Wang Yuan sent the message and did not get Qi Haoran's response, so she could only make her own decision. Although she was quite satisfied with the children's room designed by the designer for her younger son, she felt that it would not be the style that Qi Haoran liked. She suggested that the designer change the tone based on beige and light green, remove all the children's elements of the underwater world, and change the bed and furniture to ordinary and simple styles. After being told by Wang Zining, she believed that children would never like this furniture.

It is recommended that the living room, kitchen and dining room be as simple and open as possible, with not too many partitions. After the revised design renderings were sent to her for confirmation, the decoration company started construction.

Originally, decoration is a very cumbersome and energy-consuming task, but sometimes money can also solve some of the troubles. Wang Yuan does not have much time to spend here, so she has full authority to the decoration company. She also hired a supervisor to be responsible for selecting materials. Quality progress.

After signing the contract, she paid the down payment for the renovation, thinking that she would have to pay a large amount later, Wang Yuan felt that for her formerly, she could lie down and eat until she was old. Now it is useless. After knowing the high tuition fees of the youngest son, then there will be middle school and university, I don't know how much it will cost, and the elder son, although he is in a public school, I believe Fan Jiang's family will spend no less money on him. Although they are now raised by their father, Wang Yuan did not feel that she can continue the status quo without any living expenses.

Wang Yuan took out the two scripts that Qu Hui gave her and studied them carefully.

The first script is about the story of a divorced woman regaining her second spring. According to the words on the Internet, it is a counterattack sweet pet article. Qu Hui mentioned that there are too many domineering presidential dramas for unmarried men and women, and there is no new idea. However, if women are the second-married people who are discriminated against in the marriage and love market, they will definitely satisfy most of the audience when they encounter tall, wealthy and handsome with awkward personality. It is the fantasy of female audiences.

Wang Yuan saw that the plot included wall bangs, misunderstandings, mutual torture, strong kisses, and finally running with the ball…

Forget it, she can't do it!

The other script is science fiction suspense. When an urban white-collar worker is walking through the subway, he suddenly comes to another world in parallel space. In this world, she is a murderer being chased…

As soon as Wang Yuan read the introduction of the script, she was stunned and asked her to act as a visitor from a parallel space-what a weird feeling!

She wanted to take a closer look at the development of the plot, and found that all she got was the outline of the script and part of the main scene of the female lead. miss you

It was because the crew was afraid that the script would be leaked before filming started.

Whether to pick up or not to pick up, this is really a question!

Wang Yuan took the script of the movie called "Parallel Space", picked out the drama of the heroine, read the lines in it, made corresponding expressions, gave up after a while, and didn't need to take a camera to shoot, she knew she was acting very well. strange.

She scratched her head, why didn't the original body retain some of the acting experience.

Just like those students who are easily distracted in their studies, Wang Yuan practiced for a while, then planned to be lazy and took out her mobile phone to swipe.

In the limited circle of friends, she saw an update that Wang Zining just posted.

[Physical education, 100 meters sprint notes in 10 seconds and 70] Below is a photo of a man wearing sportswear with a whistle around his neck and a timer in his hand.

This is Ning Ning's physical education teacher. Wang Yuan thought happily, my son is too good. If he ran out in provincial activities or competitions, this would be an effective result. He can reach the level of national first-level athletes. High school can get extra points and give priority to admission.

Is this genetic talent?

Dad, it turns out that your grandson has inherited your sports genes, and he is also a sprinter! Moreover, Ning Ning is only fourteen years old and has not yet begun to develop. If you train in this aspect, he will definitely surpass your former national 100-meter champion. Wang Yuan became more excited as she thought about it. She didn't expect Wang Zining to not only play the ball well, but also sprint so well.

She gave a like and left a message: [Ning Ning is great! Powerful (than thumbs)]

Wang Zining looked at the phone and couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth.

He rarely posts to Moments, and he will not admit that he sent this message today to let Wang Yuan see it.

"Hey, if you don't hand in your mobile phone anymore, I'll tell the teacher to go!" Qian Shuheng knocked on the desk and said.

The school originally stipulated that mobile phones were not allowed. Some parents were afraid that their children would not be able to contact them at school or on the way after school. This allowed students to bring them over. However, when they came to the school, they collected them in a unified manner. Return it in time when you use it up. Because this guy has a good relationship with the physical education teacher, he helped him to get his mobile phone from the head teacher. This guy has a sprint today. The physical education teacher is so excited that he is the real father of Wang Zining!

After a good physical education class, he took the opportunity to ignoring his mobile phone and didn't turn it in. Last class I watched him secretly play with his mobile phone under the desk, and now he still holds it after class and does not return it.

"Old money, don't want to be a villain. School is about to be over, and I will hand it in and take it back again. Isn't it too troublesome for us!"

"You're a villain, you don't follow the rules

You must make sense! Qian Shuheng shook his textbook and said, pulling his face.

"Qian Shuheng, what are you doing against Wang Zining!"

"That's right. What's your mind. What's wrong with Zining playing on his mobile phone? He must have something important to you."

The girls at the front and back tables gathered one after another to conquer Qian Shuheng.

Qian Shuheng pushed his glasses and couldn't get angry anymore. Every time, he and Wang Zining didn't say a few words. The girls ran out to help. He didn't dare to fight with the Pink Army. The face is still noisy.

"I'm chatting with Lao Qian, don't mix up." Wang Zining is more afraid of the girls at school than the boys like Qian Shuheng. He drinks water, scores a goal, and they all scream to make his eardrum oscillate.

They usually follow in groups and take pictures of him secretly. Sometimes he wants to catch someone secretly taking pictures of him, or steal his personal belongings, such as used pens and paper. It doesn't matter. The girls of the items, have a good talk, so that they don't bother him again, and were persuaded by their friend Liang Wentao.

Brother Shui said that he was too unproductive by doing this. I don't know if it will lose powder, but the product is for sure.

Wang Zining was persuaded to give up.

Sometimes he suspected that the reason Shui Ge persuaded him was to get free milk chocolate and other snacks from him for a long time. His desk is often filled with milk, drinks, pastries and snacks. Of course, it is the girls in the class or other classes who secretly give him things.

I don't know how weird these girls are. They know that all the snacks and drinks have entered Brother Shui's belly, and they still deliver the pictures correctly. He wondered whether Brother Shui's waist was getting bigger day by day, was it because of these small snacks.

Maybe the grandmother's way of being courteous is a big mistake!

Yes, Wu Han has been in the habit of giving gifts to the little girls in Wang Zining's class since Wang Zining kindergarten. According to her, these little girls gave him things because they liked him, and it was a kind act. He didn't like it, but don't refuse it strongly. Therefore, Grandma Wu's practice is to often buy small gifts that are generally delicious and fun, and go to her class to give back to everyone in person, so that she brings gifts to the stage and makes them excited like a lucky draw.

When I was young, I didn't stop him from being ignorant. Later, this practice continued to Wang Zining's junior high school. Every time grandma gave gifts back and forth, she reminded the classmates who gave gifts, please don't give Wang Zining valuable items and any gifts other than food. If you want to give it away, you will get healthy food such as milk biscuits, which Zining can eat when he is hungry between classes.

She really never forgets to feed

Raise grandchildren.

The student's parent most familiar to the classmates now is Wang Han's grandmother Wu Han. She is not only a member of the class family committee, but also a member of the school family committee. The class organizes activities and the students and teachers celebrate the holidays. They are all organized by the family committee. Wu Han Grandma is happy to pay for these matters related to her grandson. Therefore, even the head teacher and the school dare not have any opinions about her regular rebate actions. Of course, it may also be the reason for the status of Academician Fan Jiang.

Wang Zining yelled at the girls without telling them to quit. Instead, they gathered around and started chatting.

"Wang Zining, didn't you have a math problem last time? Would you like me to tell you something?" the shy female academic bully asked.

"Zining, you are amazing. Your sprint performance in the last physical education class. I heard that you have reached the level of a national first-class athlete! Will you concentrate on sprinting in the future?" The fashionable girl with Xingyan eyes covered her mouth. Exclaimed excitedly.

"Wow, you are so embarrassed, Zining, are you familiar? Wang Zining will definitely play soccer in the future?" said the girl with a serious and cool face.

Qian Shuheng, who was seriously interrupted to review during class, dared to be angry and did not dare to speak, silently waiting for the class bell to ring for help. He decided again to find the class teacher to change positions. He really couldn't stand whoever liked to sit here.

Wang Zining, whose ears hurt because of the noise, remembered that Shui said that girls are sometimes fierce and sometimes cute, but they are strange creatures in general, which he thinks is wrong. Girls are just a group of noisy ducks.

After seeing Wang Zining's circle of friends, Wang Yuan changed her itinerary and set off back to her hometown of Huayang the next day. The journey took about two or three hours. She went back by train alone.

At the ticket gate, she needs to take off her mask for inspection. It is inevitable that there will be a little commotion at the scene. She is now a little accustomed to keeping a professional smile, calmly took the pen handed over to help sign, cooperated with the photo, and finally worked at the station. With the help of the staff, she passed the security check and entered the station smoothly.

Looking at the scenery outside the car window reminded her of the days when she used to travel between H city and her hometown. In another world, she went to university in H city. When she graduated from university, something that had a great impact on her happened. She did not choose to stay, but returned to her hometown of Huayang City to develop. Compared with H City, the national financial capital, Huayuan, as a tourist city, is only a second-tier city. But for more than ten years, she lived there very comfortably, had a relatively free job with a good income, was single but had a fulfilling life, accompanied by friends and confidants, traveled frequently, and regularly participated in domestic and foreign countries every year.

Marathon. It was just an act of jumping into the lake to save people, which made her unexpectedly come into this world.

She returned to her hometown this time mainly to worship at her father's grave. She used to live with her father for more than 30 years. His father died of illness two years ago. Here he left early because of a car accident.

Wang Yuan's father was once the champion of the 100m and 200m sprint in China and broke the domestic record. Later, he was injured and retired early. After retiring, he served in the Municipal Sports Bureau. He had a good future and career. That's why he met the mother of Hua Dan, the head of the art troupe.

Wang Yuan's mother was very enterprising and vanity. After marriage, she urged her husband to move up, thinking that he would go all the way up in the sports bureau, but Wang Yuan's father was not straightforward enough and was kicked out because he couldn't get along with the leadership at the time. System, work adjusted to middle school teaching physical education, a middle school physical education teacher is not the ideal husband of Wang Yuan's mother at all, they divorced when Wang Yuan was five years old. Wang Yuan lives with her father, and her mother remarries soon.

I heard that in this world, she remarried to a wealthy businessman and gave birth to a pair of children. It seems that her life has not changed much in both worlds.

When she was just discharged from the hospital, she heard from her agent that she had called, but Wang Yuan never contacted her afterwards. She was not sure if she was going back this time, or whether to see her.

"Excuse me, do you have a mobile phone charger, can you lend me a bit?" There was a tap on the back of the seat.

Wang Yuan turned and looked up, and saw a head protruding from the back of the chair. There was a ding in her head, and she was stunned.

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