Tang Mansion was located outside of the downtown area in a quieter neighborhood. Su Fu sat in the car. His heart was pounding while his hands were sweating uncontrollably.

He's holding his cell phone and was wondering if he should call Tang Sibo. However, since mother Tang deliberately chose to see him when Tang Sibo was away, she certainly didn't want Tang Sibo to know. Su Fu put down his cell phone after deliberating several times.

When the car pulled into the Tang family's mansion, Su Fu realized for the first time that Tang family's title as one of the two overlords in City B was not for nothing. Tang mansion wasn't so much a mansion but a large estate.

From the front gate, it looked like an elegant mansion, surrounded by many small courtyards. Judging from appearance, it still had the style of a hundred years ago, but it should have been renovated several times without losing to modernness. The current combination of ancient and modern looked just right.

The greenery around the mansion was especially beautiful. The rockeries and lakes were naturally well distributed, giving people the illusion of entering a paradise.

Tang family usually received guests in the reception hall of the small courtyard by the side of the mansion, but Su Fu wasn't taken there. He was directly brought into the living room of the mansion where the Tang family lived.

At the entry door of the mansion, the bodyguard stepped down and welcomed a man who still looked hale and hearty despite being over 50. He wore a straight black suit with a white shirt, a black bow tie at the collar and a pair of clean white gloves.

Su Fu saw this attire and assumed that he was probably Tang mansion's butler.

The man bowed down slightly and respectfully stretched out his hand, "Mr. Su, please follow me."

Su Fu nodded and followed him into the mansion's living room.

The interior layout of the mansion was more elegant than luxurious. Su Fu dared not look around. He followed the butler and turned left at the indoor fountain and entered an open stateroom. Su Fu saw an elegant lady sitting gracefully on the sofa with a magazine on her leg while slowly leafing through it.

The butler led Su Fu over and bent down to whisper, "Madam, Mr. Su is here."

When Mrs. Tang heard this, she looked up at Su Fu.

Mother Tang was also a popular darling daughter in City B when she's young. Naturally, her temperament and beauty needed not be mentioned. Although she's no longer young, she's still attractive.

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Her face was actually very gentle, but Su Fu was nervous and had been poisoned by his other half's family drama before. With the precedent of mother He, he only glanced at her and didn't dare to look carefully. He bowed his head slightly and politely said, "Hello, Mrs. Tang."

Mother Tang looked Su Fu up and down several times. She smiled slightly then put the magazine on the short table before getting up and motioned with her hand. The butler nodded and backed out.

"Teacher Su, I'm really sorry, I take the liberty of inviting you here without notice."

"It doesn't matter." Su Fu tried hard not to appear so cramped. He looked at mother Tang and smiled faintly.

Mother Tang saw Su Fu's nervousness and walked up with a smile. "Teacher Su, don't be nervous. Sit down and chat."

Su Fu looked at mother Tang again, only to find that the lady looked kind and spoke softly. She didn't look like she's going to find trouble with him, so he relaxed a little. Su Fu nodded and thanked her before sitting down on the side of single person sofa.

Mother Tang sat down on the couch and kept a proper distance from Su Fu, neither too close to make Su Fu uncomfortable nor too far to make Su Fu feel distant.

After Su Fu sat down, he's still nervous. He didn't know where to put his hands. Would putting them on his legs make him appear very cramped?

At this time, the butler came and brought a pot of hot cocoa and two snacks.

Once the hot cocoa was poured for the two people, the butler took the tray and retreated quietly.

"It's a little cold outside, isn't it? Holding this in your hands can warm them up." Mother Tang smiled and took the cup of hot cocoa first. She blew on it and took a sip.

"Thank you." Su Fu was somewhat stunned and held the cup in his hand. He thought to himself, Isn't Mrs. Tang so beautiful because all women like to maintain their bodies? Especially for elderly women, those who love beauty pay more attention to all aspects of maintenance.

With Mrs. Tang's elegant appearance, shouldn't drinking scented tea be more in line with her image? Not to mention drinking hot cocoa and eating dessert, wasn't she be afraid of getting fat?

"Occasionally drinking something won't make you fat. When it's cold, drinking hot cocoa with some snacks while basking in the sun is a nice leisure." Mother Tang seemed to see through Su Fu's thoughts and answered with a smile.

Su Fu was stunned and embarrassed. He turned to look at the direction of the sunlight, only to find that the sunny side of the living room was made up entirely of glass wall. The sunlight poured in without scruple. It was really leisurely and comfortable to sit here and bask in the sun in the winter.

"Mrs. Tang is right." Su Fu drank hot cocoa silently.

Mother Tang didn't mind that he spoke little. Instead, she laughed and took the small plate of desserts and handed it to Su Fu.

Su Fu hurriedly put down his cup to accept it and thanked her again.

"Teacher Su needs not be so nervous. We will just talk casually."

Su Fu nodded, but he knew in his heart that since she invited him here specially, it wouldn't be as simple as talking casually.

"Teacher Su is the adoptive father of Juan Juan?" Mother Tang also picked up the plate of snacks. But she didn't eat much, just tasted it a little.

It was thanks to Big brother Tang that he got custody of Juan Juan. Tang parents must know about it. So, Su Fu didn't conceal the matter and replied, "Yes, he's adopted from the orphanage last year."

"Was it adopted by your ex?" Mother Tang put a small fork into the snack and asked.

Su Fu's hand trembled. He didn't know what mother Tang meant by bringing this up. He nodded and answered, "Yes, his family adopted him. But they didn't go through the formal legal procedures. I'm afraid that they wouldn't be good to Juan Juan, so I asked Big brother Tang to help take custody of Juan Juan."

Mother Tang looked up at Su Fu and smiled. Her heart exclaimed that this child was too sincere. She just casually asked, and he explained all the details clearly. Was it because she's Sibo's mother that he's so careful and respectful?

Thinking this way, mother Tang's mind became soft. It's good to care so much about her son.

"We also like the boy Juan Juan. Since he had already been recognized by Sihuan, why don't he become part of Tang family?"

Su Fu suddenly widened his eyes and almost dropped his fork. What did Mrs. Tang mean? He wasn't called here because of him and Tang Sibo, but because she wanted to officially adopt Juan Juan to the Tang family?!

At this thought, Su Fu stood up in fright. He put the plate on the low table and said, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Tang, I'm used to Juan Juan. I can't give him to someone else. At the beginning, it was agreed that once I'm old enough, I would recognize Juan Juan back. Please don't embarrass me."

Su Fu's sudden excitement also startled mother Tang, but after listening to his words, mother Tang knew that he had misunderstood her. This wasn't the only way to be part of the Tang family. She didn't expect the child to not understand this hint. She didn't know whether to say he's silly or cute.

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