Grandpa Fan Jiang, they didn't expect to see Wang Yuan so soon, and they were satisfied that she came to visit after being injured in Ning Ning.

The two sides have not seen each other for many years. It should be said that Academician Fan Jiang and his wife only exist in the fuzzy memory that Wang Yuan has just acquired. They feel that they are much older than the image in the memory, after all, they are seventy-five-six-year-olds.

Academician Fan Jiang and his wife looked at Wang Yuan and felt that they were very different from what they remembered. A person who was sharp and sensitive at the time has become so gentle and calm. It is really like what his son said, Wang Yuan has changed a lot.

The two parties exchanged politely, and Wang Yuan felt that the two old people were more kind and reasonable than she remembered.

According to the information obtained from the memory of her return, Wang Zining did not take Fan Jiang's surname. He had just won the custody of the child when he was just divorced. At the same time, he changed the child's surname to his own.

But Yuanshen was not ready to raise the child alone. Her busy work and unhealthy personality made her unable to take care of the young Wang Zining. At that time, the child suffered a serious illness and she took it from the nanny in a panic. The child's first reaction was to send it to Academician Fan Jiang and his wife. Reasonably let her know that this is the best choice for Wang Zining.

Although irresponsible, her actions did enable Wang Zining to grow up healthily under the meticulous care of her grandparents.

Maybe she realized that she could not take care of the children well. When the second marriage came to an end again, she chose to keep the children in Qi's family.

In the exchanges between the two sides, the topic mainly revolved around Wang Zining.

Wang Yuan expressed her sincere gratitude to Fan Jiang and his wife for their care and upbringing of their children over the years, saying that the children are so good now, and it is their credit. And bluntly said that he was at fault, not a competent mother.

Her attitude has made Wang Zining's grandparents feel sincere. Perhaps people who are so arrogant and indifferent in the impression will say this, they already find it very rare.

After all, it is the mother of the baby grandson, she took the initiative to come to show her good, they will certainly not be embarrassed. Later, the topic could be mentioned again, which made Wu Han feel that if Wang Yuan had such a personality now.

"When I was in kindergarten, I was always the tallest baby, and the first stage of the healthy baby's little red flower didn't fall. Every time we took him out when we were young, we had to watch it firmly, otherwise it would be gone if we swish, Xiaolin, that's us. At that time, the aunt I invited couldn't catch up with him, she might have ran away! Since childhood, he won the sports trophy.

There are too many medals to fit in the cabinet. I'll let Ning Ning show you around later." Wu Han smiled authentically.

"Okay, okay." Wang Yuan also wanted to know more about the growth process of her elder son." I think Ning Ning is very good at all aspects of sports. Do you plan to train your children to engage in sports?"

"Oh, we have discussed this many times. We didn't want to arrange the future for him too early, but he heard from his father that the soccer team especially wanted him to pass, but I think there are too many collisions in soccer and it is easy to get injured."

Wang Yuan nodded again and again. Soccer is a group rivalry, which is a relatively intense sport. If Ning Ning engages in soccer in the future, she will also worry.

Seeing Wang Yuan's approval, Wu Han went on happily: "Ning Ning is very good at swimming and running, and coaches in this area are here to excel. In fact, these two sports are also good. I heard that his grandfather is the national 100-meter sprint champion. Ning Ning's talent in sports is inherited from you."

"Hahaha, yes, it should be inherited from my father's sports gene, but Ning Ning looks like you, especially a pair of beautiful Danfeng eyes."

"Everyone sees it. We are grandparents. Neither his father nor aunt looks like me. On the contrary, Ning Ning looks a bit similar to me, but Ning Ning has a nose like you, so tall, this kid. I will choose the best length." Wu Han said happily.

Grandma Fan Jiang was also very handsome when she was young. Now she is older and she is still elegant and temperament. She especially has long eyebrows into the temples and enchanting Danfeng eyes, which is unforgettable.

"Ning Ning is indeed handsome, and I haven't seen a boy who is more handsome than my son."

"Isn't it? My grandson is really cute! I take him out to buy things, and the store will give him a discount if I see him…"

"Don't mention the looks, the character is so brave and kind…"

"Right! It's too simple…"

The two chatted enthusiastically and couldn't help sitting closer.

Grandpa Fan Jiang walked away when they were chatting and couldn't listen to their children (grandchildren).

After Wang Yuan's visit, Wang Zining hid in the room awkwardly. When he couldn't restrain his curiosity, he was pulled out by his grandfather. Academician Fan Jiang felt that such excessive flattery was not suitable. Let the parties hear, what to do with the children seriously, it is better to teach the children to be low-key and humble.

"Ning Ning's father, I suggested before that I want him to live with you for a period of time." Although Kua'er (sun) praised him very much, but Wu Han would not be willing to let Wang Zining and Wang.

Yuan lives together, "But I think the frequent changes in the living environment are not good for the children. We moved here when Ning Ning was admitted to the No. 1 High School, just because this place is close to his school, so that he can go to and from school. The child has just gotten used to the life here. I think it's better to live here for the time being. Of course, you can visit him often. You can say hello in advance, and occasionally you can pick him up for one night on weekends to improve your relationship. What do you mean? What?"

Wang Yuan did not expect that Fan Jiangliang would have this plan. She is still grateful, but after listening to Grandma Fan Jiang, she should be reluctant. She can understand this, "Everything is based on children. I will not force my children to live with me. Your two elders have taken good care of him, and I am very relieved."

She has been dereliction of duty for more than ten years. The mother-child relationship has to be cultivated slowly. She has no idea of ​​taking Wang Zining back from his grandparents. She hopes that more people will love and take care of her son.

Wu Han nodded in satisfaction.

Wang Zining was called in, and Wang Yuan visited his room with her son.

Fan Jiang's house, located in the faculty building of H University, was moved in after Wang Zining went public. The suites are located on the first floor. This building is an old community. The area of ​​the building itself is not large. It is connected by two suites. Into a set. The area is only more than 100 square meters.

Wang Zining's room faces south. The room is large, but it is full of his personal belongings. There are pictorials of soccer stars on the walls, various models on the shelves, airplanes, tanks, mech fighters, etc., there are soccer basketballs and tennis rackets on the corner baskets, and the glass cabinet next to the closet is all he has acquired since childhood. Various award certificates and trophies and medals. On a large desk under the window, there is an all-in-one computer, desk lamp, and mountains of books.

Wang Yuan was surprised that there was still a piano beside the desk, but books and magazines were also piled up on the piano stand.

"Ning Ning, do you know how to play the piano?" Unexpectedly, he discovered a new skill of the eldest son.

Since Wang Yuan's visit today, Wang Zining's spirit has been tense. When he went out with his grandfather just now, he was a little absent-minded until he was called in by his grandmother. With a reluctant expression, he led Wang Yuan to visit him. room.

She is coming, why not call him in advance! He didn't have any preparations. He had known Aunt Xiao Yang to clean up his room first in the morning. How can I see how messy the room is now? I'm not happy!

Hearing Wang Yuan's words, it is rare for Wang Zining to say with confidence: "Well, I learned. It will only play a little."

When Wang Zining was a child, Fan Jiang and his wife definitely wanted to fully explore and cultivate his hobbies. He learned a lot of talents, but later discovered that his grandson only had amazing talents in sports, so they just let the flow go and didn't let him learn other things. The only thing left is that he can play a few songs smoothly without knocking on the piano. This is also because Wu Han likes to sing and hopes that his grandson can accompany him to stick to it.

"Wait for your arm to heal, can you play a song for your mother?" Wang Yuan was full of expectation, "I really want to hear Ning Ning play the piano!"

It's a pity that my son's arm was injured, otherwise he would be able to enjoy his piano performance today.

Wang Yuan had no vocal talents since she was a child, but she especially liked watching people play the piano. When she was a child, she had a crush on a brother next door, because every time she passed by his house, she could see him from the floating curtains. The appearance of playing the piano intoxicated is simply too fascinating.

"My arm has been fine for a long time." Wang Zining murmured. It did hurt a bit yesterday, and he recovered as soon as he woke up. Now the swelling and pain in the arm has subsided. When he had exercised excessively before, he could recover immediately as long as he slept.

Wang Zining took away the books on the piano and opened the piano cover.

Wang Yuan regretted asking him to play the piano: "Ning Ning, you need to rest your arm for a few more days, next time you play the same to your mother…"

"Do you know how to sing about me and my motherland?" Wang Zining thought she was long-winded. If it weren't for her sincere face, he wouldn't really want to play well.

When he played the piano, his grandma would accompany him to sing, and he only had this song, he didn't need to read the score, and he could play it completely.

Watching Wang Ziqin's slender fingers try a few notes on the keys, his fingers are flexible and his expression is no different. Although his arms are still a little blue, it should be no problem.

Seeing that her son was already in a good position, Wang Yuan couldn't stop him anymore.

"Mom just happens to sing this song!" she replied. During the school celebration in middle school, the performance of the class was the chorus "My Motherland and Me". I didn't expect that this world would also have this song that she could sing.

She was a little excited at first, but she didn't expect to sing this song with her son today.

"That's it!" Wang Zining reminded him, raising his chin.

Wang Yuan cleared her throat quickly to prepare.

Grandpa Fan Jiang and grandma have been paying attention to the movement of the room, and when they heard the sound of the piano in the room, they hurriedly walked over.

"Is Ning Ning playing the piano? This kid, his arm is not healed." Wu Han was a little anxious and wanted to persuade him.

Grandpa Fan Jiang grabbed her: "His mother is here. The child may have to show it in front of her. I still hear the piano sound smoothly. It seems that the little guy's arm is fine."

Wu Han is a bit of a snack. In the past two years, Ning Ning has become increasingly reluctant to play the piano. Activities such as studies and soccer take up most of his time. Sometimes she sings and wants her grandson to accompany her, but she can only wait for the holidays. When everyone tried their best, he was willing to play a song. He didn't expect to behave in front of his mother.

The two of them stopped at the door, the singing…

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