"Mom, when did you arrive?" Fan Jiangwen asked when she put her backpack on the sofa, sat down and looked at her mother.

"Not long after I got home." Wu Han rubbed his brows tiredly.

"Why? Tired?" Fan Jiangwen got up, came behind Wu Han, and helped her knead her shoulders and neck.

Her uncle's 80th birthday, her parents took Wang Zining to L City, but she and her brother didn't get there because they had something to do.

"The temples are a bit tight." Wu Han has the old problem of migraine, fatigue, blowing, and emotional agitation.

Fan Jiangwen pressed her mother's temple a few more times, "Isn't I letting you play there for a few more days? Dad and Ning Ning can come back first."

Wu Han gave his daughter a white look, pushed her away and said, "I can rest assured that Ning Ning will come back first?"

Fan Jiangwen sat aside, took a banana from the coffee table and peeled it to eat." You are too worried. My dad is here. Ning Ning is fourteen years old, not four. You don't need to watch it all day."

"Wang Yuan has an accident. Don't worry about your nephew. I don't worry about my grandson."

Fan Jiangwen glanced at her mother and sighed: "Brother brought Ning Ning to see Wang Yuan?"

"I left when I got off the plane. I wanted him to come back to have dinner, so that he can keep up his spirits. After all, mother and child are connected." Thinking of his grandson, Wu Han felt distressed." I blame your cousin's granddaughter, as soon as I saw Ning Ning We were close to him. We all received Ning Ning's mobile phone, thinking that he would not see the news. Who knew that this girl was not careful and told Ning Ning that he knew, and he was anxious to come back at the time."

"I heard from my brother that Wang Yuan is recovering well. Let Ning Ning take a look, and he can rest assured." Fan Jiangwen comforted.

"It's been a while, why don't you call your brother and see if you will be back soon?"

"Don't, maybe we're talking, let's wait for my brother to come to the message." Fan Jiangwen shook his hand.

"Hey." Wu Han sighed, rubbing his head and leaning on the sofa.

"Where is my dad?" Fan Jiangwen didn't find the old man at home when he came in, so he remembered to ask.

"I heard that Academician Jiang caught a few fish and ran away, saying that he brought them back and burned them for Ning Ning to eat."

Fan Jiangwen smiled and said, "The old man himself has planted cucumbers and greens in the yard on the first floor. He is looking for wild fish and shrimps every day. This is only a grandson. He will have another one soon. Can you old couple come here?"

"One more, it's not Ning Ning either." Wu Han said sternly. Wang Zining was the one brought up by their old couple, and there is nothing more caring than him.

A more sensible child, he is the flesh on the cusp of their hearts. She knew what her daughter meant. Her son married a new wife, and now she is pregnant with it. As a parent, she certainly hopes for her son's well, and hopes her son's marriage will go smoothly, but no matter how many grandchildren come, they will also It is impossible to be as affectionate as Ning Ning.

"After your brother is born, you can't ignore Ning Ning, don't take him carelessly, don't take it seriously, you are cold and warm to him, he knows it." Wu Han reminded him, and warned uneasy.

Fan Jiangwen's face was black.

"Where to go. Tell my brother that. If there is a stepmother, there will be a stepdad. I can't treat my eldest nephew badly."

"We are all old. If your brother is really partial to the children behind, we can't take care of it. Your aunt, but you have to help take care of Ning Ning."

Fan Jiangwen: "…I was talking nonsense just now, don't worry, my brother does not hurt Ning Ning less than you."

"Hey, your brother can go down and find a young man in his twenties, what can you do? Really plan to live alone?"

"I shouldn't take your word for it. Everything can go around this." Fan Jiangwen was helpless to complain.

She is in her forties this year. She has always embraced celibacy and her parents are Kochi.

"You brothers and sisters, one is more uneasy than the other." Wu Han sighed. When the eldest son's first marriage broke down, Ning Ning was still young, and they were all focused on nurturing Ning Ning. At that time, they were worried that their son would remarry too early and that Ning Ning would be wronged by a stepmother.

The girlfriend next to his son hadn't broken much. When Ning Ning was a little older, they thought he could take care of him and find one to settle down. Who knows that in the end one was found in the circle, the age difference is still so much, this old man and young wife, they can't control what happens in the future.

The daughter, on the contrary, was the opposite of her son. She had never been in a relationship with her, holding the so-called celibacy. A few years ago, I heard people mention that they were worried about whether the daughter was sexually orientated. Later, she talked with her nervously. Laughed for a long time. She said that living alone is comfortable and convenient, and two people are too annoying. What do you mean by that?

"You are not very old now, and you think it's okay to be alone. When you are old, you will have trouble with your hands and feet, and you will have no children. How bitter it will be!" Wu Han couldn't help repeating the old saying again.

"I have no children, don't I have Ning Ning? Can he ignore me?" Fan Jiangwen said. She is used to being independent. She never thought about who to rely on. Even if she gets old, she just lie down in the nursing home. When talking about Ning Ning, the main reason is to let the elderly

□□ Xin said that he still has a nephew to take care of.

"Ning Ning owes you, you are an aunt, don't burden him any more." Wu Han immediately retorted. Although she was worried that her daughter was old and could not rely on, she felt distressed at first when she thought of the burden on her grandson's shoulders.

Fan Jiangwen smiled bitterly: "Go and go, I won't drag down your precious grandson. Don't worry, don't worry!"

Aunt Wang, the nanny, came in and asked when the meal was served. Wu Han was about to let her wait first. At this time, there was a sound of opening the door. It was the three generations of grandparents who met at the door and came back together.

When Wu Han saw Wang Zining's tall and thin man appearing in front of him, he immediately opened his eyes and smiled. The headache seemed to disappear, and he quickly asked Aunt Wang to prepare for dinner. Seeing that the look on his grandson's face was nothing unusual, and after guessing that the trip was going well, he immediately went to the kitchen in person, and wanted to add a few more dishes he liked to his grandson.

"Dad, these two fish are quite big! Are they black fish?" Fan Jiangwen asked curiously when he saw two big black fish swimming in the bucket.

"It's a black fish. Grandpa said to raise it for two days before eating." Wang Zining happily carried the bucket and poured the fish into the big fish tank. The fish tanks made by others are used to raise ornamental fish, and the fish tanks at home are Wang Zining's food reserve.

"Lao Jiang was lucky this time. I caught a few big fish. I wanted to get them all. The other grass carps are also good. Unfortunately, this old guy is too stingy and reluctant to give it." Grandpa Fan Jiang said with a smile, "I'll take it again. Go to the small yard to pick two cucumbers."

"Grandpa, I'll go too." Wang Zining had just washed his hands and followed him to the yard to pick cucumbers.

The two brothers and sisters glanced at each other and sat down on the sofa.

Fan Jiangwen asked about Wang Yuan's situation, and Fan Jiangliang briefly said, and shared his thoughts with his sister.

"I'm afraid the old couple won't agree." Fan Jiangwen said without hope.

"I will do the ideological work of my parents. Wang Yuan has changed a lot now. Even after living for a while, I think she can take good care of Ning Ning."

The dinner was very rich, and watching Wang Zining ate his food, their appetites also became much better. Just now Fan Jiangliang had taken an opportunity to tell her parents in private that she was recovering very well this time to see Wang Yuan, and the mother and son got along well. Grandpa Fan Jiang was relieved now.

After the meal, Fan Jiangliang and his parents went to the study.

Wang Zining picked up the soccer and was about to rush out, but Fan Jiangwen grabbed the corner of his clothes.

"Come and sit with aunt for a while."

Wang Zining said bitterly: "Aunty, I'm going to play soccer."

"It's been almost a week since you went to City L. When you come back, you don't have to make up your lost homework? Do all the homework?"

The old couple took a high school student with a heavy study to go out of town for so long. Fan Jiangwen didn't agree with him for several days, but Zining wanted to go. It was impossible for Grandpa Fan Jiang and the others not to nod.

To say that there are people in this family that Wang Zining would rather be afraid of, that is the aunt, who loves him for sure, but there are also many times to train him.

"When I was outside, I always did homework." Wang Zining said confidently. Their monitor sent him the assignments assigned to each subject that day.

"Without any guidance, can I complete the homework by myself?" Fan Jiangwen asked.

The post-doctoral fellows and graduate students in the old man gave this little guy homework guidance. She always felt that the overcapacity was of little use, and they were not graduated from professional teachers, and they might not be able to teach junior high school students well. Wang Zining's grades have always been the kind of tail-dropping. She suggested to find a special-grade teacher for counseling, but the father did not think that the important thing for the child is to grow up physically and mentally. Don't put too much pressure on him.

Fan Jiangwen knows what it means to be treated differently. Although she and her brother are easy to study, the father has always been lashing out, and the requirements for them have always been in the top ten of the grade. It is the grandson's turn to consider physical and mental health. It was precisely because she felt the unprincipled doting of the old couple that she, an aunt, needed to play a black face and urge Wang Zining to study at any time. If Zi Ning's reading comprehension is one-third of his motor nerves, no one needs to worry.

This little guy looks very clever. Why doesn't he know how to read books? Their family never worry about their studies. Could this be his mother?

"There is grandpa here," Wang Zining said proudly.

Fan Jiangwen "…"

It was not easy for the old man. He pulled the young man up to open his own business. When he went to junior high school from Ning Ning, he previewed the middle school texts in advance and was truly a "filial grandson."

"This final exam, let's work hard to advance to five places."

There are 40 students in the class. Wang Zining was ranked 40th last time, and advanced five places to 35th. Fan Jiangwen felt that he was not really demanding.

The proud little boy finally lowered his head: "I will work hard."

He didn't want to be the last one in the class all the time. Young people have a sense of shame, but no matter how hard he works, the book is placed in front of him, no matter how big his eyes are, no matter how long he stares, the words in there will not enter his mind.

Fan Jiangwen looked at his nephew's frustration, and suddenly couldn't bear to say: "Learn how to pay attention to methods. Let's find professional counseling, explore slowly, and make a little progress.

can. Five places are difficult. Our goal can be lowered a little bit, at least to ensure that we won't be the last one."

Fan Jiangwen couldn't help feeling regretful. When he was going to junior high school to choose a school, the family didn't think about it well, and sent Zining, who was at the end of the grade crane, to City No. 1 Middle School.

Where is City No. 1 Middle School? Most of the key middle schools in City H. Most of the junior high schools in City No. 1 middle school can be promoted directly to the middle, and the admission rate of key universities in high schools is 70% each year. This ratio makes the gate of City No. 1 middle school. Was crushed by countless parents of students.

At the beginning of Xiaosheng, the family still sat down for a meeting to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each middle school. At that time, everyone's eyes were fixed on the best school. Fan Jiangwen also liked the No. 1 middle school in the city. After all, the teachers there are convincing. Fan Jiangliang was a little hesitant. He felt that his son's grades had been unsatisfactory, and he was afraid that he would not be able to keep up with him.

The old couple listened to what he said, and couldn't make a decision right now. However, later learned that Zining's sports performance could be directly recommended to the special enrollment of the City No. 1 High School. This news immediately let the family members unify the caliber. After all, this is the child's own ability, not their arrangement. This is something to be proud of. After Ning entered junior high school, he might suddenly become acquainted with his studies.

As a result, Wang Zining's grades were firmly nailed to the bottom of the class from the beginning of the first grade, and he hadn't moved.

Because they are worried about the child's confidence being frustrated and causing psychological burdens, the old couple and Fan Jiangliang comforted and relieved in every way, conveying that good academic performance does not mean anything, enjoying school life, combining work and rest, and healthy growth is the most important. The good result is that Wang Zining's mental state meets the expectations of the old man, and he is healthy; the bad result is that he is nailed to the bottom of the list.

The family used to worry that Zining would be discriminated against and excluded by teachers and classmates because of her academic performance. After all, the school still relies on her academic performance to speak. The family members used eyeliners to observe from all sides. Finally, they were satisfied, although the little guy's head was not. He is open, but he looks good. Go out with this face. The teacher can't say anything hard to him. He smiles when he looks at him. The classmates, especially the female classmates, rushed to give him the topic, and the male classmates screamed on the playground. Sweat was his special session at that time.

In addition to his performance, he is a student that the school wants to win in other aspects. The special physical education teacher treats him as a treasure. The school's middle school swimming competitions, long-distance running, sprinting, high-jumping, and various ball games. Pulling it out, you can hold a medal and come back. It is also to win honor for the school. On the school history wall, there are still a lot of his photos and trophies.

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