside. His entire group was completely eaten up. With Ghost's cleverness and hatred, he would never let go of his group's genocidal revenge until his enemy's group became as miserable as his.

Gulu believed that as long this Camptosaurus leader lived, they would be danger, so he must find a way to kill this Camptosaurus leader.

At this time, the Camptosaurus wouldn't come out to die, but Gulu knew that he must be hiding in the dark watching Pado's group. As long as the time was ripe, he would definitely retaliate, perhaps against Pado's entire group.

In fact, Mungo and Pado had also been looking for this Camptosaurus, but everything was too unpredictable on the way to migration. The Camptosaurus was too smart. They couldn't even see his shadow.

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When the migration was over and Mungo and Pado had both laid down their territories, they issued a "wanted notice" for this Camptosaurus all over the continent.

Pado's reward condition was that if a Triceratops found this Camptosaurus and notified him, he could let this Triceratops join his group. If other herbivorous dinosaurs found this Camptosaurus, he could let their group forage in his territory for one month, which was very attractive to all herbivorous dinosaurs.

Mungo's offer was even more "dinosaur-luring". As long as an herbivorous dinosaur discovered the Camptosaurus and notified him, Mungo promised never to hunt its group. If a carnivorous dinosaur discovered the Camptosaurus and told him, Mungo would hunt for the carnivorous dinosaur for a month.

But even given such "dinosaur-luring" conditions, they still didn't find the Camptosaurus.

Gulu wanted to draw out the Camptosaurus on Galle's territory. It's too clever to come out unless lured.

Galle was excited when he saw Gulu from a distance and ran towards him.

After running to Gulu, Galle kept rubbing on Gulu's neck and said, "Gulu, Gulu, you don't know. Many female Tyrannosaurus rex are asking for me. I don't like them, I like you. I'll wait for you to grow up…!"

Gulu could hardly help doubting his ears. He looked at Galle with a puzzled face: ???!!!

Mungo's gaze toward Galle changed in an instant, from that of brotherhood to one of bloodthirsty craze that wanted to tear the other apart in an instant.

Mungo's entire aura seemed to be saying: Unsheathing the sword.

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