Li Xiaoyun came to attend the Fashion Anniversary Ceremony today. Fan Jiangliang had a big opinion. She felt that she was seven months pregnant and there was no need to attend. She was afraid that she would be overwhelmed by crowds and standing for a long time.

But she insisted on coming. After pregnancy, due to the early pregnancy reaction and swelling and spots, she has been in the public eye for a long time, and she has no exposure. This makes her once a popular flower, there is still a psychological gap. But she didn't want the bad state to be presented to the public, and she also deliberately avoided the media. Now she is in a relatively stable state for seven months, especially knowing that Wang Yuan will also participate. Out of an unknown mentality, she still came.

Seeing Empress Wang Yuan, who is still the focus of everyone today, standing still in C position, she was indescribably disappointed. Previously, the media made a comprehensive comparison between the two former and former Mrs. Fan Jiang, and she would also compare with her predecessor, always feeling unconvinced in her heart.

Thinking that the previous incident would cause her to fall down, she didn't expect that she would cheer up instead.

Not only in her career, but also in family relations, she can't escape the shadow of Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan's son was loved by Fan Jiang's two elderly people, but the academicians and his wife remained polite and estranged towards their pregnant daughter-in-law.

She has found someone to do a B-ultrasound, and she is also a son in her belly.

When they accidentally revealed it to the elderly, their attitude did not change.

She was even more dissatisfied with Fan Jiangliang who ran and ran for Wang Yuan some time ago. Now she was holding her breath, thinking that after the child was born, she would also give it to the two elderly people, who grew up under the same nose and watched them. Will it be treated differently.

The annual income of the several patents in the hands of Academician Fan Jiang is not less than the annual income of a group company.

Of course, Wang Yuan's son can't be cheaper.

Wang Yuan's phone number hasn't been dialed yet, and an application for adding a friend pops up on her mobile phone. The avatar is a steel-like anime character whose name is Dr. K Star.

Bored people! I turned it off and ignored it.

Immediately adding a friend request popped out again, it was this Dr. K star.

There is a message below, [Qi Haoran]

Wang Yuan was stunned, it was Mario!

Although he told him his mobile phone number, he didn't expect him to add his friends. He immediately became happy and immediately approved the request.

[Son, is your cell phone here? What is your mobile number?]

Before Wang Yuan thought he didn't have a mobile phone, so she didn't ask him for the number.


[Okay, mom will talk to you via mobile phone from now on. Is your phone a green children's phone?] Wang Yuan is worried that he is using an ordinary mobile phone. Now that the network environment is too complicated, children still have to selectively surf the Internet.

The emoticon with the mouth curled.

He didn't answer! Looking at his son's maturity, it is likely to be an ordinary adult cell phone.

[Have you returned to Beijing? Is it at school or at home?]

[XX Dormitory of Beijing XX International Preschool.]

Wang Yuan smiled knowingly, she checked the phone time, "It's half past nine now, why haven't you slept yet? Put down the phone quickly and get into the bed to sleep, so that children can grow taller when they go to bed early.]

A picture of an angry long-footed monster was sent over.

It seems that he is the weakness of his son, so he can't mention it easily. Wang Yuan also felt that Qi Haoran was a little shorter at this age based on the height of his parents? No one is in charge of eating properly.

I just wanted to reply to the message and received another request to add a friend.

Wang Yuan was wondering, did it get the popularity of the venue at night? Why is it so popular all at once.

The head of a foreign star that Wang Yuan doesn't know, whose name is Tranquility Zhiyuan.

Ning Ning?

Wouldn't it be so coincidental, the two brothers made an appointment?

She passed the application immediately.

[Ning Ning?]

A cool guy nodding emoticon.

Do the two brothers still like to post love pictures so much.

Wang Zining sat at the desk. Half of his homework was done on the desk. He paid attention to the door from time to time, fearing that his grandparents would find him secretly taking the phone out of their room to play. He has a mobile phone, but he is usually strictly controlled. He heard his dad mention that Wang Yuan would attend the event at night. He did not admit that he wanted to find an excuse to contact her, but felt that it was necessary to greet her out of the obligation of a man.

[I heard that I participated in the event at night, how did it go well?]

He was very satisfied with what he had sent, like an adult's sense of maturity in dealing with things.

[Very well, thank you son for caring (happy expression)! Why haven't you rested yet?]

Wang Zining patted the workbook on the desk and posted it.

[The homework is not finished yet? Then you can write it first, and write it to go to bed early and go to school tomorrow.]

Wang Yuan feels sorry for the junior high school students with heavy schoolwork.

Wang Zining was embarrassed to say that he played ball after school, and he did not start writing his homework until □□.

[Then I will continue my homework! Let's talk later!]

After sending it, he nodded his head in satisfaction again, not deliberately close, polite and polite, very good!

Wang Yuan thinks that mother and son brothers are born with fate, look, the two brothers actually added at the same time on the same day as friend, what a wonderful coincidence!

When she was happy, she created a new group with the name of the group called Family, and brought both brothers in.

When news came in, Qi Haoran had a black line, why put him together with that simple-minded guy with well-developed limbs.

Ah, the person with this Iron Man head is a little dwarf, right? cut! Wang Zining thought disdainfully. The little guy dreams of becoming a superhero!

[What a stupid name!]Dr. K Star, it really was a kindergartener who could only figure it out.

[Silly name!]With only one word the same, can you use it at will.

Before Wang Yuan could react, both of them withdrew from the group.

Wang Yuan sighed and pulled the two brothers into the group again.

[Do not quit again!]Mother is not angry, you treat me as a sick cat!

The group began to send a series of emoticons and pictures, and they launched a long-range attack on each other.

[Don't play with mobile phones anymore, one should hurry homework, the other hurry to sleep!]

Wang Zining was not convinced and just wanted to refute, and found that a picture of a clown popped up on the screen of his phone, which filled the screen. He hesitated, but he couldn't return to the homepage? Shut down and restart, after the phone is turned on, it is still this clown picture.

Could it be that you just caught the virus?

It must be the little guy who made a mess of a love picture with a virus inside. Will kindergarten children play with mobile phones? Look, everyone has suffered now.

Wang Zining put down the phone angrily. There was a knock on the door.

"Ning Ning, grandma is here." When Wu Han pushed the door to enter, she saw Wang Zining trying to hide her phone in a panic. She shook her head, "When did you take the phone away? Didn't you say that you can't play with the phone after 8 o'clock in the evening? Didn't you finish your homework?"

Wu Han looked at his unfolded homework book and felt distressed: "How long will it take to write? It's ten o'clock. Sleeping late will affect your physical development. You are asked to do your homework before playing ball. Don't listen, you have to make up for it now. When? Is there any problem? I ask your grandfather to get up and help you see."

"Grandma, don't call grandpa up. Grandpa has already helped me with the math homework tonight, and I can do the rest of Chinese and English by myself."

"Then write it quickly, don't rush. Grandma will make you a glass of milk and bring some biscuits."

Wang Yuan saw no more fighting pictures on her phone, and the last one was an emoji picture sent by Qi Haoran with a smug smile on her waist.

Wang Zining has been silent for a long time, and it seems that the middle school students have finally succumbed to academic pressure.

After the internal fight was over, Wang Yuan changed the group's name again, [Unite and Love the Family]

The group name just changed.

I'll see it changed right away

[There is a fool at home]

Wang Yuan:…

[Qi Haoran! Now, right away, go to bed! It is strictly forbidden not to change the group name!! !]

She thought for a while and re-edited the group name.

[Three Lucky Treasures]

Xiao Wang, the makeup artist and others found Wang Yuan at the door of the bathroom. The makeup artist hurried forward to make up for her, and Xiao Wang arranged the wrinkled dress for her. I have to go out from here later, there will be media captures at any time, and I still have to manage the image.

Wang Yuan did not participate in the charity reception. The agent had communicated with the organizer before. But I also found someone to donate on my behalf and do my part for charity.

It was almost midnight when she returned to her residence by car. Wang Yuan removed her makeup and washed her hair and took a shower. After some tossing, she was finally able to lie down in bed and rest.

Before falling asleep, she thought, would she go to see her psychiatrist in a few days to ask if there are any tricks for parenting.

Wake up the next day, another sunny day. For the previous celebration, she was hungry for two days. Today, she can have a good meal.

The homestay hired part-time workers to take care of cleaning, and Wang Yuan and Xiao Wang took turns to do all meals.

After Wang Yuan ran on the treadmill for forty minutes, she went into the kitchen and started making breakfast for herself.

Dice tomatoes and onions, put them in a pan and stir-fry for juice. After adding water to boil, put in two bags of instant noodles, put the blanched broccoli and mushrooms in it, then beat in two eggs and put three slices of cheese.

The fragrant soup made her swallow her saliva.

Two bowls of noodles were brought to the long table in the restaurant. Wang Yuan was about to see if Xiao Wang got up. She saw her walking in with her messy hair, black-rimmed glasses and long T-shirt and pajamas.

"Wow, there is another delicious breakfast! Thank you Yuanyuan sister." Because of a period of time, the relationship between the two has gradually become familiar, and the name has also changed. Wang Yuan also proposed not to call her teacher Wang Yuan anymore, and directly call her by her nickname. So Xiao Wang called her Sister Yuanyuan.

"Cheese Ramen! It smells delicious!"

"Have you brushed your teeth?" Wang Yuan asked with a smile.

Xiao Wang shyly said: "Now the new research has concluded that brushing your teeth after breakfast is better for your teeth and mouth."

"Really?" Wang Yuan expressed suspicion.

"Sister, did you read yesterday's report?" Xiao Wang said with a mysterious face, "I was scanning the news yesterday until midnight, and seeing two of your photos all the way to the top, I was scared to death. I didn't expect the comments below to be all Applaud, everyone said that this is a contrasting cuteness, a lot of praise!"

"What photo?" Wang Yuan thought. The flashing light continued yesterday, and she didn't know how many photos were taken.

"You didn't even watch it. Hurry up and turn on the phone to have a look." Xiao Wang finished speaking, first sat down and sucked in his noodles.

Wang Yuan was eating while swiping her phone.

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