Seeing Su Fu coming over with a smile, Tang Sibo also walked in and looked around his office.

"The environment here isn't bad."

"Yes, it's quite good."

The two people casually said these words then smiled at one another.

Since this was his workplace, Su Fu acted as the host and took the initiative to lead Tang Sibo to his cubicle.

The desk had just been cleaned up and looked very tidy. Tang Sibo put the food box and the thermal container on it.

"Are you hungry?" Tang Sibo asked as he opened the food box.

Su Fu gave him Juan Juan's chair then opened the thermal container. The fragrance of the thick soup inside drifted out instantly.

"I wasn't hungry, but now I am." Su Fu smiled at Tang Sibo.

The two sat down to have lunch together. Since they had just confirmed their relationship, there's some shyness. No one said anything at first.

Su Fu liked salted shrimps made by chubby aunt a lot. He didn't know what special seasoning was put in them, but they tasted so delicious that he ate several in a row. When he saw that Tang Sibo didn't eat any, he thought that he's afraid of soiling his hands and stripped one of them then put it in his food box.

Tang Sibo looked at the shrimp meat in his food box. His heart felt warm, and he ate it contentedly. In fact, he just thought that it's troublesome to peel one.

"Mr. Tang has such a lazy side." Su Fu chuckled. He simply put down his chopsticks and peeled off the shrimps for him.

"It's Teacher Su's kindness." Tang Sibo also smiled as he picked up the shrimps that Su Fu had peeled to feed him.

Su Fu's face became hot, but there's no one around anyway. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, so he ate it with a smile.

"I just came from home." Tang Sibo spoke.

Su Fu peeled another shrimp and put it in his food box. He just nodded since he didn't know what Tang Sibo wanted to say.

Tang Sibo looked at him and asked, "When will you come home with me? Everyone in my family wants to see you."

Su Fu's hands that held the shrimps trembled and his eyes widened. He couldn't believe this terrifying progress…Didn't they just get together last night?

Seeing his reaction, Tang Sibo was amused. He put down his chopsticks to wipe Su Fu's hands with wet wipes, then warm them up with his own hands before taking over his shrimp peeling job.

"Don't be nervous. It's just a simple meeting. I didn't go home last night, so the entire house blows up."

When the peeled shrimp reached his mouth, Su Fu subconsciously opened his mouth to eat it. He slowly chewed on it and asked in a low voice, "Why? Is your family very strict? Is it strange not to go home when you're already an adult?"

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. He continued to peel the shrimps. "It's not about strictness. It's because they know I don't like staying at other people's place at night, so they're very curious about you."

Without Juan Juan's face to knead, Su Fu poked at the rice with his chopsticks and said, "Isn't this too fast? I'm not ready, I…I'm not good at dealing with elders…"

Tang Sibo naturally wouldn't force him. He nodded and spoked softly: "It's all right. Let them wait for a few more days. Don't be scared. I'm the one you're dealing with. You don't need to be afraid of my elders."

Su Fu nodded while feeling a bit unease. He gave a dark sigh and lowered his head only to see a food box full of rice, grilled steak, and shrimp meat. He found out that Tang Sibo had already peeled off all the shrimps. Don't you find them troublesome? Why are they all peeled?

Looking up at Tang Sibo, he saw that his eyes were tender. Su Fu felt his heart warm up and gradually calmed down. Suddenly he felt that it wasn't such a big deal to see his family.

The two men finished their lunch in this sticky way. Su Fu helped Tang Sibo to pack up the food box and wiped the table.

After tidying everything up, they saw the nice sun outside. Since it's still early, Tang Sibo wanted to take Su Fu out for a walk and get some sunlight.

At this time, Teacher Cheng came back after finishing his lunch. Having played game all night last night, he's ready to go back to his office to take a nap.

As soon as he came in, Teacher Cheng saw Tang Sibo and paused.

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When Tang Sibo was seen, Su Fu felt also a little uncomfortable, mainly a bit embarrassed.

After all, they just got together and hadn't told anyone yet.

"Yo ~ it turns out that Teacher Su is of the same kind. I really can't see it."

With his eyebrows raised and a smile, Teacher Cheng came up and leaned against the partition of Su Fu's cubicle. He gave Tang Sibo a wink and asked, "Teacher Su is blessed enough. Is such a handsome boyfriend married?"

Su Fu was just a little uncomfortable before but now he wasn't very happy to hear Teacher Cheng's words. Based on what he said, did he mean that he can only rob a married man as well? Su Fu felt that Teacher Cheng not only belittled him, but also belittled the gay community. He seemed to feel that his sexuality wouldn't be accepted.

Before Su Fu could say anything, Tang Sibo already smiled and place his arms around Su Fu's waist. He gave an alienated smile at Teacher Cheng and said, "Thank you for your concern. We will get married as soon as possible."

The implication was that he's still unmarried, but he would soon marry Su Fu.

Hearing this, Teacher Cheng was really shocked and looked at Su Fu. He found it hard to believe that Su Fu had such good luck.

Tang Sibo's words mad Su Fu's warm heart rippled. The corner of his mouth couldn't help curving up into a smile.

He no longer paid much attention to the difference between his ideas and Teacher Cheng's. He just smiled and asked, "Is Teacher Cheng coming back so soon to rest?"

Teacher Cheng absently nodded.

"Then we won't bother you," Su Fu then looked at Tang Sibo and asked, "Shall we go out for a walk?"

It's just to his liking. Tang Sibo nodded with a smile. He carried the bag containing the food box and thermal container. He nodded to Teacher Cheng and took Su Fu's hand as they went out together.

Teacher Cheng looked at their clasped hands and laughed at them after they left. There's no such good thing in the world. Seeing the man's temperament, he wasn't from an ordinary family. He's most likely just playing around with him. After laughing, he went back to his cubicle to sleep.

After coming downstairs of Tang Yuan office's building, Tang Sibo still didn't loosen Su Fu's hands. Su Fu felt that his palms were hot. He secretly turned to look at Tang Sibo. Seeing Tang Sibo's gentle smile that didn't mind being aboveboard about their relationship, Su Fu slightly tightened his hand. His emotions stabilized and he no struggled about being seen.  

They came to the side of the road. Tang Sibo put the bag in his car's trunk, then led Su Fu to walk under the beautiful sunshine.

Su Fu walked beside him. Looking at the warm color on the road, the corners of his mouth raised slightly. He thought that if they could still walk together holding hands under the sun after they grew older in a few decades, what a wonderful feeling it would be.

In fact, this simple happiness and warmth had always been Su Fu's dream. Before, he had fantasized about what he and He Shaoqi would look like when they were old, but reality hit him hard.

But it no longer mattered. Su Fu tightened Tang Sibo's hand. He believed that Mr. Tang was different. His little dream was now with Mr. Tang. It would be their daily life.

It's really hard to imagine. They clearly just confirmed their relationship yesterday. Yet this calm peace of mind and happiness would come so fast.

Tang Sibo was also in a very good mood at this time, many time happier than he'd ever been.

He turned to look at Su Fu by his side and saw his slight smile and soft expression. Tang Sibo thought that if they weren't on the street, he would have lean in to kiss him gently.

"That teacher just now also likes men?" Tang Sibo found a topic to talk about.

Su Fu nodded. When he recalled how Teacher Cheng had winked at Tang Sibo just now, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. Was he more possessive now that they're together?

Tang Sibo didn't know what Su Fu was thinking. Seeing that he frowned slightly, Tang Sibo asked, "The relationship between colleagues in the office isn't good?"

Su Fu looked at him and shook his head with a weak smile. "Everything's fine, but sometimes different ideas are hard to agree with."


"For example, he believe that it's hard to find happiness due to his homosexuality, so he can only find a married man to seek mutual satisfaction." Su Fu said as he walked and looked at Tang Sibo, as if to ask his opinion.

Tang Sibo smiled and held out his other hand to pinch Su Fu's earlobe. "I really don't agree with him. First of all, who said that it's hard to find happiness because of homosexuality? Isn't this what we have?"

Hearing this, Su Fu began to laugh. He stopped thinking about the topic, and happily led Tang Sibo as they walked under the sun.

No matter how difficult life is, one must keep a young and hopeful heart. If you have no hope yourself, who else can give it to you?

The two people walked hand in hand for half an hour before Tang Sibo sent Su Fu back to Teng Yuan and asked him to wait for him to pick him up from work in the evening.

Su Fu smiled and agreed. He watched Tang Sibo drive away before returning to the office.

They just separated, but Su Fu already somewhat missed him. He was full of expectations and hoped that evening would come soon so they could have more time to be together.

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