After leaving school, Wang Yuan and her party did not immediately return to the villa. According to the itinerary arranged by the agent, I went to the luxury beauty salon for a full set of hair, face and body treatments. It took five or six hours to complete a set of items. After returning to the residence to wash, it was a good night's sleep.

After getting up early the next morning and running for an hour, after breakfast, Wang Yuan simply dressed up and set off to the headquarters of Tianyu Company to which she belongs. In the morning, I will meet with Qu Hui to determine the next work schedule. In the afternoon, I went to watch Wang Zining's soccer match.

When Wang Yuan walked into Tianyu Company, many strange faces cast curious and surprised eyes, which did not prevent them from quickly sorting out their expressions and coming over to say hello with a warm smile.

Assistant Xiao Wang introduced her to her secretly, except for the staff, most of whom were new artists introduced by the company.

Another line of people came, walking in the front is a young and fashionable male idol, followed by his team should be. He was a little surprised when he saw Wang Yuan, just like everyone else, but he quickly reacted and nodded to Wang Yuan to say hello: "Teacher Wang Yuan, hello!"

Wang Yuan also recognized that this was Qiao Yu, the target of the previous scandal. Although a bunch of stories were made up by netizens, this was the first time the two officially met.

"Hello there!"

This is a young man who is born to eat this line of food, with excellent appearance conditions, confident and handsome.

After Qiao Yu left, Xiao Wang started to break the news with stars in his eyes: "Qiao Yu came from the men's group, and he was very good at singing and dancing. He made the costume drama "Flying Sword Fairy" two years ago and became popular. He is one of the company's strong newcomers, and many of the company's resources have been given to him. His agent followed him before he became famous, and Qu always wanted to bring him over, but he was unsuccessful."

"Is he your idol too?"

"Yeah, yeah, Teacher Wang, don't you think he is really super handsome? Compared to the current fresh meat, he has just gotten more, and his temperament is particularly grandiose."

Wang Yuan didn't think how strong this Qiao Yu was, only that he was taller than the shorter one. Compared with the idols who are now more neutral, he is more masculine.

Coming to the agent's office, Qu Hui frowned secretly at Wang Yuan who walked in.

"Today is your first appearance in the company after taking a break. Why didn't you make up?" Wang Yuan's plain makeup is undoubtedly outstanding, but it doesn't show the dazzling aura. As Tianyu's super first-line star, Wang Yuan needs to forcefully defeat the stars.

So I put on foundation and lipstick, it's not makeup? As a handicapped party, she can draw eyebrows at most, and can't stick false eyelashes, not to mention complicated layers of primer.

Wang Yuan, who thought that she needed a makeup artist to attend the event, was a bit more generous. She doesn't live for the status of a company or a big star, and everything is according to the requirements of the agent, then she can't do it.

"Forget it, pay attention next time. You used to be very particular about your personal image."

Wang Yuan smiled. She feels that her current image is also very decent.

After the two of them sat down, Wang Yuan picked up the work arrangement that Qu Hui handed over and looked at it seriously.

"I have a few scripts on hand, and I screened two of them with potential. Although they are small investments, they may become popular. You can take them back to see them.

In your current situation, advertisers still dare not find you, and there is no advertising endorsement arrangement for the time being.

There will be an interview program next month. I hope you can participate. The main purpose is to clarify the events of the previous period, dispel the doubts in the audiences, and give confidence to businesses and investors without affecting your image value.

The upcoming event will be the anniversary of Fengyun Fashion next week. I borrowed the high-definition from the D home for you. When you come out in full dress and appear in the best condition, you can automatically break some rumors. Coupled with the next talk show, the crisis public relations of this incident can come to a perfect end."

"I'm watching the itinerary for the second half of the year. Are there arrangements for me to go to variety shows?"

"It was a slow variety show, simple activity, eating and chatting. Many old artists have also been there. They are not first-line and popular celebrities, and they still couldn't accept the invitation. Many celebrities went to the first stage to successfully whitewash. There are also many. Mainly depending on the popularity of passers-by. In this regard, you only need to control the mood swings. After all, some people are born with passers-by in appearance. In this regard, you are the kind of person who really appreciates food and eats." Her box office appeal is unquestionable. In addition to her superb acting skills, the most important thing is that her face is based on the general aesthetic of the audience.

Variety shows do not require acting skills, I believe it is easier than making movies. Before she made up her mind to completely leave the industry, she still had to honestly approach the direction she was not good at.

Swipe out a few strokes with your hand.

Qu Hui took it and saw that she had planned all the arrangements for the reception and business entertainment in the itinerary. This is unexpected. The company will have these requirements. She will definitely write them, but after knowing Wang Yuan for so many years, she will definitely not participate. She could barely be able to help her before, and it is the same now. Investors want to get in touch with Fenghua's beautiful and internationally renowned actress.

It is normal for the Secretary to think that his signboards can attend public relations and solicit more resources. It's just that if you don't have desires, you are just. One has plans and the other doesn't want to reach agreement.

She works as an agent, excluding pimping, and cannot persuade Wang Yuan to participate. Although the company's top executives will be unhappy, most of the artists under her are fighting for this opportunity. There are always a few artists who satisfy the executives and investors.

When Wang Yuan was about to communicate the next housing problem, the office door was slammed open.

"What do you mean, why cancel my medical appointment? It's my own business. Why do you intervene?"

"President Qu, I said you are talking about things, Xiaoxiao must break in, I didn't stop." The secretary said nervously.

"You go out first and close the door." Qu Hui stretched out her hand and rubbed her temples, and said to Wang Yuan, "I'm sorry, I'll take care of my personal affairs first."

Wang Yuan nodded and stretched out her hand to let her be busy first.

Qu Hui took her heavily-makeup daughter into the small lounge in the office.

"Are you polite? Did I teach you this way? What do you want to do without seeing me talking about work?"

"I'm asking you this." Qu Xiaoxiao glared at her." I want to have a plastic surgery. This is my face. I can do it whatever I want. You can't control it. Why did you call to cancel my appointment."

"You are going to shave your bones. I will only agree if you are crazy. This kind of plastic surgery that hurts the bones and muscles is really done, and it will not be too late for you to regret how much it will affect the future." Qu Hui suppressed angrily.

"I'm already eighteen years old, I can be the master, without your consent." Qu Xiaoxiao coldly snorted, "Many of your artists are plastic surgery, you are not very in favor of it."

Qu Hui was so angry that she couldn't speak, she turned a half circle, and pointed at her daughter: "Why did I give birth to you so stupid! … You are not my daughter and I will take care of you? Why do you want plastic surgery? You think it is the same now. The awl face is just beautiful? You want to be famous, and you want to be an online celebrity. Do you think this line of food is so delicious? I will tell you now, no matter how you do it, you can't become a star. You don't have the qualities of a star at all."

Qu Xiaoxiao's eyes suddenly reddened, "Why can't I? You look down on me, and my own mother looks down on me, I will prove it to you!" After speaking, she shook her head and ran out.

Qu Hui's temples jumped suddenly, with a look of regret and helplessness.

"Make you laugh!" After finishing her emotions, she came out of the lounge.

"I don't have many jokes," Wang slowly said.

Qu Hui twitched her mouth lightly, smiled and sat down.

"My sons and daughters are all debts! When my salary was only four thousand, I spent everything and borrowed money to let her learn dance, violin, and painting. I try to provide as many opportunities as possible, hoping to tap her interest and potential, and let her At the beginning of a small promotion, I tried my best to send her to the conservatory of music. Every point of her tuition was all done by me. But everything she learned was halfway, half-hearted, without talent and perseverance, just like high school. I have learned sparsely. I sent her to stay abroad for half a year and then ran back. I started a live broadcast on the Internet. I wanted to be an internet celebrity. If it wasn't for her to be my daughter, who would visit her? But she didn't know and thought she could Hong can be a star, and now I still think about plastic surgery, cutting bones on his face and using a knife." With a deep sigh, Qu Hui stroked her forehead and said, "When she was young, I worked hard and put her in a boarding school. She has resentment towards me, now mother and daughter are about to become enemies, it is impossible to calm down and communicate. A woman, what can I do when I can only rely on myself, there must always be a choice, if I only cared for her then, Then our mother and daughter are still living in the 30-square-meter old broken community, and relying on my salary of three or four thousand to make ends meet, how can she enjoy her comfortably now. But she doesn't understand!"

It's also because I have known Wang Yuan for many years, and they know something about each other, and she also wants someone to talk about these things at home.

"Since she wants to develop into the entertainment industry, and you have the resources in this area, why not support her?" This is also what Wang Yuan puzzles.

Qu Hui smiled, "I have been in this industry for so many years, relying on my eyes, who can be red, who can not be red, I can tell at a glance. Although Xiaoxiao is my daughter, I It can't be said that she eats this line of food. She looks ordinary and has no special features, has no talents, and is not strong enough. Relying on my relationship, she can barely get a good face in this circle, and it is impossible to get the first line. Maybe someone just wants It's fine to stay in this circle, but I don't want to be like this, I don't want to mix in the bottom of the circle, just like those eighteenth-line stars, either succumbs or loses or loses. This circle is too complicated and too test of human nature. As her pro Mom, I know she has no talent in this area, so how can I put her in."

Wang Yuan didn't know what to say, she had no experience as a mother, and she still didn't understand the relationship with her two sons now. As a senior elder in the entertainment industry, Qu Hui has a say.

Qu Hui's depressed mood was sorted out quickly. As a professional, she quickly recovered her calm and continued to discuss work arrangements with Wang Yuan.

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