Gulu was surprised. He didn't know that Pado was also so colorful. He excitedly asked, "Mom, really? Was Dad as shiny as me when he was my age?"

Babana rubbed Gulu and looked at Pado again. "It's exactly the same."

Gulu felt even happier: "I really am Pado's own cub!"

Babana: "Silly Gulu, although you lived in a Tyrannosaurus rex's group, Mom knew from the first time I saw you that you're my cub. You're just like Pado when he was a cub. But you smelled like Mom…"

In the age of dinosaurs, judging the blood relationship between two dinosaurs didn't require any "DNA verification". The scent of the mother dinosaur would be carried on the cub for life. The mother dinosaur would know whether the cub was her own by smelling its scent. No matter how long the cub was lost, it could be identified by smelling its scent.

Gulu already knew without a doubt that he was Pado's cub: "Mom, I mean I really inherit Dad's best genes!"

Pado and Babana both understood what genes mean. Pado said proudly, "Daddy's Gulu must be much better than Daddy."

Pado was the most powerful Triceratops leader in the entire continent of Yukan. Gulu knew that as long as he had more similarity to Pado and inherited more of his excellent genes, he would most likely grow into a giant like Pado in the future.

In the age of dinosaurs, size was the most important thing. Pado's enormous size was the decisive factor for his invincibility. A body like Pado could crush everything.

The migrating groups continued to move forward. This wasn't yet the best habitat for them.

Because of the rainy season, there's all sorts of lush aquatic plants and dinosaur species in the area. Basically, besides polar dinosaurs, every other species could be found here. There're countless kinds of herbivorous dinosaurs and carnivorous dinosaurs. 

However, Gulu still didn't see a Carnotaurus. He had been watching along the way but never found one. Gulu even began to wonder if some natural disasters had wiped out the entire Carnotaurus. Was Rhino the only Carnotaurus left?!

But Gulu believed that it's impossible. There must be a Carnotaurus ahead.

Although he had separated from Rhino for so long, Gulu knew that Rhino must be well-raised in Ling's group. It's impossible for him to join a Carnotaurus group. Still, Gulu remembered to look for a Carnotaurus group from time to time.

For the rest of the journey, they no longer needed to worry. They could walk and play while enjoying the scenery along the way. They would only settle down once they met with a satisfied habitat. This was the biggest reward for the lucky dinosaur groups that survived this more than one-year long migration.

Pado's and Mungo's groups also walked slowly.

Gulu wanted the following conditions for their territory. A big river like Dada River that passed through a vast fern plains. There couldn't be high mountains, let alone volcanoes. It's best to just have endless plains.

At the end of this great plains, there should be a mountain, but not a volcanic one. When there's a flood, they could hide on the mountain.

This was the perfect territory.

At noon, Gulu who was full of ferns, was taken by Mungo to play with the other Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu fought with his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. He now weighed four tons, which was bigger than many adult herbivorous dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus rex cubs didn't grow as fast as Triceratops cubs. All three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers weighed only about three tons.

And Gulu's horns had grown long and hard. He basically won the fight against his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. None of them could beat Gulu.

The four cubs were playing when Gulu saw seven or eight female Tyrannosaurus rex near Mungo's group.

These seven or eight female Tyrannosaurus rex had grown up. Each one was very strong. Several of them were about the same size as Ulam, the largest and strongest female Tyrannosaurus rex on Yukan continent.

In fact, Gulu noticed a lot of female Tyrannosaurus rex following Mungo's group along the way before, but these female Tyrannosaurus rex only followed from a distance and didn't dare to approach Mungo's group. Today was unusual.

Gulu knew that these female Tyrannosaurus rex wanted to be "the female dinosaur of the most powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan" and they were showing their love to Mungo.

Mungo, as the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in the continent of Yukan, would be an adult in two years, which was very fast for dinosaurs. In another word, Mungo would be an adult soon.

Huge male Tyrannosaurus rex would have countless female Tyrannosaurus rex competing to "mate" with them in the 1-2 years before their coming of age. In fact, there had been many female Tyrannosaurus rex courting Mungo since three years ago.

As the most famous male Tyrannosaurus rex known all over the continent of Yukan, Mungo was definitely in great demand.

Because Mungo was too cruel and bloodthirsty, sometimes killing other dinosaurs simply to kill them and not for food, his reputation had always been very bad. All dinosaurs were afraid of Mungo, including other Tyrannosaurus rex, but female Tyrannosaurus rex liked male Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo.

In the world of Tyrannosaurus rex, the more bloodthirsty and brutal the male Tyrannosaurus rex was, the more he could get love from the females.

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Gulu counted carefully. There're nine female Tyrannosaurus rex in the vicinity of Mungo. These female Tyrannosaurus rex made loud growls because they were extremely excited. The bloodshot part of their head showed various colors. They were courting Mungo and showing Mungo their strength and beauty.

Mungo gave these female Tyrannosaurus rex a roar. He was driving them away.

These female Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't understand why Mungo wanted to drive them away. Mungo would need to choose his favorite female Tyrannosaurus rex to raise his cubs within 2 years once he came of age. Now he should be starting to choose.

A powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex could sleep with a lot of females within this one or two years, then select the best one to build a territory and raise their young ones.

Of course, a powerful female Tyrannosaurus rex could sleep with many, many males. She only needed to roar for courtship in her own territory and there would be countless male Tyrannosaurus rex flocking to her, just like Ulam during those days.

Mungo's brothers also couldn't understand why he wanted to drive these female Tyrannosaurus rex away.

Moluo warned in a low voice: "Mungo, you're almost an adult. You can choose any female you want and as many as you want. If you don't like them, you can drive them away and choose again. This is the same for any powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex."

All behaviors of dinosaurs were for reproduction and survival. For a powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex or female Tyrannosaurus rex, they would have many, many choices, from which they would choose the largest and strongest mate in order to increase survival rate of their young ones and to pass down more excellent genes.

Although dinosaurs didn't understand the concept of genetic improvement, they had continuously optimized their genes through natural selection. Poor genes should be eliminated, and excellent genes should be inherited to the greatest extent, as was the case for all organisms.

Mungo certainly knew that all powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex should behave like this, but he didn't like it.

Moluo continued, "You can keep a few females in the group for a few days. If you still don't like them, just drive them away."

Munroe had already started to help Mungo "choose wives". He excitedly said: "Brother, brother, that female Tyrannosaurus rex, the one with pink tip on top of her head. She's so strong and so beautiful! The purple one is also good, the red one too!…"

(T/N: I changed Munroe's name to Munroe to match Mungo. Since they're brother, their name should start with the same syllable, right???…)

Gulu knew that the purple and red mentioned by Munroe were all the colors on the female's head. This was their mature and strong mark. The brighter these colors were, the more attractive they were to the males.

Gaya was also seriously choosing a female for Mungo: "Mungo, I think that pink female Tyrannosaurus rex is really good. Why don't you leave her first?"

Although Gaya knew that Mungo would have a fixed territory after choosing a female and separated from them so that even she and her cubs couldn't casually go to his territory, she still hoped that Mungo could select a female Tyrannosaurus rex before reaching adulthood. This was the normal path of all successful male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu was still in a bit of a muddle. He really didn't expect Mungo to become an adult so soon and already starting to choose a mate, but he's still very happy for Mungo.

Mungo looked at Gulu and asked, "Gulu, which female Tyrannosaurus rex do you like?"

Gulu seriously started to help Mungo choose. He wanted to choose the strongest and most beautiful female Tyrannosaurus rex for Mungo, but these females were all very strong and beautiful, which made it difficult for him to choose.

After a while, Gulu said, "I also think that pink female dinosaur is the best, Mungo."

Mungo hoped that Gulu didn't like any of them, but he didn't know why. If Gulu didn't like any of them, he would happy. But when Gulu chose a female for him, he felt a little angry.  

The little smarty Gulu thought for a moment then went on, "Mungo, pink, purple and red are all good. Let them stay!"

Gulu was a Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex liked to eat him. These females weren't part of Mungo's group who lived with him for a long time. It's certain that they couldn't immediately accept a Triceratops cub like him.

That's why he thought that if he chose more than one female Tyrannosaurus rex, then he could find out which one was most likely to accept a Triceratops cub, then he would try his best to match Mungo to this female dinosaur. Wasn't this the best way?

Thinking like this, Gulu thought: Aha, I'm so smart!

Mungo was so angry that Gulu chose three females for him. He's really angry, angry, extremely angry!

The extremely angry Mungo rushed at the female Tyrannosaurus rex. He roared fiercely at them and drove them away to vent his anger.

Tyrannosaurus rex courtship was already very dangerous. There're numerous fights when one was unhappy. Ulam had bitten many male Tyrannosaurus rex before and even ate one of them who came after her.

Mungo roared off the female Tyrannosaurus rex. The slower female Tyrannosaurus rex was even bitten by him.

Gaya couldn't quite understand: "Mungo, what's going on? Are these female Tyrannosaurus rex not good?"

Moluo: "Mungo is always like this. How can he find a female dinosaur? He scares off every female dinosaurs that look at him. Last time he…"

Gulu realized that it wasn't once or twice that Mungo chased off these female Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo's group wasn't always close to Pado's group and Gulu didn't see the female dinosaurs that Mungo chased off when hunting outside.

According to Molou's description, Gulu found out that when a female Tyrannosaurus rex actively pursued a male. She would wander in the male's territory for many days. She would look at the male from a distance and slowly approached him. The male could then take initiative to accept the female by roaring and displaying his changing color and strong figure.  

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