Su Fu didn't know that the fact that he's not suitable for the research was lie told by Tang Sining for Tang Sibo. He didn't quite understand what Tang Sining meant.

Tang Sibo slightly narrowed his eyes and said solemnly to Tang Sining, "Sit down and eat well. Don't talk."

Seeing that her second brother wasn't very happy, Tang Sining dared not refuse. She hurriedly sat down and picked up the chopsticks that Uncle Wei added to her bowl and began to eat.

Su Fu was stunned. He couldn't understand the way their family was getting along. He lowered his head and ate silently. He thought, when he met Mr. Tang at the gate of the hospital, did Mr. Tang recognize the medical exam form? That's why he said such comforting words to him.

Now thinking about it, everything happened very fast. At that time, they were just strangers, but now they were together. Fate was really wonderful.

Tang Sibo saw that he silently lowered his head and nibbled at the meal. He thought that he's scared by his family again. His heart was helpless. While he's helping him with the dishes, he quietly talked to him to adjust the atmosphere and made him less restrained.

Under his care, Su Fu soon got used to it and whispered in his ear. Occasionally mother Tang also intervened. The atmosphere was harmonious and warm.

In the meantime, Tang Sining, who was opposite from Su Fu, was eating the food in a big gulp and wasn't happy in her heart. She was told not to talk. But what were they doing? Why was she the only one not allowed to talk?!

Tang Sining finally failed to say a few words to Su Fu and was driven back to work by Tang Sibo after the meal.

The two men chatted with mother Tang in the living room for a while, then Tang Sibo left with Su Fu.

The weather was fine today, suitable for going out to play, but the two big men really had no place to play, so Tang Sibo took Su Fu to the Beijing Opera Theater.

They parked their car in a small pavilion. There's no hurry to go to the balcony. The afternoon sun was just right, so Tang Sibo took Su Fu's hand and walked around with him.

The last time they came here, they were in a hurry. He didn't have time to take Su Fu to all the interesting places around the Beijing Opera Theater. Today was the perfect time to stroll under the sun.

The area where the Beijing Opera Theater was located didn't have high traffics before. It wasn't until the Beijing Opera Theater was built here and became famous that it began to heat up gradually and many stores were opened around it.

In order to cater to the architectural style of Beijing Opera Theater, the stores around were built in similar style. Therefore, this area was very unique in the fast-growing City B and had now became a major feature of City B that attracted many people from other cities.

Catering to the traditional architectural style, the stores that opened here sold mostly antique handicrafts and so on. Of course, there're also some restaurants. It's very interesting to see the so-called residences and pavilions.

Tang Sibo took Su Fu's hand and looked around the shops one by one. Su Fu didn't know anything about antiques. He just looked at them casually and thought it was fun. The two went for a stroll and only bought some special food here that's ready to take to the opera box to eat.

Along the way, many people also noticed that they were holding hands. Su Fu was embarrassed at first, but Tang Sibo's face was naturally open and aboveboard. It also made Su Fu slowly change his mood. He's happy and no longer struggled.

Two people, each one carrying a bag of special food while holding hands walked back to the Beijing Opera Theater and went straight to the box.

It was almost two o'clock. The first play in the afternoon had already begun. Before entering the box, they heard the cheers of the spectators in the lobby on the first floor. Both of them were looking forward to it.

They never locked this box all year round, so it was convenient for relatives and friends to come in and enjoy the opera when they come over. Outsiders knew this was their family's box and dared not break in at will.

Tang Sibo led Su Fu over. He turned the handle and opened the door.

Then, both of them froze.

It was dark inside the box. The big window facing the theater was closed. The curtain was drawn. One the wide sofa, Liu An was naked under Li Chao's body. His thin legs wrapped around Li Chao's waist. Li Chao only took off his shirt but just untied his pants and didn't take them off. The two people hugged each other while doing the unspeakable movement…

The sound insulation of the big window was very good. They couldn't hear the singing inside the box, only the moans of Liu An.

Su Fu was so shocked that he forgot to breathe.

Li Chao was very alert. He stopped when he heard the door open and covered Liu An with his own body. He didn't look back and coldly ordered, "Get out."

Not many people could come to this box at will. Li Chao knew it was Tang Sibo by guess.

As a matter of fact, Tang Sibo was also used to it. He always met this scene several times a year.

He scolded this animal in his heart and led Su Fu back out before closing the door for them.  

The moment the door was closed, Su Fu heard Liu An's moans that slowed down because of their appearance picked up in pace. Due to their presence, Li Chao was ready for a quick victory.

As soon as the door was closed, the two men stood in the corridor. Su Fu's palms were sweaty, and he drew them out of Tang Sibo's hands. His heart was racing. Why did he always meet with this kind of scene when he's with Mr. Tang? It's very embarrassing.

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Su Fu looked at the food in his hand, thinking in his head, Liu An was so poor. He's so thin. Li Chao was doing it so fiercely. Could he stand it…

Tang Sibo was relatively calm. He was used to it. He pinched Su Fu's earlobe, smiled and asked, "Were you scared again?"

Su Fu shook his hand and replied helplessly, "No, just a little embarrassed."

"It's good to get used to it. Li Chao is an animal that likes to be in heat at any time and any place." Tang Sibo spoke unkindly of his best friend.

Su Fu twitched his lips. Any time, any place was as really not a good habit. Liu An was really poor, but looking at his appearance, it seemed that he's also happy.

The two men leaned against the wall of the corridor and chatted quietly. Before long, the door opened.

Li Chao didn't have a good face for them. He's still bare-chested and his pants were barely closed.

"Second Tang, can you not always interrupt my good deed?!"

Tang Sibo glanced at Li Chao who was blocking the door and pushed him aside. He led Su Fu into the room and said coolly, "You won't always be interrupted if you take care of your impulsive lower body."

Li Chao gave Tang Sibo a bad look. He snorted and walked to the corner of the box.

The big window of the box had been opened. With the door opened, the air was ventilated.

Su Fu was wondering why Liu An was gone. He didn't see him went out. Then he saw Li Chao walking to the triangle wine cabinet and pushed open the wooden wall…

"There's a bathroom inside." Tang Sibo put the bag on the low table and relieved Su Fu's doubts.

Su Fu opened his mouth in surprise. They even had a bathroom…it's really designed for Li Chao…

The sofa had just been used to do something indescribable. Although they padded with blanket to prevent it from getting dirty, Tang Sibo still disliked it. He led Su Fu to the bar in front of the window and put the food on the bar. They tasted the food together while listening to the opera at the same time.

Su Fu saw that Tang Sibo looked like he's used to it. He couldn't help twitching his lips. The friends around Mr. Tang were a bit scary.

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