After exchanging work arrangements, Wang Yuan mentioned that she went to watch Wang Zining's soccer game in the afternoon. She didn't want bodyguards and entourage to follow, and low-key travel reduced the possibility of being recognized.

Qu Hui thought for a while, and finally nodded in agreement.

Xiao Wang stayed at Tianyu Company, because she had not returned to the company for a period of time, she had to report on recent work, sort out work reports, and deal with some chores such as reimbursement.

Wang Yuan changed into a set of casual clothes she brought with her, a pair of nine-point yoga pants under a big black T-shirt, put on a cap and a mask, and left the company in a low-key manner.

With full curiosity, she wandered around the bustling business district in the city center.

In another time and space, she went to university in H City. After graduation, she returned to her hometown, but she often travels back and forth between the financial capital and the two worlds of parallel space. There are still some differences, like the virtual idol she is visiting now. The experience hall, there is no such thing in the world.

This experience exhibition hall is very large, the interior decoration is mainly white science fiction style, and there are many virtual idol figures of different sizes on the stages of varying heights. On a wide platform in the middle, beautiful girls with holographic projection animation images are singing. The synthesized electronic music is clear and beautiful. There are many onlookers watching and swaying with the virtual idols. The quality is good. They can restrain themselves from shouting. The hall always keeps only the singing of the idols. Although there are many people, the voices are not noisy.

Wang Yuan saw that most of the fans of this beautiful girl named Ye Xingyu were young people in their twenties. They were mainly male. Looking at their dress, they should be the legendary otaku. A few children shuttled among them, and their parents were instructing them not to make noise, and at the same time, they should try their best to restrain their children from clamoring to buy figurines. Homeboys are not hesitating to pay the bills with the lowest price of 1,000 yuan and basically tens of thousands of dollars. Parents of children will not condone their extravagant needs.

Wang Yuan found that in the crowd under the stage, an expressionless, beautiful and excessive little boy was staring at her.

She smiled back and wore a mask. He might not be able to receive this smile.

After strolling around, feeling a little hungry, Wang Yuan thought of a dessert shop passing by just now. She was a little excited and turned back.

Seeing the dazzling array of delicious desserts, she endured the temptation and only ordered mango and taro mash Xuemei Niang, and another durian mille. When paying the money, she lowered the brim of her hat as much as possible, and the cashier still looked at her with inquisitive eyes for a long time.

Escaped from the shop with desserts, she found that this bustling commercial leisure center had no place where she could take off her mask and eat desserts at ease. Can only carry on and continue walking while shopping.

She is fully armed, her tall figure and unique aura are still eye-catching among the crowd. Along the way, people kept looking back, she pretended to move forward as if nothing had happened.

The weather in late May was already quite hot. She walked to the Sunshine Lawn in the Central Park, where there were relatively few people. She opened the mineral water and took a sip and took out the dessert packaging bag.

"Aren't you the little boy in the stadium just now? Why are you here… won't you follow me all the way?" Wang Yuan asked in surprise as she looked at the beautiful child standing in front of the lawn.

She just wanted to put on the mask, and then put it down. It is impossible for such a small child to know her. She is not Xiong Dahe and beaming.

At a young age, why do you have an old and indifferent face, where are your parents? How to let the children run around alone, Wang Yuan looked around, looking for the dereliction of parents. When I met a human trafficker, it was too late to cry.

"Do you know the phone numbers of mom and dad? Do you want me to help contact them?"

Wang Yuan was helpless looking at the child who was standing motionless in front and had a facial paralysis.

"Eat it? Durian cake." She opened the package and handed it to the children.

The little boy took two steps back, frowned his delicate brows, and continued to stare at her with disgust.

"Don't like the smell of durian? Then have a mango snowman."

Seeing the little boy hesitatingly took it, she laughed happily.

When Wang Yuan ate the durian cake, the little boy stayed away from her. When she finished eating, she stood up and prepared to leave, and the little boy followed.

"Go, don't you tell me the contact numbers of my parents, I will take you to the police uncle."

After speaking, Wang Yuan seemed to hear a cold snort from the child, is it an illusion.

The children followed, Wang Yuan deliberately slowed down, "How old are you this year? Five years old? Six years old?"

Seeing the little boy still not speaking, Wang Yuan hesitated, squatted down in front of him, searched in her mind, and compared the sign language she remembered, "Do you need my help?"

The little boy ran past her, "Fool!"

Wang Yuan gritted her teeth with anger, can talk. Why didn't she speak just now? Are children so good at pranking people now?

Outside the Central Park is a restaurant. Just now, a small cake was just an appetizer. Wang Yuan was still hungry. She entered a clean Japanese-style noodle restaurant. She didn't like ramen, but aimed at the privacy space in each row. The better seats are here.

"After eating, I will take you to the police. It is estimated that the adults in your family will die of anxiety. Let them be anxious for a while. If the children are lost, they should be anxious to learn something."

Wang Yuan said to the little tail behind her.

Sitting down on the deck, holding the menu that the waiter handed over, she took it and put it in front of the little boy: "What do you want to eat? Watch it yourself."

The waiter did not leave, and while secretly looking at Wang Yuan curiously, he smiled and suggested: "We have the newly launched parent-child package here, which is nutritious and healthy. You can consider it."

"Where? Let me see." Wang Yuan was about to take the menu in front of the children and study. The little boy held the menu with both hands.

"I don't know her, don't want parent-child set meal, I want to eat chicken wings ramen."

Wang Yuan laughed, then turned to the waiter and said: "I'll have chicken wings ramen and a snow beef ramen set. Thank you!"

She took off her mask, lowered the brim of her hat, and said to the little boy: "The beautiful and generous aunt invites you to eat ramen, can you tell me the name?"

The little boy rolled his eyes up and turned his head with his hands around his chest, as if he didn't bother to care about her.

"You can eat people with soft lips, why don't you know this." Wang Yuan pretended to sigh, and said to him seriously, "Auntie told you, you are a little emperor at home, everyone spoils you, but after you come out, you still drag you like this. The attitude of dragging is not good, especially if you are in trouble now, when a stranger finds you, you must be grateful and don't look like you are going out to collect your bills."

When the waiter was serving the dishes, she put on the mask again, and when people left, she took out some of the ramen in front of the little boy and put them on a clean small bowl. Little boys are short-handed, chopsticks are easy to hold, and get hot in the soup.

After she ate half a bowl of noodles, the little boy didn't move much of the noodles. She frowned and said, "Isn't ramen delicious? Then you can eat chicken wings."

"I hate chicken wings." The little boy put the chicken wings into the bone dish and said indifferently.

Wang Yuan told herself to calm down. Fortunately, this is not her son, otherwise she must have high blood pressure early in the morning.

"You don't like chicken wings, why do you order chicken wings ramen?"

"I hate others more than others."

OK, you have a character! Master, I can't afford to send you away as soon as I finish eating.

After the checkout, Wang Yuan was about to take a taxi to the nearby police station. The little boy tugged at the corner of her clothes and said: "Send me to the police station, and I will tell them that you are the star Wang Yuan, and I was kidnapped by you."

Wang Yuan's head jumped suddenly: "You know me? So you know me! Xiaopeng Friend, are you threatening me now? Are you my little fan?"

The little boy glanced at her and said coldly: "Don't feel too good about yourself, I will fan an old aunt?"

Don't be angry, don't be angry, remember that there is a strange creature in this world called a mythical beast, and you will lose if you compare it with them.

"Since you are not my fan, why follow me all the way, don't you go home, don't you worry about your family looking for you?"

"I'm going to watch a soccer game." The little boy put his hands in his pants pockets, watching the traffic in front of him.

"How did you know that I was going to watch a soccer match?" Wang Yuan was full of huge doubts and all kinds of conjectures.

The little boy stretched out his hand and pointed to her backpack." When paying the bill, I saw the ball game ticket in your wallet."

Wang Yuan felt that what she met was not a six-year-old child, but more like a sixteen-year-old weird and rebellious teenager.

"No, I want to take you to the police station first. You have been missing for too long. It is estimated that your family members have reported the crime. If you don't send it back, I really have become a kidnapper."

"My guardian is not in the country, and no one will look for it when I come out. I will go back by myself after watching the game."

Wang Yuan frowned and shook her head at him.

"The game starts at three o'clock. It's now half past one. I'll take a taxi to the stadium to reserve a traffic jam for about one hour. The audience will enter the stadium half an hour earlier. You don't have enough time. If you stay any longer, you may miss the game. It was originally a middle school student's game. Soccer matches are of little value to watch. Considering that you will go there, there should be relatives who may be your son to participate. Now, are you sure you want to spend time with me here?"

A round, beautiful and cute childish face, said these words, combined with the strange performance before, Wang Yuan suddenly squatted down and said to him seriously: "Are you Conan? An adult in a child's skin? You won't Is it passing through parallel time and space?"

"You inhale too much carbon dioxide, not only amnesia, but also your brain is broken." The little boy complained and pointed to the traffic lane in front of him." Hurry up and stop a taxi. You have one hour and twenty minutes left now."

Lined up to the ticket gate, Wang Yuan took out two tickets (Fan Jiangliang prepared one more for her, maybe thinking that she would take the assistant out, this cheap and strange kid), holding the little boy tightly in her hand 'S little hand, bowed his head and said to him: "Follow me, there are so many people here, don't get lost. The next stranger you meet is not necessarily a kind and beautiful aunt like me. Maybe you will be sent to study anatomy." Although she shouldn't scare children, she was so frightened by the children that she no longer regarded him as a simple child.

After getting in the car until now, the child has remained silent again, it is gold, and no longer speaks.

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