Liu An was very happy to see Su Fu coming. He put down his cell phone and stopped playing.

Although he's sometimes shy, Liu An was actually bolder than Su Fu, so he asked curiously, "Are you with second brother Tang?"

Before his question was ready, he was asked first. Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo, who was in front of him watching the play. He slightly smiled and nodded.

Liu An was somewhat surprised and felt that their progress was really fast. Clearly, second brother Tang was still pursuing him by folding origami flowers a few days ago. Now, they're together? Sure enough, second brother Tang was second brother Tang. The sword went straight to the mark. No matter what others said, the girlish origami flower must have made a lot of achievements, and allowed him to immediately catch up with his target!  

But it's also due to second brother Tang's ingenuity. Those paper roses looked so lifelike and beautiful. Compared it to the pile of rotten papers made by someone else who studied for a few days, Liu An felt very helpless. It's so ugly, but he still had to use them to decorate his room…

Su Fu looked at Liu An's good-looking and kind face and thought to himself, it should be ok to confess his relationship? Would this make the other uncomfortable?

"What's wrong with you?" Liu An wrapped himself in a blanket and asked Su Fu.

Su Fu cleared his throat, suppressed his question and shook his head, "I'm fine. You won't come on stage today?"

Liu An blushed slightly and shook his head. "Li Chao has to leave for his mission tomorrow. He won't be back for several days. I'll accompany him today."

Su Fu nodded in understanding but finally decided not to ask the difficult question. Instead, the two of them chatted normally. Liu An asked why Xiao Juan didn't come. Su Fu replied that he's in kindergarten now.

The two chatted for a while before Tang Sibo came to join them.

Tang Sibo didn't sit beside Su Fu, but next to Liu An.

"What are you talking about?"

Su Fu had "something shameful on his mind" and felt embarrassed. "We're just casually talking. You're not watching the play anymore?"

Tang Sibo looked at the program booklet and replied, "I didn't like the second half of the play."

"What is it about?" Su Fu took over the program booklet held by Tang Sibo and looked at the details of the play.

The stereo wasn't turned off. The balcony was still buzzing with the sound of opera singing outside. The sound wasn't too loud, just enough to drown out some whispers.

Seeing that Su Fu's attention was focused on the program booklet, Tang Sibo leaned close to Liu An and whispered, "Second brother has something to ask you."

Liu An turned to look at him. He leaned slightly closer and motioned for him to speak.

Tang Sibo glanced at Su Fu again. Seeing that he didn't pay attention to this side, he asked Liu An in a low voice: "Did you really experience pleasure when you and Li Chao did it?"

Liu An was surprised. His entire face turned red. His heart screamed, how could second brother Tang ask such a question!

Tang Sibo narrowed his gaze slightly and nodded at Su Fu. Liu An immediately understood, second brother Tang was worried that he couldn't perform well and give pleasure to Su Fu?

He turned to look at Su Fu secretly. Su Fu didn't look at them. Liu An blushed and answered, "Yes…it's comfortable…"

Tang Sibo touched his chin thoughtfully. He hadn't thought about this aspect, after all, he and Su Fu just got together. He's not like that beast Li Chao. But now he had to think about it since they're going to get married in the future. X life was essential. How could two men do it without hurting the other one and also made him happy?

Mr. Tang was a man with a plan. He didn't want to do things on a man's impulse and possibly hurt Su Fu, leaving him with bad memories.

Liu An saw Tang Sibo thinking so seriously and realized that second brother Tang probably thought that he's heterosexual just like everyone else. But he didn't expect to be with Su Fu. It's normal not to know about this matter.  

After some thought, Liu An whispered, "If second brother Tang needs it, Li Chao has a lot of films. I can copy them for you."

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Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and asked with a light smile: "Does Li Chao still need to watch films?" He's not a natural beast?

Liu An was somewhat embarrassed: "This….is to make some preparations for the first time? But watching movies only gives a preliminary understanding. Other things like body types are different for everyone and still need to explore…"

"Explore –" Tang Sibo savored the word while smiling. It sounded very subtle.

The two people no longer discussed the topic of exploration once Su Fu turned to look at them. At the same time, the balcony door opened. Li Chao walked in carrying several bags of food. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he rushed toward them in a few strides.  

"What the F*** are you doing around Lao Zi's wife?!"

After recovering from shock, Su Fu hurriedly sat far away from Liu An.

Tang Sibo glanced at Li Chao and scoffed, but he also got up and went to sit down near Su Fu.

With an irritated face, Li Chao put his butt down beside Liu An and ask what they were talking about just now. Liu An naturally couldn't tell him about what Tang Sibo asked, otherwise Li Chao would either lose his temper at the question or laugh loudly at Tang Sibo's inexperience, so he casually told him about something else.

Li Chao's expression showed that he didn't believe it. Liu An coaxed for a long time to no avail until he finally said that he's hungry. Only then did Li Chao not struggle anymore. He hurriedly took out the purple potato oatmeal porridge for him.

While the two of them ate their late lunch, Su Fu who sat next to Tang Sibo asked with some curiosity, "What did you say to Liu An just now?"

Tang Sibo pinched his earlobe with a smile and replied, "It's nothing. Just ask about experience."

"What experience?"

"Experience of exploration."

Su Fu blinked and felt that Mr. Tang sounded so profound.

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