Last night, because Su Fu accepted Mr. Tang as his official boyfriend, he slept directly in Mr. Tang's arms and forgot to set the alarm clock.

The next morning, one didn't know whether they were too tired yesterday or too comfortable hugging each other, the two slept soundly. Neither of them was awakened by their biological clock.

The two children who slept early and got used to getting up early woke up first.

Juan Juan was awakened by the urge to urinate. Since he stopped wetting the bed, he rubbed his eyes and sat up. He wanted to call for little Dad, but little Dad wasn't here.

So Juan Juan pushed Tang Luoke, who was sleeping on the edge. Tang Luoke got angry, but when he opened his eyes and saw the cute face of Juan Juan, he endured it and sat up to look at him.

"What's the matter, Xiao Juan, are you up?"

"Juan Juan wants to pee."

Tang Luoke absently got out of bed. He took Juan Juan down and led him to the bathroom.

After going to the toilet, both children were awake. Tang Luoke took out his cell phone and looked at the time. It'll be 8 o'clock in five minutes!

Tang Luoke felt wrong at first sight. Teacher Su would go to work at 8:30. He usually got up at 7:30 to make breakfast before coming to dress Juan Juan. Why didn't he come today?

The two children felt that Su Fu was going to be late for work. They ran in their pajamas and slippers to knock on Su Fu's door.  

Tang Sibo and Su Fu were sleeping soundly on the bed inside. Suddenly, they heard a loud knock.

They thought something was wrong and woke up with shock.

Su Fu saw that his entire body was in Tang Sibo's arms and recalled what happened last night. His face turned reddish.

Tang Sibo wasn't uncomfortable at all. He listened carefully. It turned out to be the two little guys knocking on the door.

"Little Dad, we're late! Late!"

"Dad, Teacher Su, it's 8 o'clock!"

"It's 8 o'clock?!" Su Fu was so surprised that he stopped blushing. He sat up and took a look at his cell phone. It's over. It's already this late…

Tang Sibo also sat up. But he still looked calm and hugged Su Fu. He kissed him on the forehead and said, "Good morning, my Teacher Su."

Su Fu was stunned, but he soon calmed down and smiled, "Good morning, my Mr. Tang."

While the two were looking at each other warmly here, the two little guys out there were still knocking anxiously on the door.

Tang Luoke knocked as he wondered, nothing bad happened right? He stretched out his hand to turn the door knob. To his shock, it actually opened.

Then, the two little guys saw the two adults sitting on the bed looking at each other.

Juan Juan raised his legs and rushed to the bed, "Little Dad, we're late!"

Tang Sibo smiled. He reached for Juan Juan and lifted him onto the bed. He rubbed his head and said, "It's okay, we're still in time. Let's wash up and buy breakfast on the way."

Juan Juan who was embraced inside Tang Sibo's arms laughed happily. He didn't understand anything. Although Tang Luoke didn't understand love, the warm scene he saw just now seemed familiar. He remembered that when he went to his grandparents' room to say good night, his grandparents also appeared this warm.

Tang Luoke felt that there's indeed something different between his father and Teacher Su. Were they already husband and wife like his grandparents?

So, Tang Luoke jumped on the bed too. He jumped on Su Fu's side and sat down by his leg. He asked expectantly, "Teacher Su, are you my mother now?"

Su Fu touched Tang Luoke's head with a smile then froze. How should he answer that?

Tang Sibo smiled softly. He got out of bed and picked up his son. "Hurry up and wash, or you'll be late."

Tang Luoke looked at his father discontentedly. While holding him to Juan Juan's room to get dressed, Tang Sibo quietly told him that Teacher Su was now his future mother. After they got married, he would be his mother. So, don't frighten off Teacher Su.

Tang Luoke was satisfied with this and felt that origami flowers were indeed very useful. Teacher Su fell in love with his father so soon.

After everyone got dressed, it was already 8:20. Tang Sibo took Su Fu to work first and bought some breakfast by the roadside for them to take with.

Once the car parked by Teng Yuan building, Su Fu was about to get off with his breakfast. But Tang Sibo took hold of him and made the two little guys sitting behind close their eyes.

The little guys didn't know what's going and just cutely closed their eyes. Su Fu also didn't understand. He blinked at him. Tang Sibo took advantage of this to kiss the corner of his mouth.

"Wait for me to have lunch together."

Su Fu hadn't been able to adapt to the fast pace of Tang Sibo, but since they confirmed their relationship, he naturally wouldn't refuse the kiss.

"Are you coming here at noon?"

"Yes, there's nothing to eat at the company anyway."

Su Fu nodded and got off the car with his breakfast.

Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu who ran into the building in a hurry with a soft smile.

Tang Luoke waited for his father left and right, but his father still didn't let him open his eyes. He opened his eyes impatiently and happened to see his father's gentle smiling face. He used his small hands to scratch his chin while calculating. Dad seems to have only pursued Teacher Su for a week before getting accepted. He's really good.

On the other side, Juan Juan still sillily hugged the breakfast in his arms and kept his eyes closed with his head titled back.

"Uncle Tang, when can Juan Juan open his eyes? Juan Juan wants to eat steamed dumplings."

Tang Sibo turned to look at him. Juan Juan made him laugh even as he coaxed, "Now you can open your eyes, little fool. Are you ready to go to kindergarten?"

"Uh-huh." Juan Juan opened his eyes and nodded while holding steamed dumplings to eat.

Tang Sibo sent the children to the kindergarten.

Su Fu neglected his breakfast and put it inside the office. Instead, he took the lesson plan and went to class.

After the first class in the morning, Su Fu had a break. He went back to the office, warmed up his breakfast and began to eat.

He took out his cell phone and was going to play Juan Juan's game when he saw Teacher Cheng coming in with bad spirit. He made a cup of coffee and sat at his desk.

Teacher Huang glanced at him and walked over with mirth. She leaned against the partition of his cubicle and smiled, "Yo! little shou Changyang, did you experience a car crash last night? What a terrible ordeal!"

Teacher Cheng took a sip of his coffee. He motioned with his hand and said, "I played a game all night."

"Were you playing games in bed? Didn't you sleep with your professor husband?"

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Teacher Cheng smiled and replied, "I had regained my status as a single nobleman."

Teacher Huang was surprised. She pulled over a chair and sat by Teacher Cheng's cubicle. "You broke up? Why? Weren't you in deep love?"

Teacher Cheng's cubicle was the first one against the wall on the other side. It's opposite from Su Fu's and only separated by a walkway. Su Fu saw that Teacher Cheng slid his seat back, crossed his legs and put them on his desk as he comfortably drank his coffee.

"He's going to have a second child, so we broke up."

Hearing this, the other two female teachers in the office also came along, looking very surprised.

"Oh my god, the professor was married? Didn't you know before, Changyang? Were you cheated?" Teacher Zhang asked sympathetically.

Teacher Huang and another Teacher Chen also felt a little distressed. They felt that the professor wasn't a human being. He's married but still went out to have S*x with a man? Could you live up to your wife? Or live up to the cheated feelings of little shou Changyang?

Su Fu ate breakfast while playing games. He frowned slightly and thought, scum.

However, to his surprise, Teacher Cheng wasn't angry. He said, "I know. I know before we got together that he has a family, and his oldest daughter is 6 years old."

The office quieted down in an instant.

After a while, teacher Zhang carefully asked, "You knew that the person has families and still fall in love with him?"

With a face of "yes, what's the matter?" Teacher Cheng replied, "Yes, I like his uncle-style. It's delicious!"

Teacher Zhang stopped talking and quietly stood up.

At this time, Lin Lin, who was sitting behind Su Fu and opposite to Teacher Cheng, stopped the lesson plan she's preparing and asked curiously, "Aren't you a mistress?"

Teacher Cheng wasn't happy and frowned. "I'm not. He wants to go out and have S*x. I just like his style. I didn't destroy his family. What's wrong with us being together?"

"You've been with someone else's husband but don't think you've destroyed their family?" Lin Lin hissed. Her eyes felt like they were bursting out.  

"What does this have to do with me if he's willing? Who are you calling a mistress?" Teacher Cheng lowered his legs down from his desk and became a little angry.

Teacher Huang urged: "Alas, why get work up over this? Both of you have different views. Doesn't everyone have their own thoughts?"

Lin Lin was also upset and spoke, "What's the matter these days? Male mistress isn't a mistress anymore? If a man gets together with a married man, he's not destroying their family? But if this happens with a woman, she would have been showered with dog blood as the mistress."

Teacher Chen mediated, "Teacher Cheng didn't mean it, right? He didn't go to someone else's home after all. Let's not discuss this anymore."

"Now a small three` who doesn't go the married couple's home can also be praised? Knowing that the other person has a family, but still have S*x with him while showing off the car crash all day long. I really can't see what's there to show off." Lin Lin scoffed and continued to prepare lesson plans. She didn't want to listen to this group of people who couldn't see clearly.  

The office became quiet again for a while. Teacher Cheng probably felt the change in atmosphere. He's no longer angry and became somewhat pitiful, "I don't want to either, but you know, it's hard for people like us to find true love. When liking someone, I also try not to destroy his family."

Teacher Huang sighed and nodded, "Yes, it's understandable, but it's still better to find a single person in the future. It's not good to affect other people's family."

Teacher Chen added: "It's not easy for you either. Society isn't tolerant enough."

They began a discussion on the difficulty of homosexuality and imagined the matter of Teacher Cheng into countless situations. When Teacher Cheng saw someone speaking up for him, he followed suit, saying how hard it was for him and how he also wanted to find one true love to live a good life with, but it's too difficult.

Su Fu put aside half of his breakfast. He could no longer eat it, but his hands didn't stop playing the game.

The topic over there made him feel a little sick.

The former Su Fu may not have much feeling about other people's affairs, but after the events of He Shaoqi and Su Jing, he had an instinctive aversion to infidelity. According to Teacher Cheng, it's not easy to find true love because of homosexuality, so he got involved with another person's husband. In his view, it's just an excuse to cover up his dirty work, which was disgusting.

Homosexuality had never been an umbrella for anyone to run amok under. Even if it's not easy for you, it's not an excuse to destroy someone else's family. It's a matter of good upbringing and a matter of principle.

After a while, the bell rang. All of the teachers who had classes left one by one.

Su Fu heard Lin Lin behind him snorted and scolded: "Terrible three views."

At this point, she came out and walked to Su Fu's cubicle and asked, "Teacher Su, you too?"

Su Fu was dismissed by the (public) school because of his sexual orientation in City A before, so he tried to hide his sexual orientation after going to Teng Yuan. Lin Lin shouldn't know.

Su Fu was puzzled and asked, "What do you mean?"

Lin Lin began to laugh. She sat on Su Fu's desk and smiled: "Don't be shy. Although I look down on Teacher Cheng, I don't discriminate against homosexuals. I've always seen a handsome guy pick you up, your boyfriend?"

Su Fu didn't think that she would ask so directly. He turned reddish and cleared his throat awkwardly as he nodded his head. He felt somewhat fortunate to have confirmed his relationship with Mr. Tang last night. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to answer Lin Lin's question today.

Hearing this, Lin Lin moved over her chair and asked Su Fu, "Do you think you're happy, Teacher Su?"

Su Fu felt even more embarrassed, but still nodded his head.

Lin Lin also nodded and said, "Look, everyone is in the same group. But Teacher Su can find someone who loves you and lead a happy life. Why did Teacher Cheng feel that his situation is so difficult that he has to have S*x with someone else's husband? Don't you think this is enough to destroy the three views?"

Although he also strongly disapproved of Teacher Cheng's behavior, Su Fu didn't like talking about other people behind their back. "Teacher Cheng did something wrong, but it's his own business. You don't have to be angry with him."

Lin Lin glanced at him with a tight mouth. "I'm not angry. I just think it's funny. The two female teachers were also funny. Just because he's a man, he's not guilty? After having been outlawed for over a hundred years`, I didn't know that the status of a mistress can still be defended like this. I don't understand what they were thinking."

"They just don't pay much attention because it's not their own affair. No need to be angry with them." Su Fu looked at Lin Lin with amusement. Feeling amused by the girl's indignation, he took out his breakfast bag and asked her if she wanted something to eat.

Lin Lin didn't bother acting polite. She picked a steamed dumpling and warmed it up. Then she sat down to discuss the course with him.

At noon, Su Fu stayed in the office after class.

All of the other teachers left for lunch. Lin Lin packed up her bags and was ready to leave. Seeing Su Fu still sitting there, she asked, "Teacher Su is not going to lunch?"

Su Fu was playing a game on his phone and smiled, "I'm waiting for someone here, you can go."

Lin Lin laughed and asked, "Are you waiting for your handsome boyfriend? Don't be shy, I also want to find a boyfriend to eat with ~ bye ~"

Looking at Lin Lin leaving, Su Fu reluctantly shook his head. Then he saw Tang Sibo walking in wearing a casual coat. He held a food box and thermal container as he walked through the door.

Today the weather was very good. The sun was shining, and the door was just sprinkled with a little warm sunshine. As Mr. Tang walked through, the sunshine hit him and gave him a layer of warmth. He smiled at Su Fu inside, looking elegant and gentle.

Su Fu sat in the first cubicle near the door, looking at Mr. Tang's appearance in the sun through the transparent partition. He felt that his entire heart was warmed up. He got up to greet him with a smile.

Homosexual people do not need to feel sorry for themselves. They can also find happiness.


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