"It's all right. Xiao Ke left early, and Juan Juan wasn't used to it." Tang Sibo hid the children's fight to prevent Su Fu from worrying about the two children's situation at school.

It made sense after thinking about it. Juan Juan was used to sticking to Xiao Ke. Su Fu washed the pan and asked, "What's the matter with Xiao Ke returning so early?"

"There're relatives visiting the family. I took Xiao Ke to meet them." The third room who came today were indeed relatives, which wasn't a lie, Tang Sibo thought.

Su Fu nodded, ready to make a meatloaf eggplant.

Tang Sibo was going to help with the kitchen when a little crying voice sounded from the other side.  

Su Fu put down the kitchen utensils and was about to go. But Tang Sibo patted him and said, "I'll go."

Su Fu agreed. Presumably Juan Juan should be hungry too, so he'd cook while Tang Sibo took a look at Juan Juan.

When Tang Sibo entered the small room, Juan Juan was already sitting up. His hair was messy. He's still confused after just waking up. He held the quilt with little crying eyes, which melted Tang Sibo's heart. He hurriedly walked over with a smile.

"Xiao Juan, what's the matter? Are you hungry?" Tang Sibo sat down on the bed. He took Juan Juan into his arms and patted him.

Juan Juan rubbed his eyes and asked with a flat mouth: "Where's little Dad?"

"Little Dad is cooking. We'll have dinner once Juan Juan is up."

Juan Juan stretched out his small arm and asked Tang Sibo to help him put on his clothes. His small head twisted left and right then asked, "Where's older brother Tang?"

"Older brother Tang's at home. He won't come today."

Juan Juan was somewhat lost, "Does older brother Tang still have any pain?"

"No pain, just a little scratch that'll be fine soon." After dressing up Juan Juan, Tang Sibo held him in his arms and let him sit on his lap. He pinched his little face and whispered, "Don't tell your little Dad about today. Little Dad will worry, understand?"

Juan Juan obediently nodded and threw himself into Tang Sibo's arms. He asked in an injured voice, "Is Juan Juan annoying? People don't like Juan Juan."

Tang Sibo smiled. He rubbed Juan Juan's hair and coaxed, "Why? There're so many children who like to play with Juan Juan. That child was envious of Juan Juan having so many good friends, so he's angry."

Juan Juan widened his eyes and looked at Tang Sibo. "Really?"

"Of course, our Juan Juan is so cute that everyone likes him. When Juan Juan is happy, everyone will like Juan Juan even more."

Hearing this, Juan Juan immediately leaned out his small body and said with tilted head, "Ok, Juan Juan is happy. Does uncle Tang like Juan Juan?"  

"Yes, Juan Juan is the cutest." Tang Sibo smiled and put on his shoes for him. He kissed his little face and went out with the perky little fellow in his arms.

Su Fu saw that Juan Juan felt much better after sleeping. He didn't think much about it. He simply cooked three dishes and had dinner together.

After dinner, Tang Sibo had to go. Although he wanted to stay here, his son was still injured. As a father, he should accompany him.

Su Fu didn't trust Juan Juan alone at home, so he took him to send Tang Sibo downstairs.

Juan Juan held Su Fu's hand on his left and Tang Sibo's on his right. He's skipping around, looking very happy. From a distance, they really looked like a family of three.

With the little fellow here, they couldn't act intimate anymore. Tang Sibo felt a little pity. He told Juan Juan that there're a lot of stars in the sky tonight.

As expected, Juan Juan lifted up its little face and looked up at the sky. Tang Sibo seized the opportunity and quickly printed a kiss on Su Fu's lips.

Su Fu was stunned then laughed. Covering Juan Juan's eyes, he also leaned in to kiss the corner of Tang Sibo's mouth.

Tang Sibo was satisfied. He said good night and drove off.

Su Fu watched the car disappear into the night. The smile on his mouth lingered on for a long time.

Juan Juan touched his eyes and pouted in his heart: Little Dad is so bad. Why didn't he show Juan Juan what he did?

The next day, Tang Luoke was detained at home. There's an injury on his face, although it wasn't very serious, Tang parents still wanted him to recuperate at home. Tang Sibo naturally agreed. It'd take a few days for the scratches to disappeared. It's not suitable to take him to have breakfast at Su Fu's.  

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As a result, Tang Luoke got up in a bad mood in the morning. He wouldn't have fought if he knew that he wouldn't be able to see Teacher Su for several days.

Tang Sibo went to Su Fu early in the morning with a bouquet of paper roses.

Su Fu saw another bouquet of paper roses. His eyes widened in surprise and asked how long it took Tang Sibo to fold them.

"It was done during the last time. I made a lot altogether. Would you like me to do it again?"

Su Fu felt warm in his heart and took the flowers with a smile. He replied, "Don't do it. It's a waste of your time. The apartment isn't big. There're already enough decorations."

Tang Sibo nodded and didn't refuse. He's in a good mood when he saw that several vases in the small apartment were filled with paper roses made by him.

"Do you like red roses a lot?" Tang Sibo asked.

Su Fu put the flowers on the sofa, then looked around and smiled, "I don't know much about flowers, but since you sent them, I like them a lot."

Hearing this, Tang Sibo smiled.

This sentence was sweet enough to last him for an entire day.

Tang Luoke didn't come. Tang Sibo told Su Fu that Xiao Ke would stay at home for a few days to accompany his grandparents, so Su Fu didn't ask more.

Two big ones and one small one had breakfast together. Tang Sibo still sent Su Fu to work first, then sent Juan Juan to kindergarten.

With the absence of Tang Luoke, Su Fu was worried that Juan Juan couldn't stay in the kindergarten alone. He asked Juan Juan if he'd like to stay with his little Dad. But Juan Juan shook his head and said that he still had many children waiting for him to play with them.

Su Fu felt that there had been great changes after Juan Juan was enrolled in kindergarten. The biggest change was that he began to learn to contact people. He's no longer the poor little fellow who's always close to his little Dad. He also had many other friends. Su Fu felt very gratified.

Tang Sibo sent Juan Juan to the kindergarten. He met with the principal and teacher again, and once again told them to take good care of Juan Juan. The principal and teacher agreed with a cold sweat behind their backs.

Although he made the entrustment, Tang Sibo still wasn't at ease leaving the soft Juan Juan and sent a bodyguard to secretly protect him before he went to work.

Meanwhile, Su Fu was about to enter his office when two men in black respectfully invited him aside.

Su Fu looked at them dressing like bodyguard. His heart was tight. Did he offend someone?

A bodyguard bowed respectfully and said, "Mr. Su, Mrs. Tang invites you to visit the mansion. We already asked leave for you."

Mrs. Tang…Wasn't that Tang Sibo's mother? Why did she suddenly want to see him? Especially at a time when Tang Sibo wasn't here?

Su Fu's heart thumped, and all sorts of bad thoughts welled up in his mind.

But after all, the other party was Tang Sibo's mother. Since he had decided to stay with Tang Sibo, he needed to face her. Escape couldn't solve the problem.

So, Su Fu nodded and followed the two bodyguards away.

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