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Tang Sibo and Su Fu were sitting at the bar and watching the opera. Li Chao and Liu An were bathing in the bathroom. During this period, Tang Sibo contacted the cleaning aunt who was responsible for cleaning the small building behind to come and clean this place up.

Although this box was the private property of several of them, it was also shared by several people after all. Even if it was very exciting to splatter here, Li Chao would still pad the sofa with blankets. First, to prevent affecting the use of others. Second, there're many people sitting on the sofa. Li Chao didn't want his wife's body fluid to have indirect contact with others for the sake of cleanliness.

However, it was good that he could do this. As for the condom thrown on the ground and KY left carelessly, There's no way out. Basically, every time he finished it, a cleaning aunt would come and clean it up.

Su Fu saw the cleaning aunt come and go airily, waving a duster and taking a basket of things, like everything was normal for her to see. 

After the cleaning aunt left, the balcony box was restored to its original elegance and neatness with some delicate fragrance fresheners sprayed. Even the sofa was replaced with a new matching sofa cover.

Thinking of the last time in the hot spring when he heard the next-door Shi Chen and Fan Yao pa pa pa, Su Fu secretly looked on the side at Mr. Tang who was seriously watching the opera. He somehow felt a little terrified. What if Mr. Tang was also stained with such bad habits?

As soon as such an idea came up, Su Fu was ashamed and blushed. He also thought before that Mr. Tang and he were making too fast of a progress. What was he thinking???

Once a play was finished singing, Tang Sibo nodded admiringly. When turning his head, he saw Su Fu looking at him with a red face. He couldn't help laughing and reached out to pinch his earlobe.

"What's the matter? Is it very hot here?"

Su Fu was embarrassed and shook his head. He's also worried. He knew that he might not be able to have a harmonious and indescribable life with Mr. Tang. He didn't know if he could force himself to. Would Mr. Tang see that he's unhappy? Then like He Shaoqi, since he couldn't get enough, he would go out to find someone else?

Su Fu shook his head. He believed that Mr. Tang would not. He remembered that Tang Sibo said that he's a man who pursued two of a kind and would only consider marriage if he met someone he felt could live a lifetime together. Su Fu didn't know if he's that person in Mr. Tang's heart now, but he believed that as long as they were together for one day, Mr. Tang wouldn't cheat, because he wasn't such a person.

Tang Sibo didn't know what Su Fu was thinking, but he still felt that Su Fu was very strange. He leaned over to look at him then touched his forehead and asked softly, "Not feeling well?"

Su Fu recovered and shook his head. "No, just think of something."

Tang Sibo nodded. Since Su Fu said so, it meant that he didn't want to disclose anything. He didn't ask much. He took today's program booklet and told Su Fu about what the next play was.

Su Fu stopped thinking about the unfinished business and listened to him cheerfully. After all, it was rare to relax for a day.

Before the second play began, the bathroom door opened in the corner. Liu An was carried out and wrapped in a thick blanket.

Li Chao, wearing only a bathrobe, took Liu An across to the sofa that had just been tidied up. Because someone else was here, Liu An wanted to go out by himself, but Li Chao didn't allow him to do so and just lifted him.

Liu An had no choice but to sit down on the sofa. After sitting on the sofa, his entire body was huddled in a big thick blanket, revealing only a red face.

"Close the window for Lao Zi. Do you want Lao Zi's wife to catch a cold with you?!" Li Chao gruffly pointed to the window, and then took a dry towel to sit beside Liu An. He pulled some part of the blanket away from him and wiped his semi-dry hair.

Tang Sibo smiled helplessly and closed the big window. Su Fu also hurriedly went to close the balcony door.

Liu An was even more embarrassed. He's already quite short. He's like a rabbit on the sofa, in sharp contrast to the tall and large Li Chao next to him.

Tang Sibo had no interest in their shuffle. When the window was closed, the sound equipment embedded in the wall was turned on. The singing sound shielded by the big window still rang out perfectly, just like what one heard with the window opened.

Su Fu turned and looked around at the balcony box. It looked like a simple and elegant small box. But he didn't know how many more unexpected functions were hidden here.

The following second play had already started. Tang Sibo took the program booklet and introduced Su Fu to the participants one by one.

On the big sofa behind them, Li Chao had wiped Liu An's hair and wrapped the blanket tightly for him. He then turned off the air conditioner to prevent him from catching a cold, before taking off his own bathrobe and began to wear clothes for himself in a careless manner.

Su Fu wanted to turn back to ask them if they wanted to eat something, but Tang Sibo pulled him into his arms and didn't let him look back. Don't even think about it. Li Chao was already changing clothes. He wasn't reserved at all and didn't pay attention to displaying his rough goods in this occasion.

Su Fu didn't know this, but since Tang Sibo didn't want him to turn back, he followed suit and stayed quietly in his arms to watch the play.

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Every time there're outsiders present, Liu An often had a feeling of shame, but what could he do, Li Chao grew up in a pile of smelly men since childhood. He didn't feel his own roughness at all.

Over time, Liu An also felt that Li Chao's rough character, which didn't care about anything, was especially handsome. After being brainwashed by Li Chao every day, Liu An had now been completely turned his way.

Li Chao didn't wear his military uniform today. He dressed more casually after changing his clothes. If he was to become straight again, his long straight legs could charm thousands of young girls. If one ignored his savage and rough character, he did look like a charming, noble son.

"What do you want to eat? I'll buy it." Li Chao leaned back with one hand holding the back of the sofa and the other circling the shrinking Liu An.

"Porridge, I want to eat purple potato oatmeal porridge from Fairy Flavored Pavilion." Liu An looked up at Li Chao.

Li Chao softened his expression. He lowered his head and kissed Liu An's lips. "All right, you take a rest and I'll buy it."

Liu An looked at the two people sitting opposite by the window. He's a little embarrassed to eat. He said to Li Chao, "Buy something else and bring some to second brother Tang and Su Fu."

Li Chao's face sank. He still felt very unpleasant with the two people who interrupted him. However, his wife had spoken, so he had to nod. He tightened the blanket for Liu An then stood up straight and walked toward Tang Sibo and Su Fu like they owed him a couple thousands yuan.

"Lao Zi's wife asked what you want to eat." Li Chao rapped his knuckle on the bar countertops and glared at Tang Sibo as he asked.

Tang Sibo glanced at him before motioning lightly with his hand– go away, we don't need your food.

Li Chao immediately became angry and thought how Lao Zi's wife was kind, but you didn't appreciate him. Of course, he didn't really take his anger out on Tang Sibo. He only kicked the bar roughly and went off in a blaze of anger.

Su Fu, who was still in Tang Sibo's arms, turned to look at him with a frightened face. Was it really like this when friends get along? This was terrifying.

Tang Sibo, seeing Su Fu like this, pinched his earlobe and said with a funny smile, "Ignore him. He's used to being irritable. When he's a child, every time he got angry, it's enough to tear down the Li family. Now he's more restrained."

Su Fu shrank his neck. This behavior was after he's restrained? Then how was he before?

"He really tore something down?"

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows. "As far as I know, there had been several serious apartment losses, but in the end, he was persuaded and not all of them were demolished."

"Was he stopped by his parents?"

"His parents?" Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. "His parents could only act in a roleplay when disciplining Li Chao. When he's really angry, uncle Li couldn't stop him even with the army."

"So terrifying?" Following the bitter tears for Fan Yao last time, Su Fu was now praying for Liu An. It's terrifying!

"Since he's so terrifying, is there anyone in the Li family who can bring down Li Chao?"

Tang Sibo got closer to Su Fu and smiled: "Li Chao has a twin brother named Li Dai who's been in poor health since childhood. When we were younger, many people said that Li Chao stole all the nutrition of his younger brother when he's in his mother's body, so he was strong while his brother was weak. Li Chao has always been very concerned about this statement, so he can get angry with everyone but still dote on his younger brother. Every time he starts to lose his temper, ten cows can't pull him down. But as long as Li Dai stood in front of him, his temper would be immediately gone. Li Chao was afraid that he might accidentally hurt his younger brother."

Su Fu listened with interest. He didn't expect that the angry Li Chao could dote so much on a younger brother.  

Tang Sibo added: "Because Li Chao has everything and is probably too grumpy, God assigned him two nemesis. The other one is Liu An. Li Dai restrains his hands while Liu An restrains his mouth. You'll see it when you get along more. It's very interesting."

Su Fu had already experienced how Li Chao doted on Liu An, which was indeed a great contrast to his temper. Turning around to look, he saw Liu An's entire body wrapped in a blanket and shrank against the sofa while holding a mobile phone smiling at whatever's on there. When he saw Su Fu looking at him, Liu An smiled, looking very friendly.

Su Fu also smiled back at Liu An and told Tang Sibo that he'd go accompany Liu An. Tang Sibo let him go. He also hoped that Su Fu could get along well with his friends.

Su Fu was actually selfish in his heart. Before, he's very secretive about his sexual orientation, so there're no friends of the same kind around him. Even if he met a few occasionally, he wouldn't be able to make close friends. This also led to the fact that he had no one to communicate and discuss problems with. Just like before, he had no harmonious life with He Shaoqi because he felt no pleasure but he could only secretly go to the forum to ask.

As a matter of fact, Su Fu had seen some films, but he still didn't quite understand how those people looked so comfortable, like they're enjoying it so much?

Su Fu thought, perhaps he could secretly ask Liu An?

However, after Su Fu actually sat down beside Liu An, he was wondering for a long time how to start.

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