When Wang Yuan was still hesitating how to obtain the contact information of her ex-husband, and how to word her after contact, she first received a call.

"Miss Wang, hello, I'm Mr. Qi's assistant, do you have time in the afternoon, can I visit you? Maybe, I will briefly talk about the situation on the phone?" a young male said.

Wang Yuan was stunned for a while before realizing that this Mr. Qi should be the father of her ex-husband Qi Ying and her second son Qi Haoran.

"Is it convenient to tell me something on the phone?"

The other party also froze for a moment, a little surprised that Wang Yuan's tone was unexpectedly gentle, completely different from the attitude she had used when dealing with them before.

"Okay. That's it. Mr. Qi contacted the Huiyu International School in this city for Haoran. This school is ranked among the top three schools in China. There are elementary and junior high schools. The number of admissions is very tight. Mr. Qi has already applied for it. The process, Haoran's interview results are also very good, the school welcomes him to join, but there is a parent interview session in the admission process, the school requires both parents to participate, may I ask, do you have time on Friday the 25th of this month? Is it convenient to come to attend the admission interview? Mr. Qi will also come back from abroad to attend together."

Dr. Wang really got it right. But this is indeed a good time to meet your second son

, Wang Yuan responded that she would attend on time, letting the assistant breathe a sigh of relief. He also said that he would send the school information and related precautions to Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan looked through the school information received in the email and checked it on the Internet. Seventy percent of the students enrolled in this school are children of foreign nationals. Some of them come from all over the world. The number of students is small, and the tuition fee is high. Shocking, I realized for the first time that raising a child really costs money!

A short message comes in.

From Fan Jiangliang, Wang Zining's match time has been set. He will express the tickets over the past two days so that she remembers to check it and asks her to participate in it when she has time.

When she saw the game time, she was almost shocked. Fortunately, it was the 26th, not the 25th. If it was on the same day, it would be over. Of course the second son's admission interview is important, but if the eldest son breaks his promise, it is also a serious matter.

Wang Yuan is still very cautious about Qi Haoran's admission interview that will be attended in a few days. I carefully studied the documents sent by Assistant Qi Ying. The notes in the document contain reminders on clothing and other aspects. At the same time, it also lists the questions that the school may ask, and gives answers for reference below.

After doing enough homework, Wang Yuan was still very nervous on the 25th.

Before I fell asleep, I adjusted the alarm clock on my mobile phone and canceled this period of time. I have been adhering to the morning running exercise. When I got up in the morning, I started to wash, make-up, and put on the clothes prepared in advance. I took a few shots in front of the mirror. The more I looked at the towel, the more dissatisfied it became. After I changed it, it became worse, and I finally tied it back to the original one.

Looking at the slightly anxious woman in front of the mirror, she suddenly smiled. It really didn't look like her character, was it because she was nervous about seeing her youngest son she had never met.

Because the previous news hasn't gone down yet, Wang Yuan notified Qu Hui in advance when she went out this time and asked her to make arrangements, hoping to arrive at the school smoothly without causing any accidents.

Sitting in an all-black business car, with four accompanying bodyguards and assistants, she was not used to it and had to adapt.

Before departure, Assistant Qi Ying called to confirm that he would be waiting at the school gate. Fortunately, this international school is not in the crowded city center. When it stopped in front of the school's imitation British iron gate, a young man walked out in a high-end car next to it.

Wang Yuan lowered the car window.

"Miss Wang, hello, this is Li Shen, Mr. Qi's assistant, I have contacted you before." The young man bent his waist slightly, courteous and considerate.

"Hello." Wang Yuan responded politely. She looked at the car opposite, "Has Mr. Qi arrived? In the car?"

"Yes, Mr. Qi has arrived. Because we haven't gone through the enrollment procedures, the car can't drive into the school. I can only trouble you to get off the car and walk in with us." Li Shen said.

"No problem." Wang Yuan said.

Before she got out of the car, the bodyguard who was accompanying her went down first and looked at the surrounding situation before indicating that Wang Yuan could get off.

"We only have two passes, so you and Mr. Qi can only go in together. The others, including me, can only wait outside." Li Shen apologized slightly.

"Okay." The school is strictly managed, saying that there will be no media records, etc., but Wang Yuan is more relieved.

"The trip is still so big!" The man who spoke was his ex-husband Qi Ying. After he handed the pass to the school guard, he glanced at Wang Yuan from the corner of his eye.

"No way, public figures can't help it." Wang Yuan didn't care about it. After speaking, she glanced at the car where Qi Ying came out, revealing disappointment unconsciously.

"This is a parent meeting, and Qi Haoran does not need to attend. Knowing that his parents are divorced, the school will not let a family of three attend a pretend to be a happy family. Meeting the parents is just a process. Your appearance surprised me. Especially during this period, I thought you were undergoing treatment, psychologically."

"If you don't know my current situation, you invited me to participate. I was also surprised." Wang Yuan said.

"I said, it's just a process. The presence or absence of your participation will not affect Qi Haoran's admission. However, if a mother who has just been exposed to a nervous breakdown in the entertainment industry can appear in a normal state, at least Qi Haoran will not be in the new school. Will be rejected as a heterogeneous…"

Well, for the first impression of this ex-husband, he was negative fifty points, Wang Yuan thought. The person looks average, the height is okay, it is said that he is a mixed race, but the deep facial features are not coordinated, and it also brings out a trace of sharpness, Qi Haoran does not look like him.

He was very suspicious of the original body's vision, and Fan Jiangliang fell in love. He was still young when they met, and he was probably a little Electra, and he would fall in love with directors who are quite different in age. But this Qi Ying really didn't know what attracted the original body, and the original body didn't seem to be someone who fancied money.

What Wang Yuan didn't know was that people's appearance changed in different periods and different environments. When Qi Ying first pursued Wang Yuan, he was sincerely admired. The enthusiasm on his face was twelve points, and the attitude he brought out was tolerant and gentle, and the deep love from his eyes melted his sharp appearance. With enough wealth to pave the way, various means at his best, coupled with the sincerity at that moment, it is really difficult to resist his pursuit of offensive.

Only when the enthusiasm faded and the uniform marriage life calmed down, patience disappeared, the nature of the two parties gradually exposed, and conflicts and quarrels began.

After the layer of gauze that blinded the eyes was removed, the final outcome of each could only part ways.

The interview process was relatively smooth. The questions were included in the documents Li Shen provided to Wang Yuan. The school was obviously very satisfied with their parents. His father is a celebrity in business and has a deep family background. The mother is a well-known public figure, and their children choose Huiyu International, which is also helpful to the school's reputation and influence.

Wang Yuan also visited the school with the school reception staff. I said I was not satisfied, but I really couldn't find any shortcomings. The school even had equestrian lessons. I was not satisfied with it, because there was still a trace of unnaturalness in my heart. Looking around, the elementary school here was far from the elementary school she had been in and the elementary school she remembered. Maybe she is a small civilian after all, and she has never seen aristocratic school.

"There are still a few months for Mario to prepare. I hope he will like it here." The reception teacher said.

Mario is Qi Haoran's foreign name, his grandmother, Qi Ying's mother, is German, and the younger son has a quarter of German descent.

Maybe this international school is right for him, Wang Yuan thought.

Compared to Wang Zining, she was more worried about her youngest son who had never met. Although Ning Ning was growing up without the company of his mother, it can be seen that he was a child who grew up in love. I believe that Fan Jiangliang and his family cared and gave him a lot.

But the youngest son, I don't know if Ning Ning is so lucky.

Wang Yuan wanted to see him very much now, and no longer worried about the frustration of getting along.

"I believe he will like it here." Qi Ying nodded and smiled at the reception teacher.

"I saw that you chose the boarding system. Qi Haoran is seven years old this year. Is it too early to go to boarding school?" Wang Yuan said with a calm tone, "Generally, boarding is only after high school. I think elementary school is too early……"

Qi Ying glanced at her with deep meaning, and a sneer flashed past the corner of his mouth.

He nodded to the reception teacher and said goodbye: "Thank you for leading us to visit today. I have actually been here once. I have some understanding of the environment. Mario's mother has never been here. She may not be familiar with the situation here. She saw it today and believes it. She will also feel relieved to send her children here to receive your advanced education. As for the boarding she mentioned, we will not change our minds. After all, I am Mario's guardian. His mother knows nothing about him!"

The reception teacher had realized that the atmosphere was not right, and took the opportunity to say goodbye politely and sent the two out.

Now it is minus one hundred, and the impression score drops again.

"It seems that you have forgotten, or you have never cared about it. Qi Haoran kindergarten is a boarding school. It is also an internationally renowned school and has a primary school. It was only in Beijing before, because in the next few years, my career will focus on This city, so I found a school for him again here."

"I am indeed dereliction of duty." Wang Yuan said, since she has accepted the body of the original body, then her life and experience are also borne by her.

"At this meeting, you surprised me. I thought you had been defeated by your bad mental state, but I didn't expect to get better. This is a good thing for Qi Haoran. No matter how long you can maintain it, I hope Don't have the idea of ​​interfering in my son's life anymore."

"Mr. Qi, Qi Haoran is also my son! I didn't fulfill my responsibilities before. It was my dereliction of duty to my child. From now on, I must fulfill my mother's duty and care for my son.

What you said is what I want to say to my son. I am not a good mother, and you may not be a good father. You threw him in the boarding school since you were a child. Just because you spent a huge amount of tuition, you feel that you have fulfilled your responsibility?"

Seeing the anger accumulating under Qi Ying's eyes, Wang Yuan looked at him directly and smiled: "Of course, I didn't do enough by myself, and I didn't stand to criticize you. In the past, I sincerely apologize to you. Qi Haoran is our common child. There is no way to change this, so we still have a place where we have the same interests. Your family is busy with big business and career. I only hope that when you do not have enough skills, Qi Haoran's mother, I can do something for him. What do you think?"

"You really have changed a lot. Can suicide change a person?" Qi Ying looked back at her, his tone defiant.

Wang Yuan's eyebrows are relaxed, her eyes are bright and her teeth are bright, and her smile is sweet.

Qi Ying couldn't help but stunned, this smile reminded him of the figure he had loved in his memory.

"Are you also a person who likes to watch entertainment reports? I did have a bad mental state before, but it was because I just finished a movie and I didn't get out of the role. Maybe it was because I was in a trance, I boiled the water at home and forgot to turn off the gas. …The later things are exaggerated by the media. Life is precious. I have money and beauty and a son. I will commit suicide if I am stupid. Isn't it good to live?!"

Qi Ying returned to his senses and said blankly, "I am not interested in the truth."

"But truth is very important to Qi Haoran. I don't want him to think I will leave him behind and do stupid things." Regardless of Qi Ying's impression, Wang Yuan knows that if you want to get in touch with your son, you must first have a good relationship with him. Ignoring his cold face and bad attitude, he always maintained a gentle tone.

"I don't know if Haoran is in this city now? Can you arrange for me to meet him? I heard that you also came back from abroad this time. You are so busy. If there is something I need to help next, I'm happy to help. Hao Ran do something."

The attitude is so low, it gives you enough face, Mr. Qi, are you embarrassed to refuse?

"You really look like a ghost!" Qi Ying stared at her.

Wang Yuan was so frightened that her heart was pounding and her expression was not broken.

The process was thrilling. Fortunately, Mr. Qi didn't do anything wrong. After agreeing to receive her visitation application, he could consider arranging her to see his son.


After getting in the commercial car, Wang Yuan's face was still pale, mainly because she was frightened by Qi Ying's words. Assistant Xiao Wang couldn't help asking: "Ms. Wang, did the interview go smoothly?"

"The interview went well… You said, why did I give up custody in the first place? Is it too urgent to fight now?" Wang Yuan murmured.

"Ah?!" Xiao Wang was surprised. Why did Teacher Wang Yuan think of the fight for custody right after the admission interview. If a lawsuit is really filed, then another wave of news will be set off. The enthusiasm that others can't ask for is nothing to Teacher Wang's career. Help, Qu always knows to be angry." Teacher Wang, do you want to go to court for custody?"

Wang Yuan did not answer, leaning back in her chair, looking out the car window, she sighed unconsciously.

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