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Wang Yuan was lying on the rocking chair, squinting at the flowers and branches swaying in the courtyard. The breeze blew her face, and she turned to find a comfortable position and continued to lie down.

In the afternoon of May, birds and flowers are scented here, suitable for a nap.

Wang Yuan, although the outer shell was unchanged at this time, Xinzi was no longer a person in this time and space. She didn't understand what was going on. She woke up from the desperate situation of drowning and it became like this.

A strange environment, a stranger, a strange new identity.

She woke up from the hospital and found that everything around her was not right. She kept silent when she didn't figure out the situation. Fortunately, no one felt wrong because of her admission.

Observe the surrounding environment and people carefully, and learn the current situation and situation from the fragmented impressions in my mind and the mobile phone network.

Wang Yuan should be the other one in Parallel Space. Their life trajectories before the age of eight seemed to be the same. At the age of eight, due to a change, they followed their own different life paths.

Wang Yuan in this time and space, who is an actress and has the honor of being a queen, should be regarded as a fame, but she was found gas poisoning at home a few days ago and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. She woke up in another time and space.

She used to search in her mind, but she never responded. Maybe Wang Yuan has really left.

While in the hospital, she met Wang Yuan's agent, a capable and neat woman, who arranged everything in an orderly manner, including organizing a team to guide public opinion on the Internet in an attempt to eliminate the impact of the accident.

She stayed in the hospital for three days. When she was discharged from the hospital, her agent Qu Hui arranged for her to live in the current holiday home. It is said that the outside of her residence was surrounded by reporters. She still didn't want to go home before this wave of news passed. it is good.

She doesn't care, the home of this place is also unfamiliar to her. She was quite satisfied with the homestay arranged by Qu Hui. It was located in the suburbs. The air and environment were good. There were not many residents around. There was a courtyard wall surrounding it, which also ensured a certain amount of privacy.

My good friend Ni Ying once said that she had no ambitions and passed away. Now I find that it may be because of this mentality that I can quickly calm my initial ups and downs and gradually adapt to the current environment.

Just as the tip of his nose was drowsy with the fragrance of flowers that occasionally floated over, a sound rang in his ears.

"Teacher Wang, sister Qu is here."

It was the assistant Qu Huigang sent to her side who was talking.

The assistant who had been with Wang Yuan for several years was dismissed by her not long ago, and was given a large amount of compensation. It should be that the original body made arrangements for the people around him before the accident.

"Understood, I'll pass right away."

Wang Yuan sat up, combed the messy dark long hair behind her head with her fingers, tied it up with a rubber band, and was going to see her agent.

Qu Hui was sitting on the fabric sofa in the front hall, with sharp short hair and the traces of time on her face, but her eyebrows were dry and energetic. She had a small laptop on her lap, frowning and typing on the keyboard. Seeing Wang Yuan coming, she twitched the corner of her mouth and said, "Give me five minutes."

Wang Yuan sat down opposite her. It seemed that her agent was really busy. The information she learned from the Internet, the two had known each other for over ten years, and they were mutually successful.

Before I met Wang Yuan, Qu Hui was just an ordinary clerk in the marketing department of Tianyu. She would become Wang Yuan's agent by chance. At that time, Wang Yuan had just made two influential films and was the most promising newcomer in the entertainment industry. For one, during the cooperation between the two, Qu Hui's unique vision and savvy ability helped her to take on many good scripts and good roles for her. Coupled with the successful image management, she eventually brought out a three-gold shadow and became a domestic actress. The most well-known agent, the first sister of Tianyu, has a large collection of powerful actors and popular traffic stars; an actress who has become the most desired actress of major directors, after the filming of domestic and international art festivals, endorsements and advertisements continue , Fame and fortune.

In the past two years, Qu Hui's career has continued to rise, but Wang Yuan's situation is hard to explain in a word.

With a "pop", Qu Hui closed the laptop, Wang Yuan didn't need to look at the watch, guessing that it must be exactly five minutes.

Qu Hui picked up the coffee Xiao Wang had just brought up, took a sip, and put it down.

"Coming today, I mainly tell you two things. One is that I made an appointment with Dr. Wang. No matter what you think, you must continue to see a psychiatrist. I admit that it was my mistake before. I am concerned about depression. I don't know enough, thinking you're just a sensitive mind, plus the reason why you didn't come out of the previous role, I treat depression as a common cold, but I didn't expect it to become an influenza. No matter what, we must conquer it together. I will supervise you this time. I can't just watch it a few times just like before."

"Furthermore, about your own acting career. This time, I believe your fans and fans are the saddest and can understand you, most people on the Internet won't do anything but some interested people will take advantage of this incident to create unfavorable remarks for you. In any case, committing suicide is not a positive event. Now the online public opinion is controlled within a certain range, but if you don't pay attention, it is easy to continue to ferment. The best way is to arrange a job for you after a while, so that everyone can see that you are in good condition and break the rumors. Don't rush to object, if you want to continue to take the show, you must make this decision."

Qu Hui resolutely said.

The job of an actor is acting. The problem is that I can't act. Hey! Wang Yuan stroked her forehead somewhat helplessly.

Seeing Wang Yuan's somewhat resisting attitude, Qu Hui continued to speak earnestly and sincerely: "In the past two years, you have pushed all activities except for a film directed by Victor. The endorsements I won for you before were because you refused to cooperate with the publicity. The activities are also lost." Qu Hui felt heartbroken for her thinking of the lost international endorsements. Fortunately, her own female artist finally took it down, otherwise she really couldn't make it through this hurdle.

"Advertising is not filming, now the hottest variety show is not going, and the film schedule is picky. Although I don't agree with these, I have no objection to your decision. I know you don't care about money. You just want to be a pure actor and get a good role. But if this incident is not handled well, you will disappear forever on the list of big directors. In the future, you will only find some infamous characters, or you will not be able to get these characters."

Seeing Wang Yuan still unmoved, Qu Hui was really a little angry. (Wang Yuan is not unmoved, but she knows that even if a major director asks her to film, she is not the kind of Wang Yuan who is superb in acting, and she will be returned if she is selected.)

She thought that acting was Wang Yuan's weakness, but she didn't expect that she still couldn't move her. Could it be that this time between life and death, she really put down acting?

"You and I are both single mothers. I have a daughter and you have two sons. You have selfishly abandoned them once, but you have survived, and you still bear the responsibility of nurturing them. Don't think they have awarded them. Father, it has nothing to do with you. From the moment you give birth to them, this responsibility must be unconditionally taken. Director Fan Jiang got married at the beginning of the year. He heard that his youngest wife is now pregnant. If you have a stepmother, you will naturally have a stepdad. And Mr. Qi Although the family has a big business, because of this, the family relationship is more complicated. Don't you worry about leaving the youngest son in there?"

Speaking of this, Qu Hui whispered with some emotion: "You all think I am too hard, huh, from the moment I divorced, I told myself, Although my daughter has left her father, I will provide her with the best living conditions by following me. I changed from a comfortable civilian job to become an agent. You watched me work hard and supported me to persevere. It's not that I love this job much, because only I can reach the highest level to give my daughter the best. Wang Yuan, you can't rely on your old roots to raise children. As they grow up, you have to have the right to speak. You can help your children at critical moments, and you need your own money. Boys get married and start a business. In the meantime, your mother doesn't plan to care about them?"

The scented tea in Wang Yuan's mouth was bitter.

She also has two sons, and she has forgotten a bit. Now that Qu Hui mentioned it, she suddenly felt stressed. It has always been a situation where one person is full and the whole family is not hungry. Now suddenly there are two more sons. She hasn't figured out the assets of the original body now. Just like the agent said, even if she is a bit old, she will have a day to eat. Is it possible to regain her own old line of time and space? But with that little income, it seems that I can't afford two sons.

Qu Hui observed it secretly, then packed up her notebook and got up and said, "Think about it for yourself. I'll call you in two days. By the way, Director Fan Jiang asked your address. Wang Zining is back. He plans to take it with you. The child may come to see you in these two days. You should clean up at that time and be more energetic in front of the child. As a parent, don't make your child worry about it."

After speaking, she called Xiao Wang outside and asked him to leave.

The agent's ability to work is definitely no problem, but her tough style will be a pressure for the original body suffering from depression. Fortunately, the person sitting here today is not the original body, Wang Yuan thought.

Xiao Wang came over with the phone ringing.

"Ms. Wang, I have your call."

Wang Yuan picked up her mobile phone. This was a new machine Qu Hui gave her after she was discharged from the hospital. Her previous one was said to have been destroyed together with some personal belongings.

On the screen of the mobile phone was a string of unfamiliar numbers, yes, there would be no numbers she was familiar with in this world, she was just wondering who would call it.

When the phone's ringing was about to end, she picked it up, "Hello."

"Wang Yuan, it's me, Fan Jiangliang. How are you now?" On the other end of the phone was a calm middle-aged man's voice.

Fan Jiang, Fan Jiangliang? Her ex-husband, she met on the first day of waking up in the hospital, a middle-aged man who was nearly 50 years old, but only in his early forties, with good demeanor.

Can be there at the first time her accident, the relationship between the two should

Isn't it too bad? At that time, his face was full of worry, and he followed Qu Hui in and out.

Although the two used to be husband and wife, to Wang Yuan, he was completely unfamiliar. Wang Yuan also later learned on the Internet that the two people got married because of the drama. Fan Jiangliang's debut heroine is the 17-year-old Wang Yuan who was excavated from the dance school by him. It is precisely because of the filming of this film, Wang Yuan. Won the Best Newcomer Award at the Wandao Jinchi Award that year, and officially entered the entertainment industry. It is said that for a few years after being in love with each other, Wang Yuan reached the legal marriage age and the two obtained the certificate. The eldest son Wang Zining was born in the same year, and they broke up three years later.

"Are you there?"

The voice on the other side of the phone pulled Wang Yuan's thoughts back, "Hello, Director Fan Jiang."

The voice is polite and polite.

"I asked Qu Hui for your address. Are you at home this afternoon? Zining is back. I plan to take him to see you later."

"I, I'm here." Wang Yuan murmured somewhat hard.

Are you finally going to see your son? A boy of fourteen, fourteen years old? Has the rebellion period passed or not arrived? Wang Yuan thought sadly.

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