The live recording at night begins.

Cheng Wenhua's performance came first.

When the host introduced that Cheng Wenhua's repertoire was "Streaming", the atmosphere was already very warm. When a classic scene of the movie "Streaming" was shown on the screen, even the director and guest seats were full of expectations.

Most people know in advance that the real star of "Streamer" will come to help tonight.

The curtain opened. When Cheng Wenhua appeared, most people began to watch the movie seriously, and when Wang Yuan's figure came out, the characters in the play were brought out between her eyes, which made people completely forget her identity as an actor. She is the one in the situation at this moment. The luminous celebrities of the late Qing Dynasty.

Other players who watched their competitors' performances in front of the backstage screens also exclaimed.

"Ah, in this scene of Cheng Wenhua, the assistant guest unexpectedly invited Teacher Wang Yuan, and it was completely buffed! The pressure is so great!"

"It's the first time I have watched a stage performance by Teacher Wang Yuan. I have to say that I am indeed the first Chinese actress and she deserves it! But I also admire Cheng Wenhua. He was not suppressed and was able to survive the pressure of the actress.not easy."

"Am I the next one to play?… The pressure is definitely there, but I still have the confidence to contribute to the best performance."

A ten-minute live performance soon ended. Wang Yuan and Cheng Wenhua walked to the front of the stage together, and the applause continued.

The emotions of the two of them are still in the roles just now, and when they walked out, they were still trying to adjust their state.

Wang Yuan's expression was also a little tranced. A full-hearted performance gave her the feeling of being steamed in a sauna, a hearty feeling, a wash of soul and emotions, no wonder the original body would be addicted to it.

The host walked towards them and first expressed her gratitude to Wang Yuan for her performance today, and wanted to ask her to say a few words first.

Wang Yuan took the microphone and said, "It's a great honor to be invited as a guest assistant. Teacher Wenhua Cheng is a very hardworking young actor. I hope to give him more opportunities to play more roles in the future! Thank you!"

After speaking, he handed the microphone to Cheng Wenhua, and stepped off the stage with the big skirt of the costume.

"Wait, Teacher Wang Yuan…" the host said anxiously. She didn't expect that she would leave after a short sentence. She didn't react for a while. He hurriedly added the words on the desk to finish, "Today the program team is fortunate to invite. You come to participate in the variety show "Hello, Actor". As a senior in the entertainment industry, I hope you can watch other contestants perform together after you perform.

Give them some performance advice."

This was communicated before, Wang Yuan nodded and walked to the guest seat prepared for her.

After a sharp-spoken guest commented with Wang Yuan's eyes, he took the microphone first: "I'm deeply impressed after watching this clip. Let's talk a few words first. Teacher Wang Yuan is completely using her acting skills to make up for the stage performance. The delicacy of the movie lens that is lacking in the film, but it does not make people feel that it has been deliberately designed. In short, there is no trace of performance at all. It is very natural, really good, and great! And the performance of Wenhua in this drama…"

This senior actor is still very strict with the performance requirements of the actors in the show. This is his highest evaluation of the actors in this show. Of course, it is not because he has cooperated with Wang Yuan in the movie.

"There are usually TV faces and movie faces. I am not deliberately referring to them here. Don't get me wrong. However, it is recognized that movie faces need to have a certain degree of recognition, while TV faces require beautiful facial features. I think Teacher Wang Yuan is one of my acquaintances. This is the most photogenic actress who fits both big and small screens…" a public judge who works in fashion photography said excitedly.

The host smiled and interrupted: "It seems that we are very excited to see Teacher Wang Yuan in XXX today, but the show time is limited. Please give your opinion on the performance of our contestants today."

The audience and other guest judges laughed.

"Yes, yes, I'm a little excited…"

With the praises of several public judges, the four directors also made comments.

Director Xu first affirmed Cheng Wenhua's performance, and then said: "I mentioned in the show that the actress who most wanted to work with was Teacher Wang Yuan. I did not expect that the show team would have contributed to our first cooperation in this way. Now I am looking forward to the next cooperation. Your excellent performance today makes me believe in this even more."

The camera was shown to Wang Yuan, and she nodded and smiled quickly.

Because of the competition, other directors still put forward some deficiencies and suggestions for Cheng Wenhua's performance, but they still praise Wang Yuan. The main people are indeed excellent and beyond reproach, and they are here to assist in the performance. These are all from the entertainment industry. Human beings, where will they come to pick up the problem.

Of course, there are people who want to talk about the topic or really have their own eyes, and there are still people who have different feelings of watching movies.

A young and cutting-edge director finally added, "Of course I like Teacher Wang Yuan's performance very much, but compared to some of your earlier films I have watched,

I feel that the current performance lacks some spirituality and naturalness, and the performance traces are still too heavy…"

As soon as he said something, it attracted the attention of the surroundings.

"I really like you so much, and I also want to give you some opinions from my personal perspective. Of course, this is a purely personal feeling, please don't mind."

Xu Dao cast his eyes several times, and his face was stretched.

The sharp guest who just commented on Wang Yuan's natural performance just now leaned back in the chair, curled his chest and curled his eyebrows, and his face didn't look good.

Wang Yuan feels that the camera must be aimed at herself without any deviation, and she will not miss any subtle expressions, as the material for the later hype.

"I agree with the director. Watching movies is a personal feeling." She nodded cautiously, just like you don't want to watch.

The new director gave a helpless smile.

The host hurriedly came forward to complete the scene, and this episode seemed to have passed.

For the performances of the next three contestants, the microphone was handed to her several times and asked her to give her opinions. She gave unanimous praise. The actors who can stay on the final stage must have the strength. The future development is a matter of luck.

In the end, the performance competition tonight selected the champion based on the ratings of all parties and the number of off-site votes, and the four actors were ranked in turn.

The recording only ended in the middle of the night, and for Wang Yuan, the work this time was finally completed smoothly without any problems. And one of the biggest gains is the return of the body's acting ability. She is not afraid of losing her job, which makes her happy to have a golden finger.

What she didn't expect was that the work she thought had ended smoothly, a week later when the program was broadcast, she was on the topic board again. But this time she was only incidental, and the focus of the controversy was on the new director.

The reason was the director's last comment on her. The expressions of the guests and other directors given by the netizens at the time when the camera was put on the camera, especially Director Xu, began various speculations and interpretations.

When Wang Yuan replied, she used the term "this director" for the new director, which was quoted by netizens. Since then, netizens have referred to the new director as "this director". The young director himself ridiculed himself under the official account." This director will never dare to talk nonsense again."

Wang Yuan's cautious nodded expression at that time has also become the latest popular dynamic emoticon.

When people have different opinions, they are all sent to the other side her emoticon, with the words "I agree with the director's opinion!" to express their uncareful attitude.

But these are later things, she recorded at the end of the show, there was still peace. After she went back to Meimei's to sleep, the next day was the weekend, and she sent messages to her two sons separately, caring about the daily lives of her beloved sons.

When Wang Zining was about to go out, he received a message from Wang Yuan.

[Ning Ning, do you have anything this afternoon, do you want to go swimming together? (Expected star eyes)]

Wang Zining raised his mouth unconsciously.

[No! I'm very busy!]

[Are you so free now? Don't have to go to work?]

Go swimming with her? Never! How strange! Wang Zining thought, but it's very hot today, it seems that you can go for a swim…

"Ning Ning, where did you go with your schoolbag early in the morning? Your father said that he would take you for a physical examination in the morning. Don't forget." Wu Han asked after it.

Fan Jiangliang said in advance that he would like to take Wang Zining for a regular physical examination of adolescents to check the bone age, hormone levels, etc., in order to cope with the coming of puberty.

"Grandma, I said it a long time ago. I have something to do this morning." He made an appointment with Liang Wentao and went to the squad leader Li Xiaoyuan's house in the morning.

"Then when will you come back, let me tell your father and ask him to change the time." Wu Han asked.

Wang Zining scratched his forehead and said: "I don't know yet, I'll call you later." I don't know if things went well today.

"Then put on a thin coat again!" Wu Han handed over the white light sports sunscreen shirt in his hand.

"Grandma, it's almost 30 degrees today. It's such a hot day." Wang Zining was speechless. Every time he went out, his grandma would add clothes to him. He was not a child.

"It's still a bit cold in the morning, and when the sun gets brighter, you can also put on a drape to block ultraviolet rays."

Wang Zining knew that if he didn't take the clothes, grandma wouldn't let him go. She stuffed the clothes into the backpack and muttered: "I'm not a little girl. I'm going to be laughed at for being so white. It's just right to get a tan!"

In the soccer team, he is often teased for being the milk caught in Oreo.

"You won't get dark for a long time, it will only sunburn your skin." Wu Han said with a smile, "Your skin that cannot be tanned is like me. Boys have nice white spots, so refreshing and handsome!"

Although Wu Han is more than 70 years old, wrinkles on his face are definitely indispensable, but his skin is still pale and rosy, which is different from the dark yellow of the elderly.

Wang Zining waved his hand and ran away quickly, lest his grandma would nag and stare at him putting on his clothes.

He turned on the phone and found that Wang Yuan's message had come back.

[Mom recorded the catalogue until midnight yesterday (poor), but I want to swim and relax today. I heard that you swim very well. I also swim very fast. I wanted to compare it with you.]

Cut, it's definitely better than me!

Do you want to go? Wouldn't you think I was afraid of her if I didn't go?

[I have very important things to do in the morning, so let's see if I have time when the afternoon comes.]

[Good drop, call after you are busy, mom will be free this afternoon! ] Wang Yuan replied.

She turned over the message sent to her younger son again, but never got back.

[Mario, my mother has been rehearsing and recording the show yesterday, and forgot to call you. What did you have for breakfast today? The breakfast recipe I sent Tia that day, did she make it for you?]

After a long time, the news finally popped out.

[Pumpkin millet porridge and yam lotus seed porridge, these weird things, don't send them to Tia again. Terrible!!]

[No picky eaters! These are nourishing for the spleen and stomach. Your stomach is weak now. Eating these is good for your health.]

Send me an arrogant emoticon that you care about me.

So angry. Remote parenting is really inconvenient!

Wang Yuan continued to coax the children to eat a healthy meal. On the other side, Wang Zining and her little friend Liang Wentao took over.

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