The photo Xiao Wang said was a photo of her on the red carpet with her scissor hands in a dazed expression, and another of her in a dress, squatting against the wall outside the bathroom, focusing on swiping her phone. I don't know this one. When was the photo taken secretly.

The two frustrated and silly looks, but they were again dressed in dresses and were taken in a place where the stars are shining. They are in sharp contrast with other people's stylish and handsome hard shots. It can only be said that the tastes of current netizens are different.

[I have a photo of the same scissors hand~~]

[Scissors +1]



[I guess the goddess is playing in the League of Heroes, otherwise she won't be so focused. Look at the little brows frowning, is it the second…]

[Please ask for the name of the game, ask for a team… I am an A diamond game player, I promise to bring you two stars a week…]

[Can you be more realistic? The mobile phone in the picture is obviously placed vertically, not horizontally. How could it be playing games? Obviously chatting with people.]

[Have you noticed? During this Asian squatting, the goddess curve was drawn out-no fat!! !]

[Fat paper is crying~~~]

[Asian squat eating instant noodles~]

[Asian squatting in the drama]

Wang Yuan put down her mobile phone and concentrated on eating noodles. In the future, she still has to learn a few more poses, so she can't reproduce the scissors hands. Also, no matter how tired you are, you can't squat anywhere. Fortunately, this time I inexplicably poke the point of a netizen, otherwise I will be scolded.

Her mentality is not for performance, but for no loss.

"Sister Yuanyuan, it's so delicious, it's just guilty of eating well. My weight loss plan has failed again." Xiao Wang said that after he finished eating, he was still inexplicably worried, "Is it okay for you to eat such high-calorie food?"

"It's okay, there will be no activity next, I don't have to control my weight."

"There will be a talk show soon." Xiao Wang reminded.

"That's not a big problem without wearing a dress."

Today, Wang Yuan made an appointment with the decoration company to determine the decoration plan of the house. Wang Yuan took a closer look at the design renderings given by the decoration company. She had no opinion on the master bedroom. She couldn't decide on the design of the other two children's rooms. Ask them to reply later.

She saw that the children should be in class during the day, so she didn't send any messages. Only at night, she sent a few design drawings to the group.

[Baby, come and see, this is the design drawing of my mother's new house, you can give me some suggestions.]

[Baby is for children without self-care ability, intelligence is still in the breastfeeding period. Please don't use it on me! ] Dr. K Star.

The crying emoticon, Wang Yuan went on to post, [Then look at the room, how is the design of this children's room?]

[Does this mean inviting me to move into your new house? I reject!]

Picture of a crying mother who fainted to the ground.

With the fight between the two sons last night, Wang Yuan specially downloaded a lot of pictures today in order to integrate into the friendly chat of his sons.

Dr. K Star no longer responds to news.

Wang Yuan stinged Tranquility Zhiyuan again, without responding.

Haven't the middle school students come home from school yet?


"Wang Tou, your phone is really hacked. My cousin opened a mobile phone shop in Fu Mao Plaza. I will take it and ask him to repair it." Liang Wentao took Wang Zining's phone and looked at the weird smile. The clown picture, proposed.

"Then let's go over now." Wang Zining brought the mobile phone to school in the morning, and the teacher collected it and returned it to them after school. As soon as Wang Zining got the phone, he still hoped that the phone would return to normal. It was still the clown picture when it was turned on.

"There are no pictures in your phone where you can't see people, right?" Liang Wentao approached him, quacking laugh.

"F*** you!" Wang Zining pushed away the big face he had approached.

"Did you open a webpage that is not suitable for children? Otherwise, how could you get a virus." Liang Wentao curiously asked.

"You just read the web pages that are not suitable for children. It happened when you were chatting with people. I don't know if the pictures sent by the other party are virus-containing."

"Generally, you receive chat pictures without a link. You will not be poisoned unless you click to open it. Trojan horses are not so powerful. If there are such masters, they will not hack you. If you want me to invade the country M agent network. But I just searched the Internet and no one has ever been infected with a virus similar to yours. It's weird!"

Wang Zining was also depressed.

When he came to the phone shop of Liang Wentao's cousin, his cousin helped them to look at it. He didn't understand why this happened. He even called for help, but he couldn't solve it. Only restore to factory settings. There is no way to export the data in the mobile phone, for fear of carrying a virus, the computer connected to the cousin's shop will also be infected with the virus.

"There is nothing important in your phone, right?" my cousin asked.

"No." Wang Zining said depressed.

After confirming the cousin, set it directly.

"Wang Tou, at the stadium that day, several people in our class said they saw Wang Yuan. Did you see it?"

Wang Zining turned his head and said, "I didn't see it!"

Lying made him look unnatural, and he was afraid of being discovered by Liang Wentao, although Brother Shui wasn't reliable, but still very keen. Wang Zining has always been in awe of him having a super sixth sense similar to that of a girl.

"I said it's impossible. How could a big star come to see a small match like ours? Of course, I'm not saying that your city youth soccer team is poor, but your level is really not worth seeing, is it?"

"Hmph, we don't need laymen's affirmation. Whether they come to watch the game or not does not represent our level." Wang Zining was rather unconvinced.

Liang Wentao made a haha ​​and led to other topics.

"By the way, you haven't said yet. Why did we leave us missing that day? You know how long our class waited for you to take a photo. Later, when we found your coach, we knew that you had already sneaked away. You didn't see these. How stinky is your old money face at the same table. He was a bookworm who specially put down the test paper to watch your game, and waited for you to take a photo together. In the end, you fell well and let all of us pigeons. Your behavior didn't lose much fanfare, we Those girls in the class are really unprincipled!"

"I had something at home that day…" Wang Zining thought for a moment, apologizing.

He was anxious to follow someone out that day, forgetting that his classmates were waiting.

"Forget it, I don't care about you, anyway, you are handsome and you are reasonable." Liang Wentao glanced at him and asked cautiously, "But what's the matter in your family? You said your father was remarried last time? Was it a stepmother? Cooperate with your dad to abuse you?"

"Have you watched too many TV series?!"

"Oh, there are many such things. Zhang Ting in our class is sloppy, courageous and uneasy. I heard that he is also divorced by his parents and living with his grandfather. His father doesn't care about him. He didn't pay the living expenses. He didn't pay the class fees this time. Our class teacher, the old party, paid for him." Liang Wentao looked at Wang Zining, and there were all kinds of pictures in his mind, thinking about it, don't look at the high head of the king. She is naive and a bit coaxing, and she must know if she is bullied.

"You are really the bag of our class! But that Zhang Ting's father is too much, then does his mother care about him?" Wang Zining was a little angry when he heard this.

"After the divorce, his mother didn't show up again. I was thinking, should we find a lawyer to help him and his dad ask for alimony."

"Ah, do you know a lawyer?"

"There are many assistance lawyers in the community now. We can ask about it." Liang Wentao said enthusiastically, "but we must first persuade Zhang Ting to agree, and only the client will apply for it. The monitor, Li Xiaoyuan, will also be called. His dad is from the district court,

His dad is willing to help, and this matter is pretty sure."

Looking at Liang Wentao's confidence and understanding, Wang Zining nodded.

"Count me at that time."


Wang Zining got the phone. Although the memory was lost, but the number was there, he could still join the group after logging in again.

He sent a message. [I have a virus in my phone (angry face), is your phone okay?]

Wang Yuan heard the information prompt and quickly responded when she saw it.

[Ning Ning, your phone has a virus?]

[…Have you ever opened any bad websites?]

Wang Yuan asked worriedly.

[(Angry face) (Angry face) (Angry face)]

[No!! !]

Wang Yuan reposted the design renderings of the new house.

Asked Wang Zining's opinion.

[Whatever, I don't necessarily go live. (Tips)]

[If you have no opinion, then decorate it according to the drawings, the blue tone, the bed, the desk, the bookcase and the wardrobe are made into one piece, and then the soft decoration will bring you to choose the arrangement you like.]

[Don't post strange things on the wall! Wang Zining took a look at the renderings of another room, and thought, fortunately, this was not designed for his room.

[Only children in kindergarten need the company of dolphins and clownfish! (Picture of a baby biting a pacifier)]

Qi Haoran's room, because she told the designer that this is a room for her seven-year-old son. The designer handed over the drawings. The room is bright in color and fits the children's lively style. There are some sticker designs of Ocean World on the wall.

[There are stairs beside the bed? Hahahaha, suitable for short legs, otherwise he can't climb up at all.]

The design of the children's bed is slightly higher. There is a drawer-like storage cabinet under the bed, and there are horizontal rails around the bed to prevent falling. A short staircase is for the children to go up. This design is also to add some elements of children's play.

[Wang Zining, you are in charge of your room, as well as the living room, you can give advice, Mario's room he decides.]

Let him continue to stimulate, there will be another brotherhood war.

[You have finished school, right? Are you home yet? Have you had dinner?]

[Foot, it's down.]

Qi Haoran found a gray and simple bedroom decoration plan on the Internet, hesitated, and deleted it.

As a mother, when she got divorced, she didn't want to fight for his custody in the past and leave him easily. Now she wants to rebuild the old one so that she can pick him up with him. He is not that big silly, so coaxing.

He has memories of his infancy, and has never felt her care and hug since he was a child. He grew up next to a nanny. She had been holding him the last time we met, maybe this is the longest time she has held him. He felt that he might have been affected by that weak feeling, and he would take the initiative to contact her and did not withdraw from this so-called family group.

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