After Wang Yuan returned to City H, the agent informed her that as a result of the negotiation with the TV station, the interview was cancelled. As the party responsible for breach of contract, she wanted Wang Yuan to attend their recent popular acting PK variety show as a flying guest.

In this way, they do not need to pay liquidated damages, and they can still maintain normal cooperation in the future.

When Qu Hui told Wang Yuan, she had already agreed and re-signed the contract for her.

Wang Yuan was still a little angry. She had heard that an agent would sign a contract for an artist that was not her own will, but she did not expect it to happen.

According to the agreement between her and the company, she can disapprove the contract, but she can't fight with the agent at this time, so she can only bite the bullet and take over the work of the variety show guest.

Qu Hui may think that this is an opportunity she has considered for Wang Yuan in a comprehensive way, taking over the work she is good at, winning the favor of the audience and increasing her popularity.

Wang Yuan knew that it was unrealistic to learn acting skills temporarily, so she could only bite the bullet and talk about it.

This variety show in acting PK category is called "Hello, Actor!" There are four mentors, all of whom are well-known directors. One of them is Director Xu, whom Wang Yuan has met.

Forty-eight actors have gone through a lot of battles and belonged to the various director teams. Now it is time for the deciding game to decide the final winner through the final stage of acting skills competition, and Wang Yuan is the assistant guest of this final stage.

Before participating in the official recording of the show, the team sent by the agent made her overall image packaging, and designed different makeup and hairstyles for different costumes.

Starting from the car, the TV station began to follow the camera, Wang Yuan's nerves have been strained, because she doesn't speak much, she seems a little cold.

Upon arriving at the TV station, the staff stepped forward to greet her and led her directly to the contestant's lounge.

When she pushed open the white door, there was a young male player sitting inside. Seeing her come in, he got up quickly and bowed to say hello.

Very polite and polite.

Wang Yuan hurriedly bent over to return the courtesy.

She noticed that several cameras next to them were facing them.

The male player has been a little excited since she came in.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, I didn't expect that this time the guest assistant will be you! I am really surprised, I feel that the god of luck has finally taken care of me."

Before Wang Yuan came, she had read the information of several contestants, and the four contestants who stayed till the end are all very strong, and they are savvy and hardworking in acting. There are actors who have been famous, and there are always strong but lacking opportunities

The actors in the meeting all want to prove themselves here, gain support from the audience, and get more opportunities in the market.

The male player with too sharp facial features in front of him is called Cheng Wenhua, who plays the role of three men and four men in many film and television dramas, because his looks are not in the pleasing category, and most of them play villains. Participating in this variety show this time really let the audience know him.

In the first round of performances, four directors unanimously passed him. Now he is the last player actor left in Xu Dao's team.

"It's also my honour!" Wang Yuan replied politely.

She picked up the script, complaining in her heart. The program team really creates a topic, because Director Xu CUE her in the show, and was on the hot search, so she invited her to help, and now she is participating in a play that she has played. It is estimated that I would like to create another wave of hot searches.

"The Streaming Light" was once the original film, and is currently the top box office movie. A female performer in the late Qing dynasty struggled with her destiny in the treacherous changes of the times. She changed from a humble player to a star. The story of a diplomat's wife.

This is adapted from the story of a famous successful woman in history. Properly upgraded the cool script, big director, big production, plus good actors, this film became a hit that year, rose to the top, and there has been no new film to break its record.

Wang Yuan was also nominated for Best Actress in Genna because of the film sweeping all domestic awards. Because she had just won the actress last year, even though her acting skills in this film were more mature and outstanding, she failed to win consecutively. Awarded.

The script she got was a classic fragment from "Streamer".

"Teacher Wang, I got the script yesterday, and now I almost remember the lines, and the recording will begin in the evening. Do you think we can talk to the lines first, or wait for the director Xu to come over?" Cheng Wenhua asked Yuan Wang for his opinion.

"I'll get acquainted with the script first, you know, it's been a long time, and I have almost forgotten the lines." I feel very sorry for Cheng Wenhua, knowing that he cherishes this opportunity very much, and he will work hard to achieve something. She played badly, and at best bid farewell to the job she couldn't do, but it might cause him to lose the chance of becoming famous in the first battle.

"Okay, okay, you read the script first." Cheng Wenhua said hurriedly.

Part of the plot has been deleted and altered. This performance is based on Cheng Wenhua and Wang Yuan's not many scenes, but the difficulty of the performance is not low at all.

"Two teachers, Director Xu is already on the scene, are you going to the scene directly now?"

The clerk came to ask.

Both of them nodded, it was impossible for the director to wait there.

Wang Yuan got up and went to the execution ground. Every time she took a step, her heart sank and she came to the temporary set-up stage with a sinking face.

Director Xu was in a good mood, holding the manuscript paper and was directing the setting. He saw them coming and said happily: "Teacher Wang Yuan, I didn't expect us to have the first opportunity to cooperate in this form."

"Yes, Director Xu, I didn't expect it!" Wang Yuan smiled bitterly.

"With your help, I have more confidence in this performance."

Wang Yuan wanted to cry, she said to her heart, Director Xu, you must not hold too much hope, you must know that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment!

She was worried that she would not find the camera anywhere.

"Wenhua, take out your status, let's go through it first, and see if there is anything to adjust." Xu Dao said.

Cheng Wenhua nodded quickly.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, from now on, are you okay?" Director Xu asked her.

"Let's do it!" Stretching out the head and shrinking the head is also a knife. Just lie down like this, let you give up early, maybe you can find someone else to remedy it, Wang Yuan kindly considers them.

All the lighting photography studio records are in place.


Cheng Wenhua quickly adjusted his expression and quickly entered the state. Although his clothing has not been changed, he is wearing his own casual clothes, but looking at his expression and the aura of his gestures, it seems to be very convincing that he is the official family of officials. The eldest son of Hongru in the late Qing Dynasty, the protagonist of the drama with noble temperament and elegant and unhurried.

Director Xu has been watching his performance closely, nodding his head from time to time. The actor he chose is indeed a good seed. Unfortunately, because of image or other reasons, he has not become popular and cannot receive good roles. I believe that after this variety show is broadcast, He will definitely get some good roles.

Following the actor's line saying yes, the camera began to move towards Wang Yuan, and Director Xu also turned his eyes.

When the sound of filming started, the lights hit her face, and the moment the actor on the set walked towards her and said his lines, Wang Yuan was suddenly stunned.

This strange and familiar scene seems to shake the mark in the soul…

Layers of memory flooded. She was not interrupted by the large amount of blocked information in her brain. At that moment, the body was not hers. She mechanically followed the feelings in her brain to speak and act, raising her hands and feet, and she smiled. Is already the famous trick in that streamer…

After the episode, there was a round of applause.

"Very good, very good! Unexpectedly the first audition, you guys will behave

That's so good." Director Xu is very satisfied, he deserves to be an experienced and mature actor," Wenhua, although you performed well just now, I believe you have studied the script and designed the details before, but there are still a few adjustments that need to be made."

Director Xu raised a few questions from his performance just now, and then said: "You should have felt the strength of the Gena actress today, right? During the game just now, Teacher Wang Yuan gave a few points. You have been Without catching it, she can quickly adjust herself to match your performance without pressure on your play. This is the strength! It is the quality of a famous actor! I believe you will gain a lot from this cooperation."

Cheng Wenhua nodded humbly, "Yes, to be honest, I have been under a lot of pressure just now."

Although he was delighted to have a strong and well-known actress assisting in the role, he was also worried that the other party would rely on fame to suppress the show, and he had also heard from people in the circle that Wang Yuan had a bad personality and did not expect to have the opportunity to cooperate. She has a gentle temperament and a good character.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, are you going back to rest first?" Director Xu asked. After one time, he felt that Wang Yuan couldn't pick up any problems. Now it's time to review Cheng Wenhua's scenes a few more times. It's hard to keep Wang Yuan down to accompany him. Newcomers practice.

"May have to trouble Teacher Wang Yuan to stay for a while, try on makeup and clothes, and Director Xu to see if there are any problems." The staff of the clothing group stepped forward and reminded.

The costumes were prepared in advance according to the makeup of the movie version. After Wang Yuan tried it, there was no problem. Director Xu reminded Wang Yuan to come two hours in advance before the official recording of the evening show. They will have another play and let Wang Yuan familiarize themselves with Cheng Wenhua's adjustments.

Wang Yuan nodded. She is still ignorant now, she just wants to find a quiet place first, and take care of the extra messy memories in her mind.

Wang Yuan drank a cup of hot coffee that Xiao Wang bought, and the aroma of coffee eased a trace of confusion in her mind.

It turns out that returning to a familiar set can awaken the memory of this body.

Yuan Zhen may not know how to express his love for her son, but she is far from her dedication and love for acting career more…

For this body, performance is a deep-seated impression of the soul.

"I just watched your performance. It was very exciting! It seems that your amnesia has not affected your business ability." Qu Hui also came to her with a cup of coffee.

This time Wang Yuan came to record the show, which was the first time she re-entered the performance stage after she was discharged from the hospital.

It was really amnesia to hold her at first, and the plan for how to end the play was prepared, and sure enough, in terms of acting, Wang Yuan would never let her down.

Qu Hui thought, she would no longer be able to use her amnesia as an excuse to turn away some work.

"Yes, fortunately, I didn't forget." Wang Yuan took a sip of her coffee and said slowly.

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