In the morning, Qi Haoran changed to the VIP ward. The entry and exit of this ward must be strictly registered. The hospital also sent two security guards to patrol the ward regularly to avoid being mixed into the media or movie fans.

Of course, the high daily cost of the VIP ward is also personally borne. When Wang Yuan was packing her things to move to the ward, the grandmother next to the bed came over with an old smart phone and expressed embarrassment that she wanted to take a photo. Wang Yuan also smiled and took a picture with her.

The new ward is a single room, of course, the environment is better, and the beds are much larger. The life assistant and Tia helped move their personal belongings. As soon as the things were sorted out, the nurse brought in three bottles of drips. This was to be hung up in the morning. Let the family members pay attention and notify them when they were hung up.

While inserting the needle to Qi Haoran, Wang Yuan sat on the bed, took her son in her arms, looked at his weak little appearance, distressed, put his little hand on her hand, and gently stroked the upper part of the needle. Skin.

"I like to eat ice cream?" Wang Yuan pressed her chin against the small head in her arms, "I ate two at once? This is not something a sensible kid did."

"You have already said that I am a child. There are no sensible children in this world, only children with high IQs." Maybe the body is weak and the voice is much weaker.

"The kid with high IQ, do you know that you can't eat more ice cream?" Wang Yuan teased.

"I have learned a lesson!" Qi Haoran said in a deep voice, "Indulgence of appetite is the biggest cause of physical and intellectual weakness, and it is also the root of weakness and sickness everywhere in the world."

Unknown Jue Li!

"Baby, you have this consciousness, it's amazing to be able to say such things!"

Qi Haoran turned his head and glanced at her, "This is a sentence from "The Testimony of the Church"… I heard Angela read it."

He explained: "Angela is my grandmother. She is a devout believer."

"do you like her?"

"She's a nice person, but she always wants me to be baptized. She wants me to stay in Germany, but my dad doesn't agree, and I don't want to stay there. I don't look the same as them."

"Most of the international schools are also foreign children. How do you get along with them? Do you have many good friends?" Wang Yuan thought about more children's lives.

"I'm going to school, not making friends!"

It seems that the younger son has a high IQ, but his communicative ability is worrying.

"Are there other kids bullying you?" Wang Yuan couldn't help worrying about her son's incompatibility.

Qi Haoran glanced at her, I didn't look easy to provoke me.

The mother and son chatted, and the sick child seemed to have removed the usual hard shell and became much softer.

While chatting, the child's eyes slowly closed, and Wang Yuan gently put him down, pulling up the quilt and covering it.

She told Tia to go back to rest first, and come back at night. Tia said to bring her lunch first, and Wang Yuan thanked it.

She turned on the phone and found that there were several missed calls and unread messages.

The agent Qu Hui and Xiao Wang are calling.

[Sister Yuanyuan, how is the baby? Can you come back for the talk show?]

Wang Yuan looked at the schedule in her mobile phone, and remembered that the talk show arranged for her by the agent was the day after tomorrow. In this situation, she would definitely not be able to participate.

She saw that Mario was sleeping just right, and half of the potion was left. She went to the bathroom and called her agent first.

"What's the situation on your side? We have signed a contract with the TV station, and the other party's official announcement has also done a promotion. No matter what, you must come back. There is no discussion about this matter!" Qu Hui solemnly said.

"My son is sick and hospitalized. I will definitely not be able to make the interview the day after tomorrow. You can cancel it for me. I am fully responsible for breach of contract."

"What's the child's illness? Is it serious?"

"Acute gastroenteritis, and a little fever, need to stay in the hospital for observation these days."

"I will send two people to take care of it tomorrow. You come back first, and you can go back after you have recorded the show."

"Contact to cancel the recording, I can't leave him at this time."

"Have you considered the gains and losses? Let alone the penalty for the time being, and at the same time offend the TV station…" Qu Hui said anxiously, trying to persuade her.

"That's it." Wang Yuan hung up.

At the same time, he also sent a message and talked to Xiao Wang.

In the afternoon, Tia brought rice soup. Wang Yuan fed Mario a little bit. After a while, she had diarrhea. Wang Yuan went to the doctor in a hurry. The doctor came to check and said that the condition was normal, and the child's stomach and intestines were relatively weak. Let him eat less these days and let his stomach adapt slowly.

Mario's body temperature kept fluctuating until a week later, it stabilized, and Wang Yuan's hanging heart was finally relieved without having a fever again.

When holding my son, I always feel that he is a lot lighter, and he looks thinner and thinner.

When he was in a better spirit during this period, he fiddled with the personal mobile phone and laptop that his teacher brought him from the kindergarten.

Wang Yuan looked at the pages on which he operated the computer was full of codes and some data that she could not understand at all, and the logins were all foreign language websites.

Standing, she was a little worried.

Trying to ask his son to understand, Qi Haoran told that he was only learning some basic operations.

Wang Yuan thought, your basic operations are definitely not the same thing as I understand.

In the past few days, Wang Yuan also called Wang Zining's video call. At first, no one answered, but then she returned the message.

[My aunt treats guests to a big meal in the evening without her cell phone. What's the matter? (Possessing lips)]

[I am with my brother now, I wanted to say hello to you on the video! (Smiley face)]

The other party sends a video request, do you accept it?

Wang Yuan immediately clicked to receive.

The video was connected, and a handsome face appeared on the screen.

Wang Yuan glanced at it and praised: "Ning Ning, did you go to fix your hair? The Z shape on both sides of the short hair is so handsome!"

Through the screen, Wang Yuan also saw Wang Zining's new hairstyle for the first time.

Wang Zining was not happy or contented, a little embarrassed and pulled the phone away, trying to avoid the camera.

"Oh, it doesn't look good." Wang Zining obviously didn't want to mention this topic.

Wang Yuan pointed the screen of her phone at Qi Haoran who was flashing to the side. She sat on the bed and pulled her little son over and said, "Say hello to my brother!"

Qi Haoran, who was happily playing mobile games just now, changed back to a cold face, staring at the person on the screen without speaking.

"Hey, little guy…Where are you?" Wang Zining looked at the environment on the screen and felt something was wrong.

"The younger brother is sick, and he was hospitalized these days." Wang Yuan said, she also wanted to deepen her brother's relationship through regular contact.

Wang Zining frowned, "…Is it okay, what's wrong with you?" His heart was inexplicably picked up.

"It's okay. Acute gastroenteritis is almost healed now. You can leave the hospital after another two days of observation."

"Oh. Then make him behave. Don't be afraid of getting injections and taking medicine." Wang Zining looked at the little guy on the screen. Although he was embarrassed, he didn't look like an obedient child. He must be worrying. I don't know if there is any. Did not cooperate well with the treatment.

"Yes. Mario, have a word with brother~" Wang Yuan turned to encourage her younger son.

"Your hairstyle is really ugly! Is that a 2 or a duck?" Qi Haoran asked seriously.

"You… I won't scold you when you are sick. It's obviously lightning, don't talk nonsense if you don't understand!" Wang Zining said with a temper.

Of course he knew that this new hairstyle had overturned. His idol soccer superstar's new hairstyle. After seeing the young guys on the soccer team, they wanted to copy it right away. A few people made an appointment to go to the barbershop after school. They couldn't tell their parents.

Cut first and play later to avoid being blocked.

Everyone thinks that Wang Zining is handsome and his hair style is always good. Ask for the address of the barbershop he often goes to. When Wang Zining cut his hair, sometimes he went to expensive hair salons with his grandmother, and sometimes he went to the barbershops in the community with his grandfather. The two mentioned by him were rejected by everyone. In the end, I went to a cheap chain barber shop, and it turned out to be a group of sharp-minded young men who came out with 2 characters on both sides of their heads…

This is definitely not the lightning they want!

Why provide pixel-clear photos, the barber can also cut out the completely opposite effect!

The barber was so embarrassed to ask them to take a group photo as the official website of the shop!!!

How could it be possible to promise that their No. 1 Middle School soccer team will be laughed to death from now on!

Wang Zining originally wanted to shave a bald head and remove the word 2. At night, his grandma and aunt desperately blocked him, saying that wearing a bald head is not like a good boy. Regardless of whether it is a bald head or the current 2 word head, he will be preached by the teacher when he goes to school tomorrow. I don't know if the disciplinary team will stop them at the door.

Wang Yuan didn't pay attention to it. After listening to Qi Haoran's words, looking at the effect of the shaved sides of the elder son's hair, it is true that the edges and corners of this lightning are too round~

She was also worried that the two would have a quarrel. Fortunately, Qi Haoran continued to play her mobile game, and Wang Zining was hit by her younger brother again, and now she is completely depressed.

After Wang Yuan reminded him to rest early in the evening, she hung up the phone.


On the day Qi Haoran was discharged from the hospital, Mr. Qi also hurried back after finishing his overseas business. The couple acted politely and politely in front of their son who had just been discharged from the hospital. They did not face each other as they did when they first met.

After the child is discharged from the hospital, he will not go back to school for the time being. The school representative also visited the children twice in the hospital, but Qi Ying said that the school should still be held accountable and let them give a satisfactory result.

Regardless of the outcome of their dispute, Wang Yuan tried to bring Qi Haoran back to City H to take care of him for a period of time. Mr. Qi did not agree and insisted that Mario could stay in Beijing and he would take care of him.

Seeing the little man lying on Mr. Qi's shoulders and looking at her with nostalgia, Wang Yuan felt so soft-hearted that she was reluctant to let him leave like this.

"Mario, my mother will send you a video call every day." Wang Yuan can't forcefully take the children away, nor can she follow them to their homes in Beijing. In the end, she can only say goodbye to her son.

Qi Haoran originally thought that he would definitely not be unwilling to let her go. Seeing her standing in place and waving to him, he buried his small face in his father's arms, feeling a little wet in his eyes, which he didn't like.

"If you start to like her, I agree that you can let her visit you often after you return to H city." Mr. Qi said to his son.

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