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After changing his son into clean clothes, Tang Sibo left his son at home and went to Su Fu's place by himself.

His parent knew it, but they didn't say anything. They only cared about the scratches on their grandson's face, asking him if he still hurt or not, and let chubby aunt cook dinner that wouldn't affect the recovery of their lovely grandson's wounds.

Tang Luoke showed a smelly face, not very happy. Just now, his father said that he wouldn't take him to Teacher Su's apartment for fear that Teacher Su would be worried about him. He understood in his heart. He also didn't want Teacher Su to be worried but not being able to go there still made the young master's heart very lost.  

Father Tang and mother Tang saw this with their eyes. In their heart, they thought that this Su Fu's influence on both father and son was really big enough.

Because of the delay in the child's affairs, it was already six o'clock when Tang Sibo arrived at Shenyuan.

Fan Yao had sent Su Fu and Juan Juan back and left. Juan Juan had been lying in Su Fu's arms. The little guy who cried all afternoon soon fell asleep. Su Fu returned to the small apartment and took Juan Juan back to his room. He let him sleep while he himself leaned against the bed and played games with his mobile phone.

Of course, he wasn't idle. He's mainly waiting for Tang Sibo, but he didn't know whether Tang Sibo would come tonight. He wanted to wait and see first, then decided what to cook for dinner.

The little fellow's face was red as he slept under the cover. Su Fu pulled the cover down for him and patted him gently to help him sleep well. Juan Juan was a bit strange today. Su Fu wondered if something happened at the kindergarten.

It was past 5:30 before Tang Sibo came. Su Fu just got up and withdrew from Juan Juan's room, wondering whether to make a phone call or send a text message to ask.

Just then, the doorbell was rung.

Thinking that it was Tang Sibo, Su Fu hurriedly went to open the door, but saw several delivery brothers standing at the door. ???

Su Fu froze.

"Mr. Su?" Asked a delivery brother.

Su Fu nodded and looked at the box they were carrying, not knowing what was inside.

"Mr. Tang had ordered a dishwasher from our store. Shall we help you carry it in?"

Su Fu opened his mouth but finally said nothing. He nodded and let them in.

When washing dishes before, he recalled Tang Sibo asked him whether he's cold and wanted to buy a dishwasher. Su Fu felt helpless and warm. Mr. Tang was indeed an activist.

There's a vacancy right next to the kitchen refrigerator. The delivery brother asked Su Fu's opinion then installed the dishwasher for Su Fu there.

There're three delivery brothers coming here, two were working on the dishwasher, while the last went under the sink. One didn't know what he was doing. Su Fu guessed that he was probably working on a pipe or something.

After the delivery brothers finished their work, Su Fu thanked them and poured hot water for them to drink.

When sending them out of the apartment, the door opened and Tang Sibo arrived just in time.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu and his mood became very good in an instant. He sent the delivery brothers away with Su Fu. They looked at each other and entered the door together.

"I thought you weren't coming tonight." Su Fu saw him here. And his lost mood immediately improved.

"How can I bear this yearning heart?" With a smile, Tang Sibo reached out to pinch Su Fu's earlobe and led him to the kitchen. "Are you all set?"

Su Fu almost laughed at his remark. He nodded and went to see the dishwasher together.

Tang Sibo checked the in and out and found everything to be in good order. He turned on the tap again and soon hot water came.

"The efficiency is very high." Tang Sibo nodded in admiration.

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Su Fu didn't understand. He stretched out his hand to touch, only to find that the water was hot.

"Isn't this too much?" Su Fu turned off the tap in distress.

Tang Sibo took the towel hanging from the side. He wiped the water off Su Fu's hand, squeezed it, then raised the hand to his lips to kiss. "Not too much. It's cold. This hand can't be frozen," he said with a smile.

Su Fu chuckled in his heart. Can using cold water to wash dishes really freeze hands? However, seeing such a gentle Mr. Tang, Su Fu didn't want to find any reason to refute him.

Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo with a smile on his mouth and kissed the back of his hand. Then he bumped into Mr. Tang's eyes. The eyes on both sides showed tenderness that made the other side unable to resist.

The kitchen was very quiet. In fact, the entire apartment was very quiet. There're usually two little guys running around. So, it wasn't good to behave this way. But don't they have the downtime now?

Tang Sibo smiled and squeezed Su Fu's hand. He took Su Fu and hugged him. Then for brief moment, Tang Sibo kissed him softly.

Even though their lips just gently touched, Su Fu's entire heart jumped up uncontrollably. He subconsciously pulled back his hand, but Tang Sibo was holding on to him tightly.

Tang Sibo was afraid of scaring him at first, so he gently tempted him. Although Su Fu was nervous, he didn't refuse, so his expression became softer. He clasped the caught hand with his fingers while his other hand slipped to Su Fu's waist. His arm pulled back slightly, bringing Su Fu's entire body into his arms. The shallow kiss just now also deepened slowly.

Su Fu leaned against his arms. His entire body had been locked in with no retreat. He could only follow his heart, slightly close his eyes, and open his lips to accept Tang Sibo's deep kiss.

His blank mind could no longer think about other things, only that didn't Mr. Tang never talk about love? Why was he so good at everything? Was this self-taught?

Tang Sibo actually kissed for the first time, but it couldn't be said that he hadn't learn from others. Even if one never eats pork, haven't they seen a pig run? Even more, this was his beloved person.

He held Su Fu very tenderly and kissed him very carefully. Even if he went deep, he slowly and softly explored, as if he was afraid of surprising the person in his arms.

The two men hugged and kissed for a long time. Until Su Fu felt some difficulty breathing and his neck became slightly stiff, so he gently pushed Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo stopped his deep kiss and held Su Fu in his arms. While relaxing their breathes, he kissed Su Fu's mouth one corner at a time, like lingering, soothing touches.

During the deep kiss before, Su Fu closed his eyes. But this time, he looked at Tang Sibo pecking the corner of his mouth and his face burned. His expression was very soft because he could see the tender feelings on Tang Sibo's face and his deep love, which brought his actions a little closer to the bottom of his heart.

Tang Sibo also looked at Su Fu's soft face and felt that he looked very charming when staring directly at him, so he smiled and kissed him again.

Su Fu subconsciously closed his eyes. He felt the soft lip gently sticking to his eyelids, feeling itchy, and couldn't help laughing.

The silent atmosphere was the most ambiguous and the most embarrassing. But after Su Fu laughed so gently, the two people were at ease again in an instant. No one was worried about what to do next as to not be embarrassed.

"Do you want to eat here?" While withdrawing from Tang Sibo's arms, Su Fu asked with a smile. Tang Sibo nodded and replied, "Just make a few dishes. How about Juan Juan?"

Su Fu opened the refrigerator to get the food and answered, "Sleeping. Did something happen at the kindergarten today? The little guy wasn't in a good mood."

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