The eyes are facing each other.

The little boy was still expressionless, and there seemed to be a vortex hidden in his big black eyes, and Wang Yuan was a little dizzy.

"Why did you bring him here? I want to force us to recognize each other and stage a brotherhood to satisfy your imagination of being a qualified mother in front of us?" Wang Zining looked at Wang Yuan and sneered.

One day two years ago, when I came to see myself, I brought this little guy with me. At that time, he was not so close. This nominal brother was younger at the time and left by himself. There was a nanny assistant between the two. The relationship between mother and child is as alienated and indifferent. Two years later, this guy is so old, and he still holds the affection between mother and child in his arms. It's ridiculous! He definitely doesn't admit that he is a bit gusty, hum, disgusting!

She kept holding her, but she didn't feel how heavy the child was, so Wang Yuan forgot to put it down for a while.

Fan Jiangliang looked at his son with some worry, but he didn't expect Ning Ning to react so much.

Wang Yuan's mind at this moment is completely stunned, it is impossible for Ning Ning and the others to admit their mistake, but she did not recognize it! Yes, this little face has always felt a little familiar. It turned out to be somewhat similar to her own. Why did she never think about it.

"Mario?" Wang Yuan screamed tentatively, and when she saw the little boy's eyes flashing, she settled and laughed, "Mom has been joking with you…I'm acting like you are. See that I am acting? How could I not recognize you, ha ha, ha ha ha…"

"It's embarrassing, my son didn't recognize it either." Qi Haoran said to her with a look at the play.

Wang Zining looked at the two men suspiciously, and wondered: "You didn't recognize him? You forgot him because of amnesia? Hahaha, that's so funny! Also, what is that Mario's name? Isn't it called Qi? What's the matter? Mario, I thought it was the uncle with the beard in overalls. By the way, you also wear overalls, no wonder your name is Mario."

Son, you are very timely to make up the knife, so you can shut up. Wang Yuan thought with pain in her head.

Qi Haoran, also known as Mario, glared at Wang Zining: "Paramecium, forgive your ignorance, your words have no effect on me. By the way, you performed very well on the court today, just like… a gorilla courtship."

Wang Zining was stunned for a moment. After reacting, he jumped up with anger, "Little dwarf, come down to me, I will pick you up, like a flying cake, and throw it back into your mushroom house."

"Hehe, I can't control my emotions,

Solving problems depends on violence. Such people are generally called-losers!"


Fan Jiangliang grabbed his furious son with a wry smile.

Wang Yuan is a black line.

"Well, they are really brothers who love (kill) each other! Director Fan Jiang, please help us take a group photo. I think their brothers definitely want to keep this scene."

Wang Yuan put Mario down, then pulled Wang Zining to her side, and directed Fan Jiangliang to take pictures in front of him, "Stand in front of Mario, Wang Zining stays still, keep smiling, and yell with me—egg~zi!"

"No!" The brothers jumped away from the front of the camera.

But this scene was still left by the camera. The mother who took off the mask and kept smiling, the son who turned left and right to flee.

Very good, a very "loving" family of three!


The three mothers and sons were sitting opposite the small round table, and no one spoke for a while.

This is a leisure bar next to the gymnasium. Wang Yuan wanted to have a good talk with her younger son, but she didn't expect the elder son to change into clean clothes and follow along.

Wang Yuan is holding her chest. On the left is the elder son with a provocative look, and on the right is the younger son with an indifferent look. Knowing that there were two sons, there was a kind of joy for nothing. She wanted to be a kind and good mother. Now she is sober. It seems that there is still a long way to fight with the two bear sons in the future.

Wang Yuan turned her head and looked at her youngest son. She had a precocious personality and a very high IQ. After all, she was only seven years old, and she ran out alone, too courageous!

"Ning Ning, can you help me order three drinks over there?" Wang Yuan said to the elder with a smile, still respecting the privacy of the child, she wants to distract the elder and chat with the younger son in private.

Wang Zining looked at the line of five or six people at the counter and hesitated. He didn't want to miss the scene where Wang Yuan taught this little guy. At such a young age, he dared to sneak out by himself, hum, not be scolded. strange. So he hurriedly changed his sweaty jersey and threw it to his father, and followed the two people he didn't like, just to watch the good show.

"Why don't you wait here? I'll buy it. Hey, I don't know if I will be recognized." Wang Yuan blinked her eyes.

"I'll go." Wang Zining stood up, with one hand in his pocket, and glanced at Qi Haoran, "What do you want to drink? I don't know if there is any children's milk~"

"If you don't have milk, orange juice will be fine, and I'm the same. Thank you Ning Ning!" Wang Yuan raised her head and smiled. She took out her wallet and handed it to her son. Wang Zining waved his hand. He had enough pocket money, so he didn't take his money.

"Don't wait for me to walk away and talk secretly." Wang Zining warned, and walked over to place the order in three or two steps.

Wang Yuan smiled silently.

Qi Haoran: "Fool!"

"You can't say that about brother in the future." Wang Yuan said with a rare stern face.

Qi Haoran looked at her with a colder expression.

Wang Yuan wanted to grab her hair helplessly. Why is it so difficult for a seven-year-old child? I wish I had learned something about child psychology before.

"Let's talk about your sneaking out this time. Is your father in this city now? Who do you live with?… If you don't speak, then I can only call him or the phone of Assistant Li. Just ask them."

"His plane last night, if the plane is on time, he should be in country M now. One more thing to correct. I didn't sneak out. I walked out from the gate of my house with integrity. You don't know that Qi's parents live in this country for generations. City? Of course I live with them."

What he didn't say was that he caused a little malfunction to the guard system and came out while they were investigating and repairing it.

"You have been away for so long, they won't find you? I don't believe they will let you run out alone." Wang Yuan looked at him and said solemnly.

Of course they didn't know that he had left. He told the servant in the morning that he was not allowed to enter the room to disturb him that day after the food was brought in. No one will find him leaving that house.

"Do you know how dangerous it is for a child to run out alone? Although you are very smart, you are weak. If you meet a bad person, you have no ability to resist. Also, when did you follow me? A coincidence Up, or…"

"I saw you at Ye Xingyu Stadium. I followed you out because of curiosity. I didn't come to see you specially as you imagined. Don't make up for it yourself."

"I'll send you back later, I'll explain to them." Wang Yuan reached out and touched his head, Qi Haoran turned away." Qi Xian…Your father is not in the country recently. I want to take you over to live with me for a period of time. I hope you can agree and I will discuss it with the Qi family."

"I don't agree. Why do you think I want you to disturb my life?" Qi Haoran raised his head and looked at her.

Wang Yuan sighed silently.

"A glass of milk will give you calcium to grow your height." Wang Zining handed the steaming milk to Qi Haoran, and gave another glass to Wang Yuan, "Your orange juice."

"Thank you Ning Ning!" Wang Yuan said as she looked at Wang Zining who was begging for praise.

Wang Zining took a sip of Coke, straightened his expression, sitting prestigiously, said softly, "Let's say, where do you live? When did you run out? Why did you run out? Did you find her? Did you know that traffickers abducted the child, interrupted his leg and put it there? Begging on the street. You can't just let it go just because you are young and ignorant. You must remember the lesson." He looked at Wang Yuan, "Don't you educate him?"

Wang Yuan held her forehead with her hands and wailed to herself.

Qi Haoran jumped out of his seat and turned to leave.

Wang Zining was quick-eyed and picked him up, "You little boy, you just shake your face when you say a few words? Haven't started criticizing you yet, sit down, prick your ears and listen humbly."

Qi Haoran struggled in his arms, punching and kicking, and Wang Zining clamped his limbs in embarrassment.

"Let go!" Qi Haoran's expression was red with anger.

"Ning Ning, let go of my brother!" Wang Yuan couldn't pretend to be dead now, and she hurriedly stood up to rescue the person from Prince Ning's arms.

"I'm not his brother!" Qi Haoran said angrily.

"Cut, think I'm rare to be your brother? Little Mario!"

Qi Haoran had his hands and feet restrained, opened his mouth, and took a bite towards the arm around him.

"Ah… are you a dog? I have to teach you a lesson today." Wang Zining cried out painfully.

"Luigi, that's enough, you are fourteen, not four." Wang Yuan snatched Qi Haoran and said loudly, enduring a headache.

The movement here has attracted the attention of the people in the store.

"That person looks like Wang Yuan!"

"Little brother is so handsome~"

Someone raised their phone and was approaching here.

Seeing the guests in the leisure bar are looking here, there is a tendency to gradually come closer. Wang Yuan is afraid of being recognized and causing riots, so she hugs Qi Haoran and lowers her head to leave, not forgetting to say to Wang Zining: "Quickly keep up!"

The three of them left the leisure bar some distance, and stopped after they didn't find anyone coming.

Standing on the side of the wide road.

Wang Zining said dissatisfiedly: "Call me Luigi next time, I will turn my face!"

Luigi is the twin brother of the game character Mario.

"You are still fighting with your seven-year-old brother, are you really fourteen years old?"

"He is seven years old. Although he is short, he is not a child. Does it need you to hold it all the time?" Wang Zining said with a curled mouth.

Qi Haoran, who once wanted to struggle out of Wang Yuan's arms, heard this, but instead put his hand around Wang Yuan's shoulder and deliberately looked at Wang Zining.

"Hmph, I'm too lazy to care about you, I'll go back first." Wang Zining turned to leave.

"Wait, let's take you home first, and I'll take your brother."

"I'm not a kid, so you don't need to send it."

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