"Ms. Wang, hello, are you in City H now?" Li Shen said anxiously.

"Yes, I just returned to the city, what happened?"

"That's it. I received a call from Teacher Mario. He is ill. He seems to be suffering from acute gastroenteritis. Mr. Qi was still abroad and couldn't make it back for a while. Because something happened at home, I couldn't make it to Beijing in a short time. There is only one servant and life assistant over there. I was worried that they could not be the master in an emergency, so I contacted President Qi and got his permission to call you to see if you can rush to Beijing to deal with it."

"The address of the teacher's telephone hospital will be sent to me immediately." Wang Yuan said solemnly. She kept asking the driver to drive directly to the airport.

Turn on the phone to see the nearest flight ticket.

I booked the nearest flight, and estimated that the flight will not be late, and it will take midnight to get to Beijing. She opened the high-speed rail ticket again and looked at it. After thinking about it, she changed the high-speed rail and asked the driver to turn to the train station.

Calling Qi Haoran's cell phone, no one answered, her heart sinking all the way, no matter what the son looks like a mature young adult, after all, he is only a seven-year-old child, and no sick parent is around, and no relatives can take care of him nearby. I don't know how it feels.

She just wanted to get to him as soon as possible.

Xiao Wang called midway and asked why Wang Yuan hadn't arrived home yet. She knew that Wang Yuan was back today. Wang Yuan explained to her and said that she would be in Beijing in the near future, and she would contact her on the phone if she had something to do.

It was eleven o'clock in the evening when she arrived at the Beijing Railway Station. She took a taxi to the hospital. After getting off the bus, she ran to the children's ward with her luggage. Because the visiting time had passed, she was stopped outside by a nurse in the inpatient department.

She took off the mask and said sincerely to the nurse on duty that she was Qi Haoran's mother who was admitted to the hospital today. She had just rushed over from the field, hoping to make an exception to go in and see him.

The nurse's eyes widened in surprise, and she reacted after a while, greeted her enthusiastically, helped him find Qi Haoran's bed number, and asked another nurse to help him take a look. She personally led Wang Yuan to the ward.

Wang Yuan repeatedly thanked her and followed behind with her luggage.

It's useful to brush your face when it's critical.

Qi Haoran lived in a double bed, opened the door and went in. The bed on the inside was still lit, and there was a slight cry of the child. Through the half-drawn curtains, he saw the child's mother walking around holding him. Gently pat his back with his hand.

With the child's father sitting next to him,

Holding the plastic basin that the child had just vomited, his face looked distressed and anxious at the mother and son.

"Qi Haoran, I'll measure your temperature." The nurse went in first, turned on the bedside lamp of the outside hospital bed, and took out the thermometer.

Wang Yuan saw a black-skinned woman standing by the bedside, talking to the nurse whisperingly.

"Thirty-eight degrees four, body temperature is still a bit high, Qi Haoran, your mother is here!" the nurse lowered her head and said warmly.

Qi Haoran was not asleep, lying with his eyes half-open, a little weak, and when he heard the nurse's words, he turned his head and looked towards the door.

Wang Yuan looked at her pale little face, her eyes flushed suddenly. Let go of the trolley box and walk towards him.

"How is it? Isn't it uncomfortable?" Wang Yuan came to the hospital bed, touched his soft hair, and asked softly.

Qi Haoran turned his head to the other side.

The nurse looked at Wang Yuan and said, "You can call me when something happens. The temperature is still a bit high now, so you can drink more water for him. You can also wipe the arm joints with a towel to cool him down."

Wang Yuan nodded and thanked.

The nurse went to the inner ward to take another child's temperature.

"Nurse, the child has been restless, crying and vomiting from time to time, is it okay? Is there any way to make him more comfortable?"

"It's okay, his symptoms are more serious, this situation is normal…" the nurse explained to the family.

"Who are you?" An awkward Chinese.

"I'm Mario's mother." Wang Yuan said to the Filipino servant, "His father can't rush back, tell me to take care of him."

"Oh, Li Shen mentioned it to me." The Filipino maid nodded, "Mario was vomiting and vomiting at school today, and his stomach hurts. After the teacher informed us, he was sent to the hospital. The doctor checked that he might have acute gastroenteritis. Gave him treatment, and took blood tests. The results of the test will come out tomorrow. If it is not for pancreatitis, it will not be a big problem. Mario's teacher and family life assistants have just left after nine o'clock. They will tomorrow. Bring the change of clothes and some daily necessities that Mario needs, and I will accompany him at night."

At first, the Filipino maid still used Chinese, but later she simply changed back to her proficient English.

"Thank you!" Wang Yuan said sincerely, "Your name?"

"My name is Tia, you don't need to thank me, this is my job."


Wang Yuan touched Qi Haoran's forehead, feeling quite hot, there was a towel basin next to the doctor, she took the water again, wrung out the towel and put it on his forehead.

Qi Haoran turned his head,

Tossed off the towel deliberately.

Wang Yuan smiled and took away the towel, holding his little hand outside and stroking it gently.

"If you feel uncomfortable, tell your mother, go to sleep, I will always be here with you!"

Qi Haoran glanced at her, then slowly closed his eyes, her little face relaxed unconsciously, and fell asleep after a while.

After two o'clock, the nurse came to take another temperature measurement. The temperature dropped a little. Wang Yuan was also very tired because of the day's rush. She sat on the edge of the ward, lying on the bed halfway and fell asleep unconsciously, with one hand. Still holding Qi Haoran's small hand, whenever he feels his sleep twitching, he immediately wakes up and gently pats him to soothe.

Before 7 o'clock in the morning, there were more noises when walking outside, and all the people who accompanied the bed got up. When the nurse came to take her temperature, Wang Yuan woke up.

"The kid can't eat today. Give him some water first and show it to the doctor when the test results come out. See what the doctor says." The nurse reminded.

Before leaving, the nurse whispered to her: "During the day there are more patients and family members, because you are too famous. We are afraid that turmoil in the ward will affect the patients, so we will report your matter here to the hospital. Someone may come by then. I'm looking for you to do some coordinating work. Also, many nurses and doctors in our hospital are your movie fans. Can you help take a photo and sign at that time."

"It's troublesome for you. When the kids get better, you can come over and take a group photo."

"Okay, I will tell them. I guess they will be happy. Who would have thought that I would meet you in the hospital." The nurse left happily.

Wang Yuan asked the Filipino maid to go out to eat first, and by the way brought her breakfast back.

She said to Qi Haoran who woke up with a pair of confused and big eyes: "Little baby, you look so cute when you just woke up!" A little golden retriever who looks like a cute little golden retriever.

Seeing her son not speaking, Wang Yuan took out the mirror in her bag and took a look at herself: "Mom is the ugliest time! There is eye feces on the corner of her eyes, my God, why did the nurse sister just take a group photo with my face? Required."

When the Filipino maid came back, Wang Yuan asked her to look at Qi Haoran. She turned out the toiletries and changed clothes in the suitcase, went to the bathroom of the ward, washed her face and brushed her teeth, took a quick shower, and changed into clean clothes.

She was wearing a large T-shirt and a pair of leggings. She didn't even wipe skin care products on her face. When she came out of the bathroom, she ran into a middle-aged and elderly couple who came in.

The older aunt looked at her carefully.

Wang Yuan cleaned herself up,

Go to the bathroom again to pick up a basin of hot water and come to the ward.

Qi Haoran had already sat up at this time, drinking the hot water held in the hands of the Filipino servant through a straw, and turned to look at Wang Yuan.

"Come on, mom will help you wipe your face." Wang Yuan waited for him to drink some water and took a hot towel to wash his face.

Qi Haoran turned his head and leaned back on the bed, butt facing Wang Yuan.

"Little Cat is Miao Miao Miao, I don't like washing my face or taking a bath…" Wang Yuan pushed his butt and sang grinningly.

"Naive!" Qi Haoran sat up and stretched out his hand, "I wash it myself."

Wang Yuan twisted a handful of hot towels and handed it to him.

"Oh, my face is so clean, look, whose little handsome guy is this, oh~ it turns out to be our baby. Really capable!"

"Don't think of me as a child!" Qi Haoran protested in a low voice, "Say such disgusting and strange things!"

Wang Yuan laughed.

The grandparents who came from the next hospital bed in the morning came with breakfast. They talked with their son and daughter-in-law about the situation of the grandson last night. They all felt distressed when they knew that the grandson was still asleep last night and was still asleep.

After seeing her grandson, grandma asked the child's mother softly: "Is that the child's mother in the hospital bed next door, did she come last night?"

The daughter-in-law nodded.

"I just came in and saw, oops, he looks so handsome! No wonder the child is also good-looking. I don't know what work the couple do. The child's sick family has no relatives except the maid and teacher." The grandma next to the bed curiously said.

Seeing her son's peaceful sleeping face, the child's mother was in the mood to gossip with her mother-in-law, "Is a big star, has acted in many movies, and won many awards. She and the child's father have long been divorced." She also accidentally Only after hearing the nurse talking to Wang Yuan, she secretly glanced at it. If it wasn't for her son to be sick, she would not be in this mood at all, and the other party was also accompanying the sick child. She was embarrassed to bother, otherwise she would have gone to say hello to her friends. Circled, what a rare opportunity.

"Really? No wonder I came here so late, because I didn't live with the children." The grandmother next to the bed suddenly said. Hearing her daughter-in-law said she was a big star, she couldn't restrain her curiosity, and from time to time she turned sideways and glanced at the curtain.

"Mom, the child is sick. Don't bother them." The daughter-in-law reminded.

Qi Haoran's inspection report came out in the morning. Before the doctor's rounds, she put on a mask and went out to take the report. After seeing that several indicators on the blood test report were normal, she was relieved.

It was around eight o'clock that Wang Yuan heard the noise outside and knew that the doctor had started the rounds, but saw that there were only two doctors who came into the ward. One of them should be an intern. When he came in, she helped to close the door, Wang Yuan. Think, it should have been explained by the hospital. Otherwise, the doctors will be rounds in a large group, and which doctor will be so caring to help close the door.

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