Fan Jiangwen told his nephew not to play too late, and after he came back earlier, he let him go.

Thirty-five, it sounds not difficult, but Wang Zining thinks it's not easy to think of the classmates who are ahead of him. There are many classmates who work hard with books all day, and they seem to learn much better than himself.

The last two in the class, one of the places has been occupied by his own difficult brothers. The total score of the little fat man Liang Wentao was one point less than his last exam. In order to prevent Dad Liang, who was very "cruel" for beating his son, Wang Zining graciously took a deduction question from the Chinese teacher's merciful hand and sent it to the door for the teacher to deduct the points again. He lost three points and moved the little fat man one place above him.

The penultimate and second places have no effect on Wang Zining, but they have different meanings for Little Fatty. Dad Liang has already accepted the penultimate place. At most, this result makes him reprimand him again. If he goes back with "first place", Definitely have to encounter "fried pork with bamboo shoots."

Wang Zining thought about the matter while walking out with the ball upside down.

The place where they now live is the employee family area of ​​H University, and the playground adjacent to the employee area is the main place of activity for Wang Zining.

There are three large H playgrounds, which are concentrated in the east area. The largest playground has a runway on the periphery and a green soccer field in the middle.

Around seven o'clock in the evening, there are a lot of people in the playground. People inside and outside the school come here to exercise, including running, walking, and playing soccer.

"Hey, Wang Zining, here!" A sweaty tall man who ran off the court to pick up the ball saw Wang Zining and waved to him.

Wang Zining ran over with a smile.

"Liu Feng, take a break and let Zining go on." The tall captain looked at his teammates and chose the forward position of the H Major Sports Department player to leave.

"Okay, Wang Zining, every time you come, we have to have a big brother give way." Liu Feng smiled and walked to Wang Zining's side, jokingly tapped his shoulder.

The soccer team organized to play here today is from the H University Soccer Team. Because Wang Zining often comes here to play soccer and his soccer skills are affirmed, he can participate in a group of college students' soccer activities with junior high school students.

"The little guy has grown taller again. I haven't seen you in the past few days. Is there any strangeness in your feet?" Another player also came over to say hello.

"Okay, see you on the court," Lush Young said in a spirited manner.

"Beep…" A player who was pulled to be the referee blew a whistle in the field to remind the player to stop talking nonsense and hurry up.


Wang Zining took the lead and ran to the field to prepare.

It was still a bit cold on the night of May, but the young people on the soccer field were sweating profusely. After a few minutes, everyone's feet were a little heavy. Wang Zining was still full of energy with the ball.

"It's good to be young!" "Big Brother" Liu Feng, who was in the early 21s of this year, looked at Wang Zining, who was full of electricity, breathlessly said with emotion.

Someone came down to replace him just now. Although he had a rest in the middle, he was tired now.

"Knowing that you are old enough, why don't you go and rest?" the player who ran past him teased.

"F*** you!" Liu Feng kicked and scolded with a smile.

At this moment, Wang Zining dribbled the ball, hitting the opponent's goal straight and hitting a big kick.

"Wang Zining, handsome!" An excited shout came from the sidelines.

Wang Zining looked at the sound, and saw the little fat man Liang Wentao standing on the periphery, shaking his hands with his belly to cheer him up, he grinned happily, and the two gave a blank palm.

At the end of a game, everyone packs up their own things and gives up the field to the team in the next game.

"Wang Tou, why did you come back? Why didn't you call me?" Liang Wentao handed Wang Zining a bottle of sports drink, and Wang Zining took Gululu and poured it into his stomach.

(T/N: Wang Tou roughly translate to Head Wang or Head King. It's Liang Wentao's nickname for Wang Zining)

"I just arrived in the afternoon." Wang Zining rubbed the sweat on his face, and threw the empty bottle into the trash can in front of him, and put it into the basket accurately." I will see you in class tomorrow, what kind of phone you are calling? Xi, by the way, today is not our team activity, why are you here?"

Liang Wentao patted his belly and said with joy: "Tell my dad to run to lose weight, or I will be detained at home to read and study. After studying for a day and reading a book at night, this head is scrapped."

Wang Zining nodded in agreement. Let him study all day long, and his head exploded.

"How many laps have you run?"

"What a few laps, I haven't started running yet, it doesn't depend on your prowess on the court, I can't cheer you on."

"Then start running now, I'll accompany you." Wang Zining nodded.

Liang Wentao froze for a moment and looked at Wang Zining: "Wang Tou, this is an excuse I told the old man, you really think I came to run? I am young and have a fast metabolism, and it is not easy to grow some meat. This reserve is also for the better. Give oxygen to your head, you must not cherish it."

He would run to school, but it was Papa Liang who drove him here and stared at him into the playground, otherwise he would go to the busy place early.

Watching the little partner holding his belly

Wang Zining sneered disdainfully.

"I'm going back to take a shower. Don't hang around outside. Go back early. See you tomorrow." Wang Zining turned and left.

"I'll accompany you home, and I'll take a taxi back." Liang Wentao hurriedly followed, "Wang Tou, there was an explosive news recently. Have you heard of it?"

Wang Zining has long been accustomed to the gossip hobbies of his friends, major and minor matters at home and abroad, at home and abroad, school and society. There is nothing he does not know or is interested in, except for studying.

"Not interested." Wang Zining grabbed his sweaty hair and shook his head decisively. He wants to show what he wants to hear, this buddy can talk about it last night.

Liang Wentao didn't care, but still excitedly said, "That star Wang Yuan, didn't you follow her very much? You committed suicide!"

Liang Wentao did not see the surprised expression as expected, and suddenly said: "Have you heard of the news? That didn't commit suicide and was rescued. Now the news says she was accidental gas poisoning, but after I screened and analyzed it online The information from, plus first-hand internal information, it can be said with certainty that she committed suicide! Didn't she commit suicide with depression in the first two years? I heard that Wang Yuan also has depression, which is quite serious."

"Liang Wentao, I warn you, don't spread rumors!" Wang Zining said with a solemn face.

Liang Wentao was stunned for a moment, and then said: "Understand, understand and understand, fans do not believe that she will commit suicide, I am not slandering your idol, I am just analyzing this matter."

"She is not my idol!" Wang Zining almost jumped, "If you mention this person again, we will break our relationship!"

Liang Wentao took a deep breath: "So serious?!"

Wang Tau is an ordinary fan, already a true fan, and he is also secretly afraid that others will know his fan celebrity. I really don't know what mental state it is. Is it because the star he fan is older and afraid that people think he has Oedipus sentiment ?

Liang Wentao thinks he is Conantao in the class. How could he not find out about Wang Tou secretly collecting celebrity photos and collecting celebrity information. I was surprised at that time. The current girl group is the common idol of school boys. When Wang Tou likes an old aunt in his 30s, he was a little surprised, but this aunt is really beautiful, and he thinks he can accept it. Unexpectedly, Wang Tou is usually very generous, and he is still embarrassed about this matter.

"It's OK, I won't say it. You know, I will always support you. I like it regardless of age…"

With a "bang", Liang Wentao stepped back dazedly and sat down on the ground. He touched

He touched his forehead, a little confused.

Wang Zining waved goodbye handsomely and walked away with the ball.

In a place out of sight of Liang Wentao, Wang Zining touched his forehead. He didn't expect Brother Shui (Liang Wentao's name and gossip character have an endless meaning, so the classmates unanimously named him Shui Ge). It's pretty hard.

Of course, you can't "hand" your friend, but you still have to make him suffer a little bit to avoid talking nonsense.

But thinking of what he said just now, Wang Zining was in a bad mood. He didn't like that person, but he didn't want others to create rumors to hurt her.


After making two work calls, Fan Jiangwen was about to pack his things and return to his residence. He just wanted to knock on the door to say goodbye to his family. When he saw the study door was opened, his brother came out of the study helplessly with heavy steps.

"Dad, Mom, I'm going back first."

"Ning Ning went to play soccer?" Wu Han asked.

Fan Jiangwen nodded.

"You didn't have a good exercise right after eating, did you remind him just now? Well, you definitely didn't say it." Wu Han said in an uneasy voice.

"You guys should go back soon." Grandpa Fan Jiang waved to a pair of children, then turned to his old wife and said, "Let's go out for a walk, and see if we can meet Ning Ning by the way."

Brother Fan Jiang and the old couple walked to the door together and watched their parents take them away. Fan Jiangwen said, "I think you care too much about Wang Yuan. Don't say it is because of Ning Ning. Now Li Xiaoyun is pregnant, I think you More energy should be put on her."

"I thought you didn't like Li Xiaoyun, but I didn't expect you to speak for her." When his relationship with Li Xiaoyun was exposed, Fan Jiangwen's objection was the loudest.

"I don't like her now, but it doesn't affect my advice to you. During this period of time, did you ignore the incumbent? In your last marriage, you left your wife in labor. I ran to watch the ten-day ball game, hoping that it won't happen again." Fan Jiangwen said calmly. She said this today, and Li Xiaoyun also called her two or three calls during this period. Gu said he wanted to find out the reason for the news. Although she did not like Li Xiaoyun's approach, she felt that pregnant women should be respected and protected. Said this to Fan Jiangliang.

Fan Jiangliang had no words. Most of the responsibility for the failure of the previous marriage was on him. When Wang Yuan Huai Ning Ning was only 21 years old, he was fifteen years older than her. She knew that Wang Yuan was sensitive and should be more accommodating and tolerant of her, but he would only quarrel with her and run away later. Watching a ball game, he missed the birth of Ning Ning. She was depressed after delivery, and he never noticed. Over the years, as he got older, he felt more guilty. Wang Yuan wanted to help as much as he could because of the accident this time.

The old couple here paced slowly on campus.

"…When the little man was handed over to us, he was less than two years old, so a little bit, with a high fever and twitching all over…The doctor said that the child had been on fire for too long, fearing that it would affect the brain development in the future. We both dared not sleep for several days and nights and kept guarding the child."

"They were parents and left their children to go filming. Although our son was mixed, he ran back a few times in the middle and called to ask the child about his situation. Wang Yuan, I really can't figure it out. This is my mother. After she handed over the child to us, she really couldn't ask any more. Later, the two went through the formalities. In the past ten years, she can count the number of times she sees the child with a finger."

"When we Ning Ning was learning to walk, we accompanied him. When he talked, he would be called grandpa and grandma; we kept every baby tooth that he exchanged; what he likes and what he hates, Wang Yuan knows ?"

Wu Han choked.

Grandpa Fan Jiang patted his old wife's back lightly, his face darkened.

Just now the son discussed with them in the study that he wanted Ning Ning and Wang Yuan to live for a period of time. Of course, they disagreed, but the son insisted that Wang Yuan is now in a better state of mind. Let mother and son get along for a period of time, cultivate feelings, and treat Ning Ning Said, it is also an opportunity to make up for the missing mother and child.

Wang Zining was an old couple who brought up with one hand. They had more say in his arrangements than Fan Jiangliang, but they also had to consider Fan Jiangliang's opinions.

"It's not in a hurry. Let's find an opportunity to understand Ning Ning's thoughts. We respect the child's decision." Grandpa Fan Jiang said to his old wife.

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