Su Fu couldn't help laughing at himself. How old was he? He's still acting in love like young people. However, it was also because of keeping such a young and hopeful heart that one felt happier, wasn't it? However, in the evening, Su Fu didn't see Tang Sibo coming to pick him up but Fan Yao. He also didn't see Tang Luoke inside the car, just Juan Juan.

Su Fu felt a little strange. Fan Yao only said that Tang Sibo's father had something to do with his grandson, so Tang Sibo sent the child back to the Tang Mansion. Hearing this, Su Fu no longer asked much.

However, Juan Juan looked weak and weary like he's been through illness. When he saw him coming in, he threw himself into his arms and wouldn't come out. Thinking that he's sleepy, Su Fu hugged him and patted him on the back to coax him to sleep.

Having expected Tang Sibo to pick him up, Su Fu was full of expectations for the evening. Now that he didn't see Tang Sibo, his mind became a little disappointed. He couldn't help wondering, what caused Xiao Ke to be brought home so that Tang Sibo also had to go back?

At this time, at the Tang family's main residence, Tang Patriarch was angry.

Tang family's little golden grandson was beaten! He had several scratches on his face! Tang Patriarch loved his lovely grandson the most. This was unacceptable!

The incident happened at the kindergarten. Many children liked to play with Juan Juan soon after they arrived because Juan Juan looked soft and cute.

Children were actually the most "jealous". There's a young master from the Li family in the kindergarten who had been spoiled from childhood. In the past, he's the little emperor among the children. Everyone listened to him. Now the children had gone to play with Juan Juan, he felt abandoned and unhappy.

(T/N: Different 'Li' character than Li Chao. Not related to the military Li family in City B.)

During the last recess this afternoon, the students were playing the eagle catches the chickens on the playground. Young master Li didn't want to play alone, so he joined them. Tang Luoke didn't like to play and sat watching.

Young master Li was the eagle and Juan Juan was the mother Hen. He had a good time at first, but young Master Li couldn't catch the chickens behind mother Hen after was while. Suddenly he got angry and pushed Juan Juan to the ground.

Fortunately, it was on the lawn. Juan Juan didn't get hurt, but having suddenly gotten pushed down, Juan Juan was stunned.  

However, the children only understood what they saw and thought that Juan Juan was hurt. The scene became chaotic in an instant. Several children run to call the teacher while others tattled that young master Li pushed Juan Juan.

Young master Li was in a hurry and said that he didn't. Juan Juan fell by himself. He's just going up to help.

Tang Luoke had been paying attention to Juan Juan. He saw young master Li pushing him. So, young master Tang was naturally angry. But he didn't show it. He lifted Juan Juan up and coaxed him with a few words.

Juan Juan stayed next to Tang Luoke looking fearful and wronged.

Tang Luoke warned young master Li that they would invite his parents when the teacher arrived.

After hearing this, young master Li became more anxious and began to quarrel. Tang Luoke didn't like to deal with such children and didn't respond to him at all. When a child was anxious and angry, they either cried or hit people. Young master Li belonged to the latter type. He stretched out his hand and hit Tang Luoke in the face.

Tang Luoke immediately lost his temper and the two children started fighting with each other.

Because the kindergarten had strict rules, the other children had never seen this scene before.

They were all scared to cry and dare not approach.

Juan Juan ran around the two that had rolled into a ball. His big eyes were filled with tears as he cried and called out, "Don't hit older brother Tang! Don't hit older brother Tang!…"

In the end, the teacher came to stop the two expensive children. However, at that time, the two children already had many scratches on their faces. The teacher couldn't take charge because both of them came from expensive family. None of the two families could be provoked. The school really couldn't afford the anger from their parents.  

As the result, the school didn't dare to delay for a moment and directly contacted the parents on both sides while asking the school doctor in the infirmary to deal with their scratches.

So, Tang Sibo went to the kindergarten earlier than usual today. When he arrived at the principal's office, he saw his son sitting in a chair with a serious face. Juan Juan sat beside him with big red eyes and kept asking if it hurt.

Li Guzhu also arrived not soon after. Despite his love for his younger son, he still couldn't hold it in and scold him harshly. Why didn't you provoke someone else, but the Tang family?! Young master Li lost his arrogance and started crying with open mouth.

Seeing Tang Sibo coming, Li Guzhu hurriedly led his son to apologize. They bowed their head and lowered their attitude to the lowest level.

Tang Sibo asked the reason behind the incident and smiled: "It's okay. It's just slapstick between children. There's no harm."

Seeing Tang Sibo still being elegant and modest, Li Guzhu felt slightly relieved, but he didn't know that Tang Sibo's reputation for being a smiling tiger wasn't for nothing. Tang Sibo didn't care about this now because he knew that there would be someone else taking care of it. Now, he's most concerned about the two little guys.

This incident seemed to have peacefully passed. Li Guzhu said that he'd take his child back home to be taught a lesson.

Tang Sibo saw his son's scratched face and felt that he couldn't be seen by Su Fu. It'd only worry him. So, while holding Juan Jaun and coaxing him, he called Fan Yao to come over.  

When Fan Yao arrived, he's asked to send Juan Juan to Su Fu and pick Su Fu up from work. He needed to take his son back to the Tang family's main residence.

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This seemed like a trivial matter between children, but it couldn't be hidden from the rest of the Tang family.

Sure enough, when Tang Sibo returned to the Tang mansion with his son, Tang Patriarch was already angry.

Li Guzhu felt relieved for a moment then became uneasy and took the child here to make amends.

Li family was the bride's family of Mrs. Tang from the third room (Tang Sibo's third uncle's family). This time it wasn't only the Li family that came, but also the Tang family's third room. The Tang mansion was very lively.

The atmosphere at the Tang mansion was very tense, which showed the anger of the Tang Patriarch and his wife. Until they saw their loving grandson come back. One by one, they hurried over to hug and coax him. However, when seeing the scratches on his face, they were extremely angry.

This matter wasn't big, being just a fight between children, but it wasn't small either. After all, it was the little golden grandson of the Tang family, and nobody dared to provoke Tang family and Li family in City B.

However, Tang Patriarch wasn't a person who abused his power at will. Since the other party was a relative of the third room, he would still give them some face. He just reprimanded a few words to them and the third room. His third (younger) brother originally only had a girl and was relatively stable. But after having an old son` a few years ago, his mind began to become active.

The Tang family's third room and the Li family listened to Tang Patriarch's beating for a long time in the lobby with trepidation before finally leaving one by one with a pale face. Did the Tang Patriarch really scold and beat them? No, it was just a few words with a cold face.

After outsiders left, Father Tang turn to teach his family a lesson.

Mother Tang was sitting on the sofa with her sweet little grandson in her arms. Father Tang still looked cold and said to Tang Sibo sitting on the side, "How did you become a father? You taught him to fight when he's this young?"

Tang Sibo sat calmly, but in his heart he was crying out for injustice. He never taught his son to fight, and it's just to fight back someone who bullied him first. Is there anything wrong?

Father Tang, of course, couldn't say that his grandson was wrong in fighting back. He still loved his grandson and felt pain for his injuries. He's reluctant to blame his grandson and could only blame his grandson's LaoZi.

"It's in order to protect his younger brother. Xiao Ke did a good job as a little man." Tang Sibo smiled. He picked up the cup and took a sip of tea.

Tang Luoke, who was in his grandma's arms, slightly raised his small head, looking proud.

Father Tang glowered.

"I remember fighting with other family's children when I was a child. Big brother even broke his head to protect me. At that time, you always praised big brother and said that Tang brothers should help and respect each other."

Father Tang's face softened a little when he thought about his children's childhood, but he still said, "You're his younger brother."

Tang Sibo nodded and said with a faint smile: "Juan Juan will also be Xiao Ke's own brother. There's nothing wrong with standing up for his younger brother."

Father Tang understood the meaning when he heard it. Originally, in Father Tang's eyes, although Juan Juan was cute and likeable, and although he's legally the adopted son of his oldest son, he's still just an outsider. Father Tang loathed to have his lovely grandson get hurt for an outsider. But listening to his son's meaning, it seemed that he already decided to marry Teacher Su. Then Juan Juan would eventually become the Tang family's grandson and he would indeed become Xiao Ke's own brother.

Thinking this way, Father Tang softened his expression. Xiao Ke did the right thing to protect his younger brother.

Tang Sibo saw that his father no longer worried about his grandson's fight, so he got up with a smile and took his son upstairs to change into clean clothes. He'd leave his son at home later. But he needed to go to Su Fu. If he didn't go all night, Su Fu would certainly think more and miss him.

Father Tang and mother Tang looked at their second son and grandson going upstairs then at each other. The big one and the small one each protected Su Fu and his son. It seemed necessary to see this Su Fu.

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