Qi Haoran's attending doctor was a middle-aged man in his forties. He looked at Wang Yuan several times when he came in, and after smiling kindly at her, he picked up the temperature registration form hanging by the bed and looked at it before starting. Give Qi Haoran a simple physical examination, and kindly ask if the touched part is painful.

Qi Haoran kept frowning, nodding or shaking his head as the doctor asked.

"It's acute gastroenteritis. His body temperature has not yet dropped. I will prescribe two more bottles of medicine for him today, give him more water, don't eat anything in the morning, and give him some liquid food in the afternoon."

Wang Yuan remembered, and passed the examination report in her hand to the doctor.

The attending doctor took a glance and smiled: "I have read this report on the computer in the morning. All indicators are normal and there is no problem."

"Doctor, what caused it?"

"I asked the child's teacher yesterday that the other children in the kindergarten are fine, so it should not be caused by unclean food. There are many reasons for sudden acute gastroenteritis. It may be eating raw and cold stimulating food or infection with bacteria. I checked. Now, Qi Haoran's gastrointestinal function may be a little weak, and digestion and absorption are not very good. You should pay more attention to it."

"The child seems to be shorter and thinner than children of the same age… Is it because the stomach is not absorbed well?" Wang Yuan asked worriedly.

When she saw Qi Haoran, she thought he was a five or six-year-old child. Later, she paid special attention to the height of children of the same age. In terms of genetics, Qi Haoran's height should be a little higher than that of children of the same age.

The attending doctor glanced at Qi Haoran and nodded: "There is a possibility. You can pay attention to this in the future. Let your children not be picky eaters, eat a little bit of all kinds of foods, and eat less cold and greasy foods. The child is developing, as long as you eat and drink. The balance will gradually get better, you don't have to worry too much. As for your height, you can measure it every year. If it is lower than your normal height, you can take further inspections."

"Okay, thank you doctor!"

Qi Haoran glared at Wang Yuan with puffed cheeks.

I forgot the super self-esteem of kid Qi, maybe he just asked the doctor about his height in front of him, which stimulated the kid.

Wang Yuan deliberately haha ​​and wanted to go over, "Mario, are you hungry now, what do you want to eat? Oh, I forgot what the doctor said just now, you can't eat anything in the morning…"

"Height is determined by genetic factors and acquired factors, of which genetic factors account for 70%-90%." Qi Haoran continued to stare at her mother, "The children who have accumulated thick and thin hair, usually grow tall and develop early when they are young, are short children in the end!"

Wang Yuan held back her laugh, and said little by little, that's right.

"And height has nothing to do with IQ. You should be able to clearly feel that I am much smarter than my peers, and the nutrients I take give priority to brain development. Next, I will pay attention to height issues to ensure balanced growth."

Son, you are so good, intelligence and height can be assigned independently, it seems to be true!

A good mother is a mother who doesn't tear down the platform. Although she has no parenting experience, she knows that it is important to affirm their children's opinions and build their confidence.

"Yes, then Mario can't be picky eaters in the future. You must ensure your body's nutritional supply, and you will definitely grow as tall as your brother in the future!" Wang Yuan agreed sincerely.

"I will be taller than him!" A calm and confident expression on his face.

Son, this is too much, are you serious?!

Thinking of the 14-year-old Wang Zining, watching him with long arms and long feet and swiftly drawing a posture, I can't believe that the child in front of him will be taller than his sports brother in the future.

"Come on!" Wang Yuan could only blink her eyes to encourage her.

"The kids are energetic today? Your symptoms are milder and your recovery is quicker. Our little grandson is going to be serious. The doctor said that you can't eat for these two days. Just take some nutrient solution and suffer." The grandmother in the bed next door checked the room with the doctor. After leaving, watching the little grandson continue to sleep, the daughter-in-law also leaned in to nap, the old man and son were gone, she was bored alone, and still couldn't help coming over to chat.

She lowered her voice and said: "When the child was sent yesterday, the child had vomiting and diarrhea. The teacher was afraid of getting dirty and did not dare to approach. I was thinking at the time, this must not be my mother. Teacher. And this foreign servant, I don't know if I will bully him while there is no adult, I will help to stare at him."

"It's wrong for you to say that. My job is to take care of Mario. I will not be lazy, let alone bully underage employers." Tia immediately protested when she heard the grandmother in the bed next door say this.

The grandma on the bed next door said quietly: "So you can understand it. I think you didn't know how to speak Chinese when you whispered yesterday."

Tia said, "I can understand Chinese, but it's a bit slower to speak. Please don't say bad things about me in the future, I will listen!"

"No, we will not bully foreigners, and neither will you work in our country…" the grandma in the bed next door muttered.

Speaking of the teacher, Mario's teacher and the life assistant hired by the family came in with things. The grandmother next to the bed hurriedly hid for fear that they would hear what they had just said.

Wang Yuan and the teacher announced for a while, packed up Mario's daily necessities they brought, and told them that they would stay here for the past two days. If there is nothing wrong with them, they don't need to come.

She also specifically asked the teacher whether Mario had eaten something before he fell ill, and it was impossible to cause such severe gastroenteritis suddenly.

The teacher explained embarrassingly that she asked other children and teachers that Mario had two ice creams, yogurt and other foods at noon yesterday. It may be caused by a cold in the stomach.

"We can guarantee that ice cream and yogurt itself should be fine. They are all big-brand foods, and other children have eaten them. It's all right. Our school has strict control over children's diet."

"But in the end, he still let him eat two ice creams. I think it is a problem to eat so many ice drinks for a seven-year-old child at once." Wang Yuan expressed dissatisfaction with the teacher's explanation.

"In our international kindergarten, many children are foreigners. They are used to drinking cold drinks, and ice cream is regularly provided to children as desserts."

"But Mario is not a foreign child. You can't justify other children's eating as a reason." Wang Yuan frowned, her tone a bit blunt.

Mario's teacher is a young girl, she should not have been in the job for a long time. The ice cream provided by the kindergarten has nothing to do with her. Wang Yuan is mainly dissatisfied with what she said just now. Now Mario is indeed an accident because of eating school food, she is sure Through the teacher, put forward your own opinions to the school.

"Mother Mario, I'm really sorry. Our school representative will also come to visit Mario in the afternoon. I will report your questions to the school." Mario's teacher had already accepted a harsh accusation from Mario's father on the phone yesterday. In comparison, Wang Yuan's attitude is very kind.

Wang Yuan didn't talk to her anymore.

Mario's life assistant told her that she was admitted to the hospital yesterday and there is no single room in the hospital. Assistant Li has already contacted her for help. Today, she will contact the hospital to make arrangements as soon as possible, and then change the ward at that time.

Wang Yuan is noncommittal.


"How, how? Have you met a real person?"

"The kid with acute gastroenteritis yesterday was really her son?"

The intern goes back to the office later, a bunch of young doctors came around and asked one after another.

"Of course, Director Gu only took me with me today. I'm afraid there will be many people." The trainee sat down and took a drink, pushed his glasses and said, "I've seen it carefully. It's Wang Yuan, that's right!"

"This nurse said it earlier, and she herself admitted. We wanted to ask, how do you look like compared to the screen?"

"I heard that some female celebrities are black and skinny. They are not the effect of makeup on TV at all."

"Pretty! Very young, with good skin, and tall people. He doesn't look like his thirties, and he doesn't have any makeup at all. He has no makeup at all!" the intern affirmed.

"Do you guys know what plain makeup is? There is a makeup technique in this world called Oriental Witchcraft, nude makeup, have you ever heard of it?" the young female doctor sneered.

"I have a girlfriend. Of course, I know the difference between plain makeup and makeup." The interns who broke away from the ranks of single dogs naturally felt superior to the group of single interns in the office.

"Cut, it's great to have a girlfriend!"

"Today, the mother and the son are watching together. The child looks a little like her." The intern said, "Is this her second son? I heard that there is also a teenage son? I really can't see it, I. Very young, unlike having such a big son."

"Get to know the medical beauty. How busy our plastic surgery business is!"

"I don't know if the child's father will come. I heard that I was divorced a long time ago. Although there was no news of mutual tears at the time of the divorce, the relationship must be very stiff. I don't know what the meeting was like."

"Your girls are gossip. It's really here. You can't go to the ward to watch the excitement. When you come out, everyone is not pretending to be friendly."

"Although Dad didn't show up, I heard that the dean had already called the director and asked them to change the VIP room."

"The management office originally planned to adjust the singles for them. The news that the big stars are here spread out. Some crazy fans knew the news. They ran over to make trouble and they were troublesome. She didn't bring the bodyguard assistant to the hospital this time. Two more security guards will be sent to take care of it."

"It is estimated that the child will stay in the hospital for another two days. The hospital may have a headache in these two days. Until the person is sent away, the management department will not be able to relax."

"When you leave the hospital, do you want to take a group photo?"

"Of course I'm going, if the management office doesn't stop it. The real big stars, international film queens, don't have the chance to see them. I take a photo and post to the circle of friends and envy a group of people."

"Tomorrow, I will check the room with Director Gu, so I can go over and ask for a group photo. I don't chase stars, I mainly show it to my girlfriend."

"Pretending to be B is the most Sh*t!"

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