In one picture, she is running in profile. On the left hand side is a young man who turned his head to look at her and wears a peaked cap with a surprised face. Behind is a string of reporters and the crowd.

This young man with an unclear face was highlighted as an idol in the current fire.

This is a coincidence. I didn't expect to appear in the same place and be captured by reporters.

The original residence is a high-end district in the city center. There should be many celebrities living in this district. It can only show that this idol also lives here. Why is it such a vague picture?

The article pointed out that the private meeting between the two was discovered by reporters. Wang Yuan ran away in a hurry to avoid being discovered, but the camera captured the truth. At the end of the article, the age difference, romance and marriage history of the two are also listed.

Below, there are already fans of this traffic niche who are scolding Wang Yuan Lao Niu for eating tender grass and dare to get involved with their idols.

Wang Yuan's face was struck by lightning, she just walked out the door, how could such a complicated story be extended.

The phone's ringtone rang again, and she sighed when she saw the caller's contact displayed, but she couldn't help but pick it up.

"What's the matter, didn't you ask you not to go out recently, what are you running back to do, and if there are any things to explain, Xiao Wang and others will help you bring it over. What is the relationship between Qiao Yu and you, did you make an appointment?"

"It's purely coincidental. I didn't know the person in the photo at all, and it happened to be photographed in the same frame." Wang Yuan explained.

There was a few seconds of silence on the phone, and then he said: "Don't make any response or reply. Qiao Yu is a popular niche now and a newcomer to Tianyu. I will let his agent cooperate to calm this oolong incident. Your current status does not need to rely on scandals for hype. Qiao Yu will be scrupulous about the feelings of fans, and dare not use this news to stir up popularity. I originally wanted you to rest for a while, but now it seems that you are recovering well. I will arrange your next schedule and come back to work as soon as possible."

Hearing Wang Yuan was frightened. If she was given a play, she didn't know where the camera was. How to act?

"I still want to take a break for a while. As for the work arrangement, I think it should be my consent before the script will be accepted for me?" Wang Yuan asked cautiously. In the past few days, she has learned about her contract with Tianyu Company. Many actresses of her status have established their own studios. The original body is definitely not a person who is good at handling these affairs, so she still renewing the contract with Tianyu also won more favorable contract terms. In addition to a reasonable share, all contracts such as film and television dramas and commercial endorsements require her personal consent to be signed by the company. This gives her a lot of flexibility. It also leads to the negative sabotage of the original body in the first two years and pushes everything. The company also suffers a lot of economic losses from endorsement advertising and other behaviors, and there is nothing to do.

"…As your agent, I will execute it according to the contract."

Wang Yuan could imagine Qu Hui frowning now.

She also wants to work hard, but she can't directly tell her agent, hey, my core has been changed and I can't do the work I used to do. Should we discuss something I can do?

She was rescued from gas poisoning, and the doctor also helped her to prove that when she was sent to the hospital, she had no breathing, and the brain was damaged by prolonged lack of oxygen. Later, she woke up and had memory problems. The doctor thought this was the best result. At least cognition is normal. Qu Hui did not think that amnesia is a serious matter, and has always been suspicious about amnesia. After a few days of contact in the hospital, she thinks that Wang Yuan after the loss of amnesia is more normal instead, and her words and deeds have changed a lot, which is better. She felt that Wang Yuan's most serious problem, depression, seemed to disappear with her memory.

"I don't know when my memory will recover. I may not be able to do some things that I used to be good at now." Wang Yuan thought it was better to tell Qu Hui first.

"These are not problems. As long as your health recovers… you are in a good state of mind. I believe that other minor problems can be easily solved." Qu Hui's tone was confident and affirmative.

Acting is like the words and languages ​​learned in the bones. Since Wang Yuan has no problem with cognition of emotions, losing a part of her memory will not affect her innate talent.

"I hope so." Wang Yuan said helplessly.

Only she knows that the truth is far more than just amnesia.

The news about the secret meeting of the shadow queen, Qiao Yu, rushed into the hot search in the middle of the night. The next morning, there were countless versions on the Internet. Wang Yuan glanced at the phone and put it down. If it was true, she would be confused.

After a series of hot searches, she is completely afraid to go out now, and can only wait for the time to calm down.

In the next few days, she continued to live in, but began to exercise. She found that the thin bones of her current body were prominent and very unhealthy. She watched the original movies and found that she was not so thin. I don't know if it's because of the photogenic reason that she was ten pounds fatter or the effect of depression.

During the following period of time, he was thinned into a bone.

The same body, another time and space, but he has a body of smooth and tight muscles, I believe that you can definitely get it through exercise for a period of time.

Originally, she liked to run outdoors, but now she can only run on a treadmill while watching movies made by the original body while sweating, and then doing a yoga stretch after running. In the past, she was afraid of getting fat and dared not let go of the sweets she ate. Now she is happy and burdenless to add. Sufficient nutrition and continuous exercise make her plump, ruddy and slim.

Now in the middle of each month, it is the day when she goes to see the psychologist.

The psychiatrist Qu Hui contacted her is a private clinic located in a high-end office area, and has done very well in terms of confidentiality and privacy.

This is her first time here. Doctor Wang is a woman in her forties with a clean face and soft eyes. At first glance, she can be convincing. In terms of appearance, she already meets the basic requirements of this profession.

The psychological counseling in Wang Yuan's impression is a way of talking face to face across a desk in a domestic psychopathology department, or a way of chatting on a recliner in a foreign TV series.

Dr. Wang's office has a very simple and soft layout, mainly in light blue. There are no angular decorations in the room. It is easy to let people let go of defense and tension.

She sat down on the sofa by the window.

"It's been a long time. Last time we sat here to chat, it seems that it has been more than half a year." Doctor Wang smiled like a long-lost friend, just as if he started the chat casually.

"Uh, for me, it should be the first time we met. I had an accident some time ago, which disturbed part of my memory." Wang Yuan seemed relaxed, but in fact she said with a vigilant authenticity. This is a psychiatrist who can perceive people's hearts. She is afraid of revealing flaws. No one believes that it is a crossing. It is more likely to be mistaken for schizophrenia and sent to a mental hospital.

"I have seen reports. In the Internet age, information is spreading rapidly, and it has also become more complicated." Dr. Wang rests on the sofa with his left elbow, his body is relaxed, and his tone of voice has always been calm." You are in a very good condition, compared to the last time I saw you. It's a little plump, but your tall figure is still slim even in the lens of ten pounds fat."

"Thank you, I am also satisfied with my current state. I have eaten more recently and exercise."

"I believe that besides dancing, you have other sports to exercise."

"Yes, I started running recently. I prefer to run outdoors on a treadmill, but now it's not suitable for going out." Regarding this, Wang Yuan was very helpless.

, This is the most uncomfortable point after rebirth.

"Running is a very good exercise and a good way to reduce stress." Dr. Wang wrote in the pen in his hand, "Significant improvement, running? '

Generally speaking, because of the expensive clock, most people will try their best to talk about problems during this time, such as bad situations, interpersonal relationships, mental state, health, etc. However, since the beginning of consultation, Wang Yuan is biased towards Silent, occasionally emotional catharsis, let her have a basic understanding of the patient's situation.

I originally thought that this chat would be more difficult, and the state of the counselor would be worse than ever, but unexpectedly, as a senior psychologist, she has just a few words since Wang Yuan entered the door to now. She is mentally healthy now.

'Life and death consciousness? 'Doctor Wang added a few more words.

Seeing that Wang Yuan had no intention to speak out, Dr. Wang could only guide him: "Have you seen the children recently? How are they?"

The relationship between mother and child is an important part of the mental pressure of the young and beautiful actress in front of him. In the limited conversations in the past, occasionally, she would mention the two children, saying that they were cute when they were born, and they are living well now, with an attitude of obvious resistance and resistance to the topic going further.

"Meet Darer Ning Ning, a very handsome young man who cares about me very much. He has a game at the end of the month. I hope he can reward me with a ticket and go cheer for him at that time." Wang Yuan thought of Wang Zining and couldn't help but meet. Heart smiled.

The description of his son seems unfamiliar. Is this also due to memory influence? Doctor Wang thought, with an encouraging smile, and motioned to Wang Yuan to continue.

"The younger son hasn't seen him yet. Well, I mean I haven't seen him since I amnesia. Because of the lack of memory, I also understand that we weren't close before, so I don't know how to contact him proactively. Fear and nervous to meet."

'Amnesia! Open your mind and actively seek help. 'Doctor Wang wrote.

"You showed me the picture of Qi Haoran last time. He is also a very beautiful and handsome boy. Maybe you can try to call his dad. You said last time that he is going to elementary school this year. When choosing a school for an interview. Maybe they also need some help from you." They say this with certainty because Dr. Wang knows that the school that Wang Yuan's second son will choose must be the noble elementary school, and the noble elementary school needs strict The harsh interview process not only requires the quality of the students, but also the parents. If both parents are there, even if they leave, they will also be required to attend the admission interview together.

Seeing Wang Yuan's face embarrassed, Dr. Wang said: "It may not be as difficult as you think to make some active attempts."

Wang Yuan nodded slowly.

After an hour passed, Dr. Wang felt that today could end here, and had an appointment to see you next time.

When Wang Yuan left the clinic, her steps were brisk, and she felt like she had passed another level.

Soon after she left, Dr. Wang received a call from Qu Hui.

"Sorry, I know that you are Ms. Wang's agent. You also helped her to contact her for the psychological consultation, but her condition belongs to the patient's privacy and I cannot disclose it.

But I can say one thing. In her current state, I think she can change from a monthly psychological consultation to a quarter or half a year."

Qu Hui put down the phone, unexpectedly and relaxedly, and said to the assistant in a pleasant tone: "Last time I told you about Wang Yuan's work arrangements for the second half of the year, I think you can do it now."

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