Fan Jiangliang looked helplessly at his awkward son.

"I've all gotten in the car, why are you still scornful? Dad didn't deliberately hide it from you. You were in a field at the time. If you know it, you can only be in a hurry. Knowing that your mother is okay, we plan to wait for you to come back."

Wang Zining sullenly said: "Is this really an accident? Isn't she… thinking of suicide?"

"Of course not." Fan Jiangliang replied calmly. He was mentally prepared for his son to ask this question.

"You also know that the entertainment industry likes some sensational news. When one thing is passed on, there are hundreds of versions. So Dad never let you read these meaningless news. Your mother has just recovered and is on vacation. Rest in the homestay, you will see her later, if you can't have this attitude, it will hurt her."

Wang Zining glared at his father, pursing his mouth and said: "She doesn't care about my attitude. Hmph, I don't care about her either, I said not to go."

After speaking, he turned his head and looked out the car window.

The awkward brat, who was just getting off the plane, paled, and asked anxiously about his mother's situation, knowing that his mother was okay, and then put on a silly face. Now that he really drove back, he would be even more angry.

A few days ago, Wang Yuan had an accident. Fan Jiangliang immediately notified his parents, asking them to hide from Ning Ning first, and don't let him know. Who knows there are relatives over there who accidentally told Zi Ning in the news. The child will come back soon when he knows it. Fortunately, Wang Yuan has been discharged from the hospital at this time. Fan Jiangliang asked his assistant to book airline tickets for the three grandparents. Today, when he came to pick up the plane, he planned to take Ning Ning to see his mother first, so that the children would not be thinking about it.

Looking at the back of his son's dark head, Fan Jiangliang wanted to stretch out his hand and rub it, but after Wang Zining was seven years old, he was not allowed to do this action. Alas, it's not good for the child to grow too fast. Not long ago, the chubby one Zining also likes to hold his legs, grinning and shouting to his father. The little glutinous rice dumplings that used to be are now taller than him, and they are not cute at all.

Fan Jiangliang didn't know, he complained in his heart, but he didn't know that he was spoiled.

After driving for an hour and a half, half of the time was traffic jam, and finally arrived at the place.

"Boss, that's the white house in front of you. Get off the car first. I'll find a parking space." The driver stopped in the driveway.

"The environment here is good!" Fan Jiangliang got out of the car and looked around.

This is an open villa area on the outskirts, with a wide area and good air, and there are green flowers and plants everywhere.

The houses have their own characteristics.

The young man rolled his eyes. He was looking at nothing pleasing to his eyes. He felt a little upset and irritated when he thought of seeing that person in particular.

He lifted his foot and kicked the white fence in front, and the door beside it opened with a creak.

Looking at each other, I can see the surprise in each other's eyes.

Upeng black hair hung over his chest, making the person paler and thinner. But it was not as depressed and avoidant as I had seen before, with a hint of smile and curiosity in his eyes, unexpectedly a little warm. Wang Zining thought, this must be an illusion.

A teenager who is slightly taller than himself. In a big white T-shirt with letters, there is a thin body with muscles that cannot keep up with the development of bones. He has long hands and feet, some messy black hair, and a white and deep face that makes people feel familiar sense.

When Wang Yuan was still trying to say something, the boy passed by and walked into the room on her own.

Fan Jiangliang smiled awkwardly: "This kid, the bigger and the more awkward, he is no longer called people. Your body is recovering very well. It seems that the environment here is suitable for you."

"Yes, the environment here is good." Wang Yuan nodded with a smile.

Fan Jiangliang was a little surprised, it is rare to see Wang Yuan like this.

If it were her before, she would not be so peaceful, she would spread all the thorns and attack and protect herself from harm with a sharp hedgehog, or she would be indifferent and resisted without saying a word.

After entering the house, Wang Zining sat on the sofa and played his palm game console, saying that he didn't want to talk to these two boring people anymore.

When Xiao Wang came out to see Wang Zining, he made a fuss and widened his eyes, covering his mouth to cover his scream.

She knows director Fan Jiang because this big director has frequently appeared in entertainment gossip recently. Not long ago, it was because of hot searches on the pregnancy of her current Xiaojiao wife, and recently because of the gas poisoning incident of her ex-wife.

Xiao Wang knows that Director Fan Jiang and Teacher Wang Yuan have a son, but because they are well protected, no photos have been circulated. Unexpectedly, she can see a real person today. She is still such a handsome boy, completely killing the current one in all directions. Flow niche and small fresh meat.

Fan Jiangliang greeted Xiao Wang politely, saying that after not using tea, Xiao Wang blushed and took a bottle of Coke and put it in front of Wang Zining.

Wang Zining has never been angry for a long time, especially when he saw his favorite Coke, he politely thanked Xiao Wang.

If it wasn't for the wrong occasion, Xiao Wang wanted to stay in the living room all the time, just looking at the handsome boy like this, it would be better to say a few more words. In the end, Xiao Wang was in love under the sign of Wang Yuan and Fan Jiang's eyes.

Reluctantly, he removed his eyes from Wang Zining, and turned his head one step at a time, leaving room for the original family of three.

Maybe Xiao Wang's excited expression and red-hot eyes were too obvious, except that Wang Zining was playing games unconsciously, the former couple found her strange.

Fan Jiangliang has become accustomed to his son's attraction to girls, and he doesn't care about it and feels a little proud.

Wang Yuan looked a little funny. She didn't expect that she was young, but she got along these days, and Assistant Wang, who feels that he is still calm, sees the 14-year-old boy behave like this. The eldest son is undoubtedly very handsome. Yes, it was the most handsome boy she had ever seen, but she still found it strange to be able to fascinate the big girl she just met like this.

"The doctor said that you have lost a part of your memory. If you want to know something, I may understand a little bit." Fan Jiangliang said softly, and after speaking, he paid attention to Wang Zining's side.

Wang Zining stopped his fingers, pretending to be indifferent, but heeded the sound.

Qu Hui didn't believe in the doctor's diagnosis, and felt that it was Wang Yuan escaping from reality and acting, but Fan Jiangliang felt that Wang Yuan had really changed. Maybe this was the effect of amnesia. At least the first time I saw her in the hospital, the strangeness in her eyes was so real. When he said his identity, her shocked eyes made it difficult for even the best actors to perform.

Unexpectedly, Fan Jiangliang would take the initiative to provide her with information. Wang Yuan's impression of her ex-husband, who had never seen her a few times, gradually improved. She thought that the two would get married at the beginning, and he certainly had the merits.

"Is my father gone a long time ago?"

Fan Jiangliang was surprised that Wang Yuan would ask this question, and he was even more convinced that she had really lost her memory.

"Your father died in a car accident when you were a child, about eight years old." Fan Jiangliang said.

She has been reluctant to face the vague information obtained from the memory fragments. Now confirming that the father of this time and space really left early, she still has some difficulties to accept.

"Is my relationship with my mother bad?"

Fan Jiangliang nodded slightly.

The former parents-in-law divorced when Wang Yuan was a child. Later, the former father-in-law passed away and Wang Yuan returned to her mother. At that time, the former mother-in-law had reorganized the family and she was sent to a dance boarding school until she knew her. The relationship between their mother and daughter was very distant and indifferent. Later, Wang Yuan became famous, and because of some economic disputes, the two people did not get along well, and the relationship was completely broken.

This answer, Wang Yuan expected, even in different time and space, some people have left. But these things will remain the same.

When the two of them were chatting, they deliberately lowered their voices, and Wang Yuan couldn't help smiling as she watched the little boy who was sitting not far away.

"Wang, um, Ning Ning is in junior high school, right?" Wang Yuan asked with some guilty conscience.

Although she is not Wang Yuan's deity, she now occupies her body and knows nothing about her son's situation and is always at a loss. Fortunately, Fan Jiangliang thinks she has amnesia.

Speaking of his son, the wrinkles around Fan Jiangliang's eyes were relaxed and cheerful.

"It's already in the first year of middle school, and will be promoted to the second half of the year. Ning Ning is very popular in school, and the relationship between teachers and students is good."

I was still angry just now. No wonder I saw the person today with a strange attitude. It turned out to be amnesia. I don't know how much she remembers herself. Maybe she is anxious to forget her disgusting son completely. Now that he heard them talking about himself, he couldn't help feeling a little nervous again. He glared at his dad warningly, not wanting him to reveal too much.

Fan Jiangliang did not receive the signal, and continued: "I am still a representative of the physical education class. He is very good in various sports. I usually like to play soccer… Soccer may have been affected by me, but playing is also part of school time. We will not let it. He affects learning."

Fan Jiangliang glanced at Wang Yuan and didn't find her displeased. She used to hate playing and watching soccer by herself, and it was also the reason for the most quarrels during the short marriage. Of course, when Wang Yuan was pregnant and about to give birth, he went abroad to watch a soccer game, and he did not do it right.

"His grandfather's students have been tutoring him with his homework. Although his grades are not very satisfactory now, the child is working hard. His grandparents have always emphasized that children's education should be fully developed, and they don't want to cultivate a high score and low energy…" Fan Jiangliang said As he talked, he finally found his son's bashful expression, he coughed slightly, glanced at Wang Yuan, smiled and stopped talking.

Wang Yuan smiled with stretched eyebrows and said: "Ning Ning is very smart. He will have a ball game next time. Could you please let me know. I want to go see it."

It seems that the eldest son's study is not good. You can guess from the embarrassing expressions of the father and son. The son doesn't seem to want her to know, is he afraid of losing face in front of his own mother? Thinking of this, Wang Yuan's smile deepened.

"He is the captain of the school team soccer team. He plays forward in the city youth soccer team. There will be a game in the city at the end of this month. I will tell you the time when the time comes." Fan Jiangliang said happily.

"Okay, I will definitely go." Wang Yuan said with a smile.

"There may not be tickets, and I don't want you to come." Wang Zining station

Got up and said, "I'm going back."

Wang Yuan smiled noncommittal, Fan Jiangliang was urged by her son to say goodbye.

Fan Jiangliang said goodbye: "The doctor suggested that getting along with your loved ones will help your memory recovery and depression…recovery. I will discuss with Zining's grandparents and let Zining move over to live with you for a period of time. No matter how loud the kid is, I know he will agree. Zining, our son is a very good child, simple, proud, and kind. Neither of us are qualified parents. When you had an accident this time, I was worried about the child. There will be regrets. Fortunately, you are okay. I hope you will have the opportunity to cultivate relationships. I know that the child always remembers you in his heart."

Fan Jiangliang considered this idea for a long time, and only after seeing Wang Yuan's state today did he make this decision with confidence.

As the car that watched the father and son leave, Wang Yuan stayed in place for a long time in a daze.

When she didn't meet, she was actually very worried, afraid that Wang Zining would be unfamiliar, embarrassed, and helpless, because after all, she was not the real Wang Yuan, not to mention the original mother-child relationship was in a mess.

But at the moment she saw it, she didn't know if Wang Yuan was left with the influence of consciousness and emotions. She had no barriers or strangeness. She felt that this was her son, natural and real, and this feeling surprised her herself.

When I saw Wang Zining today, I could see that he was educated very well, but it was all due to Fan Jiang's family. It had nothing to do with Wang Yuan's mother. Compared with Wang Yuan, she had no experience as a mother. She found that except Because of the bondage of blood, she also really likes this son who is as bright and beautiful as the sun, so she wants to try and work hard to be a good mother.

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