There were gardens in front of and behind Tang's mansion, which were connected by cobblestone paths. The entire garden was designed by a famous landscape architect and naturally looked beautiful everywhere.

When Su Fu first entered Tang family's gate, he saw an entire piece of greening, which was actually part of the overall garden. The front of the mansion appeared more natural, while the back of the mansion had more artificial feelings, such as flowers and trees, fake rock stools, ponds, bridges, rocking chairs and swings. As soon as he entered, he felt relaxed physically and mentally.

When Tang Sibo came with snacks, he saw Su Fu sitting on the bench beside the small pond, watching the cheerful fish swimming in the pond, while the butler, Uncle Wei, squatted by the edge of the small pond to scatter fish food.

When Tang Sibo arrived, Uncle Wei, bowed slightly then withdrew.

Tang Sibo put the tray on the stone table and sat down beside Su Fu.

At this moment, there're only two of them. Su Fu no longer felt nervous and smiled, "Your family's environment is really good. It's not unreasonable to say that such environment nurtures people."

Su Fu thought, Mr. Tang's elegant and modest character really needed to be nurtured in such an environment where one could cultivate one's morality.

"If you like it, then this environment can also nurture you."

Su Fu was stunned. He turned his head to look at him, then understood what he meant. He awkwardly cleared his throat and picked up a cream puff on the plate to eat.

Tang Sibo smiled and looked at Su Fu biting the cream puff. The cream inside touched the corners of his mouth. He leaned over slightly, licked it off, and kissed his lips by the way.

Su Fu didn't expect him to be so sudden. His eyes widened with fright while his hands subconsciously grasped Tang Sibo's shoulder.

Tang Sibo chuckled. He hugged Su Fu's waist and stood up together, embracing and kissing him. Against the warm morning sun, the atmosphere looked warm and harmonious. As if embarrassed to watch them, all the fish in the small pond went to the bottom.

This kiss didn't linger for long before Tang Sibo released Su Fu. He kissed his lips in the last moment to signal the end.

Su Fu quickly turned to look around. He was relieved. Fortunately, no one else was there.

"Don't act so suddenly." Su Fu reluctantly sat down.

Tang Sibo leaned over and asked jokingly, "Then I'll ask before I kiss later?"

Su Fu imagined such a scene. It seemed even more embarrassing than a sudden kiss…

"Then let…cough…Mr. Tang feel free."

Tang Sibo was amused by the word "feel free". He pinched Su Fu's earlobe and stopped teasing him. He pushed the snack toward him, and asked softly, "Were you scared by my mother?"

After taking a snack and ate it, Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo with a faint smile and answered, "A little bit. I watched too many TV dramas and thought there's a big dog blood show waiting for me."

"Like giving you a check to leave me?"

Su Fu smiled and nodded, "I didn't expect aunt to be so gentle. Everything's just my conspiracy theory."

"If it was true? Would you leave me?" Tang Sibo reached for Su Fu's empty hand and gently kneaded it.

Su Fu ate a snack and looked at Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo was smiling softly. The sun shone down and decorated his smile more gently. It easily touched his heart.

Holding Tang Sibo's hand, Su Fu smiled and whispered, "No, I don't lack money in my life. I just need a Mr. Tang."

Tang Sibo laughed and leaned over to imprint a kiss on Su Fu's forehead, gentle and devout. He didn't even know that he would be so happy because of Su Fu's answer, happier than anything else. He felt that he's in good syn with Su Fu in all aspects, which strengthened his heart to marry Su Fu.

Seeing him so happy, Su Fu was also very happy in his heart. After eating the snack in his hand, he stopped eating them. Tang Sibo took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands. The two men sat here chatting under the sun.

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Su Fu thought of the magazine just now. Mother Tang seemed to specially show it to them. He asked, "What were the clothes that aunt just mentioned?"

Tang Sibo didn't want to tell Su Fu about the wedding right now. First, it was too early and would frighten him. Second, he wanted to get everything ready and surprise Su Fu.

Therefore, Tang Sibo replied, "It will be Mrs. Li's 50th birthday soon. My mother wants you to join us. So, she's helping to customize the clothes."

This was certainly not a lie, but the clothes for the birthday party needed not be so carefully prepared. Su Fu didn't understand the rules of their family. He only thought that because mother Tang recognized his own identity, she wanted to take him to the Li family's birthday party. Although he's uneasy, he's also very happy. After all, he's being recognized.

He had been listening to Tang Sibo saying that his family was very open-minded, but he never thought that they would recognize him so easily. Su Fu's hanging heart finally fell down. He now believed that everything would be all right.

After chatting for a while, Tang Sibo took Su Fu around the Tang's mansion. Su Fu really liked the elegant style of the Tang's mansion. Everywhere he went, he seemed to see a landscape painting.

The entire Tang's mansion was like a large country estate, covering a wide area. After walking an entire morning, they hadn't visited everywhere. However, Tang Sibo picked out several places where he often walked and took Su Fu to see them. The rest were further in some corners, so it was better not to go.

At noon, mother Tang asked chubby aunt to cook some of the Tang family's special meals and left Su Fu for lunch. Father Tang took his grandson to the Li's house early this morning to avoid Su Fu, fearing that facing two elders would make him more uncomfortable.

So, the three of them had lunch together at noon. After understanding mother Tang's wishes and being accompanied by Tang Sibo, Su Fu was less restrained and relaxed in his conversation with mother Tang.

The three people took a seat to eat. Before long, Tang Sining came back. She also heard her parents last night secretly mentioning that they wanted to see Teacher Su. So, this afternoon, she specially came back to take a look.

When Tang Sining came in, she didn't act as careless as usual. Standing on a pair of personal tailored high heels, she appeared very elegant and tall, with long curly hair, sending out the charm of mature women.

She wanted to look perfect in front of her second brother's sweetheart and leave a good impression on his future wife.

However, when she came in and saw Su Fu, she suddenly let out a loud shout and stepped on the wrong heel. She fell off guard and "banged" onto the dining table and chair opposite Su Fu. Thanks to this dining table and chair, she didn't completely fall to the ground like a dog trying to eat its own excrement.

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"You…aren't you Mr. Su??!" Tang Sining's long curly hair, which was smooth and bright, fell on her face because of the fall, as she looked at Su Fu in surprise. She really showed no temperament of a noble lady.

Su Fu was also shocked to see her. He had almost no connection with Tang Sining, so he never connected her to the Tang family. Unexpectedly, she's Tang Sibo's relative. Thinking of the reason when the two of them met, Su Fu was embarrassed. Still, he curved up the corners of his mouth and nodded with a faint smile.

Mother Tang had a good memory. She recalled that her daughter made such a fuss before. It seemed that Su Fu volunteered for her research, but it turned out to be forced, so his participation was secretly stopped by her son. At that time, her son also said that they met by chance, but now they're together. She had to sigh that fate was really wonderful.

"Why do you come back for lunch today? Stand well! What a scandal!" Mother Tang laid down her chopsticks and reprimanded her daughter for not being a lady.

Tang Sining also calmed down after a moment of surprise. Didn't she guess that Mr. Su was her sister-in-law before? This proved that she was right?

After standing up straight and throwing off her hair, Tang Sining looked at Su Fu with a smile and asked, "So my research still has the function of tying a red thread? Mr. Su, did you meet my second brother when you came to the hospital?"

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