"Why are you carrying a box of milk?" Wang Zining pointed to a box of XX brand pure milk in Ge Shui's hand in surprise. It wouldn't be what he thought…

Sure enough!

"My dad is going to ask someone to do errands, and he has to bring something. We are going to the monitor's house this time and begging his dad to help us. It's not appropriate to be empty-handed! I bought it at the supermarket in front of me. By the way, you will have your share. Just transfer it to me on your phone!" Liang Wentao handed over the milk to Wang Zining, "I carried it for a while, and my hand almost broke. This kind of hard work is just right for you."

Wang Zining took a step back in horror.

"The squad leader's father belongs to the court. Didn't you go to give gifts to know the law and violate the law?

"Oh, this is basic humanity, you don't understand! You can think that we are caring and comforting our monitor! The milk must be drunk by the students, and his dad can't drink it!" Liang Wentao Zhenzhen resigned.

"I won't carry it!" Wang Zining refused.

"Wang Tou, you are too interesting, don't you have the heart to watch my weak body panting and carrying a box of milk moving like a snail?" Liang Wentao bent over and pretended to breathe hard.

"I don't know, I thought you were carrying a cow." Up to six or seven catties of milk, as for it, just love acting!

But seeing that Brother Shui only reached his shoulder size and dangling belly, he sighed, stepped forward to take the milk, and walked first.

"Quickly keep up! Say it, when it's at the door of the house, you come and get it!"

Liang Wentao jumped happily, caught up with Wang Zining, and patted his shoulder, "It's buddy!"

When Li Xiaoyuan opened the door, he saw a classmate who was tall, thin and short, standing at the door like a tall and short head in a martial arts drama. He raised his hand and looked at his watch: "You are quite punctual! My dad hasn't left yet, please be late. You won't see him anymore."

"That is, we have serious things to do, and we must observe the time!" Liang Wentao said, and after speaking, he entered the door with an aura of milk.

Wang Zining kept staring at the milk, as if looking at it.

They came to the squad leader's father for consultation about Zhang Ting's matter. They also greeted squad leader Li Xiaoyuan in advance. After Li Xiaoyuan knew about it, he felt that this was a matter of helping his classmates. As a class leader, he also had a responsibility to contribute. If Liang Wentao hadn't initiated this incident first, he felt he could help with it himself.

"You also mentioned milk…" Li Xiaoyuan only saw Liang Wentao at this time

The box of pure milk in his hand has a black thread.

Judge Li saw the three people coming in from the hallway, got up from the sofa in the living room, and greeted them with a smile, "You are all Xiao Yuan's classmates, welcome, I have heard him say that you are coming in the morning."

"Hello, uncle, we are here specifically for you today! By the way, this is for classmate Li Xiaoyuan to supplement nutrition, drink more milk for good health, so that he can grow more vigorously!" Liang Wentao shyly passed the milk over. The look is very steady and authentic.

Li Xiaoyuan:…

Wang Zining: Can I pretend not to know him?

Judge Li was also a little stunned: "Oh…oh, hahahaha…thank you, but there is a rule in our family that we cannot accept gifts."

"I know, this is not for you, I am for classmate Li Xiaoyuan." Liang Wentao calmly said.

Wang Zining regretted it for the Nth time that the milk should be given to passers-by.

"Liang Wentao, take the milk back and drink it yourself! About Zhang Ting, please tell my dad quickly, we are students, don't be silly." Li Xiaoyuan stepped forward.

"Hey, that's all right!" Liang Wentao said indifferently.

"Come here and sit down, let me guess, are you Liang Wentao? You are Wang Zining?" Judge Li looked at the two of them and said, "I heard Xiao Yuan say that you are good at speaking, and you are really a clever child! … Wang Zining The classmate is so handsome! It's about 1.8 meters tall, so tall! I heard that you exercise very well and like to play soccer. You usually bring Xiao Yuan to activities. He just doesn't like to move, and his height is not much."

At this time, Li Xiaoyuan's mother also came out, greeted them with fruit, and saw Wang Zining making a fuss of praise, pulling him affectionately and asking about his usual preferences and what food he would eat. She would also make it for Li Xiaoyuan in the future. If he can't help him grow up, and if he wants to come to play often, he has to hand in hand to ask Wang Zining Xihan to warm up.

Wang Zining looked at Liang Wentao rather than asking for help.

Seeing that Liang Wentao was interrupted by Li Xiaoyuan's mother for so long, he was anxious to get back to the subject.

"Mom, we have business affairs here." Li Xiaoyuan interrupted, "Dad, don't you want to go out later? Hurry up and listen to our classmates and help us give some advice."

His mother was too embarrassed today, as if Wang Zining was the real son she had just recognized.

"Yes, uncle, let me tell you about Zhang Ting…" Liang Wentao quickly introduced the situation of his classmates.

Judge Li listened carefully for a while.

"Then you don't actually understand the truth. The news is from other places. Have you confirmed with Zhang Ting? What does he think?"

"Uncle, you don't know Zhang Ting. He has a particularly introverted personality. We have been talking to him during this period of time, and offered to help him, but he refused." Liang Wentao said anxiously, "You might think we are nosy, but We have seen classmates abandoned by their parents and their lives are now affected. We can't pretend to be blind. We all hope that he can have a stable and secure living and learning environment. When he first entered school, his grades were ranked first in our class. One, his grades have dropped a bit now, and it must have been affected by the situation at home."

"Our class teacher also knows about Zhang Ting. Although he himself refused to tell us, Liang Wentao and I visited his community and asked their neighbors. This is the truth! His grandfather broke his foot some time ago. He did not go out to set up a stall, so he has no income now. His father has never paid for their living expenses. His father does not support the elderly and does not raise children. It is really bad! The law must sanction him!" Wang Zining worried that Judge Li did not Zhang Ting I refused to believe my testimony.

Judge Li smiled and said: "Don't worry, I definitely believe you. You are all good kids with a sense of justice. But if we want to help classmate Zhang Ting solve the problem, we must still talk to him. I will take this matter to my heart, and communicate with your class teacher first, and let our adults come forward to solve it. If we need your help at that time, we will find you again, how about?"

"Dad, when will you find our class teacher?" Li Xiaoyuan urged.

"I will do it as soon as possible, don't worry!" Judge Li assured.

Liang Wentao and Wang Zining squatted on the side of the road, sucking milk.

"I have already drunk four bottles. I really can't drink it anymore. You pack the rest." Liang Wentao pushed the remaining half carton of milk to Wang Zining.

Wang Zining threw the two empty milk cartons that he had drunk far into the trash can, and stood up and said, "You buy it, you are responsible for solving it."

"Don't, take it back again!" Liang Wentao said. He looked at Wang Zining's backpack, his face was joyful, "Quickly, you open the bag and I will put the rest of the milk in."

Wang Zining reluctantly opened his backpack, "You will learn less of these adult routines in the future."

"My dad never handles affairs empty-handed to make money all the time. Don't look at my father Li Xiaoyuan's confiscation of our milk today, but he sees our intentions, there is still a difference, alas, you are still young and don't understand!

"Liang Wentao pretends to be old and authentic.

"Where are we going now?" Wang Zining asked.

"Or let's find Zhang Ting again. Last time we only went downstairs in their community and didn't enter his house." Liang Wentao said. Last time they secretly followed Zhang Ting back to find out where he lived. Later, they ran into grandpas and grandpas in the same building downstairs. Based on their enthusiastic explanations, they further inquired about Liang Wentao's family.

"Okay, go quickly. Zhang Ting doesn't speak anymore this time, I can't help but beat him!" Wang Zining has never seen such a stubborn boy. He really wants to fight hard to get a little out of his manhood.

"…You won't be serious?! We are here to help people, not to beat him!" Liang Wentao reminded, "You have to control how many mail you send!"

Zhang Ting's house is an old community built in the 1980s. The municipal government has renovated the outer walls of these old communities this year. Each house in the community is equipped with a corner scaffolding, steel pipes are piled on the open space, and people wearing hard hats can be seen everywhere. The construction crew walked back and forth.

"Let's find the door like this, Zhang Ting won't be angry, right?" When he came to the door, Liang Wentao hesitated.

"It's a good thing that he can be angry! He is so lifeless all day long, he will be bullied without responding!" Wang Zining took the lead to climb up the stairs.

"Hey, wait for me!" Zhang Ding's house was on the sixth floor. There was no elevator in the old community, and Liang Wentao was panting.

"Boom, boom, boom," Wang Zining knocked on the door with a solemn face.

"No one is at home, right?" Liang Wentao said to Wang Zining when no one was opening the door.

"His grandfather broke his leg and can't get out of bed…" Wang Zining thought, if Grandpa Zhang Ting was at home alone, then they would have gone for nothing.

The door was opened, Zhang Ting was wearing a deformed and wrinkled gray T-shirt and wide pants, with soap foam on his arms, standing at the door looking at them.

"Why are you here?" he asked, looking at them suspiciously and alertly.

"Ah, oh, let's take a look at you, what do you think about the things we talked to you two days ago? How are you thinking about it?" Liang Wentao said.

"I said, leave my business alone. You go back!" Zhang Ting lowered his eyes and said, although his voice was insufficiently breathed, he could still be heard, and his tone was quite firm.

"Let's take a look at you and chat, you can let us in first." Wang Zining couldn't bear his death, so he pushed the door and stepped in.

"Eh…" Liang Wentao was taken aback, and soon followed Wang Zining in.

Seeing the two people who squeezed himself to the door and passed by him, Zhang Ting didn't react for a moment.

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