Liang Wentao got into the car and went home disappointed.

Wang Zining took out his cell phone and hesitated for a while.

In front of his friends, he always pretended to be nonchalant. In fact, he was also scared the moment he ran over to block the iron sheet with his arm. The iron sheet that fell from a high altitude was so powerful that his hands still faintly hurt.

After nothing happened, he thought for the first time that he could not worry his grandparents, and that he could forgive her, forgive her for not fulfilling her mother's responsibilities before. Otherwise, if something happens to him today…give her a chance. See her performance in the future! Well, she also has a son, see if she is partial!

Wang Yuan didn't know that Daer had accepted her in her heart, but she was evaluating her silently.

She was very happy when she received a call from Wang Zining, "Ning Ning, are you willing to go swimming with your mother? Where are you now, and I will pick you up?"

"No need to pick up, I'll go there by myself, and give me the address!" Wang Zining said coolly.

"Well, did anyone send you? Did you bring your swimsuit? Have you ever had lunch…" Wang Yuan asked worriedly.

"…It's shivering, address!"

Wang Yuan:…

When Wang Zining took a taxi, he found that his body was smelling of medicated liquor. After getting off the car, he first found a public restroom, washed the medicated liquor on his arm with water in the sink, and then took out the sunscreen coat in his bag and put it on.

The swimming pool Wang Yuan was looking for was a large swimming pool in the Civic Center. When she gave out the address, Wang Zining was thinking, can she go to a place with so many people?

Outside the stadium, I saw a tall figure in a black sunglasses fisherman hat waving at him happily on the steps.

"Ning Ning, here!"

Wang Zining opened his mouth unconsciously.

He walked over slowly, "Will you be recognized later?"

Wang Yuan greeted her and said with a smile: "No, you won't be recognized if you don't wear a goggles and a swimming cap when you swim."

She stretched out her hand to touch Wang Zining's hair, but he avoided it: "This lightning is more handsome than seen in the video!"

Wang Zining glanced at her: sweet talk! He will not be bought!

Obviously so ugly!

On the second day after they straightened their hair, the two guys from the soccer team were dragged over by the school's dean and scolded for an hour. If it weren't for directly slicing the sideburns on both sides, it would be more exotic than it is now, this fat lightning would have long since disappeared. But banning the ball for a month is already the biggest punishment for them, or he

Our soccer team teachers managed to win it.

Although his new hairstyle, the school girls with abnormal aesthetics exclaimed that they are so handsome, he still believes that the new hairstyle is really silly, and the other members of the soccer team are already wearing hats with laughter.

"Don't mention my hairstyle again!" Wang Zining said.

"It's really good-looking!" Wang Yuan felt that her son's handsome face could control everything.

Wang Zining and Liang Wentao said that his grandmother and father thought his haircut was decent. Brother Shui said that it was Pharaoh who sold melons.

Thinking of this, the corners of his mouth curled up again.

"You are Lao Wang selling melons!" he said.

Wang Yuan seemed to be stabbed in the smile, haha ​​laughing so hard that she couldn't afford to laugh." Pharaoh, I am indeed Pharaoh. I think my melon is good, Xiao Wang, right?"

When the two came to the entrance of the swimming pool, Wang Zining glanced at the small store next to him and said to Wang Yuan, "I'll go shopping."

Wang Yuan followed him in, only to find out that he didn't bring swimming equipment.

"You didn't come out from home? Have you eaten lunch?" The worried mother couldn't help but mutter again.

When she wanted to pay the bill this time, Wang Zining did not refuse.

"Ning Ning, what swimming style are you good at? How long is the fastest one-hundred-meter swim?"

"There is nothing I'm not good at, anyway, I swim very fast!"

"Oh, my son will not only be the fastest on land, but also the fastest little Superman in the water!"

"It's really not humble!" Wang Zining tried hard to keep the corners of his mouth from rising.

Mother and son who dare to talk too!

When Wang Zining came out of the men's changing room, with his arms deliberately placed behind him, he saw Wang Yuan wearing a one-piece swimsuit and a white bath towel chatting with a fat woman, wondering that she could touch it in the swimming pool. To an acquaintance?

"Ning Ning, come here soon!" Wang Yuan saw him and stretched out her hand to say hello.

Ni Ying felt that she became the heroine of the novel and was inexplicably caught by the overlord-no, she was the queen of the movie. She fell in love with her and took the initiative to make friends with her. As the story develops, will she start to reach the pinnacle of her life?

After adding the contact information last time, she has always felt that this is a very mysterious event. She often turns on the phone to look at the motionless avatar. When she just wanted to forget, she thought it hadn't happened. She didn't expect to meet her in the swimming pool today. Before she recognized the other party, Wang Yuan took the initiative to greet her again.

"Ni Ying, this is my eldest son Wang Zining." Wang Yuan said.

Ni Ying hurriedly pinched the random thoughts in her mind, looking at the coming boy, her eyes widened unconsciously, and she exclaimed: "What a handsome boy!

"She just thought, but she didn't expect to say it. Suddenly she felt a little embarrassed.

"Hahaha. Envy, this is my son!" Wang Yuan smiled triumphantly. In another time and space, they are all single dogs. She has a son first in her life, so she is so handsome and handsome.

"This is Aunt Ni Ying, my mother's friend, hurry up and call Auntie!" Wang Yuan introduced.

"Auntie!" Wang Zining cried awkwardly. He felt a little uncomfortable, and the aunt's eyes were too enthusiastic.

"I'll go swimming first."

He felt that there must be a lot of grunting between the two of them, just like grandma would have to stick to an acquaintance for a long time. At this time, he would not run away, and would usually be dragged to accompany them to chatter and become the main topic of the conversation.

Just as Wang Yuan wanted to respond, when she saw him turn and walk away, the color of her arms behind her back was obviously wrong. She tensed her heart and pulled him in a hand.

"He…" Wang Zining whispered, and there was a pain in his arm. He didn't expect that his arm would hurt more and more, especially when he was touched.

"What's the matter? Both of your arms are black! Still a little swollen! Did you fall down?" Wang Yuan frowned and asked in a panic and anxious tone. She remembered that when she met just now, she smelled a bit of medicinal wine on her son.

Wang Zining wanted to withdraw his hand, but Wang Yuan was holding it tightly, and when he touched the wound, he cried out again.

Wang Yuan quickly let go.

"It can't be caused by a fall. Did you hit it somewhere? It must be a serious hit before the whole Wuqing. Have you wiped the medicinal wine yourself?"

"Small things, don't talk about it, you can't swim anymore!" Wang Zining retreated and asked.

"What else to swim! Go and change your clothes. I'll take you to the hospital for an examination." Wang Yuan said anxiously.

"What a joke, go to the hospital for this trivial matter! It will be fine tomorrow." Wang Zining retorted.

Wang Yuan put her hands on her hips and took a deep breath: "Before I get angry, hurry up and put on your clothes, hurry! Otherwise, wait for me to do it, just put you on a bath towel and take it away!"

Ni Ying stayed in a daze while watching, Wang Yuan's current posture, cough cough, and her usual high-cold image was wiped out. This is an old mother who is anxious by a bear child.

She is very kind to help block the curiosity cast by the people passing by. Image management is very important. You have to restrain yourself after the filming!

"Let's go check it. I think the injury is serious. Young people's skeletal development is very important, leaving hidden dangers is not good." Ni Ying persuaded, "My husband works in the Department of Orthopedics at the City No. 1 Department of Orthopedics. I'll accompany you."

Wang Yuan turned her head and immediately responded: "Okay, Ni Ying, trouble you!"

"You're welcome, you're welcome!" Ni Ying shook her hand.

Wang Zining impatiently pushed her hand under the eyes of the old mother, and entered the men's changing room.

Wang Yuan drove with Ni Ying in the passenger seat and Wang Zining in the back.

No matter how Wang Yuan asked in the car, Wang Zining just didn't say how his hand hurt. Ni Ying spoke on the side to adjust the atmosphere. Their current safety rests with their worried mother. It would be unwise to provoke her again.

Finally, while Ni Ying was holding on to the seat belt, the car arrived at the hospital.

She contacted her husband in advance, and after the three of them arrived at the hospital, they went directly to Mr. Ni Ying's consultation room.

Mr. Ni Ying is a doctor in orthopedics department. He is forty this year. He is not tall and slightly fat. The two are quite conjugal, but her husband looks more stable, and he is complementary to Ni Ying, who is a little bit detached.

He controlled the curiosity that was about to overflow, and first checked Wang Zining, and to be on the safe side, he opened an order for them to make a film first.

Wang Yuan accompanied her son to film.

Wang Zining still looked upset, yelling that Wang Yuan's taking him to the hospital was unnecessary.

The method of temptation didn't work, Wang Yuan had given up and raised her fist at him, "It's okay if you shoot the film. If there is anything, you should be careful!"

"My own body, I am injured, I am happy!" Wang Zining irritated.

"You are a minor and you have no physical autonomy!" Wang Yuan threatened again after the attack, "Said, you won't be fighting with unscrupulous young people outside. At first glance, this arm was hit by a hard object such as a stick and iron. If you don't tell me honestly, I will call your grandparents to interrogate you together."

Although he believed in his son, he never said the cause of the arm injury, which made people have to think about it.

Wang Zining would rather die, this woman thought that he was injured in a fight with the youth of society, and would never forgive her again!

Seeing him pouting his mouth and not surrendering, Wang Yuan took out her mobile phone in a pretentious manner.

"I went to a classmate's house and was hit by iron tiles." Wang Zining could only admit defeat, but he already gave a negative score to the mother he just wanted to forgive. Not long ago, he wanted to be friends with him, and now he plans to sue him. shape!

"How could it be smashed? Explain it carefully and in detail!"

Wang Zining briefly talked about Zhang Ting's situation, mentioning that he was smashed to save talents.

After speaking, he thought, now he knows that he is a good deed, he just disdains it and knows he is wrong, Regret it! It's not okay to beg him for forgiveness!

Wang Yuan endured the gushing anger, took a deep breath and said, "Do you know that if you rush over, you will probably be severely injured?! How powerful is the iron sheet that fell from the sky! Why do you think you are? Can the body resist? You are lucky this time, but luck is not always there."

When he was shyly waiting for the possibility of reversal of praise, he was even more scolded! He is saving people, okay!

"Is it wrong to save people?!" Wang Zining asked angrily.

"It's right to save someone, but it's wrong to put yourself in danger!" It is righteous to save someone, but at this moment, Wang Yuan only wants her son to know that there is nothing more important than the safety of his own life!

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