"Don't get me wrong, Teacher Su. Of course, I won't steal your beloved son. Sit down." Mother Tang also put the dessert plate on the table. She smiled and waved down at Su Fu.

Su Fu was in shock. He felt a little relieved to hear mother Tang say that it was a misunderstanding.

He adjusted her mood and sat down.

Mother Tang laughed: "I like Juan Juan very much, but I won't steal him. If Teacher Su lives with Sibo in the future, Juan Juan would naturally become the grandson of our Tang family, wouldn't you say so?"

Su Fu was surprised again. But he had nothing to hold in his hands now. So, he could only squeeze his hands together.

When he's called, he always thought that Tang family might not think that he's worthy of joining their family? Or that they might not allow Tang Sibo to like man? In a word, it should be to stop them and say something to make them retreat due to difficulties. Even if this wasn't the case and Tang family was very open-minded and willing to accept a male wife, at least it should be to call him to test and see if he's worthy of Tang Sibo.

Why didn't Mother Tang mention these things at all? Instead, she said that he would live with Tang Sibo in the future? This meant to agree that they were together?

Su Fu felt his head was a mess at this time. He's a little confused. Did Mrs. Tang mean it like this, or did she say it on purpose to remind him of something?

Just when Su Fu didn't know how to answer, Tang Sibo, who should not have appeared, suddenly returned.

"Teacher Su? You're not at work?" Tang Sibo walked in with a surprised expression on his face.

Mother Tang saw him and asked, "Why did you suddenly come back?"

Tang Sibo smiled and replied, "I came back to get something. What were you talking about?"

"Just a casual chat." Mother Tang smiled. But in her mind, she felt helpless. What about coming back to get something. This was her son. Didn't she know him well? It must be that he sent bodyguards to follow Su Fu secretly. As soon as Su Fu was invited, he got the news and rush here, fearing that she would bully his treasure.

Tang Sibo didn't go to get anything. He walked to Su Fu's side. First he touched his hand. It was a little cold, so he put it into his own hand to warm it up.

Su Fu watched him being close to him in front of mother Tang, feeling embarrassed and worried. He wanted to take his hand out, but Tang Sibo didn't let him, so he just sat on this single person sofa with him.

"Mom, what do you want to talk about, why don't we all chat together?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

Mother Tang knew that it wasn't good when she saw her son's light expression. Her son was a little angry.

She picked up the magazine she had read a few minutes ago and smiled, "You're back just in time. Let's look at the style of these clothes together. Which style do you like? Mother needs to talk to Bernard as soon as possible."

Tang Sibo brought over the magazine, which was run by Bernard. It was in limited collection and contained all kinds of clothing styles based on the seasons. Each one was one of its kind. What mother Tang showed them were the wedding clothes.

Now many countries passed same-S*x marriage laws. Bernard's two apprentices were both gay, so the magazine he ran also had some special same-S*x wedding clothes.

Su Fu's head was still a little dazed. After Tang Sibo sat down beside him, his mind gradually cleared up. Looking at the clothes in this magazine, he didn't quite understand what they were. The magazines were all written in French, which he didn't understand.

After flipping through a few pages, Tang Sibo put the magazine back on the short table: "Bernard's design is exquisite, but his clothes are more suitable for foreign countries. I want Chinese style. I'll go to City S to find Zhuo Jian in a few days. Mom, don't worry about this."

Mother Tang's heart thumped. Her son was really angry and deprived her of the right to prepare wedding clothes as his mother and Su Fu's mother-in-law…

However, the first wedding of the century-old Tang family of this generation should indeed be more traditional. Bernard's close apprentice Zhuo Jian was indeed more suitable than Bernard.

"Alright, but you have to do it as soon as possible. Custom-made clothes take a lot of time." Mother Tang looked at her son's and Su Fu's tightly clasped hands, feeling both gratified and helpless.

Tang Sibo nodded and asked, "Do you have anything else to talk about?"

Mother Tang thought then shook her head. But in her heart, she was thinking. Her son was already unhappy. If she made them stay longer, what if her son deprived her of the right to participate in their wedding planning? This was her children's first wedding. She couldn't afford to lose this precious opportunity.

"It's okay. Since you're back, why don't you take Teacher Su around the residence?"

Tang Sibo was very satisfied with this proposal. Anyway, Su Fu asked for leave and he didn't need to return to the company. Today, they could spend the entire day together. He would take Su Fu around the Tang mansion then take him out to play.

Tang Sibo gently squeezed Su Fu's hand. He led him to stand up and asked, "Come walk with me?"

Su Fu was finally sure that mother Tang really agreed with them this time. The question just now about living with Tang Sibo wasn't about embarrassing him…

At this time, Su Fu reacted and felt very embarrassed and regretful about his conspiracy theory.

"I'm really sorry that I misunderstood Mrs. Tang just now. Thank you for your hospitality." Su Fu bowed slightly to express his apologies.

Mother Tang smiled and motioned with her hand. "It's all right, aunt didn't say it clearly. Go out and had a look around with Sibo. Don't be restrain."

Tang Sibo's smile softened a little at this time. He said to Su Fu, "What Mrs. Tang? Call aunt."

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Su Fu was really flattered. Unexpectedly, Tang family accepted him so easily. He quickly listened to Tang Sibo and smiled, "Thank you, aunt."

Mother Tang gave a gentle smile.

"Uncle Wei will take you to garden. I'll go get something." Tang Sibo pinched Su Fu earlobe and spoke softly.

Su Fu nodded. The butler, Uncle Wei, came up and said to Su Fu, "Mr. Su, this way please."

Mother Tang saw that her son was deliberately supporting Su Fu.

Sure enough, as soon as Su Fu left, Tang Sibo didn't go to get anything. He only said to mother Tang, "I don't want today to happen again."

The second son's anger was more terrible than the old man. Mother Tang knew that she's wrong and patted her son. She coaxed, "Mom didn't do anything. I just want to take a look at him out of curiosity and didn't want to oppose you two."

Tang Sibo remained expressionless and replied, "But you scared him."

"Okay, okay. Mom won't make her own opinion again."

Only then was Tang Sibo satisfied before adding: "Don't mention the wedding in front of him for the time being. It's developing too fast. He won't be able to adapt."

Mother Tang gave her son a look. He really cared about Su Fu. What about developing too fast? Didn't love mean marriage?

However, mother Tang didn't care. As long as her son and his other half were fine, everything else was unimportant, so she nodded in response.

Tang Sibo didn't say more. He went to the kitchen to get some snacks then headed to the garden to find Su Fu.

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