The house is very small, estimated to be only 30 square meters. The place where they come in is a very narrow small hall with a dining table and an old refrigerator next to it. The two small rooms on the left are side by side with the kitchen and bathroom, and on the right is a bedroom.

The bedroom door was open, and there was a mess of things inside. The closet door against the wall fell off and leaned to one side. There were also several cardboard boxes stacked on the wall with books, newspapers, etc. inside.

Wang Zining saw an elderly man in his sixties lying in bed watching TV. Although he was surprised when he saw them, he quickly smiled.

"My classmates, hello, hello, are you looking for a guy who is playing? Come in and sit down!" the old man greeted them.

"Grandpa Zhang Ting, we have something to do with Zhang Ting, we will talk outside, and I won't disturb you." Wang Zining said.

"Yes, hello, Grandpa Zhang Ting, we'll just talk outside, you don't care about us." Liang Wentao said with a smile.

Zhang Ting closed the bedroom door and sat at the dinner table without saying a word. There were leftover meals on the table, and his books and homework were spread on it.

The atmosphere was a bit stagnant for a while.

"Did you wash your clothes in the bathroom just now? No wonder you didn't hear us knocking for a long time." Liang Wentao broke the silence and tried to enliven the atmosphere." You're pretty good. I thought you would never wash or change your clothes. Know how to wash clothes, hahaha. Uh…I'm not saying you don't like cleaning, I mean you are good at taking care of yourself, and you can take care of your grandpa…"

The voice was getting smaller and smaller, Liang Wentao touched Wang Zining with his arm and motioned for him to save the field.

"We have found the squad leader's father. He is the judge. He said he will help you." Wang Zining looked at Zhang and said.

"Yeah, last time we asked a community assistance lawyer for consultation. The other party said that we were not a client, so they ignored us and wanted to go with you, but you refused. Fortunately, the squad leader was very righteous. When he told him, he immediately agreed to help…"

"Do you bother me, I and you have never said a few words, we are not familiar at all, why do you want to mix with my family affairs, and also promote this matter everywhere, you spend this time and energy to improve you Is your grades bad? Don't go to the tail of the crane all day and lower the class score." Zhang Ting said with a sharp tone, but he kept his voice under control and lowered his voice.

"Hey, Zhang Ting, don't know what is good or bad!" Wang Zining said angrily.

"Don't get excited, don't get excited, keep your voice down, Grandpa Zhang Ting is inside, don't

Make him think we quarreled." Liang Wentao grabbed Wang Zining and reminded.

"Let's go, don't come to my house again. I don't want my grandfather to know about this." Zhang Ting stood up and said.

"Why are you so stubborn!" Liang Wentao stomped, "Let's just find your grandfather directly, he is also a party, you can sue your dad!"

"I said, don't bother me, you go!" Zhang Ting turned and opened the door, staring at them, and beckoning them to leave.

"Forget it, leave it to the class teacher and them. The class leader's father also told them to solve it." Liang Wentao persuaded Wang Zining.

Wang Zining pondered for a while, and said, "Teacher, they have known for a long time, but they have not been left alone. I can't believe what the adults said."

After saying this, he walked directly over, pinched Zhang Ting's arm, and stood up and walked out: "Today I must force you to tell what you think!"

"You… let me go!" Zhang Ting whispered in surprise.

Liang Wentao was stunned, Wang Tou really did it!!

I still don't have any control over how much to send~

He had to rely on him for the aftermath work. Liang Wentao sighed, walked to the bedroom door, knocked on the door a few times, then pushed it open, and said to Grandpa Zhang Ting, "Grandpa Zhang Ting, let's go downstairs to play with Zhang Ting, goodbye! I will see you next time!"

"Well, you guys go and play!" Grandpa Zhang Ting said happily.

Today, the roof was renovated. They lived on the top floor. There was always a loud noise. The old man's ears were not very good, and he didn't hear any outside noises. He didn't know that his grandson was taken away at this time.

"Let go of me…" Zhang Ting shouted in embarrassment. The whole face was flushed, and the experience of being lifted downstairs with his arm all the way down, he probably won't forget it in his life.

When he came downstairs, Wang Zining put him down, Zhang Ting landed on both feet, and stared at Wang Zining, feeling helpless for a while.

Wang Zining moved his arms, and he carried his 80-jin classmate all the way down to the sixth floor. He was also struggling, okay.

"Look, you are the one who made things complicated!" Wang Zining complained. It was a very simple thing. After being bullied by his family, he went to ask for justice and came back. Now there is someone to help him, he still has to be a turtle, which is really inexplicable.

Zhang Ting's mouth was trembling with anger. Isn't this just the wicked complaining first? The savage who did it directly, he was justified!

"You, you are too much!" he muttered.

"Yes, it's just for this momentum. The voice can be louder and fierce!" Wang Zining said with satisfaction, "I will tell your dad next time!"

When Liang Wentao panted and supported his waist, he saw Zhang Ting and felt that he was about to faint.

"What's wrong, what's wrong, Wang Tou, you didn't do anything to him, right?" Don't do anything. I originally came to help people, but in the end it became a hit. That's really a big joke!

"I think it's more important to get his humiliated character over than helping him in a lawsuit. Otherwise, he's just as easy to be bullied and won't resist." Wang Zining stretched out his hand to stop, "Let's find one. Have a good chat in the place, Brother Shui, you are responsible for this brainwashing work. If he really doesn't listen to persuasion, I will do it again."

"Ah…" Liang Wentao said blankly.

"Several children over there, don't stand here, go to other places to play." The construction workers standing on the horns yelled to them.

Zhang Ting was embarrassed and angry. He felt that there was no need to entangle these two strange guys. He turned and ran away, fearing that he would be chased to continue chatting, panicking for a while.

"Child, don't go this way…Oh, hurry up…" There were two construction workers wearing hard hats downstairs, pulling a thick rope, and sending a whole piece of iron tile to the top floor. One of them was Zhang Ting ran into it and let go of his hand.

"Quickly go away…" the workers upstairs saw the iron tiles that had been pulled up to almost three floors falling down and shouted in a panic.

Liang Wentao was completely stunned. He saw Zhang Ting accidentally hit the construction workers, and then hid to the side in a panic, while the iron tiles in the air just fell off his head. At that moment, his mind was full of thoughts. The chubby legs can't move as if they were filled with lead…

He closed his eyes subconsciously, and it was over…

"Dang Dang, Dang Dang, Dang Dang Dang…" The iron tile hit an object first, then fell to the ground, and the sound of the aftermath vibrated.

Liang Wentao closed his eyes tightly, and his eyes trembled, tears coming from his eyes.

"Child, are you okay? Oh, why are you running here, swishing so fast, you won't pull people away quickly, and you still use your hands to block the tiles, you think you are a strong man…"

Liang Wentao suddenly opened his eyes and saw construction workers wearing safety helmets and passing residents surrounding Wang Zining.

As soon as Wang Tou lowered his elbows, he touched his forearm with some pain on his face.

He rushed over and squeezed into the crowd, tears and nose rushed out: "Wangtou, are you okay?" He stretched out his hand to touch Wang Zining's arm, and he hurriedly retracted back in fright by the cry of pain.

"It's okay!" Wang Zining took a breath and stood tall. He glanced at Zhang Ting, who was already scared and silly, and asked worriedly: "You haven't been smashed, are you?"

Zhang Ting looked at him and shook his head mechanically.

"Uuu, I only now know that there is A sense of security!" Wang Tou is indeed a person who can give his friends a "top the pot"! Liang Wentao cried and finished speaking, and squeezed towards Wang Zining.

Disgusted Wang Zining. "roll!"

"Hurry up and take it to the hospital. You must have a fracture!"

"How handsome this little boy is. Fortunately, he didn't hurt his face. Why were you so careless during construction…"

"Such a large piece of iron smashed from a high place, it must be badly injured, so send it to the hospital."

The residents talked a lot.

"I'll take you to the hospital for a look." The manager of the construction team also rushed over and said to them.

"We bumped into someone first, I'm fine, so I don't need to go to the hospital." Wang Zining said. Don't let grandma and the others know, otherwise it will be noisy again. And when he came to help people, they almost got hurt, and he didn't have any face.

In the small fitness park of the community.

"Wang Tou, I think your arms are red, and there are bruises. Don't be sick. Let's go to the hospital and take a film to see if there are any bone injuries?" Liang Wentao persuaded.

"No, I was numb just now, now it's alright, isn't Zhang Ting going to help me get the medicinal wine!" Wang Zining said rather unfavorably.

"Oh, don't say this Zhang stopped, it's him…"

"It has nothing to do with him! We came to look for him, otherwise he is still doing homework upstairs. The injury is my business, it has nothing to do with anyone else!"

I have always felt that Wang Tou is naive. It seems that when it is critical, he is more effective and responsible than himself!

Zhang Ting ran all the way, holding a white plastic bag in his hand.

"Here, this is medicinal wine, this is red syrup, knead it vigorously to remove the blood inside…" Zhang Ting said with a sweat on his face and lowered his head in a low voice.

Liang Wentao took the medicinal liquor and didn't know how to start it." I don't know how to make it, or would you come?"

Zhang Ting nodded and took the medicinal liquor to help Wang Zining rub his hands and forearms.

"You are quite good at taking care of others." Liang Wentao couldn't help but praise when he looked at his proficient technique.

Zhang Ting didn't say a word, his hands kept moving.

"I blamed you just now, I was told by Wang Tou…" Now that everyone is okay, Liang Wentao is in the mood to joke again.

"It's my fault!" Zhang Ting said suddenly.

Wang Zining glared at Liang Wentao.

He whispered: "I didn't mean that. I mean I was a bit blamed for you just now and thought you were running away, but I also know that I was angering. If it weren't for us to come to you suddenly, nothing will happen now. No."

Zhang Ting stopped, holding the bottle of medicated wine tightly, feeling the pungent smell of the medicated wine, and his nose was a bit tingling with irritation.

"I won't sue my dad. It's all my fault. He didn't pay me for living expenses. There is a reason." I don't know why, if I have been holding it in my heart, I suddenly wanted to be with the two strangers around me. The classmates talked about it.

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