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Because Mungo's group had been migrating with Pado's, Mungo had no fixed territory so these female Tyrannosaurus rex had been following Mungo's group.

Male Tyrannosaurus rex who had no territory could never find a female dinosaur, which was equivalent to a man who "had no house, no car, no savings" in the human world. It's very difficult to "marry a wife".

But Mungo was different. Even if he had no territory and had a Triceratops cub, all females in Yukan wanted to be his female dinosaur and competed to follow him.

This was the case in the world of dinosaurs. After Ulam gave birth to her cubs, many males still asked her to be their mates. Tyrannosaurus rex, who was exceptionally strong, would always be in demand, regardless of whether they're male or female.

These female Tyrannosaurus rex also roared at Mungo. They were very angry. Their roars were to tell Mungo that they were willing to fight for a territory with him. They could accept Mungo raising a Triceratops cub and they could protect Gulu with him.

Munroe looked at these crazy female Tyrannosaurus rex and sighed, "Gulu was right indeed. Male dinosaurs who's not bad have no females to love them! What do they like about my brother, a big slag dinosaur?! What about being strong? He'll also bite you. But you still want to follow him. Are you crazy?…"

Gulu: "Mungo, a straight male dinosaur, deserves to be single all his life…"

Munroe: "That's right! Everything my big brother Gulu said is right!…"

Tyrannosaurus rex had the highest mortality rate during their courtship. It's very normal that male Tyrannosaurus rex was often killed by stronger female and, of course, female Tyrannosaurus rex was also killed by stronger male.

However, these female dinosaurs were determined to follow Mungo even though Mungo had already begun to bite and expel them. This was hardcore. Most would have turned around and ran once they got attacked during courtship.

Mungo attacked these female Tyrannosaurus rex more fiercely. After several female Tyrannosaurus rex were seriously injured, they finally resigned and fled.

In order to save their lives, these female Tyrannosaurus rex ran very fast. Mungo roared to expel them. Mungo's roar was to tell all female Tyrannosaurus rex still nearby and those who ran away to tell other female Tyrannosaurus rex. He didn't want to find a female dinosaur yet! Let all female dinosaurs leave him alone, or he would eat all of them!

Mungo was originally the most cruel and bloodthirsty existence of all dinosaurs in the entire continent of Yukan. What about biting a few female Tyrannosaurus rex? If these females hadn't run fast, he would have eaten them for lunch.

Gaya called Mungo aside and asked in a low voice, "Mungo, do you dislike these female dinosaurs because of me and my cubs? I should have raised my own cubs. I'll find my own territory. Two years later, Guji, Gudong and Guga will leave

Tyrannosaurus rex would be driven away by their mother around the age of 5. Between the ages of 5 and 10, they would establish a group with other adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex of the same age to improve survival rate. These three young Tyrannosaurus rex would be five years old in two years.

An adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex group would dissolve once the leader came of age, just as Mungo's group would dissolve once Mungo came of age and had his own female Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mungo: "Gaya, we'll talk about it when I come of age. Aren't there still two years left? Don't speak about leaving the group with your cubs. I'm the leader. I don't want you to leave the group. If you do this again, I'll be angry."

Gaya dared not mention it again. In fact, before the migration, Gaya mentioned that she would leave Mungo's group with her young cubs. She's a female Tyrannosaurus rex with a lot of young cubs. Mungo was only a younger brother and had no obligation to help an older sister raise her young cubs.

But every time Gaya mentioned this, Mungo would be angry. Mungo always said that once he became an adult, Gaya could go wherever she wanted to. At that time, the young ones would have also grown up. Mungo was very distressed about Gaya. He wouldn't let any male Tyrannosaurus rex bully Gaya again and wouldn't let her raise so many young ones alone.

Gaya looked at Mungo and felt that she was the luckiest female Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire continent of Yukan. With such a powerful younger brother, she couldn't find a better male Tyrannosaurus rex around.

Although Gaya couldn't understand why Mungo wanted to drive away the female Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo had always been unpredictable. However, she didn't worry that Mungo couldn't find a female dinosaur at all, so she no longer asked any more questions.

Mungo then called Gulu aside.

Gulu didn't know why Mungo called him over alone. He looked at Mungo with a face of confusion.

Mungo tentatively asked: "Gulu, aren't you scared of these female Tyrannosaurus rex? They can kill you in one bite."

Gulu: "Of course, I'm scared, but didn't they just say that they can accept me? They won't eat me. And you won't let them eat me."

Mungo mysteriously said: "Gulu, you don't know. There's no such thing as a good female Tyrannosaurus rex. Except Gaya, these female Tyrannosaurus rex are ferocious and bad. They'll eat you, just like this, eat your head in one bite. Aren't you scare?"

Gulu's big head was full of dark lines: Mungo, what's wrong with you??? Why do you want to blacken all female Tyrannosaurus rex like this? To tell the truth, a dinosaur like you will have to "chase after his wife till death" in the future!

Mungo opened his big mouth and gently covered half of Gulu's big head, looking fierce.


Mungo loosened Gulu's big head and continued, "Gulu, really, female Tyrannosaurus rex are very bad, really! So, you must not let me find a female Tyrannosaurus rex again. I don't like these females! I hate them!"

Gulu understood Mungo's worries. Tyrannosaurus rex were ferocious and bloodthirsty. Now, all Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group could fully accept Gulu because he had lived in Mungo's colony since he was a cub and saved them many times.

In contrast, even if a new female Tyrannosaurus rex really accepted Gulu, she might hurt Gulu at any time unintentionally when she's out of control.

Gulu was moved. Mungo always considered everything for him, but he still had to say: "Mungo, you're almost an adult. You must find a female Tyrannosaurus rex. Once I grow up, I'll have to leave you. Even if I'm really your cub, every Tyrannosaurus rex cub must leave their parents when they're five years old."

Mungo: "I don't care if you're my cub or not. I won't allow you to leave me."

Gulu: "Mungo, don't be so childish. You're almost an adult Tyrannosaurus rex."

Mungo: "

Gulu didn't understand what he's feeling now. It's a strange feeling. He felt guilty because Mungo got rid of all the female Tyrannosaurus rex for him, but at the same, he's also a little happy.

Mungo knew that Gulu would feel guilty if he said that he didn't want to find a female Tyrannosaurus rex because of him, so he said: "I'll find a female Tyrannosaurus rex that likes you a lot, just like Gaya, who'll never hurt you."

However, inside Mungo's heart was, I don't want to find any female Tyrannosaurus rex. There's no such thing as a good female Tyrannosaurus rex like Gaya.

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Gulu's eyes filled with tears. He felt that Mungo was like a worried old Dad. It's similar to a second marriage man looking for a wife and trying to find a "stepmother" who's really good to his children. This was extremely difficult, especially in the dinosaur world.

In fact, all female Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire continent of Yukan now knew that to follow Mungo, they had to accept Gulu, a Triceratops cub and had to be very good at him. However, there're not many female Tyrannosaurus rex who could fully accept this harsh requirement, which went against the nature of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu felt that all these females probably had such inner thoughts: Mungo, aren't you embarrassing us female Tyrannosaurus rex! Not eating Triceratops? That'll be the day! Forget it, let's accept it for the time being and talk about it later.

Mungo looked at Gulu who nodded and replied, "Okay, Mungo."

After that, Gulu could see from time to time that there're many female Tyrannosaurus rex near Mungo's group, but all of them were driven away by Mungo, leaving none.

After half a month, Gulu finally located the best territory. There's a big river running through a vast fern plains. There's a high mountain at the end of the plains that wasn't a volcano. There're also forests around the plains, looking very flourishing.

The ferns here were 6-7 meters high. After a group of Triceratops ate all of them up, these ferns could grow back to their original appearance in about three days.

This place was really viable. There're many, many herbivorous dinosaurs, and many carnivorous dinosaurs.

Whether in the human world or the dinosaur world, viable places were always the most competitive.

Pado's group drove off the strongest Triceratops here and occupied the best fern field not far from the big river. There're more than 2,000 Triceratops in the driven away group, but they still didn't dare to fight with Pado's group and had to leave despondently.

In fact, the ferns here were very lush. It wasn't necessary for the expelled Triceratops to go to another fern area.

The territory chosen by Mungo's group wasn't far from Pado's group, but they must first drive out the current Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Tyrannosaurus rex in this territory was also a group of about 15 strong adolescent males who's fully capable of competing with Mungo's group.

In order to compete for this territory, Mungo's group and the current Tyrannosaurus rex group "fought for 300 rounds". In the end, of course, Mungo's group won. Mungo directly killed three Tyrannosaurus rex in their group and the rest fled in confusion.

After occupying the territory, Mungo took Gulu back to play. Pado generously allowed Gulu to play in Mungo's group for a few more days. Pado and Babana now had absolute trust in Mungo.

Mungo had taken Gulu to live for five or six days. Although Gulu didn't want to go back yet and Mungo didn't want to send Gulu back, Pado had been wandering outside Mungo's territory several times. So, Mungo was thinking of sending Gulu back tomorrow.

Mungo and his brothers were patrolling the territory at noon that day. They saw a group of Tyrannosaurus rex running towards their territory from a distance. They soon recognized that it's the original Tyrannosaurus rex group from this territory that they defeated before. Mungo never expected that they would dare to make a comeback!

This time, this Tyrannosaurus rex group had 20 adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex and Mungo's group plus Gaya only totaled up to 16 Tyrannosaurus rex.

They must all be deployed. Gaya and Mungo left a strong smell around the nest. Other carnivorous dinosaurs were completely afraid to approach the nest when they caught scent of Tyrannosaurus rex so the cubs would be safe.

The battle for territory was so dangerous that the cubs were ordered to not take one step out of the nest.

Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were very sensible. They stayed in the nest obediently while praying that none of the Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group died because of this battle for territory.

The place where Mungo's group fought with the former Tyrannosaurus rex group was far away from the nest. The cubs were safe as long as they didn't leave the nest. Other carnivorous dinosaurs would flee far away when they caught the scent of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu was always very responsible as an older brother. He comforted his younger brothers: "Don't be scared, don't be scared, Mungo and Gaya will win."

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers strongly nodded and rubbed their heads against each other.

At this time, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers suddenly became alert. As young dinosaurs, they were born with a keen sense for danger.

Indeed, Gulu soon saw three Nanotyrannus approaching their nest.

In their former territory, there's no such dinosaur as Nanotyrannus. Guji, Gudong and Guga didn't know the horror of Nanotyrannus.

However, Gulu knew that Nanotyrannus was called "Tyrannosaurus rex cub killer". They're a very terrifying existence. With three Nanotyrannus appearing at the same time, Tyrannosaurus rex cubs had little chance of survival. Of course, these Nanotyrannus didn't mind eating another delicious Triceratops.

When it rained, it poured. 

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