"Ah, why? No matter what you do, parents are obligated to raise their children." Liang Wentao asked curiously.

"Five years ago during the summer vacation, my grandfather took my brother and me to our hometown in the country. It was very hot that day, and I took my brother to swim in the river in the village. I asked him to wait for me on the shore, and I swam after I got into the water. For a while, I didn't expect him to follow him down the river. I saw that I was a little nervous and wanted to swim over and took him ashore. Suddenly my feet started to cramp… Grandpa rushed over to find us. At that time, we were both in the water. I called for help. I also heard my brother crying, crying for a while, sinking, grandpa jumped into the water and swam to save me first, and then he pulled me ashore to find my brother. He, he already…" After speaking, his tears kept rolling down. Until I cried bitterly.

This matter held in his heart for too long, too long.

Wang Zining and Liang Wentao looked at each other. He didn't expect such a big thing hidden in his heart. No wonder his character became reversible and submissive. Maybe he felt that all of this was his fault.

"You can't blame you for this, no one wants it. Your father won't leave you alone because of this, right? You are his son too." Liang Wentao dissatisfied.

"My parents divorced when I was very young. I lived with my grandfather. Later, my dad married his current aunt, gave birth to a younger brother, a younger brother… when I was only five years old when I died, my aunt was excited at the time. It's a bit bad. If my dad meets with us or helps us live, she will make everyone uneasy. Grandpa has always been very guilty for not saving his brother at the time. He never thought of asking my dad for living expenses. I want to be brought up by myself. He broke his leg some time ago. He has to raise him for several months. We can't go out to the market to set up a stall. Our living expenses are a bit tight. He also asked someone to give me a message to my dad, but the aunt over there is pregnant again. Now, staring very closely, my dad brought in and said, don't look for him, for fear that auntie will know that there will be two lives…"

Zhang Ting looked up and said: "So I don't want you to help, and I won't sue. I can't kill another child of my dad anymore. I will find a way for living expenses."

"That incident was an accident, you can't be blamed."

"Yeah, standing downstairs may be killed by iron sheets falling from the sky… Well, I mean, sudden accidents are impossible to prevent. No one wants to be like this. You can't blame you. It's your father and Your stepmother is too extreme and put the blame on you. I heard that your stepmother is called post-traumatic sequelae, and your dad should take her to see…"

"I support you!" Wang Zining pursed his mouth, "support you not to take his money! Your dad is a scumbag! This kind of person is not worthy for you to call his dad!"

"I think so too. Your dad is so scumbag that he can't be scumbag anymore. If he has the opposite S*x and is innocent, it's wrong. If there is a stepmother, there will be a stepdad. This is worse than the stepdad. Your grandfather is still his son because he can only save A grandson, he doesn't even care about your grandfather, abandoning his father and abandoning his son! But he doesn't need to use his money because of this. This is what he should pay. He has to ask him for it, and he must take it out to save the living expenses of the previous years and the future. Pay it together, and cut it off again!" Liang Wentao clasped his fist and said.

Zhang Ting looked at the two classmates who were more angry and gritted their teeth in front of him, with tears and nose squeezed together, showing a big smile.

The feeling of someone speaking for him is so good!

After the accident, Grandpa also felt guilty, and has been telling him not to blame his dad for the past few years and not to hold his hate. He felt that Grandpa was also blaming him and shouldn't take his brother out.

"Thank you! Wang Zining, thank you for saving me today!" Zhang Ting said sincerely. If it were his father, he wouldn't be able to block the heavy and hard iron sheet for him… but Wang Zining was shocked by him. It came all of a sudden and protected him.

Then a shining little prince who is so energetic and loved by the teachers and students of the school, he thought that their life was too boring, so they came to take care of his affairs. He did not expect that he would risk such a big risk to save him, and he was deeply touched.

"It's over, it's boring to mention it again." Wang Zining shook his hand indifferently, a little embarrassed.

"Don't worry, since we said we want to help you, we will help to the end. If you don't mention your dad, I have pocket money, and I can lend it to you first." He has pocket money every month, and grandparents give it to him. Yes, his dad and aunt gave it to him, and there was also New Year's Eve money during the New Year's Day, and he had already saved a lot of money.

"I can also borrow it, but we really just forget it, it can't be cheaper, Zhang Ting, father and stepmother." Liang Wentao said unwillingly.

"I don't want your money, I will figure it out myself." Zhang Ting smiled and said, half-hearted, and his smile increased.

"This is lent to you." Wang Zining said.

"No." Zhang Ting shook his head stubbornly. He had no reason to borrow money from his classmates.

"Then you give us tuition, and count your tuition fees." Wang Zining thought for a while. Zhang Ting's grades are very good. There is no problem in tutoring them. It can also make Grandpa and his students relax, without helping him with homework.

"Ah… don't! Wang Tau, are you serious? I don't want to take tuition, can I?" Liang Wentao said.

"No, your grades are so bad, do you want to keep everyone behind?"

It sounds like you are not holding back. Liang Wentao thought. But dare to think but dare not to speak, I can only be wronged for the time being and accept it. Anyway, he can pay the tuition fee, tuition-forget it!

"I will give you tutoring, but I won't charge you tuition fees!" Zhang Ting said seriously.

"You are too stubborn. You are still a student now, and you can't go out to make money…" Wang Zining said anxiously.

"I said, I will find a way!" Zhang Ting still insisted.

"And your mother, does your mother leave you alone?" Liang Wentao asked when he remembered.

"… After their divorce, she went to another place. She hasn't come back for many years, and I don't have her contact information."

"You are so unlucky! Why did you meet such a pair of parents!" Liang Wentao said with emotion.

At this time the phone rang.

Wang Zining picked it up and said in a bad tone, "Hey, what's the matter?"

"Ning Ning, where are you? Why haven't you come back? Didn't you say that I will take you to the medical examination today?" Fan Jiangliang said.

"Have you asked my opinion about arranging a physical examination? I don't want to go!" Wang Zining would rather subconsciously substitute his emotions: "You can stay with your wife and leave me alone!"

Fan Jiangliang:…

"What's the matter, Ning Ning is upset by the sound of the phone?" Li Xiaoyun asked, holding her belly, she also followed Fan Jiangliang back to her parents' house today.

"No, the little guy doesn't know what happened to him, he has a little temper." Fan Jiangliang smiled.

"Do you want to cancel the appointment? You made an appointment one month in advance…"

Before Li Xiaoyun finished speaking, Fan Jiangliang interrupted impatiently: "It's not too much trouble to make an appointment for a medical examination. Just change the time."

Here, Wang Zining hung up the phone, Liang Wentao secretly said to Zhang Ting: "Wang Tou is the same as you, and his dad has married a new wife."

"Huh?" Zhang Ting was taken aback for a moment.

"Don't secretly speak ill of me, I'm listening." Wang Zining looked at Liang Wentao displeasedly.

"Hehe, you heard, you should know, I didn't say bad things about you, I just told Zhang Ting that you are in the same situation as him, and you have stepmothers." Liang Wentao explained with a guilty conscience.

"My dad is not his scumbag! My dad…It's okay now!" Wang Zining said. It remains to be investigated. If his father doesn't care about his grandfather and him in the future, hey, he won't recognize him either! He will raise grandparents!

"What about your mother…"As soon as Zhang Ting finished asking, he regretted it. If it were he, he didn't want others to listen too much.

Liang Wentao pricked his ears to listen, and he never heard the head mention his mother.

Wang Zining didn't want to answer at first. Seeing the curious look of the two of them, he couldn't help saying: "…She used to be busy with work,…now begging to reconcile with me!" Well, that's it! I want to find myself swimming today.

The translation is that I didn't be a mother before, and now I regret coming back to look for him. Liang Wentao thought.

I don't know if my mother will come back to find me in the future. Zhang Ting thought.

Wang Zining remembered that there was milk in his backpack, and took it out, two bottles per person.

Zhang Ting took it blankly, "I won't drink…"

With two more bottles stuffed in his hand, Liang Wentao grumbled and said, "Help drink, thank you!"

"This is Liang Wentao's return by giving gifts to others in order to ask the monitor's father for help. I'll have something to do later, and I can't carry so much milk over." Wang Zining didn't want to drink, so he threw the two bottles in his hand into Zhang Ting. In his arms, "Let's go, let's go to school on Monday and see you again, then we will discuss how to make money for you."

"Yes, I will help you think about it when I go home. By the way, I can ask my dad. It is said that he came out to work after graduating from junior high school."

"You don't need to help me…" Zhang Ting whispered.

"Are we still friends?" Liang Wentao asked, "In the future you will be covered by us, and your business will be our business!"

"When did we form a gang?" Wang Zining asked Liang Wentao, "It's still covering up. When the old party hears it, you're done."

"Oh, don't I just say it casually, today we have experienced the test of life and death, and our feelings have soared. I think we can all name our trio, how about the Three Musketeers?"

"There are still three musketeers!" Wang Zining laughed.

"Three Musketeers will do too…"

The two walked away happily, Zhang Ting looked at them with envious eyes, can he really be friends with them? You can laugh together in the future, no worries?

"Go to my house and play games. My parents are away in the afternoon. We can play as much as we want." Liang Wentao suggested.

"No, I have something to do this afternoon."

"Is there really something? What's the matter, what's the matter?"

"There should be some secrets between the brothers," Wang Zining said deeply and honestly.

"…It's your mother looking for you, right?"

Wang Zining suddenly turned his head, looked at Liang Wentao, opened his mouth and asked in surprise: "How do you know?"

"Is your mother really looking for you?" Liang Wentao said excitedly, "I will follow, just say it so accurate, God!"

He said that Brother Shui has a super sixth sense like a girl!

"Take me to chant, and also know and know auntie." Liang Wentao begged, "Look at my mother as you please. She still asks every day when you will come. She seems to like you more than me. You also introduce me to you. Introduce Auntie, I see if she can make her like me more, so that's fair."

"no way!"

I don't know if this is not going to take him, or his mother won't like herself more. Liang Wentao said unwillingly: "You are still not brothers, and your parents are not big people who can't be exposed?" He has never seen Wang Zining's father, and every time he comes to pick him up, he gets mysterious.

"Brothers must respect each other's privacy."

It makes sense and can't refute it.

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