There are a lot of preparations for participating in the Fashion Week, such as trying on makeup and dresses, taking hard photos, doing beauty care, and dieting to lose weight (this is too cruel for Wang Yuan, she is so thin, and she has to control her diet, but the dress is indeed Only the remaining frame can be fitted in.)

In addition to self-management, she also needs to understand the process of the event, the information of the guests at the conference, and the way to identify people by looking at pictures, and recognize more than a hundred guests.

The activity started at 8 o'clock that day, and she came to the scene in a commercial car at 7:30.

The outside of the Olympic Stadium was crowded with fans. Looking out from the car window, the crowd was full of emotions, screaming and shouting constantly.

Wang Yuan's car moved forward slowly, and it took a lot of time to enter the guest channel. When she got out of the car, her eardrum was hit by a sound wave, and she almost twisted her feet in stiletto heels in shock.

A young man in a black dress in front smiled at her and waited there.

This is the red carpet guest arranged by the company. It is also the company's artist and rookie Wu Ziqi.

Wang Yuan wore a white high-definition tube top dress. The slim fishtail design fully demonstrated her tall and slender figure. When she got out of the car, all eyes were on her, flashing and shuttering constantly.

She smiled back at the fellow male guest and walked over quickly.

When the two passed by between the bodyguards, waves of screams sounded around them.

When the media gave most of the flashing lights to Wang Yuan, the fans at the scene loved the idol Wu Ziqi even more.

When the two passed the autograph booth, Wu Ziqi, as a young idol, was very experienced in embossing various shapes and screaming more intensely.

Although Wang Yuan has a big heart, it is impossible to show her face under the spotlight for the first time without stage fright at all. But she tried her best to stabilize her mood and keep smiling.

She is glamorous in a high-definition white dress from the D family, coupled with the halo of the queen and recent hot spots, media reporters have captured more of her. Don't miss every detail, so that the material can be exposed later.

She stayed in the spotlight for a very short time, and mainly didn't know how to pose. Although she had practiced before coming, she felt ashamed to pose in all kinds of poses. When she finally stood here, she would only stand up straight, more than a scissor hand.

This grand ceremony was broadcast live on a well-known video website. The atmosphere was very hot, and the comments under the video were also very popular.

[Qiao Yushuai exploded. I like him in the pink suit today. I can make the pornstar look handsome and straight. There is our little Qiao.]

[The XXX group is so burning today. When you take a photo, you can put it in a Y shape, you can't do it without any physical fitness~]

[Wu Ziqi went so far as to take the goddess on the red carpet, is Tianyu's trend to favor him? Why not our little Qiao?]

[Wang Yuan and Xiao Qiao had just been on the hot search, Tianyu did not dare to use the movie queen and the gold idol to hype, the hot search was taken down within a few hours, it is estimated that it is also a company operation. I'm afraid that the two will have a positive or negative effect together.]

[The queen is in very good condition, not as rumored at all.]

[This scissor hand poses, as if I saw myself walking into the red carpet temporarily and posing, I didn't expect the shadow queen to have such a silly and cute side, quack~]

[Is it a designed marketing photo? After the movie, I don't know how many photos were taken on the red carpet. I searched for her previous photos, and they were all very cool and stylish. The team designed it on purpose]

[The netizen who loves raincoats with the screen name above, are you Ye Yuran's fan, deliberately black our goddess? If it was deliberately designed, why didn't your family Ye Yuran design such a pose…]

Before his smile stiffened, he finally entered the venue. The ceremonial staff led her to the front of the venue. Along the way, Wang Yuangang has tutored the map of entertainment industry practitioners, and compared with the guests tonight, it is really dazzling. Almost half of the entertainment industry has gathered.

Although they entered the arena with Wu Ziqi, the etiquette staff did not arrange for them to sit together, and Wang Yuan's position was higher.

She had just arrived at the seat, and a middle-aged man on the left saw him and stood up and reached out to her:

"Hello, it's an honor to meet you here today."

Wang Yuan immediately stretched out her hand and shook him lightly." Director Xu, hello! I am also very honored."

If it hadn't been for the video that Xiaowang's assistant Amway had done before, even if she did her homework in advance, she might not be able to recognize people. There are too many employees in the entertainment industry.

When they shook hands, the flashing lights next to them kept coming. Because of Mr. Xu's evaluation of her on popular variety shows, now that they are in the same frame, there is another topic to write about.

"I don't know if you have a schedule for next year? I have a work next, and I really want to invite you to cooperate." Director Xu looked at her and asked eagerly.

"I'm not sure now." Wang Yuan didn't dare to reply to the invitation of a famous director, and most people couldn't ask for it.

"It's okay. After the script comes out, I will show you first. I think this role is very suitable for you. I still hope you can participate in it." Director Xu did not give up authentically.

"Okay, I will definitely read it carefully before making a decision."

"Director Xu, when do you give me a chance?" An actress in a high-waisted dress next to Director Xu asked with a chuckle.

"Your focus for the past two years has not been on work. With Fan Jiang from your family, are you afraid that you won't be filming?" Director Xu smiled. After thinking about it, he turned his head and glanced at Wang Yuan with a slightly embarrassed expression. He felt that the organizer was deliberate and arranged them together deliberately to create a topic.

The actress stroked her belly, looked at Wang Yuan, nodded and smiled.

Wang Yuan found out that she was pregnant.

Suddenly remembered, this is Fan Jiangliang's wife!

Soon after Wang Yuan took her seat, someone came to say hello one after another, and she smiled and greeted her politely. Soon the gala evening started.

Popular idols took to the stage to sing and dance, and they turned the audience. The popular Xiaohua and Xiaosheng also performed.

After a lively performance, the award ceremony officially began.

Men and women in the fashion and entertainment industry who have won various titles in the fashion of the year came to the stage to accept the award. Wang Yuan unexpectedly won the "most temperament female star of the year". It was also known in advance. When the organizer invited her to participate through an agent, it was revealed.

Qiao Yu, whom Wang Yuan knew, won the'Most Influential Actor of the Year'. Wu Ziqi, who walked the red carpet with her, did not gain much. Presumably, these awards are also the result of the operation of all parties. The same company cannot get too many awards.

The stars came to the stage to accept the award, pose for a photo, and take a group photo.

When all the guests took a group photo, she was not used to high heels and her feet were almost unable to support. When the crowd was in the queue, she stood directly to the side, hoping to take an early photo and leave the stage as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, the guests next to her gave way to her and kept pushing her toward the middle. What she didn't know was that some artists were hacked because of the C position dispute not long ago. Now everyone is very sensitive to the rankings. The heavy star, dare not squeeze in the middle.

Wang Yuan's exposure was not high in the past, but as an actress who has won numerous awards at domestic and international film festivals and the No. 1 box office, her status is beyond doubt. If you stand with her, the ranking is closer to the center than her, and after the photo comes out, it will not be blamed by netizens, so the stars who think that she does not have a high position will give way until she is pushed to the C position.

The host waited for a long time, smiled and stood up with her wrist imaginarily, and made a round of shots, and finally he could take pictures normally.

Wang Yuan was pushed along all the way, and she didn't know how she came to the middle.

After stepping down, reporters flocked around, found the star they wanted to interview, and began to besiege.

I didn't wait for the media to tell her move closer here, Wang Yuan stepped on small steps and ran across the crowd, leaving behind the media reporters who hadn't reacted yet and looked stunned.

[Does everyone feel that the goddess slipped so fast? I feel that the media reporter just passed the microphone, and there is no one after a swish. His blank expression is so funny~]

[Will the media not be offended by refusing to interview?]

[You haven't read Wang Yuan's previous interviews. Even if the media reporter has the opportunity to ask questions, I don't know about her. You care about my expression. I guess the media people are used to her style]

[Sure enough, Wang Yuan still stood in the C position today. I think XXX stood up and deliberately gave Li Xiaoyun to Wang Yuan's side. It must have been deliberate and messed up!]

[The organizer did a lot of things today. There are rows of seats in the stands. Director Xu Wang Yuan and Li Xiaoyun, want to catch a wave of topics.]

[Speaking of Li Xiaoyun is six or seven months pregnant, why come to participate in the event, but the star pregnancy and amateurs are really different, you can't tell that they are pregnant at all]

Wang Yuan was led to the bathroom by the etiquette at the venue, and immediately took off her high heels. When her feet touched the ground, she felt an indescribable soreness.

Li Xiaoyun also followed in at this time, "Is it very tiring to wear high heels? I also wear less after I was pregnant."

Wang Yuan sees her heels are not low today.

"Originally, the organizer invited our couple to participate, but Fan Jiang couldn't spare the time. He has a new film plan and is currently grinding the script. You know, he delayed some progress some time ago, and now he can only catch up with it."

Wang Yuan smiled silently, holding the trophy in one hand and the mobile phone in her handbag in the other, and wanted to call Assistant Xiao Wang to arrange for her to leave.

Although Li Xiaoyun is the current wife of her ex-husband and the stepmother of Wang Zining, the two do not have much intersection, and Wang Yuan has no idea of ​​dealing with herself. She still vaguely rejects herself if she wants to come.

Li Xiaoyun glanced at her and thought, Fan Jiang said that she had changed, but she felt that Wang Yuan had been so cold and cold from before to now, and she had not changed at all.

Now that I am repairing my relationship with my son, I want to come too old, and I want to rely on life and death. Only the man in his own family would be deceived by her.

After going to the bathroom, she left, and said to the assistant waiting outside: "You tell them that I am a little uncomfortable. I will go back first. I won't participate in the charity reception later, but in the fundraising session, you will find someone to donate for us. Right."

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