In today's city youth soccer match, the stadium occupancy rate reached 80%, which is the standard for professional soccer matches. It's normal to think about it. The appeal of middle school students is not bad at all. The school organizes a student watching group, as well as a favorite family and friends circle.

Fan Jiangliang gave the ticket. After Wang Yuan found the seat in the first row with the best viewing position, she quickly found that Fan Jiangliang was not far away from seven or eight seats. He was wearing sunglasses and a baseball shirt today, and he was talking with an acquaintance next to him.

Just looking up, the two eyes met, Fan Jiangliang smiled on his face and waved his hand at her. Wang Yuan also nodded and smiled at him.

The little boy always sat beside him blankly, out of tune with the warm atmosphere around him.

Wang Yuan divided the inflatable rods in her hand into two and stuffed them in his hands.

"Auntie's son scored a goal later, you must remember to shout for cheer… That, the first and most handsome elder brother who just came out of the player tunnel, look! That is the eldest son of the aunt, his name is Wang Zining. Oh, Ning Ning's hair has been short shaved, and she is so handsome in a jersey. The phone is about, I want to take pictures!" Wang Yuan started to get excited when she saw Wang Zining coming out.

Wang Zining, who had just entered the stadium, saw Wang Yuan suddenly stumbled while walking. When dribbling the ball in the warm-up zone, he showed off his various skills with a soccer, attracting students from the four seats, especially the female classmates, to scream Shout. Liang Wentao among the students said to his classmates: "Wang Tou is too irritable today. It is not the usual cold and low-key style at all."

"Ning Ning is like a soccer star, so amazing! You see, how good his skills are, and so many people like him!" Wang Yuan and You Rongyan said, completely intoxicated by the atmosphere of the scene.

The little boy turned his head and glanced at her, and continued to look ahead with a slightly complicated expression.

Wang Yuan swiped a lot of photos. After zooming in, she found that the perspective taken by the mobile phone was not very clear. She was a little regretful. Turning around, she saw the little boy sitting there alone, with her short legs hanging in the air, and she picked up the phone and pointed it at him. Said: "Strange Conan, let me take a picture of you too."

Just when the little boy turned his head, Wang Yuan clicked the shutter several times, and a cute little face was clearly printed on Wang Yuan's phone.

Some light hair color, long curly eyelashes, tall and round nose, white skin, what a beautiful child!

It seems that this little face has a feeling of deja vu…

I always feel that the outline of the facial features, where I have seen it.

Soon, the whistle blew, and Wang Yuan's attention was drawn to the game.

As a striker, Wang Zining played particularly well today. At the end of the first half, he scored twice. Wang Yuan doesn't understand soccer, and she knows that her son is a veritable young soccer player. The strength of both sides of the team is similar, and everyone is familiar with each other's ball routes, so the defense is very tight. After dozens of minutes of high-intensity running, there are always tired and slack times. When others slow down, Wang Zining is always full of energy and chasing soccer. As long as the ball has a chance to reach his feet, it is difficult for the opponent to snatch it. In the past, he continuously dribbled the ball and hit the goal. In some cases, the opponent risked a foul and blocked the tackle before stopping him to score again.

"Wang Tou is expected to be a big four today!" Liang Wentao excitedly hit the inflatable stick, shouting loudly, "Prince… Ning, you are the best, Prince… Ning, you are the strongest, yeah!"

Qian Shuheng pushed his glasses and rubbed his arms. He felt that sitting next to Liang Wentao was the biggest mistake. Not only his ears would suffer, but his soul would also be hurt. He would even learn such disgusting words from girls.

If it is not a class activity, he would rather brush a few more exercises at home.

"Old Fan, how about it? As long as you agree to hand over Zining to us, I can assure you that the team will definitely train him vigorously. In a few years, he will be able to join the national team. I now have Xi Guoqing in my hands. You know the quota for the training camp. This is the place where all parties grab the head. As long as you nod, this quota belongs to Zining. He has the opportunity to go to the Western Youth Training Camp for two years, and maybe he will play abroad directly in the future." A middle-aged man beside Fan Jiangliang said to him earnestly.

"Coach Liu, not only you, but the swimming team and sprinters have come to me. To be honest with you, I really can't promise you now. Ning Ning's matter is not something I can decide alone, and his grandparents don't want it either. He had made arrangements for his life long ago. The sporting career is too cruel, and the old man is reluctant." Not only his parents, Fan Jiangliang himself is not willing. Although he loves soccer, he also knows the cruelty of soccer competition. Which athlete is not full of injuries. Many people suffer from life-long disabilities due to illness.

"Really, if Wang Zining's talent is average, I won't mention it at all. If he has only a little potential, I will only mention it to you. This little guy is really born for soccer. Real soccer. Genius! How am I willing to give up? He is fourteen years old now, and he is still a child to you, but for sports, he needs to devote himself to playing.

When he got his roots, he was too late when he was abroad, and he didn't practice since childhood. Lao Fan, I have been in friendship with you for many years. I will not harm you, let alone Zining. You really don't hesitate anymore. If you drag on, your children will be delayed by you. Zining may have other options, but as a veteran soccer player, if the national team can't attract such a talented player, I would be ashamed of dedicating to soccer for so many years. You are also a soccer lover. You don't want our national team to be able to enter the World Cup, the quarter-finals, and the semi-finals in the future?"

Fan Jiangliang laughed: "What you said seems to be the responsibility of revitalizing the national team has fallen on Wang Zining. Don't forget, soccer is a teamwork sport, and it is not a game that depends on one person to determine the outcome. Our country also plays a role. It's a genius player, why this sport has never been good, it's very complicated, don't you know if you are in it? Besides, you, a coach of the provincial team who is about to retire, really don't have to worry so much."

"You can't decide, I will find Zining myself, as long as the child wants to play soccer, you can't stop it!" Coach Liu puffed.

"Okay, as long as Wang Zining himself is willing, I will support whatever he wants!"

After Fan Jiangliang finished speaking, he looked far away and saw Wang Yuan waving an inflatable stick. He turned his attention to the little boy next to her, and he couldn't help but let out a surprise.

At the beginning of the second half, Wang Zining scored another goal and staged a hat-trick. The coach of the City H Junior Soccer Team signaled for a substitution. When Wang Zining was replaced, shouts of dissatisfaction sounded from the audience.

"Three goals have been scored, and the outcome is basically set. It is understandable to replace the players at this time. You can't make the neighboring city soccer team lose too ugly. It's better to give the brother city a little face." Coach Liu Explained.

The sweaty Wang Zining was still a little dull after being replaced. He returned to the rest area to drink water and looked towards Wang Yuan's direction. Fan Jiangliang noticed this scene, sighed, and expressed his son's future career development direction. Do you want to discuss with his mother.

"It's the balancing act again." The little boy said with disdain.

"Little guy, you feel a lot of emotion. Isn't it for Brother Ning Ning to hold on to the injustice? Big brother is dazzling enough this year. Wouldn't it be good to let him down to rest and save his strength, so that others have the opportunity to exercise." Wang Yuan looked at the little boy and smiled.

"Don't be sentimental! Let me emphasize again that this single-celled creature with well-developed limbs has nothing to do with me, and I will not hold injustice for him."

"Boy tongue, auntie is really angry! Don't talk about the family union, I will throw you here, you can go back by yourself."

When the whistle sounded at the end of the game, Fan Jiang also sent a text message asking her if she wanted to come to the stadium to take a photo together.

Of course, Wang Yuan is willing.

The crowd rose one after another and squeezed towards the exit. Although Wang Yuan was dizzy by this strange child, she couldn't leave him alone. Watching the villain be crowded out by the crowd, she was afraid that he would be trampled on when he was too young. Bend down, grabbed him, and hugged him in his arms.

Unexpectedly, it was quite light. Wang Yuan picked up the little guy, picked it up and walked off the court.

The little boy's expressionless little face suddenly cracked, with a trace of uneasiness and embarrassment in his astonishment, he tried to struggle.

Little butt was lightly patted.

"Don't move, I don't care about falling."

"Let me down!" the little boy whispered stubbornly.

The two people squeezing in front accidentally bumped into them. Wang Yuan leaned back. The little boy nervously grabbed her shoulder to prevent it from falling. When Wang Yuan stood firm, the little hand loosened and tightened the ring again. Staying, her little head twisted back, deliberately avoiding Wang Yuan's gaze, facing the back of her head.

After taking a group photo of the two teams left in the center of the field, the players rushed to their family and classmates, and started to take pictures in twos and threes.

Liang Wentao rushed to Wang Zining's side, jumped up and took his shoulders, "King's head, go, let's take a group photo."

Wang Zining watched Wang Yuan holding a little boy and walked towards her father, his eyes stopped for a while, with an unpredictable expression.

"Come on. My classmates are waiting for you!"

Wang Zining pulled away Liang Wentao's hand, "I'm going to find the coach for something. You can shoot first."

"Without you, what shall we take." Liang Wentao shouted, "Okay, then you go first, we will wait for you."

Fan Jiangliang and Wang Yuan avoided the crowd and went back and forth to a secluded corner of the green lawn.

Fan Jiangliang just wanted to say hello to her when he saw Wang Zining approaching here and waved to his son.

"Is this Haoran? I will accompany my mother to see my brother's game today?" Fan Jiangliang said to the little boy happily. Knowing that his son has a half-brother, he has never seen him. Today, he was very happy to see that Wang Yuan was able to take him over to watch the game and give his brother a chance to contact him.

"No, he is…" Wang Yuan explained with a smile. In the middle of speaking, a thought flashed through her mind. She turned her head instantly, looking at this in her arms with hesitant eyes, and she was always being touched. She thought it was a strange little boy.

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