Wang Yuan was browsing the news on her mobile phone, while Xiao Wang sat opposite, observing her face, worrying that she would be affected by online comments.

"Ms. Wang, the majority of fans now support you. We don't care about the small group of extreme people. By the way, I watched the variety show that Director Xu participated in yesterday. He mentioned you in the show and said you are The actress he most wants to work with." After Xiao Wang finished speaking, his face was full of joy, and with a look of Rong Yan, he took out his mobile phone to look for news.

Wang Yuan looked up curiously.

She is not familiar with people in the entertainment circle of the world. Is this director Xu famous?

"Look, it's the first time for Director Xu to participate in a variety show. This is an acting PK program. It has become popular after only two episodes, and the public is highly rated. Yesterday, the host joked and asked Director Xu, which is he most recognized in China. The acting skills of an actress. Director Xu did not answer directly, but he said that the actress he most wants to work with is you." Xiao Wang said and sent the video link to Wang Yuan excitedly." Director Xu said that there had been The opportunity to cooperate with you, but missed for some reasons. I hope I can have a chance to cooperate in the future. Teacher Wang, has Director Xu approached you for filming before?"

Wang Yuan smiled and shook her head.

Xiao Wang thought she was saying no. In fact, Wang Yuan had no impression or memory in the mind of Director Xu that Xiao Wang mentioned.

"The directors who work with you are all famous directors. Although Director Xu is also a great director, except for a movie that hit the scene last year, the box office of the previous years was not ideal. According to the Internet, you are an actor who can achieve each other with the director of each movie. Director Fan Jiang is cooperating with you…" Xiao Wang stopped in embarrassment halfway through his speech. Although the couple seems to have a good relationship now, it is always inappropriate to mention the ex-husband in front of her.

"Can you help me find the movies I have made? I want to watch it these two days." Wang Yuan also wants to understand the original body in this way.

"No problem, I'll look for it right away." Xiao Wang took over the task and quickly searched for resources.

Wang Yuan swiped her phone again, and the news about her on the Internet had turned into gas poisoning from depression and suicide a few days ago. It is probably Qu Hui's team PR that played a role. However, some netizens still didn't believe it, which also caused a wave of war of words. The number of fans of Wang Yuan's official Weibo has jumped from a few million to more than 8 million. This original account should have never logged in. There are countless fans and netizens who have left messages below, wishing her a speedy recovery, and abusing public relations. Motivating, ridiculing…Psychological quality is not Okay, I guess I saw that I was stuck, but Wang Yuan just browsed it and closed it. These complete strangers' remarks had no effect on her.

In today's news, Director Xu was added again. Originally, her suicide topic was not overwhelming. Director Xu cued her again on the show yesterday. This time her experience was picked up again.

Some netizens listed all of her works, attached awards and box office data. The directors who cooperated with the original body can win the best director awards at domestic or international film festivals. Most of the reason is that these are big-name directors themselves. It is to get the prize and get soft, but because of the data of netizens, after being analyzed, many people now believe that the original body has the koi luck blessed by the director. Wang Yuan watched the netizens shift from the topic of her suicide to her acting skills. Go up, blowing rainbow farts to the original body, I can't help but have some fun.

Among these directors, Fan Jiangliang is mentioned the most. He was born in photography. Before working with Wang Yuan, he only shot one award-winning short drama. The film debut "Echo" won the domestic and international awards that year, which made him rank among the top directors. Wang Yuan, who was excavated by him from the dance troupe, also Won multiple best newcomer awards. After that, the two men's second work "Biography of Changchuan", this costumed martial arts movie has been ranked first in the domestic box office for several years, won numerous domestic awards, and was nominated for best director and best at the highest international film festival. Major awards including nominations for the leading actress, best photography, etc. This work by Fan Jiangliang's own investment and shooting made him one of the famous directors. Wang Yuan also started her big screen journey. The two have only collaborated on these two movies. Later, they got married and divorced, and never again. It may have cooperated.

Xiao Wang quickly found the source of the film. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Wang Yuan explored the way of original acting through the 40-inch LCD TV screen.

After watching the movie in two days, Wang Yuan was thankful that she had never made a TV series, otherwise a series of dozens of episodes would consume her a few days. After watching a movie, a familiar face played various roles on the screen, a bit of a girl with a thousand changes, which made her feel quite magical. It turns out that she can also discover so many changes. Keke, wrong, it's not her, it's the original body.

In the original movies, her favorite is not the deaf-mute girl who became the first love of thousands of boys in "Echo", nor the Changchuan Assassin who killed her throat with a single sword in the country, nor was she won the Queen's movie because of her multiple personality. Wu Qiren is not a female performer with an unbroken box office record in China, or many of the free and easy or tragic roles she has performed, but the heroine in the art film "Snow Country".

Wang Yuan herself doesn't like to watch art movies, but the original "Snow Country" made her watch it all at once. After watching it, she couldn't return to her senses for a long time.

Original body was 28 years old when he was filming this movie. They had already conceived a child, ended a marriage, and were about to reopen a marriage. In the prosperous years, playing a young girl is still a big challenge.

The heroine of the Snow Country ranges from 16 to 48. Wang Yuan sees the 16-year-old in her original appearance, and she does not violate the slightest, and believes that she is a cardamom girl. The blessing of makeup and camera technology is one aspect, mainly the immaturity and innocence in her eyes, which is convincing.

The female protagonist lost her childhood and lived with her elderly grandparents. The old man was unable to give her shelter. Bullying and hardship accompanied her childhood, struggling to survive in the always cold snowy village. At the age of 16, he encountered the greatest ordeal in his life when he was just an adult, but he also had the opportunity and courage to escape from this cold snowy village. Coming to the warm Xintiandi, although the heroine has gained a career and family, everything seems to be moving in a good direction, but the impact of the unfortunate life of her childhood made her extremely insecure and aggressive. Her unhealthy mental state made her life fluctuate, her career was intrigued, her husband and wife relationship was broken, and the relationship with her children was at odds with each other. In this warm world, her heart is still as cold as being in a snow country. In her middle age, she gained the money and fame and fortune she was pursuing, but she also lost all her relatives and health. At the end of the film, she returned to the snow country where she had tried to escape with her sickly and tortured body. She lay in the snow in the sky, closed her eyes, and found true peace and quiet…

Wang Yuan wondered if the original body had thought of her later life when she was making this film. Perhaps, this film has always been with her, allowing her to make the final choice.

She shook her head and got rid of the chaotic thoughts in her mind.

I remember who said that a happy childhood can heal a lifetime, but an unfortunate childhood can take a lifetime to heal. If the father of this world did not accidentally leave when she was eight years old, maybe she would live a happy life now.

It's just that there is no if in life.

"Mr. Wang, Mr. Qu called and said that your mother wanted to see you." Assistant Xiao Wang asked while holding the phone.

"You don't need to tell her my address." Wang Yuan thought of another time and space. Their mother and daughter hadn't seen each other for nearly ten years. The relationship between the original body of this world and the mother was only more rigid. Look at her."

Wang Yuan stayed in seclusion for ten days, received a lawyer in the middle, learned about her financial situation, knew that she had millions of cash in her name, four sets of real estate, two of which were in the city, one of which was the former mansion in the city center and one of the other villas. A set of real estate in Beijing.

Knowing that there are hundreds of millions of net worth, Wang Yuan is inexplicably relieved, at least she will not let her two sons go hungry. Speaking of this, she has not seen the other son yet.

However, at this stage, Wang Yuan is still watching the changes and does not plan to take the initiative to contact her ex-husband to visit her younger son.

She learned the star to go out with sunglasses, masks, caps, and secretly returned to the mansion in the center of the city in full disguise, leaving the place where she had lived before.

The suite is located on the 19th floor. The moment she opened the door to enter, she was shocked by the luxurious and cold decoration inside. The curtains of the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room were opened, which is the epitome of the evening city. The neon lights flashed outside, the crowds flowed, and the noise became more and more lively. It seems that this mansion is deserted.

The living room is very large, with a few sets of leather sofas and a set of audio-visual facilities, there is still a lot of space.

There are several rooms, one of which is converted into a dance studio. The spacious and empty space is decorated with glass. I want to come to the original body and have always insisted on practicing basic skills. The guest bedroom is clean and tidy, and it seems that no one has ever lived in it. The master bedroom is also very tidy, someone should have come to clean it up, at least there is no trace of it now.

Generally, celebrities will place large photos of themselves in their homes. In this house, Wang Yuan did not find any photos, either of her own or of her sons. The place is very empty and empty. Only the 20-square-meter dressing room can find traces of the hostess's stay. In the hospital, she heard that the original body burned many things, and some personal belongings should have been disposed of by her.

Wang Yuan ventured back here. She originally wanted to get more information, but now she found nothing.

When leaving, there was an episode. A girl took Erha out for a walk. Erha, who was convulsed at any time, threw towards her excitedly. Although she was caught in time by the owner, she was also frightened. When Wang Yuan jumped, her hat fell on the ground. The owner of Erha was about to apologize. At this time, she might recognize Wang Yuan and suddenly burst into an excited scream.

"Ah, ah, I know you, Wang Yuan, you are Wang Yuan." The little girl jumped excitedly and took out her phone to take a photo.

Wang Yuan picked up her hat, turned around and left.

Erha and its hostess followed all the way, and the people and security guards who entered and exited the community looked over curiously.

The matchmaker that Wang Yuan thought had been withdrawn, I don't know when I gathered from all sides. When she was about to be surrounded by the crowd, Wang Yuan took a breath and ran away, followed by a series of media notes, curious crowds and vehicles that followed. She speeded up and ran out of the high-end residential area until she reached The downtown area across the road merges into the crowds passing through the stream.

Finally throwing off a string of tails, Wang Yuan gasped and patted her chest in shock. Unexpectedly, this body can also give full play to its advantages in long-distance running. At this moment, Wang Yuan deeply felt that it was not easy to be a star. She was blocked when she went out, and she was photographed and captured every move. It was too thrilling.

Lowering the brim of her hat, she walked to the intersection, called a car and went back.

The road was still congested. She hadn't arrived at the villa yet. Xiao Wang, the assistant, called and told her that the news that she had appeared in the house had appeared in the news, and asked if she should send someone to pick her up.

Wang Yuan told herself that she was already in the car going back. Then she clicked on the mobile news, and sure enough, the back photo of her running had appeared on the Internet.

How long is it? These reporters are too efficient, and the captions that accompany a few photos of her back are so sensational.

"The queen is running, what is it to avoid?!"

"Wang Yuan went back to her former residence late at night, her back was haggard, did she have the thought of committing suicide again?" It's only eight o'clock. Where can you tell the haggard from a photo of her back in the middle of the night? Still thinking of suicide?

Turning one more, her chin almost fell off.

"There are pictures and the truth, there is a big news that Wang Yuan is on a date after he gets better, and it is him who is the secret lover?!"

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