Gulu finally hardened his heart. He stepped on the head of the female dinosaur with a hard foot then hit the female dinosaur's stomach with a hard blow. Blood sprayed all over him in an instant.

Blood and tears flowed from the female dinosaur's eyes and Gulu seemed to hear the female dinosaur saying, "I'm sorry, my little ones. Mom didn't protect you well."

Gulu still ran around the "trophy" as usual, roaring incessantly, declaring his victory and strength.

After running for a while, that bit of guilty mood was completely gone. Now, he's only left with the joy and excitement of killing a carnivorous dinosaur together with the burning blood that's difficult to cool down. He still wanted to kill many more carnivorous dinosaurs. It gave him the kind of joy that radiated from his heart and made his blood boiled.

Gulu realized at this time that he had probably become a complete beast. Human compassion and kindness were drawing further away from him.

Only then did Pado and Mungo come out and walked to Gulu's side.

Pado was very angry: "Gulu! Why did you hesitate just now?! Why didn't you want to kill that Nanotyrannus?!"

Mungo was also very angry: "Gulu, do you know that the moment you hesitate, you may be killed directly by a powerful carnivorous dinosaur. Many carnivorous dinosaurs would pretend to be dead or act pitifully. Even if you pity them, they won't pity you. They'll only eat you one mouthful at a time!"

Gulu felt a little aggrieved: "Didn't I already kill her? I didn't pity her, I just…"

Pado and Mungo shouted sharply at the same time: "Gulu!"

Gulu bowed his head and replied, "I was wrong. I'm sorry."

Pado: "You still listen to it talk so much?! When fighting, no matter what the carnivorous dinosaur says, you don't need to respond, just kill it!"

Gulu: "I know, Dad. I was wrong."

Mungo: "When these carnivorous dinosaurs can't beat an herbivorous dinosaur, they'll deliberately say something to distract your attention and they'll lure you to attack them with fake moves. How many times have I and Pado taught you this, but you still did it!"

Gulu whispered, "I know she couldn't resist and…"

Mungo angrily interrupted Gulu: "Regarding of whether she could resist or not, and no matter what the reason, you must kill her as soon as you have the chance. How many times have Pado and I stressed this point!"

Pado: "Gulu, you made us so angry. You'll be punished to hit that tree. Think carefully about where you were wrong today while hitting it! Come and tell me and Mungo your introspections after knocking it down!"

Gulu was shocked. This tree couldn't be hugged by many adults. When would it be broken?!

Pado was always harsh when training. Gulu looked at Mungo and his eyes were full of asking for help: Mungo, please help me to intercede with Pado.

Mungo, however, said harshly, "Why haven't you gone yet!"

Gulu hurriedly admitted in coaxing tone, "I know I'm wrong. I dare not again. Daddy Pado, Daddy Mungo, please don't be angry, okay? I promise that I won't do this again. I'll definitely won't!"

Mungo and Pado replied with their burning eyes: It's too late to admit your mistake now! Do you want to get beaten?

Gulu knew too much about the characters of his two big Dads. Even though he didn't feel that he was really wrong, he still ran into the tree and hit it hard.

Mungo and Pado were lying on their sides watching. They were going make Gulu the strongest and most invincible Triceratops in the entire continent of Yukan.

Gulu banged against the tree while raving frantically at the two big Dads in his heart: Humph, I know you're bullying me because I'm young. Once I go back, I'll tell Gaya and Babana to hit you till you hurt…"

One didn't know how long it took. Gulu was dizzy until all he saw were small stars flying in the sky, but the tree still didn't move.

Gulu felt very desperate. He looked at Pado and Mungo. The two bosses were completely indifferent to his pleading eyes.

At this time, Gulu suddenly realized that his mistake was really unforgivable. If he was really killed by a carnivorous dinosaur because of a little softheartedness, Pado and Mungo would feel so sad and desperate, so would Babana, Gaya and his brothers and sisters.

Thinking of this, Gulu felt that him feeling wronged was outrageous. Mungo and Pado should really be angry.

In the cruel world of dinosaurs, nothing else mattered as long as you lived.

Gulu hit the tree with all his strength tirelessly.

In fact, Mungo and Pado could see that Gulu already knew where he was wrong. Gulu was unwilling to bump into a tree before and always found a lot of reasons to justify his mistake. This time, he finally realized that he was wrong and punished himself.

Gulu felt his head and neck were about to break. His head was spinning.

Gradually, Gulu felt warm liquid flowing down his head. He knew that he had broken his head. Triceratops had a thick skin, but it couldn't hold up to this long trauma.

Mungo stood up and tried to stop Gulu from hitting the tree, but he was stopped by Pado. Mungo was already very distressed and couldn't bear to punish Gulu anymore. Pado said sternly, "Don't intercede for him. What if he was killed by a carnivorous dinosaur?"

There was a loud bang. Gulu and the tree fell to the ground together in the opposite direction.

Gulu was very sure that he had hit the tree since noon. It's already evening, and the sun was setting. The sky was full of fire clouds.

After the big tree fell down, it stirred up thick dust and smashed the ferns below.

Gulu laid motionless after falling down. He was too tired.

Mungo could no longer control himself. He ran to Gulu's side and gently rubbed the blood on Gulu's head with his nose and mouth. Gulu rubbed Mungo's big head and cried, "Mungo, I'm sorry. I won't place myself in danger anymore. I absolutely won't."

Pado stood and looked at his cub with relief. He knew that Gulu would become a Triceratops leader much stronger than him.

Gulu rubbed Mungo's big head and stood up. Mungo and Gulu walked toward Pado together.

Pado watched Gulu and Mungo walking towards him side by side in the sunset. Suddenly he had a strange feeling, as if he and Babana were walking together in the sunset. Of course, he quickly rejected this strange idea.

Mungo accompanied Gulu to stand side by side in front of Pado. The stern Pado looked terrifying.

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Gulu subconsciously hid under Mungo and lowered his head at Pado: "Dad, I'm sorry. I know I'm wrong. I really know I'm wrong. Please don't be angry."

Pado asked sternly, "Where are you wrong?"

Gulu was scared and hid under Mungo, afraid to look at Pado.

Mungo lowered his head and gently rubbed Gulu: "Gulu, don't be afraid. Tell us what you did wrong today. If you look at Pado and say it well. Pado won't be angry."

Gulu summoned up his courage and looked up at Pado with sincere apology: "Dad, I'm sorry. I'll put my safety first in the future, and I'll never pity any dinosaur fighting against me again. Even if I become very strong in the future, I won't be conceited and will definitely not give the dinosaur fighting me any chance to fight back."

Pado was very satisfied with Gulu's introspections. He not only deeply realized today's mistakes, but also extended to the future. Even if he became strong, he wouldn't be conceited.

Gulu ventured out from under Mungo and tried to rub against Pado. He's still afraid that Pado was still not pacified. His eyes were evasive, and he looked pitiful.

Pado lowered his head to rub against Gulu, "Okay. Dad's not angry."

Gulu finally dared to jump on Pado's body to rubbed coquettishly, "Wu wu. Dad, you're so fierce to me. You know, I was really scared. Bad Dad. Quick, come and coax me…"

Pado was also very fond of young cubs when he's not angry. He rubbed on Gulu and replied, "Okay, it's all Dad's fault. As long as Gulu don't make mistakes, Dad won't be fierce anymore, okay…"

Gulu also didn't know why he had become so childish. With Mungo and Pado, he turned into a real cub and was very happy, the kind of pure happiness that adults never had.

In fact, Gulu had studied why he was becoming more childish. It's probably because adult Triceratops's brain couldn't be compared to human beings, let alone a Triceratops cub whose brain volume was even smaller. Since he became a Triceratops cub, his way of thinking and habits would unconsciously change.

Mungo looked at Gulu playing coquetry with Pado and his heart felt itchy. He also wanted Gulu to play coquetry with him.

Pado: "Gulu, the sun is setting. It's time to go back with Dad."

Gulu: "Dad, I still want to play with Mungo for a while. Would you like to go back first? Mungo will send me back later."

Mungo hurriedly echoed: "Pado, let Gulu play for a while. He has done very well today. I'll send him back before dark."

Pado rubbed his big head and agreed, "Listen to Mungo when playing."

Gulu nodded wildly: "Uh-huh, Pado, I know."

After watching Pado leave, Gulu laid back on Mungo's body and said, "Mungo, you were as fierce as Pado today. You didn't intercede for me. Bad Mungo. I've decided not to like you!"

Gulu also didn't know why, with Pado around, he was embarrassed to play coquetry with Mungo. This kind of feeling was very strange, but he couldn't tell why.

Mungo said grimly with a mouth full of fangs: "Still dare to say that I'm fierce. I find that I'm just too tolerant to you. Has it been long since you got beaten? Weren't you afraid of me? Do you still dare not like me? Do you want to be beaten?"

Gulu put his thick feet into Mungo's mouth and said, "It's over now. I like you. Don't be cruel to me. I'll cry to you."

Mungo opened his mouth and Gulu rubbed his feet on Mungo's teeth, rubbing the old skin and scum on his feet all over Mungo's mouth.

One had to say that Mungo thought that Gulu was fragrant all over. Unlike the carnivorous dinosaurs, it's the fragrance of grass mixed with flowers and soil. Even Gulu's feet were fragrant.

Gulu took his feet out of Mungo's big mouth. He rolled over and stood up, "Mungo, come after me. Don't you want to beat me? You can beat me if you catch me."

Mungo, of course, immediately chased him. The two were chasing and playing slapsticks along the river and had a good time.

While running, Gulu heard Ulam's roar coming from the other side.

Gulu stopped to look. Mungo naturally halted and followed his gaze.

They saw Ulam standing on a particularly strong male Tyrannosaurus rex on the other side. Ulam was covered in blood. She announced her victory and absolute ownership of the territory with a roar.

The afterglow of the sunset shone on Ulam, making her look like a mythical beast cladded in golden armor.

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