"My motherland and I can't be separated for a moment…"

The song is a familiar song, but not a word is in tune.

"No matter where I go, there is a hymn…" Wang Zining also joined the chorus.

Grandpa Fan Jiang turned around and left, confirming that he was a mother and son, but he didn't expect to sing and go out of tune in exactly the same way! He has heard his grandson singing too many times, and he is more experienced, and his ears can't bear this sin.

Wu Han's thoughts just disappeared without a trace. As an older generation of singers, she found that she didn't recognize this song that she had sung countless times on stage.

She listened to the entire song with a complicated face, soothing her heart that was a little uncomfortable by the sound of the song, listening to the conversation between the mother and son inside, it was even more difficult to say a word.

After one song, Wang Zining withdrew his fingers from the piano keys and looked at Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan hurriedly clapped his hands: "It's really good! Our chorus is also very good!"

It's been a long time since I sang so heartily, and I sang with my son, it feels great!

"You can sing well too!" Wang Zining nodded. He sang very happily just now. He feels that the two are still in harmony. Well, let's add ten points.

In the past, when he was playing, he wanted to join in singing, grandma would stop it, and persuaded it tactfully. When the pianist was playing, he would concentrate on playing the piano and seldom sing again.

When he was a child, he attended an interest class. Grandma Fan Jiang sent him to a singing class first. He opened his throat and studied there for half a month. He sang very happily. He liked singing better than later piano, violin, and painting, but I don't know why, but later my grandma told him that singing was boring and that it's better for children to learn musical instruments.

At that time, his face was strained and he was very unhappy. When grandma sent him away, he didn't say that, saying that he hoped that when he grew up, he would become a singer just like grandma. He was still very happy to respond loudly. That's it. Grandma told him to give up first.

What is hard to say about Wu Han is that the teacher of the singing class at the time advised him to leave and told Wang Zining that Wang Zining was very good, but it was really not suitable for singing. Here it was delayed the development of the children. In fact, the teacher was singing by Wang Zining's enthusiasm and out of tune. The talent was shocked, and she could even take other children to sing and go out of tune, so she reluctantly persuaded this enthusiastic and beautiful child to give up singing and go to other interest classes.

When Grandpa Fan Jiang returned from the singing class, Wang Zining happily asked him to perform and swallowed a pure heart.

After the pills, Grandpa Fan Jiang said to his old wife earnestly, let the children learn something else~

After being persuaded by the singing teacher, Wu Han gave up too. She is a singer herself, how could she not know that Wang Zining has no talent for singing, she failed to teach herself, and originally wanted to send a singing class to save her, but the result was still the same.

She is a little puzzled. Ning Ning is not a sound mad. Although the talent of playing the piano is very ordinary, it should be said that he can only play the music scores through practice, but at least it is smooth. How can he sing completely to the smooth piano sound? Songs that are not on the tune?

Wu Han touched his heart and said in his heart, he finally knew who Ning Ning had inherited from singing!

It's great that you can appreciate each other!

"Grandma, did you listen to us singing just now?" Wang Zining asked happily when he saw Wu Han standing at the door.

Wu Hanqiang smiled and said, "Also, not bad!"

Wang Zining smiled with satisfaction and said to Wang Yuan: "Grandma is a singer, she really has to sing this song well!"

Wang Yuan knows that Granny Fan Jiang is a famous old artist singer, and she has watched some of her old videos on the Internet. It was also because of her relationship that Fan Jiangliang and Fan Jiangwen would later enter the entertainment industry and engage in entertainment work.

"Grandma Ning Ning, should we sing a song together with the three of us." Wang Yuan was still unfinished, and there were not many opportunities to sing with her son. It is even more rare to be able to sing together with an old singer.

"Yeah, grandma. Just sing your favorite song!" Wang Zining immediately agreed, and got up to find his score from a pile of books.

"No, no, let's sing, but Ning Ning, your arm injury is not healed. Don't play the piano for too long today." Although Wu Han was frightened, he did not forget to remind him.

Wang Yuan is a little ashamed. She is indeed not as careful as Ning Ning's grandma. This is the difference between having child care experience and inexperienced.

"Ning Ning, your grandma is right, you need to rest your arms, so don't play today. Do you have a photo album, can mother see it?"

Wang Zining was a little disappointed. He shook his head when Wang Yuan talked about the photos.

Wu Han smiled and said authentically: "Ning Ning has kept all his photos from childhood to adulthood, and several of them are in his bookcase."

Wang Zining was desperate.

Sure enough, Wu Han and Wang Yuan had their heads together, smiling and discussing various embarrassing photos taken when he was young and ignorant.

This is how my grandma is. Every time a friend or relative comes, she likes to present a picture of him for everyone to watch and discuss. There are 100-year-old photos of his bare ass, ignorant photos with red dots on his brows, and crying during the injection. I don't know why they were vaccinated when they were young, and they all brought a camera to take pictures. When I was a child, I was secretly photographed without human rights, and now I have no right to protest when the photos are shown. I am really angry!

The whole journey of her son's growth is in these thick albums. For a time, Wang Yuan wanted to take all the photos and make a copy.

Raising her hand to check the time, almost eleven o'clock, she got up and said goodbye to Wu Han.

Wu Han politely stayed with her for lunch, but she politely declined, because she used to be a former mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but it was not suitable to go too close. She came here this time because of Wang Zining. When meeting her son in the future, she will only ask to go out to meet, so as to reduce the number of home visits to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

When Wang Zining sent her out, he suddenly said, "Is that little guy okay now?"

Wang Yuan reacted, knowing that her son was asking Mario, she smiled sincerely, "It's okay, Mario is fine now, mother is so happy, you care about your brother."

"Who cares about him, I just ask casually." Wang Zining said dissatisfied.

"You can also call your brother at ordinary times." Knowing the possibility is unlikely, Wang Yuan still encouraged.

"Just kidding, I wouldn't call him, what can I say to a kid!" Wang Zining said with disdain.

"Wang Yuan, Ning Ning, you, have you come to see Ning Ning today?" Fan Jiangliang and his wife came in from the door and happened to run into them. Fan Jiangliang was surprised when she saw Wang Yuan. He didn't expect that she would come to her parents' house.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, did you come here on purpose today? Should you tell us in advance, are you leaving? Don't wait any longer, we just came here." Li Xiaoyun held her belly, soft and delicate Hello.

"I'm here in Ning Ning. I'm relieved if he's okay." Wang Yuan turned to her son and told her, "Mom is leaving first, and I'll call you at night!"

Wang Zining frowned and said, "I will send you out!"

Li Xiaoyun leaned her body and let them pass, the smile on her face faded a little bit.

After Fan Jiangliang proposed to remarry a young popular Xiaohua who is less than 30 years old, the family did not object, but they did not agree too much. Wang Zining did not want to suddenly have a stepmother, who was only a dozen years older than him. After the two got married, Wang Zining and Li Xiaoyun didn't meet many times, but he didn't instinctively like the stepmother. He felt that her smile was fake. He refused to call his aunt. Academician Fan Jiang and his wife did not force him. Slowly adapting, Fan Jiangliang also feels that his son needs time to accept, but Li Xiaoyun is very not happy, and the more Fan Jiang's family values ​​Wang Zining, the stronger her inner hostility and sense of crisis.

Seeing her son's upset look, Wang Yuan smiled and patted his back lightly, "Go back, family members are waiting for you."

She could feel her son's emotions, she probably didn't like Fan Jiangliang's wife very much, but Wang Yuan felt that they did not live together, coupled with the importance and care of Ning Ning by the academician Fan Jiang and his wife, she was not worried that he would suffer and be injured. But I still reminded: "If there are unpleasant and unhappy times, don't bear it, but don't get angry casually, and communicate more with your family."

"I'm not a kid, don't preach, let's go!" Wang Zining urged.

Wang Yuan smiled and waved at him, went to the parking lot, and drove away.


"Mom, why did Ning Ning's mother come today? How long have you been here? We ran into it at the door, and she left as soon as we arrived, and she didn't have a chance to talk." Li Xiaoyun walked to Wu Han affectionately and asked casually.

"Ning Ning was injured. She came to visit Ning Ning specially. After seeing that Ning Ning was okay, she left." Wu Han knew his daughter-in-law's careful thinking, so she didn't break it.

"Is Ning Ning's arm better?" Fan Jiangliang asked worriedly.

Wu Han smiled and said, "I was playing the piano just now, it seems that I'm fine."

Hearing what his mother said, Fan Jiangliang was completely relieved.

"Mom, where's Dad, aren't you at home?" Li Xiaoyun asked.

"He went to the camp. He was going to go early in the morning. He couldn't worry about seeing Ning Ning's injury. Then he stayed. Just now that Ning Ning was fine, he left. If you make a call, I will let him Stay and wait for you."

"I wanted to come early. I felt a little uncomfortable in the morning, so I delayed for a while."

Wu Han became worried: "It's okay. You worry about Ning Ning. Just make a call. If you feel unwell, take more rest at home."

Fan Jiangliang was afraid that his mother would be worried, and quickly explained: "She's okay, maybe she had a pregnancy reaction when she woke up in the morning, and the child rolled in her belly naughty."

"Yeah, Mom, you don't know, this child is skinny, is it like that for kids? If it's a daughter, it would be fine. I also want a caring little padded jacket, but unfortunately it's a bad boy." Li Xiaoyun caressed sweetly. Said with a smile on his stomach.

"Boys and girls are the same." Wu Han said. She turned her head to look at the door and asked the nanny: "Look if Ning Ning is back, won't you run out to play? If your hands are not all right, we will have dinner soon."

Just after speaking, Wang Zining returned.

Fan Jiangliang got up, took his son, and saw that his arms were still slightly bruised. He said distressedly: "Since I was young, I have known that people are worrying. Now that grandparents are getting older, you have to be more sensible in the future. Don't let them go anymore. Worried."

As Wang Zining was about to reply, Wu Han first talked about his son: "I already taught him yesterday, and he knows it all, don't talk about him anymore."

Li Xiaoyun intervened: "Ning Ning, I heard your father said that your arm was injured, and my aunt was also very worried. Fortunately, you are fine now."

Wang Zining nodded at her and muttered softly, "Thank you!"

Although he didn't like this stepmother, it was not easy to see her having a big belly. When getting along, she was a little more polite than before.

In the eyes of Wu Han and Fan Jiangliang, both were very pleased and felt that the children really grew up and sensible.

"I wonder if your brother will look like your brother in the future?"

There is a boy in her belly. Fan Jiangliang and Wu Han already knew about it, but they didn't talk to Wang Zining. He only knew that the stepmother was in the belly of a boy, and he knew that another younger brother was coming. He couldn't help having a headache when he thought of that annoying Mario.

Would it be better to have a younger sister? But this is obviously not for him to decide.

He sighed deeply.

"Brothers must be a bit like, no matter who they look like, as long as they are healthy and healthy." Wu Han said.

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