Both mother and son were annoyed and returned to the doctor's office all the way back to the doctor's office. No one spoke.

Both Ni Ying and her husband, Dr. Zheng, can feel the smell of both mother and son.

Dr. Zheng looked at the video sent back on the computer and said to them: "The bones are okay, and the soft tissues of both arms are contused. It may be swollen and painful when going back at night. I will prescribe some medicine to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Don't use your arms for these two days. Lift heavy objects, pay attention to rest, and have a lighter diet."

"Thank you doctor!" Wang Yuan said.

She also bid farewell to Ni Ying, thanked her for her help, and offered to invite her to dinner next time.

Ni Ying thought this was a polite remark, and she happily responded.

Wang Yuan actually read the news from Ni Ying in her circle of friends. She knew that she was going to lose weight recently. She would come to the swimming pool of the Civic Center to swim on weekends. She didn't expect to meet her today.

The two mothers and sons were sitting in the car. When Wang Yuan turned her head, Wang Zining immediately turned her face out of the window, pretending to be looking at the scenery.

"You definitely didn't have lunch when you came here. It's two o'clock now. I'll take you to eat something first and then take you back."

"I don't want to eat. I'm going back."

"Then you go home and eat, you have to eat lightly these two days." Wang Yuan exhorted.

"Don't tell grandparents, they will be worried." Wang Zining thought for a while.

"Your arm looks like this, they will definitely see it." Wang Yuan broke his illusion.

"Don't worry about this, I can do it." He can always wear long-sleeved clothes.

"Someone still needs to wipe the medicine for you." Wang Yuan reminded.

"I can do it myself!"

"You know how dangerous it is today! Do you think you are a Superman?" Wang Yuan still couldn't help muttering. She was more afraid as she thought about it. A piece of iron tile was at least 40 or 50 kilograms, and her son even greeted him with his arm…

"…You said that I was Little Superman not long ago!" Did you coax him? I didn't believe him at all! Negative points + negative points!

Wang Yuan's words are poor for a while.

When she was in the swimming pool, she praised her son as the fastest superman! Don't talk nonsense, and you must be restrained when you praise your son!

"In my mother's heart, you will always be the most powerful little Superman, but Superman also has weaknesses and can get hurt. You must learn to protect yourself before you can help others."

"You adults are like this, just take care of yourself!" There are some truths, and my father often tells him, but he feels that he will not become such an adult in the future, he will become looking forward and looking forward, without courage.


Wang Yuan sighed secretly: Innocent and brave Aries boy, her mother is proud of you, but she doesn't need you to be a brave hero, she just wants you to grow up safely and happily.

Wang Yuan took him to the gate, helped him put the medicine in the bag, and put the backpack on his back.

"I won't tell your grandparents, but at eight o'clock in the evening, I will wait for you here to see the condition of your wound and wipe the ointment for you. If the pain is severe, call me immediately and I will take you again. Take a look at the hospital to see if you want to take some painkillers."

"I see." Wang Zining said weakly. Originally, I was going out happily, but I didn't expect to come back from a hand injury. I thought the two could be friends this afternoon…

"Although you make your mother angry and worry, and hope you never do this again, son, mother still has to tell you that you are great today!" Wang Yuan still couldn't help but said to him.

"I see, long-winded!" Wang Zining waved his hand awkwardly and turned back.

Give her some points, remove the negative points, now it is zero, and count again.

Wang Zining's thoughts are very good, but he wants to avoid the eyes of two grandparents who treat him like eyeballs and care about him. It is impossible not to let them know about his injury.

He went home wearing a long-sleeved jacket, shouting that he was hungry, waiting for the nanny aunt to prepare meals for him, his unnatural movement of lifting chopsticks and the behavior of wearing a coat at home on a hot day have been found strange by the grandmother who walked into the dining room.

After that, it was a process of turning people back and forth.

After Wu Han found out, he couldn't feel sorry for himself, so he immediately called the old man back. Although the two old people knew that he had been checked up in the hospital, they were still worried. At Wu Han's request, Grandpa Fan Jiang contacted a student. The student from the deputy dean of the city hospital immediately brought the doctor with the best orthopedics over and re-examined Wang Zining. The conclusion was the same, but after some tossing, Wang Zining was like a grandson monkey, who was suppressed and had no room for resistance. He was really depressed.

As soon as the doctor left, Fan Jiangliang and Fan Jiangwen rushed over after receiving a call from Wu Han, and the trial officially began.

Facing the stern and worried eyes of the four elders, Wang Zining quickly confessed this time. Knowing the cause of the injury, the elders unanimously scolded him for recklessness.

Wu Han was so scared to take a quick-acting heart-saving pill.

This is why Wang Zining didn't want to let his family know.

Wang Yuan received a message from Wang Zining just after six o'clock, telling her not to use it at night in the past, I helped him wipe the medicine, and the family knew about it, and added an expression of unlovable love.

Instead, Wang Yuan felt relieved, and Wang Zining was taken care of by someone to take care of her.

Wu Han knew that Wang Yuan had taken Wang Zining to the hospital but did not tell them. He was very dissatisfied with this. How could he hide the fact that the child was injured so severely. She told Fan Jiangliang that she would not agree to consider letting Ning Ning live with her for a period of time.

Wang Zining only learned today that his father still has this idea. I don't know if she knows, is it because we decorate and decorate the room in advance, just to let him live in the long-term?

Grandpa Fan Jiang took this opportunity to ask Wang Zining's opinion.

"It's close to the school, and it's convenient to play soccer at night." Wang Zining said awkwardly, without directly answering whether he wanted to live with his mother for a while.

"Then don't go. You and your grandparents are living well, and you are not used to suddenly changing your living environment. Your mother wants to see you. We welcome you at any time and will not object to your meeting." Wu Han said immediately.

"Whatever!" Wang Zining couldn't tell how he felt. He was a little disappointed when he heard his grandma reject him, "I'm going to bed, grandma, don't call me dinner, I'll eat again when I wake up."

After a day of tossing, and being inspected and interrogated after returning home, he felt more tiring than playing soccer for a whole day.

"I think the little guy still wants to go." Fan Jiangwen said to his parents after Wang Zining left.

"He is still young. Maybe he was F***ing coaxed by these two meetings. Anyway, Ning Ning didn't say, I won't let him go." Wu Han clearly opposed.

Fan Jiangliang looked at his father.

Grandpa Fan Jiang said, "Next time we look for a chance to meet Ning Ning's mother and make a decision."

That night, Wu Han hadn't slept well. He got up several times and went to Wang Zining's room to see his condition.

Every time she came together, Grandpa Fan Jiang also woke up and saw the old wife coming back in her clothes and persuaded: "You don't have to get up and see, Ning Ning has thick skin and thick flesh, nothing will happen."

"Who said that he is just how old, the bones are not fully developed, the meat has not grown a few taels, and the more he feeds, the thinner he gets, where is the thick skin and thick flesh!" Wu Han retorted, "I went to see it. The arm was swollen for half a circle than in the afternoon. I was afraid that he would wake up with pain. Fortunately, people are really tired today and can sleep soundly now. I don't know if I can go to school the day after tomorrow. I just ask him for leave. How do I write and hold things with my arm? What should I do if I accidentally bump into it?

In the afternoon, the doctor also said that it's best to use hands sparingly these days. We have to do everything ourselves at school, and we can help with it at home."

"Don't be too cautious. The boy still needs to be extensive. Ning Ning looks thin but has surprisingly strong strength. Last time I held you with one hand, it was very easy. It's just a small contusion, and try another adult, the comminuted fractures of both arms are considered mild."

Grandpa Fan Jiang felt that although the old wife brought up Wang Zining, she really didn't understand this grandson. Since childhood, Ning Ning has not been a very honest child. When she was a child, she was naughty enough. She climbed up and down, and could jump up with a tree next to her. When she saw the water, she jumped down. In order to take care of him, the family invited two Auntie, a young person who can chase and run, an older person who can take care of others, plus Wu Han's eye-catching stare at all times, almost had an accident several times. Once he got out of the railing on the second floor and jumped all of a sudden. When he got downstairs, he was so scared that Wu Han fell down on the spot and was sent to the hospital for half a month. The little naughty egg was just beaten in the butt by his grandpa a few times.

Once it was Grandpa Fan Jiang who took him out. At that time, Wang Zining went to elementary school because the school was very close to home. To coax his grandson, he found a small tricycle to take him to and from school. He picked him up from school that day. When the grandfather and grandson were chatting, suddenly Wang Zining jumped from the small three-wheeler, and the car shook. The old man quickly stopped and looked back. Wang Zining jumped off the three-wheeler and ran towards the motorway, and hit a car head-on. When he drove over to the car, he was heartbroken. If it weren't for a strong heart, he would have fallen down like his old wife.

When he rushed over to pick up his grandson, the little guy jumped up and shouted at a puppy who was running across the road: "The dog ran over there!" He wanted to continue chasing. Academician Fan Jiang hugged him tightly, too late to teach, so scared that his mind hadn't returned to his place.

The owner of the car who got out of the car was already frightened in two battles. He obviously felt that he had hit him. Who knew the child was okay, but he was not relieved, and hurried over and asked: "Master, sorry, right? Live, it was really sudden. The child rushed over at once. I didn't see it. I have a car. Or send the child to the hospital for a check."

Grandpa Fan Jiang calmed his mind. He squeezed his hands and feet, and checked his grandson. Except for some redness on his arms and back, there was no bleeding or fracture. Later, after being sent to the hospital for examination, he was really bruised, nothing happened.

But the small three-wheelers have never dared to ride them anymore.

In addition to giving a severe lesson to the naughty egg, after going to school, holding the child's little hand and not daring to relax, he used a rope to tie the child tightly. It was not until Wang Zining became older and more sensible that he relaxed.

After several accidents, except for minor skin injuries, the grandson did not hurt his muscles or bones. Academician Fan Jiang felt that this might not be luck. Does the bones of the grandson have a sense of talent. As a biologist, he wanted to take his grandson's blood for a further test. He always felt that the genetic composition was a little bit remarkable. Especially after Wang Zining showed his amazing athletic talent. However, he restrained his whimsical ideas and never mentioned it to his family.

"That is, how carefully we took care of it." When it comes to this, Wu Han has a proud face. Wang Zining had not eaten food outside before he was three years old, because he heard that this stage is when the child's body is laid, he must take care of his health. And wanting to be nutritious and delicious, they were bothered to eat an extra bite of rice for him. They set up a plantation in the suburbs of Tuoxiang. The fruits and vegetables are guaranteed to be free of hormones and pesticides. The meat supply of poultry, pigs, cattle and sheep is also purchased in the countryside to ensure their health, so the little talents will grow from that little bit to the present so healthy and strong.

Whenever friends and relatives see Wang Zining, they always come to learn from Wu Han. How can he raise the villain so well? This is the most proud moment of Wu Han. Compared with her being a national first-class singer, she was elected compared with her husband. National academicians made her more happy and satisfied.

"I am also worried that if the child is so spoiled by you, will it be spoiled? Fortunately, we Ning Ning is a good child, really kind and brave good child, how many people can have his courage, not afraid of danger!" He also severely criticized Wang Zining's reckless behavior, but Grandpa Fan Jiang was relieved in his heart.

"That's a silly kid!" Wu Han thought of the baby grandson almost having an accident today, and still had lingering fears, he turned dissatisfied, "Also, what do you mean, when did I spoil the child? You did not spoil him more? Last time I did. Having said that he must do his homework before he can play soccer, who secretly let him out…"

The next morning, Wang Yuan called her son. Knowing that he and her grandparents were at home, she officially came to visit with a fruit gift.

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