"Ah, you are, you are the one, that Wang Yuan, right?" A woman scalded with instant noodles, her face was surprised, but her voice lowered subconsciously and asked.

Wang Yuan looked at her in a daze.

Ni Ying, once liked the style of Hong Kong stars in the 1990s. When she was in college, she took her to perm the same shoulder-length curly hair of a Hong Kong drama actress. Ni Ying can't wait to straighten her hair on the spot, because it has already been spent half a month on living expenses, in order not to starve to death in the second half of the month. Still held back.

After Wang Yuan finished the same hairstyle, Ni Ying once forgot her bad new image when she saw it. She was surprised and excited. This is the effect she imagined. She really reproduced the Hong Kong star style, and she urged her to put it on again. With a touch of red lips, she wants to take a picture together.

Teacher Jonny from the barber shop came out and asked for a photo as a shop photo, which would avoid the cost of perm. Ni Ying, acting as an agent, happily came forward to negotiate for her.

At that time, I also joked: "Unfortunately, Meiren Wang, you have no ambitions. If you choose to make your debut in the entertainment industry, I can be your agent and develop with you."

Ni Ying, is that you?

"Hello!" The woman who looked exactly like Ni Ying saw Wang Yuan's expression different, beckoned, and greeted her again, pulling her back from her memories.

Wang Yuan didn't know how to communicate with her for a while, and it was inconvenient to say what she especially wanted to ask.

"You didn't bring a charger?" The original Ni Ying, were you still her when she got her hair style hot after her haircut?

"Yes, when I went back to my hometown, I took everything with me, and even left the mobile phone charger. Hey, my head!" Ni Ying also often loses everything, with a carefree personality.

Wang Yuan took out her mobile phone charger from her bag and handed it to her, "I wonder if your mobile phone can be used?"

"Yes, yes, thank you." The woman took the charger and said happily, "I'll charge it back to you."

Wang Yuan nodded with a smile.

She turned around and sat down, keeping an eye on the back seat, as if the other party plugged the charger into the seat plug, nothing happened.

When she was thinking about how to talk to the other party, the back of the chair was lightly knocked, and her curly head came over again.

"Well, I'm sorry, I'll bother you again. Are you Wang Yuan? I didn't admit it, did I?"

Wang Yuan nodded.

She covered her mouth, restrained herself from screaming in excitement, stomped her feet gently on the ground, turned her head and looked back and forth, saying

"My husband and I sent a message saying that I met you. He doesn't believe me. My husband is a fan of your movie. He didn't go home with me this time. He thought I deliberately lied to him that I met you and irritated him."

Is she married? The Ni Ying she knew, when she was in her thirties, was forced by her family to go on a blind date or on the way to a blind date. I often wonder if I can let her go and let her be a quiet single dog.

In this world, she has two sons. If Ni Ying is married, it is normal.

"Can you take a photo with me?" Ni Ying put her hands together and blinked her eyes to pretend to be pitiful.

Wang Yuan smiled, "Okay."

"Hee hee, hee hee, thank you, after taking the photo, I won't disturb you again." Ni Ying promised.

Ni Ying took out the charging phone, squatted and moved to the side of Wang Yuan, looking at the two faces on the screen of the phone, Wang Yuan thought, what a familiar picture, like they have taken countless selfies.

After taking a good photo, Ni Ying returned to her seat and then returned the charger to her. She didn't find it again until she got off the car, and the two did not communicate.

When the car arrived, Wang Yuan put on a hat and a mask, got off the car with a suitcase, and walked through the exit corridor with the passengers.

She walked forward quickly and said to the woman just now: "Can I add a cell phone?"

"Ah…" The woman opened her mouth in surprise and doubted her ears.

Wang Yuan stretched out her phone and shook it at her.

The woman unconsciously took out the mobile phone in her pocket, opened it mechanically, brought it in front of Wang Yuan, and asked her to add friends.

Superstar Wang Yuan took the initiative to add my mobile phone. What happened? All this seems to be a dream! He won't be a liar who looks like it~

"Don't know what your name is?"

"Ah…oh, my name is, my name is Ni Ying." Ni Ying's mind was short-circuited, and she couldn't remember her name for a time, "Ni Kuang's Ni, Sakura's Ying."

It's still you, Ni Ying, who still likes that science fiction writer Ni Kuang…


Wang Yuan opened Ni Ying's circle of friends. Her circle of friends uploaded a lot of things, and Wang Yuan slowly looked at them one by one.

[When I was in college, I always wanted to perm a hairstyle like XXX, but unfortunately there was no one to accompany me, and I have never had the courage to try it. In order to track down the memories of my youth, Ben Si was self-willed. As a result, ooh, this terrible hairstyle made me a middle-aged grandma in advance~~]

Below is a copy of the instant noodles of the same style I saw today.

Wang Yuan smiled knowingly.

[Congratulations, my old lady is finally getting married today~]

This is two years. According to the previous information, Ni Ying had been married for two years and saw the couple in the picture below. Her husband is a man with a round face and glasses, who looks ordinary and very gentle.

Others are some food sharing pictures, she is still a foodie. In the past, the happiest thing for them was to search for food everywhere. Traveling together was also a way to check in for food. Ni Ying was once annoyed that she couldn't eat fat. Wang Yuan laughed at her. There are no people who can't eat fat, only people who can't eat. Wang Yuan has always had the habit of sports and running. Ni Ying can sit and never stand, and can lie down and never sit. This is the biggest difference between them.

Recently, she has posted a lot of photos of Qiao Yu. I didn't expect that Ni Ying would be a fan of Qiao Yu. She seems to have been chasing stars in another world. Wang Yuan thought, next time she can ask for an autographed photo for her.

Wang Yuan got off the taxi and checked in at a five-star hotel in the old town of Huayang. Simply tidy up the luggage, pick up the phone and prepare to go out, and see that Ni Ying's circle of friends has just uploaded an update.

[If there is a big celebrity, such as Wang Yuan, meets on the train and she takes the initiative to add my mobile phone, do you think it is a liar? Wait online, it's anxious!]

Wang Yuan couldn't help laughing when she saw it, she thought for a moment, and the editor sent: [It's me. Welcome to come to appraise!]


After Ni Ying received the comment, she grabbed a handful of her curly hair. Why did she forget to block it? This is so embarrassing! Is it really me? right! She has seen that photo taken countless times, and she looks like Wang Yuan. If it's a liar…no, then what a liar she is, go directly to the celebrity imitation show, it will definitely be a hit overnight!

Seeing the increasing number of likes from her circle of friends, and some nonsensical replies, she gritted her teeth, these guys, is she telling the truth? It's not a joke.

The phone rang.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Ni Ying said weakly.

"Wife, I just saw the photo you sent. It is really Wang Yuan! My God, you were in the same car with her. Sure enough, I bought you a business seat is right, otherwise you won't be able to touch her either."

"Yeah, thank you, I can't come back by myself. Book me a business seat and I want to make it out of the merits. Do you think I'm joking? I told you that Wang Yuan really added my mobile phone."

"What, you asked her for a mobile phone number, she actually agreed to add you?" Mr. Ni Ying said in disbelief. I've been in a meeting just now, and I haven't seen the news Ni Ying sent to him, nor has I seen the update of the circle of friends.

"She took the initiative to ask me for my phone number and add me as a friend!" Ni Ying said with an air.

"…Wife, are you dreaming?"


Wang Yuan was walking in the old city. She came to the address in her memory. There should be an old community here, but now it is a vocational school.

Sure enough, it's still different.

She thought for a while, and still called Fan Jiangliang and asked him if he knew where he lived when he was a child.

Fan Jiangliang told her that, as if she had heard her mention, that place was demolished very early and a school was built. Asked her how she thought of asking about this, he said that after her father had a car accident, her mother had sold the old house. He also heard about it when Wang Yuan and her mother had a quarrel.

Wang Yuan sighed, this is indeed the style of her own mother. No wonder the relationship between the original body and her is so stale. The mother sold her only shelter from the wind and rain, but did not give her a safe place to live. Later, she stayed in boarding. School, occasionally staying in my mother's new home during vacations, is considered homeless, growing up in an indifferent family relationship and insecure environment, it is strange that there is no psychological problem.

Wang Yuan put her arms around her chest, embraced her original body, embraced herself!

At this time, I finally decided not to go to see this real mother anymore. Neither she nor the original body had ever received warmth from her. Now she has passed the age in need of her mother.

What her mother provided her was a lesson from the past. Wang Yuan thought, what she has to do now is to let her two sons be there when they need her, instead of becoming like herself.

She bought incense candle offerings and brought a pack of good cigarettes to her father's tomb. The location of the cemetery was still informed by the agent, because Wang Yuan used to go to worship each year on Ching Ming Festival.

Looking at the father's young face on the tombstone, she knew that he was not the one who raised him in another world and asked for himself, but it still made her feel distressed.

Wang Yuan opened the cigarette case, took out one point, and placed it in front of the tombstone.

"Dad, you can smoke as much as you want now, and you are no longer afraid of pumping out your lungs…

When I was in elementary school, one of the things I hated the most was that on the winter morning, I was pulled up from the bed and went out for a morning jog. Because I was practicing running with you. At that time, the sports school still liked my grades and wanted to take me to practice sports. You thought about it for a long time and asked my thoughts. I told you that I don't want my future life to be running, I think Learn more and try different things. You later rejected the sports school, I think you are a bit regretful. Although later we father and daughter ran countless marathons together…"

Wiping the tears that fell, Wang Yuan burst into a smile, "You know? Your excellent genes have been carried on in your grandson.

Yes, Dad, I have come to another world, where I am also me, but you here are still gone…

You have always wanted me to get married. If you really don't want to get married, it's okay to give you a grandson. Now, you have two grandchildren. You never think how good they are. Show you their pictures… handsome and cute Right!

Although Ning Ning inherited your talent for running, he seems to prefer to play soccer. Are you still a little disappointed, hahaha, disappointment is useless, he likes it most.

Dad, I changed my job, and I was a little worried that I couldn't do it.

And I met Ni Ying today, my best friend. In a world where I didn't know me, she chose to stay in City H. It was my accident that year. She didn't worry about me and went back to Huayang to take a civil service exam. Now she is also very happy, finally married out, no need to keep going on blind dates. I don't know if we will become good friends here.

I'm leaving, next time if I have a chance, I will take your two grandsons to see you…"

Wang Yuan stayed in Huayang City for one day, and then returned to City H the next day.

She had originally wondered if it was possible to meet Ni Ying again on the train, but she did not meet again all the way to City H.

Before she got home, she received a call from Assistant Qi Ying.

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