Wang Yuan sent her elder son back first. She knew that Wang Zining lived with her grandparents in the staff unit building of H University. She was very satisfied with the environment here. This time she only sent it to the gate to avoid encountering Zining's grandfather. Grandma is embarrassed.

Back in the taxi, she said to the younger son who was sitting next to her, "Have you refused to give your home address? Or do you want to go home with your mother?"

"No. 5 Wutong Road, Nanning District." Wang Zining said to the driver.

"Where do you live? That's a luxury villa area. I haven't driven in yet." The driver curiously looked at the mother and son in the back seat of the car through the rearview mirror. Mother's cap was lowered and her face could not be seen clearly.

Wang Yuan smiled and did not answer.

In the car, Wang Yuan tried to tease Qi Haoran to talk, but the little guy never spoke again.

The car was stopped at the entrance of Wutong Avenue.

"No entry is allowed ahead. It is estimated that there is still a long way to go. You have to walk in by yourself." The driver turned his head and said, "This is all private cars coming in and out. You have to pierce it."

"It's okay, master, stop here."

After Wang Yuan paid, Qi Haoran pushed the door and got out of the car.

A small man with brownish soft hair, tender white skin, a blue and white plaid shirt with button-down gentleman's overalls, walking on the quiet parasol road, his back is so cute, but his temper is very big.

Wang Yuan walked up quickly and reached out to hold the little hand. Qi Haoran raised her head and glanced at her. Without breaking free, the two of them paced slowly towards No. 5 Wutong Road.

After a long journey, Wang Yuan wanted to pick him up and walk, but Qi Haoran refused.

Finally, Villa No. 5 Wutong Road is in front of you.

Ringing the doorbell, the doorman quickly came to open the door. He looked at Qi Haoran in surprise: "Little Master, when did you go out?"

Qi Haoran ignored him and just went in.

The guard glanced at Wang Yuan and asked, "Are you… the former second young wife?"

The young master, the second young lady, the Qi family has a big enough shelf. Hearing this name, Wang Yuan felt a little nauseous and uncomfortable.

"I'm Haoran's mother, who sent him back. Please help me pass on the owner of this house. I want to go in and say hello."

"…Please wait a minute." After the door guard let her in, he opened the intercom and reported the situation to the supervisor inside.

"I have already notified, you can go in first."

"Thank you!"

Wang Yuan still held Qi Haoran's hand and asked, "Are there only grandparents living here? There are still others?"

Wang Yuan is a little confused about the network of this family.

"Grandpa and grandma and aunt live here. Grandpa is not at home, and he will not come out to see you if he is there. The hostess in charge of receiving the female guests will be the hostess of this house, that is, my dad's little mother, my little grandma, if she is now At home." Qi Haoran answered with rare cooperation.

"Then your grandma… is it in China?"

"Because you have amnesia, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, let me tell you about the situation in the Qi family. Grandpa has married three wives. Uncle and dad were born to grandma. Grandma divorced grandpa 30 years ago. Now I live in Germany. The mistress gave birth to a big aunt, a second aunt and a third uncle, and a little grandma gave birth to a little aunt. The mistress and grandpa divorced 15 years ago and now live abroad. The little aunt is 18 years old this year."

Wang Yuan listened carefully. That's not right. The second wife has only been divorced for 15 years. Why is the little wife and child 18 years old? It seems that the relationship is quite complicated.

Glancing at his son, he was a little worried about the little guy living in this environment.

Walking through the garden to the living room, the servant was very surprised when he saw Qi Haoran, and whispered: "Little Master, haven't you been in the room all the time?"

"First serve the guests tea." A middle-aged woman in her fifty or so came in, with darker statutory lines and neatly short hair, and frowned inadvertently to the servant.

"Miss Wang, haven't seen you for a long time, how are you?" She looked at Wang Yuan and smiled faintly.

"She is the steward Zhou." Qi Haoran introduced.

Wang Yuan smiled and nodded at her.

"Are Qi's parents here? Qi Ying is not abroad, so I sent Haoran back to say hello to them."

Steward Zhou turned and aligned Haoran and said: "Mario, you run out privately, I will tell the second master on the phone that I will talk to you later. You should go back to the room first."

Then she looked at Wang Yuan: "Madame has been notified, and she will be here soon."

"You go back to the room first." Wang Yuan said to Haoran, "Mom will come to see you next time."

Qi Haoran glanced at her, turned around and left indifferently.

"Miss Wang, please have tea!" Steward Zhou stood aside and greeted him politely and nonchalantly.

"I heard that Mario's mother is here? Rare visitor, how many years have passed since I thought I could only see you on the screen." A woman who looked at forty, with a pretty decent appearance and a luxurious dress, left. Come over and look at Wang Yuan, slightly exaggerated and authentic.

She sat down on the opposite side of the sofa, crossed her legs, stretched out one side of her long hair, and the large blue diamonds on her fingers gleamed.

Looking at Wang Yuan, a look of curiosity and inquiry.

"Hello, Mrs. Qi." Wang Yuan said politely.

She raised her eyebrows slightly and said with an inexplicable expression: "Mrs. Qi? You didn't call me that way. It seems that you have changed a lot. You are in good condition, although today's dress is too simple."

After Wang Yuan came in, she followed Qi Ying and called her Ms. Shao.

"Today I ran into Mario accidentally when I went out. I knew he was sneaking out. I'm afraid you are in a hurry. I will send him back first and come back without dressing up. I was rude." Wang Yuan smiled. She is a black casual long T-shirt and a black backpack that she wears during the day.

"Did he run to find you?" Mrs. Qi asked curiously.

"No, we ran into it by accident."

"Really? The city is really too small." Mrs. Qi smiled gracefully, "but his father knows that we must be blamed. After all, living here, we are grandparents, we are responsible for it. Also. Soon Mario will have a new mother, when someone will take care of him, we can worry less."

Qi Ying is getting married? In this case, would it be easier to talk to him about Qi Haoran.

"Congratulations to you, the family will have a happy event soon, and there will be a new member."

Mrs. Qi closed her eyes, stroked the skirt folds on her knees, and said indifferently: "Yes, our kind of family, we pay attention to the prosperity of the people, the family is prosperous, but it is not that anyone can enter the door, you may not know Qi The girlfriend that Ying Xin talked about is a daughter of Yuanhua Group, a Master of Arts in Country Y, and she has a good appearance. If it weren't for this condition, the old man would not agree. You know, Qi Ying and your last marriage, he was not I agree very much. In the end, you still broke up. This time Qi Ying found a girlfriend, the old man is very satisfied. Gayoung, oh, it is Miss Yuan, it is indeed very suitable to be our daughter-in-law."

"Congratulations again, Jiayou Tiancheng!" Wang Yuan praised.

"After you divorced Qi Ying, you never came here. No, you haven't been here since you got married. If you can visit here today, it's just as easy as sending Mario back? Hehe, you know, I am a very straightforward person. People, if I ask, you won't be angry, will you?"

"No, it's really just to send the child back. If there is any purpose, it is mainly to meet Mario's elders and express my gratitude. Mario lives here. I will trouble you to take care of him. It's a hard work!"

"You have changed a lot. Before, you weren't a person who was sophisticated." Mrs. Qi said with a smile.

"People change."

"I thought you were a person who would never change. It seems that you have come to a great realization this time."

Wang Yuan smiled: "It's a great realization, so I cherish the time spent with children. I originally thought that during the period when Qi Ying was away, I would pick up Mario to live with me, and I would like to spend more time with him in the future. After Qi Ying gets married, he may have less time to spend time with his children. I don't know if I propose this idea and will he object to it."

"Are you asking for my opinion?" Mrs. Qi giggled, "You want to pick him up and live with him. I don't think Mario's grandfather and dad can agree. How could they let the family's children and grandchildren be outside. What's more Miss Wang, you are also a celebrity. Unless you retired, or you announced the filming, how can you have time to take care of him? It's not the same as now, and it's in the boarding school. Staying at Qi's house will only benefit Mario. The descendants of the Qi family, he has a right of inheritance."

After leaving Qi's house, the sky was getting dark.

Wang Yuan walked alone on the silent Wutong Road, turned her head to look at the building behind her, and found a little boy standing on the balcony on the third floor, ah, her little son. He didn't know what object he was holding. A long light shot towards her, and the light kept flashing. Wang Yuan raised her hand and waved at him, smiling for a long time.


In the next two days, Wang Yuan went to see another house under her name. The location was also good, and the surrounding facilities were complete, and it was still a school district room.

This house is a three-bedroom and two-living room of 150 square meters. The house has never been occupied or rented out. Someone may be hired to clean it regularly, so the room looks quite tidy.

The decoration of the house is 80% new, but thinking that her two sons might come to live in, she still wants to simply decorate and decorate, so that she can't move in right away.

In addition to asking people to design and renovate the house, she also found a suitable time period in the past two days and called Qi Ying abroad. She wanted to get some opportunities to get along with her son. However, the communication process with Mr. Qi was not smooth as always. Qi Ying told her that Qi Haoran had not graduated from the kindergarten, and he was going to go to school in Beijing soon, so she didn't bother to worry about it. Also, he said that Wang Yuan used means to induce the child to go out and meet her when he didn't know it. He maintains the power to hold accountable.

The communication was fruitless. Although Wang Yuan was not surprised, she was still a little frustrated.

Apart from housework, there is still work to be done.

The upcoming fashion anniversary celebration is the first time she has appeared in the spotlight, and she must respond with a spirit of twelve points.

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